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Video: Obama Marked By Antichrist # 666 Poll: 1 in 4 Say Obama Might Be Antichrist

Thursday, April 4, 2013 12:44
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Read WND article: at the end it says Lottery drew 666 in Chicago on day after Obama-election.


1 in 4 believe Obama may be Antichrist

Stunning poll results reveal pulse of the nation

Some are comparing Satan from “The Bible” TV miniseries with President Obama.

The good news for the White House is that three of four respondents to a Public Policy Polling survey say they do not believe that Barack Obama is the Antichrist, the epitome of evil that the Bible explains will come to deceive people during the End Times.

But on the other hand, 13 percent are convinced he is, and another 13 percent – for a total of one in four across the nation – say they aren’t sure.

It was question No. 8 on the organization’s national survey. Other questions asked whether people believed in global warming, whether Osama bin Laden was alive and whether a UFO crashed at Roswell, N.M., in 1947 and the U.S. government covered it up.

According to the London Guardian, the survey asked about a number of conspiracy theories, which the report described as “insane.”

The survey falls on the heels of the online world exploding with comments when the devil in the recent “The Bible” television miniseries bore a more-than-passing resemblance to Obama. Earlier, prophecy websites had a field day after Obama sparred with a fly, and it was reported he’s had a history of attracting flies during interviews. Religious and other websites noted that a biblical term for Satan, the Semitic deity Beelzebub, literally translates from Hebrew into “Lord of the Flies.”

See the argument that someone else is the Antichrist, in a couple of books by Joel Richardson.

In the poll, 37 percent of respondents believe global warming is a hoax, 6 percent believe Osama bin Laden remains alive, 21 percent think that UFO crashed at Roswell, and 28 percent hold that a “secretive power elite with a globalist agenda is conspiring to eventually rule the world.”

In addition, 28 percent believe Saddam Hussein was involved in the 2001 terror attacks, 20 percent think there’s a link between childhood vaccines and autism, 7 percent believe the moon landing was faked, 29 percent believe in aliens, and 9 percent believe the reason the government adds fluoride to drinking water is more sinister than health reasons.

“Even crazy conspiracy theories are subject to partisan polarization, especially when there are political overtones involved,” said Dean Debnam, president of PPP. “But most Americans reject the wackier ideas out there about fake moon landings and shape-shifting lizards.”

The poll of 1,247 registered American voters last month has a margin of error of plus or minus 2.8 percent.

The poll indicated that even 5 percent of those who voted for Obama believe he is the Antichrist, as do 22 percent of Mitt Romney supporters.

Obama’s encounters with flies earlier drew attention.

“This guy is bothering me here,” said Obama, who repeatedly swatted at a large black fly buzzing near his face during a speech.

The London Telegraph noted a White House pool report said “the president spoke for about five minutes while being menaced by a house fly.”

It was not the president’s first brush with a fly while the cameras were rolling. In 2010, Obama halted a speech about health care reform as a fly zipped around him. During a June 2009 CNBC interview, Obama killed a fly on camera.

During a 2008 campaign appearance, Obama halted a local interview after a swarm of flies had gathered around him.

At, a posting by “editorial staff” mused about whether Obama is possessed by a demonic entity.

“I feel like I am watching a horror movie and the secret evil character is revealed by the evil signs around him,” the post read.

Twitter exploded with comments when viewers of the miniseries “The Bible” saw an eerie similarity between the face of Obama and that of the Satan character, played by actor Mehdi Ouzaani.

Media giant Glenn Beck was among the first to make the connection, tweeting, “Anyone else think the Devil in #TheBible Sunday on History Channel looks exactly like That Guy?”

Beck refers to Obama as “That Guy” because of a vow not to utter the name of the president this year.

Twitter user @Leah Christie, tweeted, “Oh my word … watching The History Channel’s The Bible … does Satan look familiar to anyone else?”

