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Obama On Coke Withdrawal During Debate, Clear To See To Those Who Know Addict Symptoms

Thursday, October 4, 2012 8:39
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DAILY DOOM ANTIDOTE: Ten Things to Know About Denver Debate Last Night — 10/4/2012

Posted on October 4, 2012 by // Featured Content, Open Threads

[ Click above for the dates and locations of the remaining debates:  October 11th in Kentucky, October 16th in New York, and October 22nd in Florida ] 

Last night I did a Live-Stream-Transcript of the presidential debate from Denver, which you can checkout HERE if you want to catch up.  Megan Fox and I did a post-debate recap show too that’s a quick listen this morning…click HERE for that.

I want to hear all about what YOU thought of the debate in comments below, especially anything your coworkers or friends and family say about Barack Obama’s performance today. In short, Mitt Romney did what he needed to do…which was to stand there and look presidential and show people that, yes, watching him for the next four years would be a good thing and would push aside all of the weirdness and malaise we’ve experienced lately.  It was very much a Reagan-Carter moment for a lot of people and I know of a few Obama supporters here in Chicago who went on TV and said that after last night’s performance there is no way they are voting for “The One”.

Here are my Top Ten Things to Know About the Denver Debate Last Night:

10. Obama was injected with amphetamines or something before the debate and they wore off about 20 minutes in.  Here in Chicago, word on the street for the last month has been that Valerie Jarrett was specifically tasked with getting Obama off coke and other drugs before the debates so that he would not embarrass himself on stage for an hour and a half.  So, word is that Obama’s been detoxing since at least September.  This explains how haggard he’s looked and how prickly he’s acted for a while now…it’s what addicts look and act like when they’re cut off from their drugs.  Remember that a President can have whatever drugs he wants.  The Secret Service are not there to keep the president from breaking the law, they are just there to keep him alive.  Obama’s main drug suppliers are the junior staffers who work in the White House who go to Lafayette Park and buy him whatever he wants…and he also gets special deliveries from his friend Bobby Titcombe in Hawaii, who brings him “fish and poi” to the White House (that’s Hawaiian slang for “weed and coke”).  To get through the almost two hours of being on TV, Obama looks like he needed a big injection of beta-blockers and/or amphetamines.  If you noticed at the beginning of the debate he was talking fast, acting erratic, and blinking like CRAZY he was still jazzed up by whatever they gave him.  About twenty minutes later, it seems like the adrenaline in his system from being in front of the crowd might have caused the uppers to wear off…and his energy levels collapsed after that.  By the end of the debate, Obama looked like he was aching for a new fix.  This could be the reason Michelle Obama rushed him off stage and skipped the traditional “let’s waive to the crowd for a while” schtick. She could tell he needed to get out of sight because he totally lost it out there.

9. Obama was rumpled and sloppy and looked like he slept in a halfway house last night.  Remember when Chris Matthews used to wax on almost pornographically about Obama’s creased pants and how sharp he looked?  That was a long time ago, sister.  The man who was out there on stage last night looked like he got his clothes from a consignment shop or the lost and found bin of a discount dry cleaners.  He was rumpled and honestly looked like he might smell a little of urine.  What on Earth was he doing immediately prior to arriving for the debate?  Mitt Romney looked crisp, prepared, and responsible.  Barack Obama was a walking mess.  It was almost disrespectful to the audience that he showed up looking so disheveled.

8. Obama smirked a lot, behaved like a bratty child at times, and when he wasn’t speaking stared down at the floor like he was thinking “What the heck am I even doing here?”.  This was just weird.  When he wasn’t talking, Obama would droop his head down like he was napping for a while.  Sometimes he would giggle or smirk.  When Romney would say something criticizing the bizarre and destructive things that Obama has done as president, he’d smirk or grimace.  I didn’t see a president up there as much as I saw a bratty child who was making faces while being scolded by the teacher.

