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3 Days of Darkness Have Begun. War of Obamacare, Pestilency of Fast and Furious, Famine of Florida (Birther) Obama Ballot Challenge and Death of Arizona Calling for Impeachment

Friday, June 29, 2012 10:48
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3 Days of Darkness Have Begun. War of Obamacare, Pestilency of Fast and Furious, Famine of Florida (Birther) Obama Ballot Challenge and Death of Arizona Calling for Impeachment.

All-out war’s engaged with Obamacare in SCOTUS.

Obama’s work’s flawed by Holder’s being voted in Contempt of Congress.

The jury is still out on the Obama Ballot Challenge in Florida; the sword hanging over him.

The end is here with Arizona government calls for impeaching fraud Obama.


All has played out for Obama and the game’s over.


Gather the Army of Apocalypse to spread the good news, that the Antichrist, aka Satan-in-Person (i.e. Obama), has been revealed and that we know this by the Mark of the Beast 666, which appeared miraculously on the day of his election, in his hometown Chicago, in the Illinois State Lottery.

This must be spread worldwide, even to the Far East, because the Apocalypse is not a Christian thing but a universal thing, which will affect all people of the world.

The Church will be destroyed by false christs. The ones who will be saved will be us, who spread this message fast and powerfully, everywhere, by all methods and media.

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  • Geeper

    Okay, wow, so you don’t believe in the literal truth of the Antichrist and the apocalypse, you’re just using it as a crappy metaphor for how Obama is in on the ropes right now? “Three days of darkness” isn’t Revelation 6:12, it just means “three days of tough news stories for Mr President” to you? So I guess you don’t really think Obama is the Antichrist, it’s just a crappy metaphor for “woop, Obama sure is a world figure who’s doing bad things, one might call him the ANTICHRIST or a VAMPIRE or something”? And the whole lottery result, the whole thing you’re so excited about, is just “gee, it sure is ironic that Obama is a bad president, because there was this coincidental lottery result that would suggest he was the Biblical antichrist if I believed in that but I don’t”?

    Wow. For a while I thought you were serious and had something to say about the end times. But I guess not?

  • King of Shambhala

    Cowardly Anonymous here is ballistic and stalking every article I make now with false straw arguments and heckling – and he knows the three days of darkness are the days of darkness for the Truth before that Truth is finally, totally revealed, in three days.
    I srongly advise all readers to avoid his comments like the plague, because Obama’s not merely having three days of tough news.
    Obama’s a goner because Obamacare’s unleashed all his opponents at Obama, Fast and Furious has unleashed a criminal charge against his AG Holder, the Florida birther case will unleash the law against Obama and Arizona will impeach him.

  • Geeper

    It’s okay, I’m beginning to understand. When you say “everybody, excepting us – the chosen (144000) and saved ones – will be thrown into hell [on July 1st]” you just mean “Obama will be impeached on July 1st and his many supporters will be disappointed”?

    It’s fine to hope that Obama is impeached, but you’re picking a really bizarre way to communicate that.

  • g-man

    yeah – because a good old fashioned presidential impeachment is just what our economy and country could use right now! shambala – aka geir “the nutjob” smith is clearly a few slices short of a loaf, why antagonize village idiots by poking them with dull sticks?

  • Geeper

    Eh. Why antagonize stick-carrying B4IN readers by spamming “gee, I wish Obama would be impeached, that would be like an APOCALYPSE!!” stories to the 2012 category?

  • g-man

    poke poke poke

  • sten

    The only three days of darkness is gonna be the three days of darkness when a fkn nuke goes off at the olympics, lmao.

  • King of Shambhala

    The three days of darkness are when the Obamacare battle erupts; and the Fast and Furious battle breaks loose; and when the Florida Birther case is ruled (this week they say) upon; and Arizona again starts talking some more about impeaching Obama.
    We’re in the three days now, seeing the Obamacare and Fast and Furious are already out of the box.
    Obama’s already on his death-groan.

  • Shirl Spencer

    Look, I love God as much as the next person but, are you sure you’re not using God’s word to push your own agenda? I don’t like Obama anymore then most but if you’re going to quote God’s word, make sure you can validate your claims. You’re quoting Rev. 6:12 which is,

    “And I beheld when he had opened the sixth seal, and, lo, there was a great earthquake; and the sun became black as sackcloth of hair, and the moon became as blood;” -Revelation 6:12

    I see the signs in the earth but what has that got to do with what you posted about Obamacare?

