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Geeper, Why To This Extent For God Antichrist?

Friday, November 16, 2012 1:33
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Geeper, why in the tank to this extent for your god the Antichrist?
Don’t you fear hell-fire?

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What do you think about the Illinois lottery the day after?

What do you think about the winning number in the Illinois lottery being 666, the day after Obama was elected?
? ?

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I think that if Obama isn’t the anti-Christ, he’s missing a really good opportunity. He certainly isn’t of a Godly origin.
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  • Geeper

    Um, do you just want my email address? You shouldn’t be writing a news article just to ask another B4IN user a question.

    To save you some time, though: the antichrist is not my god and I am not in a tank. Hope this helps!

    • King of Shambhala

      My email is
      I wonder why you can see benefit in sending the world into hell, following the Antichrist Obama.
      Why see goodness in evil?
      Why invert goodness and evil?
      Good is not evil you know.
      Harming people is not good; for example Obama claims he’s doing the good of people but he’s killed more than half a million people in the Arab Spring (s).
      He’s running guns in Syria and wants to push the world into an atomic war with Iran.
      He’s Satanical.
      The rebels destroy and kill Christians, while Assad protects and respects all different people. Why support fantaical Islamic extremists like Obama does for Al Queda? Why did Obama provoke 50000 dead in Syria, totally – absolutely without cause and 5000 000 in Libya, the richest nation in Africa and now the most poor, in just one year’s time.

      The Antichrist Obama is the “False man of Peace” (Bible).
      He claims he’s good but he’s evil and a liar through his nose.

    • Geeper

      Hello. I don’t see any benefit in sending the world into hell. I don’t see goodness in evil, and I don’t invert goodness and evil. I think you’re just making things up about me?

      Any other questions?

      • King of Shambhala

        You are sending the wiorld into hell.
        Obama’s marked by the sign of hell 666.
        The Apocalypse is because of demons like you realizing the prophecy of Satan in this world.
        You’re the minions of Satan’s Army.
        Do you even read the Bible?

      • JasonX

        Why would you ask if he reads the Bible when you haven’t read it yourself? You admitted that closest you’ve come to reading the Bible is Wikipedia…and you basically admitted that was only so you could learn enough to manipulate Christians into believing you’re their Messiah.

      • King of Shambhala

        Whatever you’re on is good, Jason. Gimme some. You get a long high out of that.

      • JasonX

        Would you like me to prove a link of you saying this?

      • Jez

        :lol: Priceless! Shambhala, I’m sure you’re already on a boat load of meds,you have to be high as a kite to write the crap you say! :lol:

        I think we’d all like to have some of the sheeet your on! :lol:

      • King of Shambhala

        I don’t try to manipulate Christians Jason.
        That’s you.
        I didn’t ever say I’m Jesus that’s you.

      • Geeper

        “I’m honestly disgusted at their intolerant attitude so I brush up on my Christian notions to drive home the point that I’m right and no matter what they think nothing will change it. “Brushing up on my Christianity” means just browsing Wiki.”

        These are your own words!

      • King of Shambhala

        Wow I thought you people were a tad intelligent. But not so.
        I just browse Wiki and don’t own a Bible which is a good thing to me meaning I think the Bible’s so much crap that it’s not worth buying it and I use it just for it’s prophetical predictions period next question.

      • physhstx

        geir smith said:
        “I didn’t ever say I’m Jesus ”

        Did you forget about this already?

        Make up your mind already!! With so many lies coming out of your mouth I’m not surprised you can’t keep them all straight!!!!!

      • King of Shambhala

        I wrote a long piece explaining it’s Christians pushing it on me I’d have to be Jesus to be the Messiah.
        I never wanted the post.
        But I reveal the Antichrist so no matter what Christians think I’m not asking for their permission to reveal the Antichrist and be the messiah or whatever, this is gettting out of control here.

      • physhstx

        How do you believe in an “antichrist” if you don’t believe in god? That’s what doesn’t make any sense at all!

      • JasonX

        Oh yes, its me that tries to manipulate Christians by making up Bible quotes and claiming to be Jesus while trying to scare them into hating Obama by convincing them that he’s the Antichrist in the Christian Bible. Nice try, demon. :lol:

      • JasonX

        Physhtyx, he doesn’t believe in the Antichrist, its all about manipulation. He knows Christians think gays and the Antichrist are the worst things in the world, so he plays on that hate to gain support for his racism. Too bad for him though, it doesn’t work…I’ve yet to see a legit follower that’s not him under another name.

