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Friday, January 3, 2014 10:31
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Hi, I’m the messenger of a miracle brought by heaven.

People of lesser intelligence and ugly morality won’t grasp the meaning because this is too complicated for them. Most will be lost along the way.

             I’m Geir Smith, Rudra Chakrin, the King of Shambhala, Universal Messiah.

# 1

First, I want to distance myself from others who are false christs and claim they come in the name of Christ and the Christian Church.

But indeed, these are predicted to flourish in the end times and they are demonic and are not the real message. Those impostors say they announce the end times, the Apocalypse and that they reveal the truth about reality. But they don’t reveal reality, they reveal falsehoods.

They are liars, fakes and frauds.

 The Bible: “In the end times many will come speaking in My name and saying they are Me but don’t follow them, they are not Me.”

# 2

I’m no false christ nor “false prophet” because I announce a real miracle (# 3).

I’m exactly what the Bible says is the Messiah i.e. a Reluctant Messenger. Indeed:………….


# 3

………..when I witnessed the miraculous event that happened in Chicago on the day after Obama’s election, I knew this was a heaven-sent omen. the lottery in Obama’s hometown Chicago drew 666. I didn’t think: “This is it, it’s the Apocalypse and I’m the Messiah.”

My thinking was rational: I thought “Here in this lottery, everybody saw it in the fiive or six Great Lake States that all play the Illinois-Chicago Lottery. So, now, the ripple-effect will happen and like a tsunami the Christian groups of those northerly states nearest to Chicago (Iowa, Illinois, Michigan, Wisconsin, Indiana etc….) will rise up and proclaim via the media that Obama’s the enemy – Satan aka the Antichrist.”

I wasn’t worried and saw my action as to go and urge them on, like a gadfly, and get Obama revealed as the Devil himself. I meremly saw myself as playing Mr Nice Guy, who came in from the cold outside Christianity and who was like…. just dropped by to help with a giving a hand in outing the evil Antichrist of Christianity.

I felt I was just like a neighborhood friend who dropped by to get the painting finished in somebody’s kitchen and was out the next day. I thought this Christian Apocalypse wa snone of my business and just something the Christians would manage.

My studies and spiritual background lead me to feel I had a mission as Saviour but for the whole world and not truely for Christians. 

So I wasn’t even thinking of bothering about saving Christians in any way.

This matter of 666  was like working with little snotty brats that I wouldn’t even want to be caught dead taking care of. . I know what I’m talking about; I come from Protestant stock on both sides and Christians/Atheists (Atheists are of Christain backgrounds and pasts) are not educated and are superstitious narrow-minded demons. 

So, I was thinking of just breezing through this Christian Apocalypse…. because I’d just drop off the package and move on. Drop the message at the door-step - get a receipt signed that they’d gotten the message and move on.  But things went ugly immediately instead.

First of all, the Christians weren’t able to get their minds around the fact that the lottery meant Obama was the Antichrist. If it was true they said “it wasn’t for them to decide”, “It was for heaven – aka God, to reveal this to them”. I’d say: “666 IS the heaven-sent miracle. Heaven HAS TALKED TO YOU.

Then they twisted things by adding: “And if Obama were the Antichrist that would mean that the one who announces that would be the Saviour aka the Messiah. You’re a Buddhist! That’s a no-no! How can a Buddhist be the Messiah for us Christians?”

I felt trapped because I wanted to get Obama revealed but these people were actually accusing me of some crime instead. They’re like the kid that gets caught and he says the others did what he was caught doing.

I felt like people who fear reporting a crime because they know the police suspect the ones who report crimes first of all, because most criminals are the ones who report the crime themselves.

So, I’ve gone through five years of hell and “TRIBULATION” because of Obama and his curse of 666.

So, let’s recap slowly here: I’m an outsider, reluctantly putting up with flak and reporting a message which is that Obama is the Antichrist who’s marked by 666.

