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FEMA Color Code List For Civilians? – Color Dots On Mailboxes

Wednesday, July 21, 2010 16:38
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EDITORS NOTE – Please notice the question mark at the end of statements. I can not verify if the list and mailboxes are true. There are 2 separate issues here….THE FEMA LIST…….AND THE MAILBOXES.

At the Ron Paul March on Washington in July 2008, Jack McLamb comments on how 911 was an inside job and exposes FEMA camps. Yes, thats where folks on the red, blue, pink and yellow lists are going! Mr. McLamb also warns that you should get guns and ammunition soon.

Red dot’s will be killed?

Blue dots go to concentration camps?

Yellow dots will bow to the corrupt government?

EDITOR NOTE: If you have a color dot on your mailbox please send info to

In response to your article on “FEMA Color Code List For Civilians? – Color Dots On Mailboxes”, We have color dots or mailboxes.

We live out in the country near Fuquay Varina, NC in Harnett County.  We are about 45 minutes south of the Capital, Raleigh, NC.   I have attached examples of orange dots that were placed on our mailboxes a couple of months ago.

My wife was home when someone came by the house asking if we would make a donation to the Black Water Fire Department.  They asked if it would be OK to place a dot on our mailbox so they would know they had visited our house.  All of the mailboxes on our country road ended up with orange dots on them.  I don’t know if this was really legitimate or a cover for something.

Preston Stroud


I recently watched the video where the officer was talking about red and blue dots on mailboxes.  The neighborhood I live in does not have individual mailboxes, we have a box located in the center of each street with smaller divided boxes for each home there.  I have not noticed any marking on the box, however, a couple of months ago I did noticed a marking on the stop sign and light post at our corner.   I mentioned it to my husband at the time and for a while it would catch my eye every time I’d leave the house…eventually, I guess we got used to them and didn’t notice too much.

After watching the video today, I walked out in my yard to look and sure enough, the markers are still there.  They are square and red, one on either side of the street at the intersection.  One on the stop sign and one on the light post.  I wonder if this is the same type marking that was being discussed.  If you have any input, please let me know.



Dallas, Texas



Yet another “oldie, but baddy”.  I believe it was Alex Jones (conspiracy-monger extraordinaire) who got this’n goin’ many years ago.  Supposedly, there were “special stickers” that led one to “the UN Concentration Camps”.
If you actually bother to stop and look at (or, even, read) them – which I have – then you’ll see that they’re mundane little bureaucratic announcements that “This sign belongs to the DOT, and removing or defacing it or this sticker is a bad thing.”, or words to that effect.
Kudos to “the Next Generation” of fearmongers for the twilight/flash photos, which make the reflective stickers look even more ”ominous/evil”!  PMC
Is this something we should be worried about?  If so, it seems like it would be easy enough for folks all over the country to disarm these little hidden codes with a can of spray paint.
… Or is this just another Chicken Little alarmist thing?

Renee Halay
“We face a hostile ideology — global in scope, atheistic in character, ruthless in purpose, and insidious in method.  Unhappily the danger it poses promises to be of indefinite duration.”  President Dwight D. Eisenhower, Farewell Speech

Thank you for the interesting mailbox dot story!

I live in Huntsville, Alabama and I have an orange dot on the left side of my mailbox.  I literally have no idea how long it has been there, although I have lived here 11 years.  Most of the other neighbors on my street do not have dots on their mailboxes.  I noticed as I was going to/from work, yesterday, that only about 20% of the mailboxes I passed in my neighborhood have dots on them…mostly orange or yellow.  I also noticed that one person had posted a flag sticker on the same side of the mailbox where my sticker is…was it to conceal a red dot?  Hah!

I do not, nor have I ever had, newspaper delivery.  There is no fire hydrant across the street from me.  I don’t have satellite TV.  It’s not a “natural gas” line marking, because my other neighbors with natural gas lines would have dots on their mailboxes, too.

On the other hand, I’ve had a concealed carry pistol permit for over 25 years (public record).  I’m an active, conservative voter (public record).  I own my house and have no mortgage or car payments (public record).  I have no tattoos or pierced ears (hah!).  Gov’t census workers came to my house to get my GPS coordinates, last year.  Hmmmm….

