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Astounding! PPSimmons Offers Interview To Obama Cousin (Video) Talks Ongoing To Get The Truth Into The Media. Revealing the Hidden Life Of A President , Barack Hussein Obama.

Wednesday, March 20, 2013 11:04
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Famous birther and Messenger of the Apocalypse PPSimmons (who made many videos about the Illinois Lottery marking Obama with 666 in Chicago, on the day after his election) has offered Obama’s cousin, Linda Joy Adams to make an interview. The lies and fraud exposed here is HighTreaason to the USA and will get Obama executed by SCOTUS by USA law for perjury in providing a fake birth certificate etc…and lying about one’s birth when gaining the post of Commander-in-Chief of the nuclear force etc….

by Geir Smith aka King of Shambhala, who is behind having arranged and made this possible. I’m the one who’s behind all this. Me and no one else. Only me.

PPSimmons made this video which is approaching 400000 views, announcing that Obama’s marked by 666 drawn in the Lotto.


I, Geir Smith aka King of Shambala am behind arranging this interview and making them meet.  I’m the one who have contacted PPSimmons to alert him about who Linda Adams is, in a series of letters sent this past week (For the historical record of this ground-shaking event, I’m writing this in late March 2013).

PPSimmons and Linda Joy Adams are not behind this event it’s me who have arranged and done  everything from A to Z, they did nothing just took up where I’d left off and prepared everything so they could just step into the formatted and arranged setting which I painstaking set afoot, by my sole efforts, all alone. If anyone says they’re behind making this possible, they’re liars, because I’m the sole architect of this historical event.

I’ve been making strong efforts to make Linda Joy Adams known in the media by making articles about her, here at BeforeItsNews (BIN), by picking up her articles on her blog and publishing them at BIN.

Recently, Adams has found another website that’s mirroring my articles at BIN and who has now started mirroring Adams’ articles on her blog as well.

Now, I’ve contacted PPSimmons; because one of that website’s reporters (who also is a reporter at BIN) , MIchael Shoesmith, has been making several articles saying Obama’s the Antichrist.

Why would PPSimmons be ready to make an interview and video about Obama’s cousin Adams?

From Adams articles, I’ve discovered that the message she’s conveying is truely gripping and hair-raising.

Her message is the following: 1. she went to school with Obama’s father, a black in Topeka, Kansas, who was killed in a racist murder by the KKK and drowned in a creek off the Kaw River,… now named the Kansas River, in Topeka. The 3 victims’ bodies (of which Obama’s father) washed up on a sand bar, several days later and the Topeka newspapers (“The Topeka Paper”) made articles about it. This is where she leads people to make investigations and so for them to find the articles about that event.

2. The racist fury was intense and Obama’s pregnant mother feared for her life and that of her black son-to-be-born, Obama. So, Adams’s father drove Obama’s mother to the Forbes Airforce Base outside Topeka to give birth. Then he aranged a fake mariage with Obama Sr. They never lived together, Obama’s cousin Adams, can testify to that.

3. Then Adams’ father arranged to send Obama’s mother rapidly away from Topeka and Kansas. Their life then started which is known today of living in Mercer Island, in Washington State, going to Hawaii and then Indonesia etc…

4. Astounding details emerge from the wealth of articles, published by Adams on her blog. (in the now-famous “Daily Recaps” which she started publishing in July 2012 during the electoral campaign. She says Obama’s family were hiding his father’s identity from him, Obama, when Adams visited them in Mercer Island some years later.

A strange and bizarre detail is there…

The Westboro Baptist Church plays a big role in this.

Adams went to the Westboro’s church with her mother to get guardianship papers made out to them for Obama’s mother. Why had Westboro’s leader Fred Phelps had the previous guardianship of Obama’s mother, Ann? Family told Adams that Phelps was their family. She’s investigated this and is still trying to figure it out. All the more so as she’s very angry at the Westboro for terrorizing people with their hatred and particularly so in Kansas. She claims Westboro is preventing reporters from coming to investigate about Obama’s past, for fear of the crazy rantings of the Westboros.

One of the great mysteries and scoops of the Adams PPSimmons interview, will certainly be for Adams to give the clues and necessary leads to probe into who the Westboro are and how they relate to Obama and Adams. Who is Fred Phelps, as related to Obama?

Another major scoop is related to the same thing which are the blood-links between all these people. Indeed, Adams says something earth-shaking to say the least: it’s that Obama’s family name is not Dunham (as is said) but Pope. This happened by a very simple way, which was that Ann Dunham’s father ran away from home, so as to join the Army when he was still underage; and his trick was to steal the wallet of another person, named Dunham.

Adams goes into full detail of all the family-tree, going back to the grandparents and ancestors, on all sides of her family. These details are in her articles and will be the basis for researching all this, when this story explodes and gets out to the media. And this will be the job for professional genealogists.

There is much, much more, greatly detailed explanations and many twists and turns in Adams’  very numerous and long articles. She’s a university graduate and it shows. Her written production is stupendous, especially for a 68-year old lady with health issues

PPSimmons will have a great work to do, of sifting through the masses of information and summing it all up, into one video, in the best possible way.

Right now, talks are engaging to format and work out the full details of how this can and will be done. After my long letters detailing to PPSimmons’ s Mr Shoesmith, who Linda Adams is, he offered to make an interview with her and that is where things stand at present. Here’s his letter:

Do you think she would be open to doing an interview with me?… via skype?

Michael D. Shoesmith

Social Networking Director
Ministry Coordinator
That was the letter with the interview offer.


Adams has been making her blog since July 2012.