God does not exist for us Buddhists. Buddhism and Hindusim havn’t carried out holy wars and Buddhist Tantrism is the highest form of culture in the world because it has sexual Tantric Yoga etc… which enables to gain Nirvana. And no other way exists.

I’m not party to Christianity. So announcing the Christian Antichrist makes me a reluctant messenger because I’ve gotten all this flak just because of not being Christian. I don’t give a damn about Chrsitainity I just want to reveal the damn Antichrist demon Obama. I’m announcing a message which is rejected because I’m not a party to Christianity.

That’s exactly what’s predicted in the Bible. It’s said the Second Coming of the Truth, of Jesus, of the Anointed One, of the “Chosen One”, the Messiah will be by a Reluctant Messenger.

It also says that all those claiming themselves of Christ will be false christs and demons.

So, in # 3, I’m announcing the miracle on Mainstreet which is that millions witnessed the heaven-sent omen of 666 and in # 2, I’m announcing that all those millions turned into demons and followed the Antichrist Obama. 

They accepted his Mark of the Beast 666 in their hands and foreheads which was to accept his policies, his bankrupting America and his massive spending of the stolen money of the USA.

Why is 666 money in my explanation right there?

I don’t know why 666 is money.

I don’t want to know. That’s just how it is. “The ways of heaven are unfathomable”. (Bible.)



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  • Anara

    KOS :arrow: Liar and false christ

    • King of Shambhala

      The above, Anara is a crazy housewife claiming to be personal protection secret service who guards Obama, I mean this is big time clownish: I’ve reported her several times for TOS to Beforeitsnews.

      Don’t listen to the demented.

      She’s gravely deranged and makes death threats to me via Internet; just ignore this crazy barking dog she’s twisted and mad.

      • notmyg

        Why do you reply the same comment across multiple stories KOS? How much do they pay you per post? $0.10? $0.25? :wink:

      • King of Shambhala

        notmyg’s a homosexual.

        Just sayin’.

        This garbage is all over my articles, he seems to be digging around at stuff to troll.

  • Rosarito

    Matthew 24 is 100% clear on who to reject and who to accept in the Jesus stakes. It is not difficult. We’ll get back to you when we see “the Son of man coming in the clouds of heaven with power and great glory”. Your crass anger doesn’t strengthen your position, it only makes it worse.

    • King of Shambhala

      All those who quote the Bible will be false christs.

      that’s clear.

      Obama’s the Antichrist

      this is the Apocalypse

      google it:
      Obama Real Name: Barry Hunter (Video – Pic Gallery)

      • notmyg

        I have seen you quote the Bible multiple times KOS.
        Does this mean that you are false-Christ? :eek:

      • King of Shambhala

        I’m not posing as speaking in the name of Christianty.

        I’m not a false Christ.

        I’m reluctantly revealing the Christian message because it’s not my faith.

      • physhstx

        But, you do quote the Bible, correct Geir?

      • King of Shambhala

        False christs pose as being Jesus and God and “the truth and the way” and don’t do it reluctantly.

        I don’t pose as a Christian.

        I’m reluctantly use Christian sources and lore and the omen of 666 which does not exist in my Buddhist lore.

      • King of Shambhala

        Did you queers contact Obama’s second cousin Linda Joy Adams about finding Obama’s father or is your agenda something else like protecting Obama?

        Do you like the truth?

        Or is your life all about deceiving and lying?

        Google it:
        Obama Real Name: Barry Hunter (Video – Pic Gallery)

      • Rosarito

        Matthew 24 is all we need here. “At that time if anyone says to you, ‘Look, here is the Messiah!’ or, ‘There he is!’ do not believe it.” The Bible tells us to ignore it all and wait for the sky to darken, the stars to fall, and the true Messiah to appear in the sky, heralded by angels, trumpets and the whole nine yards.

        So anyone claiming to be or to be heralding the Messiah here and now is false. Doesn’t matter if they back it up with Bible quotes or Buddhist karmic sex tapes or whatever. False prophets. And this includes you.

      • King of Shambhala

        So fphysh and homosexual notmyg,, you heard Snack Attack: “You’re false christs”.