Maybe I’ll post a “Don’t Tread on Me Flag” over the dot and see what happens!  Wahoo!



I noticed today that I had a pink sticker on my mailbox. Warner Robins GA


Know what it means?

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  • Finn

    Madness. I was at that march and have been looking for dots ever since. Yet to see one. I really don’t see what the big deal is with these Fema camps. Do people really think they’re just going to round everyone up and put them in some camp. NUTZ! If the dollar crashes and you haven’t prepared for it and you riot, guess where you’re going? Illegal immigrant? Guess where you’re going? Enemy of the state, you got it, prison. WTSHTF, you want to be prepared so you don’t have to leave your home.

  • Mississippi Guy

    There are dots in my neighborhood. But I think it tells the newpaper deliverer who gets the paper everyday of the week, on weekends or just the Sunday paper.

  • Finn

    Right. That I can believe. People forget that the internet is filled with schizos and oh my, not everything is true. That being said, I do believe in aliens. LOL. Serious though.

  • Anonymous

    there are NO dots on any mailboxes around here. I keep seeing a “FEMA camp” listed on those maps circulating that supposedly is in my i said before there is no fema camp located on the pinpoint they have. There is a jr high school (a very small one) that sits on that property. It’s the middle of town and I think people would notice a “camp” if there was one which there is NOT.

  • Anonymous

    Are these dots invisible to the naked eye? I have never seen a dot on any mailboxes.

  • Anonymous

    This kind of a story gives zero credibility to this web site. You might as well state you saw JFK and Hitler sipping tea in Brazil yesterday afternoon.

  • Anonymous

    So them folks with the red dots on their foreheads…toast, eh?

  • Bert Gummer

    Seen the dots in 2004. I did hear the same about FEMA using it as a “Culling Mark”. I did research in Boise, Idaho on the matter. Nothing from the USPS management about those dots. Interviewed the Postal Carriers and it turns out that different newspaper delivery people put the dots on mail boxes to determine what weekly newspaper service the client is to receive. It is illegal (by USPS regs) to use a U.S. Postal Box for other than U.S. Postal Mail. Some newspapers use the clandestine dot system on the boxes and the USPS Carriers remove them.
    If FEMA is going to “Cull” the herd, wouldn’t one think that there would be a more effective “Marking” than a 3 cent sticky dot purchased at Staples? Damn Nazis at least used tattoos.

  • Not Anonymous

    this guy is the worst media writer I have ever seen.

  • Mississippi Guy

    Where I used to live in the 1970′s, the newspaper people used to spray-paint a reflective “X” or a “check mark” on the road in front of their customer’s driveways. It looked terrible and I believe that is when they went to reflective dots on the front side of mailboxes.

    I think if the goverment had these lists, and I’m not saying they don’t, they would just the census gathered GPS coordinates of everyone’s front doors to find us.

  • Finn

    The story does not discredit the site. The information may discredit the story. If misinformation discredited the source let’s just shut down all the news channels on tv, all the newspapers, all internet sites, magazines, talking heads, etc., etc…. Stay realistic and try and use simple logic.

  • xdrfox

    OMG…I have 3 red dots on my mailbox and I live alone !!!

  • Bert Gummer

    A FYI about driveway & box markings: Another marking system was used years ago was what was called “Red Rock” & “Green Rock” on urban interface dwellings. This was a mark used by wild lands firefighters to denote whether the structure/property was defensible during a wildlands fire. If the structure was a “Red Rock” (noted by a red painted rock or mark at property entrance) the structure was indefensible for firefighting efforts; resources and personnel were to pass that property up and move to “Green Rock” (defensible) property/structures. This terminology is sometimes used on Fire Net radio traffic.
    If one wants to really crank up their paranoia: most Fire Departments have more info on a owner’s dwellings and contents than the owners themselves. This info is gathered from multiple sources and Fire Code Compliance Inspections. If FEMA needed good Intel about residences, all they would do is hit up the Fire Departments for the data. Using Census data is worthless. Public Safety data is a gold mine!