Other tweets included:

  • @Hunt4Photos: “History channel/last night/show: The Bible. Why did Satan look just like President Obama? Pissed off man!”
  • Slhappy Gilmore@KPOView: “I was so excited about #TheBible as it’s a way to bring it to life for all to see. But political statements like Satan=Obama, we lose.”
  • Stephanie Jefferson@mittchick: “I am so relieved to know that my eyes and mind were not playing tricks on me when I thought Satan resembled Obama in #TheBible”
  • VictorJett Contreras@victorjett: WHA! Did the Bible miniseries on History Channel make the Devil look like Obama. Crazy. Ridiculous.”

Rush Limbaugh held up a photo of the actor on his famous “Dittocam” to show viewers that the Satan character was “a dead ringer” for Obama.

“Folks, it is uncanny,” Limbaugh noted, before quipping, “In light of that picture … the question that sprang to everybody’s mind is: if Satan had a son, would he look like the guy [in the White House]?”

Find out everything you always wanted to know about the devil but were too afraid to ask in the autographed besteller, “Shocked by the Bible,” or get “Shocked by the Bible” bundled with Joe Kovacs’ brand-new bestseller, “The Divine Secret.”

It’s not the first time a connection has been made between evil in the Bible and Obama.

On Nov. 5, 2008, the very night Obama was first elected president, the Illinois Pick 3 lottery number for the Evening Pick was 666, a number associated with “the beast” mentioned in the Book of Revelation. Obama’s home state at the time was Illinois.

Obama – The Lottery and 666 – You have GOT TO SEE THIS! What are the CHANCES?

Other results of the new Public Policy Polling survey?

Four percent believe shape-shifting reptilian alien people control the world, 25 percent think Lee Harvey Oswald acted alone in killing Kennedy, 14 percent believe in Bigfoot and 15 percent think the media or the government adds mind-control technology to television signals.

Also, 15 percent say new diseases are invented by the pharmaceutical and medical industries, 11 percent believe the U.S. allowed the 9/11 terror attacks and 5 percent say Paul McCartney died in 1966 and was replaced by a lookalike.


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  • Anara

    So the majority of folks polled live in the real world but you favor the whacko 13%
    and if I were the antichrist I would just command the flies to go away …they would have to obey would’nt they?.

  • AxisOfEvil

    That doesn’t mean much KOS…… 50% of adults in the US believe in angels….. Not that that there is anything wrong with that, but just saying.

  • Anara

    When you do the math it averages to roughly 42 million people .They are all Republicans all voted for the loser Romney and most are tea party members and fake christians

  • King of Shambhala

    This is the first time WND says the same as me which is Illinois Lottery drew 666 the day after obama’s election which marks Obama as the Antichrist.

    This is important because the 78.5 million people who believe Obama to be the Antichrist now have the proof with the lottery.

    There’s no argument left to deny Obama’s the Antichrist because WND plus me plus PPSimmons makes for a powerful force that cannot be stopped or stemmed.

    • AxisOfEvil

      When they say 25%, they talk about the people they surveyed….. I don’t think you can include the whole population in there…… they, as usual, probably surveyed people between 18-45. So the “25%” is probably equal to around 50 million people. Which is still less that the people who believe that the earth is 6000 years old, and that dinosaur bones were placed underground by God to test their will…..

      • King of Shambhala

        No, the panel they surveyed was across-the-board.
        So it’s the total of 313 million in the US. And the survey’s 100% of Americans.

  • King of Shambhala

    1 in 4 makes 313 million Americans divided by four = 78.25 million people whio’ll all march on Washington with “OBAMA-Antichrist” placards.

    Obama’s in the last hours.

    This’ll be like lyynching blacks in the South except for this time Obama’ll be remanded to SCOTUS for execution by legal methods.

    • AxisOfEvil

      “This’ll be like lyynching blacks in the South except for this time Obama’ll be remanded to SCOTUS for execution by legal methods.”

      Dafuk is wrong with you? you ARE going crazy because you have turned your back to the birthers, yet you now realize that Linda Joy Adams is the same kind of retard as you….. so now you go back to the whole antichrist thing…

      Let’s make a deal….. i will join your messengers of whatever, and share the word everywhere that Obama is the antichrist. In exchange, if Obama finishes his term and is not executed by SCOTUS, you drown yourself. Deal?

      • King of Shambhala

        Be a messenger of the Apocalypse and go to heaven.