      • physhstx


        Totally agree. He sockpuppets all over this site. Check out some of his posts that have french titles (about a couple of weeks old); he holds conversations with himself under four or five different names. Nothing short of amusing and and pathetic at the same time!!! :lol:

    • NoName-NoFace

      This KofSh..t is not worth a comment and B4iN is deleting all my comments to this POS garbage posts. I think B4iN is in bed with KofSh..t.

      • King of Shambhala

        BIN is convinced Obama’s a fraud.
        We don’t know when obama’ll fall.
        If he’d shown his birth certificate I don’t think he’d be in such trouble with Congress and Benghazi now.

      • Geeper

        I think they only delete comments if you use bad language. Keep it clean and you’re fine.

  • DarkStar

    A in-depth look at the man the myth Geir Smith..

  • JasonX

    The Antichrist will be an angry old french racist, with no life. He will try to convert people to a sick tantric sex cult, where they will burn for eternity once they lay their eyes upon his shriveled old member. (Bible)

  • Sirius
    More meme than prophet.
    Free Tibet from Geir Smith. :evil:

  • King of Shambhala

    Why are Obots so crazy tonite?
    This won’t go away; Obama’s toast.
    Obama’s bombing in the House Committee today with Petraeus and lots ot trouible to come as far as the eye can see – all the way to the horizon.

    • DarkStar

      Who is The King Of Shamlalaland!??…

      • King of Shambhala

        I’m happy you can spam seeing you’re not able to write words.
        You’ll find people who like to read spam and lies.
        They open their spam folder to read you, you false christ and moronic idiot, you’re ugly.


    aww,, king.. i’m disappointed. you know you and i go way back.. remember? you never gave me a headline. what makes geeper so special? hehe,, keep up the distraction, people just can’t get enough fluff. like twinkies.

    • King of Shambhala

      Gepper asked me what I thought and meant.
      So I made a big explanation page just for him.
      So, I explained everything from day one and that’s why I gave him this apge when he turned coat on me AGAIN.
      I thought that little creep needed some reason knocked into his dumb head and knocked it into it.

      • Geeper

        I love you too Geir.

      • King of Shambhala

        You’re crazy because you turn coat on people behind their backs. Very diseased way of being. Sick way of thinking if you think that’s what’s called honest and/or friendly.

      • Geeper

        I think I can be forgiven for getting a little tired of you when you end any briefly rational conversation by calling me an “idiot” or a “fargrgot”.

      • King of Shambhala

        You’ve got anger issues. How can I know you are very offended at things such as my calling Jesus a vampire and/or zombie and living dead; or you object by biting back about the gay issue because I do a simple little thing like note that the Bible calls being gay the Abomination and remarking that the antichrist is gay (i.e. called the “Abomination” therefore) and I draw the evident link to Obama who is a known gay in the Chicago community and I provide the links to numerous deeply researched embedded reports about that and proving that too…
        I provide the evidence, I draw the logical conclusions and you’re dangling, biting back and angry as usual.
        What’s your problem?
        What IS WRONG with you?
        What is wrong here?

  • JasonX

    Why Obama can’t be the Antichrist, in the words of Geir Smith…

    “Obama’s 42 months are up now. He started when he gained importance in the presidential race during the summer of 2007. He entered the race in Feb. of 2007. By that summer he was in the top two and had risen to a place of power. That’s dead now with his mortal wound revealed. Spread this and don’t wait one second, your salvation depends on it says the Bible. Join the Armmy of Truth says the Bible and spread the news of the Revelation. The Bible calls that the “Good News”, pass it on and fast or you’ll go to hell. 2007 in the 6 or 7th month is now exactly 42 months. Obama knows his last hours have come. Arrest him, sentence him and execute that ruling. Do it now it’s already late.”

    • King of Shambhala

      Just give it up. Obama’s the Antichrist. Live with it.

      • JasonX

        According to your own description, he can’t be. What kind of old fool argues with his own words?

        Its time to give it up, demon. You’ve befouled this place long enough.

      • King of Shambhala

        You lie. You’re totally discredited. False christ.

      • JasonX

        I lie? All I did was quote you. so by lie, you must mean I quoted a lie.

        I would say you’ve been discredited, but you never had any credit to begin with. :lol:

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