7. Moderator Jim Lehrer did a piss-poor job, clearly favored Obama, and yet Obama was STILL trounced. Lehrer repeatedly interrupted Romney but didn’t do that to Obama.  It turns out that Obama got to talk for a full four minutes longer than Romney.  When Obama was stumbling and in trouble, Lehrer rescued him.  Romney had to actually debate Lehrer many times when Lehrer pressed interrogations of him.  Obama was treated with kid gloves as usual.  One of the best moments of the night was when Romney told Lehrer that he’d end the subsidies to PBS and Lehrer recoiled like a vampire doused in holy water.  I just loved that.  At the end, Lehrer oddly remarked that he had not done a good job as moderator…and Obama jumped in and said “You were fabulous, Jim!” and Romney just shook his head at the two of them.

6. Mitt Romney had one of the best and most destructive lines I have ever heard in a debate:  when he compared Obama talking to things his five sons would say when they were small children and tried to get him to believe their lies.  This was wonderful.  I’ve never seen a grown man humiliated this way before…being compared to small children and not being able to give any sort of retort because it was totally accurate.  Romney did this after Obama kept insisting that Romney would raise taxes by $5 trillion or some nonsense.  Romney kept saying that Obama was wrong and told him to stop repeating that.  Obama wouldn’t, so Romney had to finally tell him that just because he keeps saying something doesn’t make it true…and then Romney said, “you know, I raised five boys and they’d often keep saying something until they thought I’d believe it and it never worked”.  Obama put his head down after that and didn’t try that $5 trillion thing again.  Romney totally scolded Obama and Obama had no retort for it.  It. Was. Epic.

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  • Geeper

    “Obama’s main drug suppliers are the junior staffers who work in the White House who go to Lafayette Park and buy him whatever he wants” – this is a joke, right?

  • Geeper

    No, that line about junior staffers just seems ludicrous, no way would the White House risk a story that big on a junior staff member. Obama wouldn’t be sourcing from the dealers in the park, he’d have the CIA bringing him the finest confiscated narcotics on a silver tray. :grin:

    • King of Shambhala

      You on monthly pay or daily and by the comment?

      I can’t believe you’re tracking my junk back years.

      I can’t believe your handlers are so crazy.

      • Geeper

        I think you may be conflating everyone you’ve ever pissed off.

        I know it’s more sexy and dramatic to think of “handlers” paying people to disagree with you online and pretend to be annoyed when you spam their forums (perhaps Obama is paying them directly and is afraid of you revealing the truth!), but it’s really just a load of random forum users who are annoyed with you anew, each time, every time you turn up spamming about how you are the Messiah, or Obama is the Antichrist, or Harry Potter is destroying the world, or the Y2K bug will end humanity, or whatever else you’ve gone on about over the years.

        • King of Shambhala

          OK go troll someone else now.

          You’ve been discovered

          You’re nothing but the basic internet troll.

          • Geeper

            Okay, thanks, glad you could see it my way.

          • Dawn

            Have you considered changing your tactic? Clearly calling people trolls over and over isn’t working.

      • Dawn

        I’m glad that you can admit your posts are “junk.”

        This is a big step to your recovery….could your sanity be just around the corner?

  • Dawn

    Miss Shambhala, you’ve really stepped up the disinfo campaign…is this what your handlers have instructed?

  • King of Shambhala

    How can people be commenting posts of someone else 24 24 and even up to four years old posts?

    Who pays them?

    The CIA paid trolls?

    • Dawn

      The Antichrist pays me. I’m paid to make sure no one finds out that you’re the Messiah.
      I was absent for the last few days because I was renegotiating my contract…I told my Satan loving handlers that I needed more money to deal with crack pot like you. My Antichrist master, Obama, said I should be paid double to deal with you.

  • King of Shambhala

    watch out for trolls

    they don’t want to discuss

    just do provocation and defend the Antichrist Obama

    they work for Satan

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