        No one can do it for you.

        Quit waiting for others to do things for your advantage this is a serious matter and no joke.

  • Anara

    No one gonna march on Wash. anytime soon and you are making racist comments again
    bringing up lynchings WTF is your proiblem besides being filled with hate.
    You deserve to die you are worthless.

    • AxisOfEvil

      Anara, Want to go on a “business” trip to Europe? :lol:

    • King of Shambhala

      You’re an unhappy person Anara. You want to direct who marches or not on Washington, you kook.

      I’ll tell you mind your own business or I’ll sue you for felony not reporting a crime of High Treason by Obama.

      You’re the accessory to crime.

      • AxisOfEvil

        First of all, you can’t sue someone for Felony.

        Secondly, you are a real do*che…..

        Third, learn what “accessory to crime” actually means…..

        Lastly, you have no case against Anara or anyone. I personally promise that i will continue to bring your threats to the POTUS to the authorities, so they can deal with you once and for all. You would be surprised at how many different law enforcement offices are aware of you, and not in a good way…… HAPPY DAYS ARE COMING! :twisted:

      • King of Shambhala

        Threats to the POTUS?


        I quote the law for foreign traitors to the USA.

      • King of Shambhala

        Happy days aren’t coming.

        They’re here.

        Zullo and Carl Gallups are on radio tomorrow and the Obots have hacked their website in panic already.

        Arpaio’s given orders to close down Obama fast now.

    • King of Shambhala

      Don’t worry we’ll march 78.25 million strong and whether yoiu like it or not because we don’t give a forke if you like it or not.

      We like it if you’re not happy.

      We’re marching with “OBAMA-Antichrist” placards and we’ll arrest Obama at the gates like the criminal he is, just like O.J. Simpson got arested and is in jail RIGHT NOW; the jails are full of blacks at 95%, they can’t obey the law and obama’s not obeyed the law either.

      Don’t threaten me with death Anara. I’m not threatening you with death. Harassment gets you one year in jail and 15000$ in fine.

      Obama’s execution by SCOTUS is the law of the USA and I’m quoting the books of law.

      Obama’s a criminal and I’m meting out what the books say.

      I’m stating the law, but you’re uttering criminal threats and harrassing on the contarry.

      That’s punished by law for you.

      • AxisOfEvil

        At least specify that “THEY” will march, not “WE” because you can’t come to the US (they’ll arrest you right away)

        Don’t try hiding either. From New England all the Way to San Diego, Law enforcement is interested in talking to you.

      • King of Shambhala

        I think you must be pretty famous among the enforcement if what you say is true.
        They must have opened a file for you.
        You’ll not travel to the USA because they probably have a special notice for you if you spend your time calling them with crank calls.

        When Obama falls on High Treason I’ll laugh.

        The FBI will have to trace all those people who worked as voluntary police-informers.

        After the SS fell in France during WWII all the police indicators, and informers were hounded down, jailed and hunted for years.

        The four years they served the SS were paid for to the thousandth.

        When McCarthy ruled by terror, he fell like a stone and the clean up after McCarthy was a strong as his rule of iron.

        When Obama falls the Day of Last Judgement will begin and everybody will be thrown into hellbeginning by police indioicators who worked for Obama’s rule of Crime.

        You’re like the collabroators during the Vichy rule in France during WWII and the Gestapo-SS rule. You are delator who claims to be part of the police.

      • King of Shambhala

        A small-time snitch like you, a traitor who goes and reports on people in secret, a coward like you will be the first hit when the FBI gets it’s new orders for a witchhunt when Obama’s hauled off to jail.
        They’ll organize the witchhunt after all you chums of the illegal ppower of Obama. McCarthy was nothing next to the abuse of power by Obama and his gangsters from criminal-ridden Chicago.
        Someone told me the FBI is monitoring this website.

        So be assured your IP address is monitored Axis (and they don’t forget and they know anyone’s IP address’s location and identity) and you’re closely watched and kept tabs on.

        You’ll be first in line to fall when the gov’s changed in the White House due to the POTUS’ arrest.

        You’ll be the first victim of the witchhunt.