  • King of Shambhala

    Spread the good news.
    This is good news.
    The Antichrist Obama is revealed.

  • Geeper

    If all you’re doing is repeating articles you’ve read elsewhere (and just adding hyperbolic “Obama sure is in trouble, it’s like some kind of APOCALYPSE for him” commentary), surely the news has already been spread?

  • King of Shambhala

    They say the House can arrest Holder.
    It’s called “inherent contempt power”.
    Holder and Obama are now AWOL and this is just the first of the three days of darkness; it’ll get much “better”.

  • Geeper

    Yeah, “they say” it, the good news is out there. We don’t need you to bundle it up with spittle-flecked “Obama is such a bad president it is almost like he is the ANTICHRIST here to destroy the world” metaphors. The right-wing press and bloggers are managing just fine.

  • Anonymous

    What do the Chicago lottery numbers on election day have to do with the mark of the beast that all must bear on their hand or their forehead if they want to buy and sell??

  • King of Shambhala

    The right-wing and liberals can’t agree on anything and Obamacare and Fast and Furious both divide them.
    Impeachment calls from Arizona are devastating to Obama’s gov.
    There are also calls for arresting Holder and a ruling from Florida about the Birth issue, which will come anytime now; so it’s very dark for Obama out there.

  • Anonymous

    Oh man!

    Why do I find it so entertaining to read all of the nutty comments by the end of the world, Christian cult, superstitious, weak willed, fear filled simpletons?

    It is so funny!!!!

  • ElOregonian

    King of Shambhala, people have to have ears to hear and eyes to see. Never throw pearls in front of swine. I understand where your coming from.

  • King of Shambhala

    Obots will delete this.
    The lottery is 666 which is money.
    Obama’s mark of 666 forced upon our hands and foreheads is Obama’s spending…. which we’ll annul, by arresting Obama.

  • King of Shambhala

    Obama must be arrested.
    Ex-President called Obama an Assassin.
    The End is here.

  • Geeper

    Man, never say “mods will delete this”, you look like an idiot when they don’t. Always say “mods deleted my last comment”. Don’t they teach you kids anything in Conspiracy Nut 101 these days?

  • King of Shambhala

    Carter’s the ex-president who wrote the Obama gov is criminal.
    “In the Apocalypse all things hidden are revealed”
    Carter and Clinton both hate Obama’s guts to high hell for betraying the DNC.

  • Louis

    According to Our Lady of LaSalette (the Queen of Prophets), the Three Days of Darkness is an event that will (1) be precipitated by Christ at His Intermediate Coming; (2) terminate the brief and doomed reign of Antichrist; (3) purify the world of all spiritual and physical contaminants; and (4)cause the very lengthy Marian Era of Peace to commence.
    Obama is an antichrist, but he is not the Antichrist.
    A tribulation is imminent, but the “end of the world” is not. Nobody, except God the Father, knows when the “end of the world” will take place. And when it does, it will happen in a split second when people least expect it.

  • Geeper

    Yeah, don’t worry, King isn’t being serious, he’s just invoking the Bible for dramatic effect. When he says “this is the fourth horseman, Obama is the antichrist and we are all going to die” it’s on the same level as “this is the final nail in Obama’s coffin, Obama is like a vampire on our tax dollars and we’re all going to have to pay an arm and a leg for his decisions”. Metaphors. Means nothing.

  • King of Shambhala

    Obama’s crumbling.
    Everybody’s falling over each other battling out the Apocalypse and Armageddon.
    There’s no direction.

  • Geeper

    You should try a different metaphor for a week, see how it goes. Maybe baseball? “Obama is in his ninth inning!”

  • jenchen

    Obama is having fun-he is sending the drones to kill children and innocent people. He is looking forward to sending some drones to kill all of us. He is content and he doesn’t care what we say. To him it’s like a video game but real-blood and guts at the press of a finger. He is so happy killing people. He doesn’t care about anything else. The guy has had major brain surgery-he has been chipped-he is a math genius now. He may never be able to think for himself-he likes to keep busy, watching movies of people dying. Bombs, falling on babies. The guy is at the top of his game. When the Mossad takes him out -he won’t even know what hit him.
    I am sure that the jews will be sure to let him know how much jews have always hated the porch monkeys-before they rape his children and mother in law and blast him.

  • Geeper

    What a lovely view of the world you have, jenchen!

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