        He’s right the sky is darkening for Obama.

        We’re going to discover his father’s name.

        google it:
        Obama Real Name: Barry Hunter (Video – Pic Gallery)

      • notmyg

        KOS- your posts and your BS claims to be the Messiah is nothing but an attempt to get people to label you as crazy. Your masters want this because if you are dubbed crazy, then your message must be crazy as well. Therefore, you are nothing but a pawn in a cleverly orchestrated plot to discredit the theory that Obama was born outside of the United States of America. How does it feel to be a Zionist puppet?

      • physhstx

        “So fphysh and homosexual notmyg,, you heard Snack Attack: “You’re false christs”.”

        Incorrect. Re-read that post and use your reading comprehension skill please Geir.

      • King of Shambhala

        Not incorrect. The false christs posting their garbage on and on to all my articles are false christs. That’s a fact. notmyg’s Geeper a homosexual.

      • physhstx

        Yes, incorrect Geir. If you read Snack Attacks’ post again, you will see that he/she quotes the Bible as to back up his/her belief that you are a “false christ”, not the other way around.

      • King of Shambhala

        physh is a flase christ and just admitted on another article that he has no reason to criticize Obama.

        He works for Obama the Antichrist aka Satan-in-Person.

        He’s a Minion of Satan.

    • physhstx

      So as long as you are not Christian, you can quote the Bible and not be a “false christ”. Is that what you would have us believe?

      • King of Shambhala

        Do you queers have anything interesting to say or just this ugly garbage?

        How long have these freaks been heckling my articles?

        This is something either psychopathic or something else, probably homosexuals.

        Get lives, trolls.

      • notmyg

        People are attempting to understand you KOS. It is hard when you have such twisted logic.

      • physhstx

        “Do you queers have anything interesting to say or just this ugly garbage?

        How long have these freaks been heckling my articles?

        This is something either psychopathic or something else, probably homosexuals.”

        Thank you for this reply. Show just what kind of Buddhist you are. Or are not.

      • King of Shambhala

        Post something intelligent and that’s not morally ugly like your blind-support of Obama.

        The posts of people sending plain garbage are clueless and useless.

        Be careful of these people who are demonically-inspired.

      • King of Shambhala

        You’re a queer or a woman notmyg.

        What is it?

        A homosexual I think and in denial.

      • King of Shambhala

        notmyg’s Geeper, a homosexual who ran away when I called him out on it.

        A sodomite.

        Like Obama: that’s why he’s heckling me.

        I say it as it is.

        Obama’s a sodomite.

    • physhstx

      You could not have mis-interrupted my post more if you had tried Geir!!

      Good try though!

  • JohnnyScottsdale

    Reluctant messenger?!?!? Hahahaha. Riiiiiight. So reluctant you declared yourself messiah, insult and threaten anyone that disagrees with you, have posted dozens of ‘articles’ marketing that you think you’re the messiah, everyone mentions your obvious mental illness and hate but you won’t listen, and you can’t find 1 follower even on a conspiracy website.

    Do you believe your own lies Geir or are you just stating things to try to fit a mold?

    • King of Shambhala 2.0

      Do not listen to him liste to me I am me I am Gehir smith 2.0 the true messiah, he is a liar false christ devil worshipper he claims in the post here “I suck the devils penis” dont you see it in boldface letters? Right next to the word the.

      Arrest this lunatic deposed king for I am the true king of shambhala he lies false teacher

  • Anonymous

    your headline is utter gibberish, but then it fits well with the article like that.


  • Karmic G

    Geir, you are wrong. So wrong that you believe in yourself. You appear to waste so much of your time typing words that amount to nothing more than agitating a few readers. None of which would care if you ceased to exist.

  • Karmic G

    Your attitude is so ignorant ….. Wake up, you’re in denial and you dont even realise it.

  • Anara

    KOS If you keep disabling comments no one will read your amazing universe shattering articles anymore. All you have shown is that you let the obots win.

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