Now the news is getting out and we have the famous website PPSimmons onboard this story. This is thus the end of a long drawn-out struggle to make Adams’ information known and it’s thanks to me that she’s succeeded by my many articles at BIN and now by my getting PPSimmons’s powerful ressources involved. Birthers at BIN (I’ll not name any names as we’re all BIN reporters and that’s against our policy) are doing everything they can to stop Adams’ infomation getting out, such as by calling her a FBI Mole etc… from what BIN staffers have told me. No one can say that smear, seeing Adams is so totally transparent about everything. But we, who are the forces of truth and want to at least have her story get out into the media, are stronger than the smears and lies which are aimed at us.

We must see this as the Tribulations of the Bible. We must take being trampled on (by people refusing to help us spread the good news of the truth), being smeared and lied to, in our stride and see that as our penitence to make the Truth shine forth. If we didn’t speak the truth, they wouldn’t bother to persecute us. We’re like the first Christians who had to suffer for their faith. Testifying to the truth is a crime in the corrupt world.

Liars call us liars.

I will not be shut up and I will not relent; the truth will get out. This will be sent to PPSimmons privately, to Adams, to the website that’s carrying all my articles, as well as to BIN in this present article. It’ll be sent to three BIN staffers and all efforts will be made to get it ‘featured’, so that the truth will get out.

I’m the Messenger of the truth and the revealor of the hidden life of Obama.

The Lottery on the day after Obama’s election did indeed show 666 in Chicago, Obama’s hometown. The lottery was from Nov. 5 and Obama’s election was on Nov. 4. Hair-raising! (I got this scan above bought by a BIN staffer from e-bay and it’s me who had this scan made and sent out to Internet ,where it can be seen everywhere. I alone found this and made it public for the world to see. I’m the one who thought out that the newspaper of that day in Chicago’s papers would carry it and I found it. Revealing Obama’s hidden secrets is my work alone. Anyone claiming they’re the ones who did this in my stead, are liars. I’m the sole factor that makes that Obama’s revealed to the world. It’s all to my credit and no one else. If people claim credit for revealing and getting Obama arrested, they’re liars. I’m the sole responsible for defeating Obama, the Antichrist. I’m the one who defeated Obama aka the Antichrist. I’m the [sole and only] defeator of the Antichrist and the one revealing him.)


Obama’s vibration is evil and smells of the Antichrist.

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  • Geeper

    Modest little guy, aren’t you? Don’t forget to tell them that you think you’re Jesus!

    • King of Shambhala

      I’m the sole person who’s taken the Lottery 666 draw and driven that truth home throughout this battle.

      I’ve taken the battle to Obama all the way into the White House.

      I’m the one and only fighter for Truth who’s gone all the way and am calling for SCOTUS to do what I pay them for, which is to enforce the US LAW and that’s to execute Obama for High Treason. I’m the one who does all this.

      You are not.

      You’re a false christ.

      >Don’t forget to tell them that you think you’re Jesus!>

      • Awakenow2

        Who do you pay to enforce the US laws? You are on french welfare because of your mental disabilities. You can’t even support yourself you leech. If you were in America you would be another loser sucking off the tax payers.

      • Awakenow2

        Geirly Schmiff is a friggin buttard :neutral:

      • King of Shambhala

        Awaken you homo.

        We know you’re a homo so accept it.

        SCOTUS works for me and are my employees.

      • King of Shambhala

        I’m not drunk. You’re drunk.
        And you’re loving it.

  • physhstx

    Trying to credit for other peoples work again, huh geir?

  • AxisOfEvil

    Your are so full of yourself, it’s not even funny anymore.

  • Geeper

    FWIW, PPSimmons is careful not to call Obama the Antichrist, and says that other world leaders exhibit the same “Antichrist-like” qualities as Barack. See at 1:15

    Have you told PPSimmons and Linda Joy Adams how much you hate Christians, and how you think the Bible is “so much crap” yet? (

    • King of Shambhala

      I think you protest a bit too much Geeper. You’re going to extreme lengths to debunk me.


      What interest is it to youto protect the (your god and) Messiah the Antichrist Satan-Obama?

      • Geeper

        I’m not protesting enough, I’m barely protesting at all. But if you’re trying to ingratiate yourself to PPSimmons and Adams by agreeing with some of their arguments and biting your tongue on others, they deserve to know that you are on record as saying things like “I don’t believe in God, Jesus or the Bible”, “I had to become immersed in Christian lore which I abhor deeply”, “Jesus disgusts me” and “I’m Jesus. Those who follow me will be saved, Do it.”

  • AxisOfEvil

    Even with this interview, the name will not be released. If you actually READ any of her blogs, you would know that SHE DOES NOT WANT to release the name.

    The only similarity between this and Watergate is that there is a deep throat involved, and in this case, it is you deep throating a donkey’s d*ck.

    • King of Shambhala

      The name of Obama’s father is no big mystery. Adams gives the Topeka Paper and dates to find the article which gives the name. It’s discovering who Linda Adams is, that’s the great discovery.

      • AxisOfEvil

        How is the name of the father no big mystery?

        You are such a homo that you can’t even think straight.

      • King of Shambhala

        Adams gives the Topeka Paper and dates to find the article which gives the name.

  • King of Shambhala

    Great news. Linda Adams has accepted the priinciple of the interview and said she’ll answer now. This is earth-shaking news the biggest in US journalism’s history. Thanks to me.

    Here is this news.

    Obama Cousin Agrees Interview By PPSimmons

  • Geeper

    Going from “I am the new Bernstein or Woodward, I will break this news story properly” to “raaaaargh, everyone here is gay, I am the messiah, go and eat poo you obots” in 24 hours is possibly a new record for the King here.

  • King of Shambhala

    Obama’s got a problem. This is tough. Hard for Obama.

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