        Why did you go report on people?

        Why did you sell your soul to Satan?


        Are you mad?

        Don’t you know that’s dangerous and you (YOU YOURSELF) get listed for doing that?

        The poplice have snitches and informers. They’re ex-cons, drug-dealers, thiefs and criminals. Informers are the scum of the police.

        The police are despicable people but they look down on their informers. You’re the lowest rung of any society. You’re the faceless expression of spineless Humanity.

      • King of Shambhala

        Your punk threats to me on Internet which are illegal are punishable by one year in prison and 15 000$ in fine.

        I wanted to say that to be clear.

        One year jail for harrassing and $15000 in fine for you.

      • AxisOfEvil

        Your rhetoric is laughable KOS.

        Be happy ok? You are famous, isn’t that what you wanted?

        I fly to the US often for work. Never have a problem. I guess your words are as empty as your head.

        You should get in your head this little scenario: You are NOT the messiah, or anything special. What YOU are is a silly old man who wasted his life on BS studies. You are a racist, a homophobe, and a shame to all buddhist. Please, Report me to the authorities. That way, you will have to tell them why i want to report YOU to the authorities….. I think they will be more interested in you than in me.

        Be happy Ok? You’ll be famous!

      • King of Shambhala

        Axis, you’ll be reported and investigated by the FBI.


        N Korea’s going to bomb the world senseless so are you Leftists happy?

        Your black racist Obama has made the grade.

        He’ll swing on the end of a rope soon.

  • Anara

    Sure Axis My passport is all ready I think France would be a good place to begin :smile:

  • Anara

    All you do is blather KOS
    WND is about as credible for news as the Enquirer and Im expecting a call from the Maricopa Cty.
    S.O. tomorrow .The Sheriffs Dept is not investigating anything in reference to the President.
    You are posting false information .

  • Anara

    You dont have to report me KingOFDogVomit
    I already reported myself and I have approval to deal with you any way I want to.
    So keep up your threats to the Presidents life you sick son of a whore. I bet your mother wishes
    she had an abortion after spawning you.

  • paula

    Anyone unsaved is the number 666,
    it is the number of unsaved man{human}
    John 3:
    everyone still in a physical church, no matter the denomination, are being ruled over by satan 2Thessalonians 2:,
    Revelation18:23 the Bridegroom , holy spirit, and true worshippers have left the building.
    There is only salvation in the Bible, John1:1, through God, which is the way it has always been. God is finished the use of using a man, preacher etc.
    Eze 34:10-

  • Quantum Kev

    How, oh HOW did I know this was by KoS just by looking at the title of the article? I’M THE PROPHET!

    No, more likely it’s that he has posted this about a bajillion times already. Lord, I wish SOMEONE really was the antichrist and would end this world just so I don’t have to see ANY MORE OF THESE POSTS! :/

  • retiredpatriot

    How about The N Korea President. ???

  • horedog

    HE JUST A POS :evil: :evil: :evil:

  • David

    They don’t even hide what they are doing anymore! Listen to his deceptive attorney language when he says we need a even playing field for china and Mongolia Translation is bankrupt America allow china to manipulate there currency and dump there cheap goods on America! Make it so USA corporations have to move there factories to china in order to compete with the USA factories that has already moved there! They have taken America’s wealth and prosperity built up of the backs of hard working Christian American citizens and given it to a communist anti GOD nation called China! Only satan has this power and it is written in the bible he is the ruler of this earth! Obama is the biblical antichrist 666 he isn’t even a USA citizen only satan could defy a entire nation and people and put a non USA citizen in the chair of the president of the United States! Guess what folks that’s what the book of revelation states that satan would give the antichrist his seat of power and authority and that’s what he did with Obama! Even hitler was legal to run for office in Germany and the German people put him in power not so with Obama he isn’t a USA citizen and its well known there was voter fraud orchestrated and carried out by George soros as he owns the contracts on the electronic voting machine in key districts in key swing states! So why does a evil illuminati evil billionaire need the contract for over seeing the nations electronic voting machines for lol if you don’t get it you never will!
    GOD Speed JESUS! In the end we Christians are going to win has GOD not said so!

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