  • Anonymous

    They have started with Moslems already then next will be the outspoken anti-Zionists, then the Klans and militias then the zealous Patriots. That ought to about do it folks. Just about twenty thousand out of 308 million should shut up everybody real good. I really doubt if there are more than 500 that would actually put up a fight. Know that all those taken away will be vilified in all the major media. Even their children and wives will doubt them.

  • Kristan Shepherd

    In all actualality the colors are red blue and pink, pink was chosen for the passive person because that in affect is a color that makes people passive, I’m surprised you all here are just now finding out about this, there is so much more to the story than this, you see FEMA has set up concentration camps around the U.S., there were about 800 a year ago and there up to 3000 in the United States, what one must understand is this, there is in fact secret organizations in America and I seem to be better off letting you all read my article in the mean time, these are two of my sites on the web, I can and will prove to you all some things that you might laugh at first, but let there be no mistake I can prove all that I speak of with video proof, articles, and I have some connections that will always remain a good source like CNN, FOX, C-SPAN, or what ever proof you need, America it has started. Call it our next revolution, or America land of socialism, or how about “The Antichrist” and how my family has been tracking and studying these things since the 50′s. My father (may he rest in peace) was head of publicity for NBC, back in the eighties. Now my sites are: and hang on tight because I’m gonna blow the doors off this one…

    • Belle

      The links to your websites don’t work. :oops:

  • cookiesweikert

    Hi..I thought I would add this since it is relivent to the topic. I had a red & even a blue dot on my old mailbox which got dammaged & I replaced it about 5 yrs ago. There is Not Now any dots. so this morning as I left home to run an errand. I went out of my way to look at all the mailbox’s on my suburban street. I noticed…Red on some ( mostly older box’s) and yellow on a couple. SOme had Red & Yellow on then. BUT let me say I recall very clear in the early 90′s I was out front as a Tean form the Gas comapny was out there. They placed a blue dot on My Mailbox that is now gone. I questioned him as to why..I was told becase the Line went under my mail box (which it did and on out to the street.) if this THEROY were true…why has no one come back to REPLACE the DOTS on those of us who have replaced ours? I am very interested in CONSPIRACY THEROY’S..this one has no weight . PS..The red dot came from my own children in the last ninties playing…some area’s have none….I do see them is some places around my city. couldn’t this whole thing just be Utilities?? No one has bother to REPLACE the DOTS in Years?

  • ussula76

    I recently heard about the color coded dot list so i went to check the mailbox. There was indeed a reflective red colored round sticker stuck very well to my mailbox. I peeled it off best I could but now I am very worried. I am very outspoken politically on facebook and intend to continue to do so because I know bowing in cowardice to this threat, if true, only helps them succeed at their plans. But I am very very scared right now. My dad lives with me and is totally ignorant of any political goings on right now and I would hate to see him in harms way. He doesnt even beleive any of this is happening and says the stickers are just for the newspaper delivery to find our house but in light of the recent rumors I am not so sure about that. Please help us. What are we suppsoed to do? I plan to cancel the newspaper and keep an eye out for any more red dots afterwards to see if they keep showing up. The sticker I found looked exactly like these in shape and material its made from but mine was slightly lighter in color than the red appears to me to be in this pic so Im not sure if mine was lightened by sunlight (not sure how long it had been there before i noticed it as i am not the one who gets the mail) or if it is actually pink or strange shade of orange or if the color scheme for the camera that took this pic was off…

    P.S. if this is true im not just scared…im very peeved off as i dont appreciate being marked for murder by the gov for doing nothing wrong. i exercise my right to free speech. that is all i do and it is my right as a human being and if this turns out to be true i want those responsible held accountable.

  • ussula76

    ok you say theres no dots in your neighborhood while other people say they have them in theirs. alright…who with dots in their neighborhoods also have a good number of people known to recieve the newspapers? do they match up? its that simple. if most the people with dots also get papers that could be a valid explaination. i thought of that myself already and plan to cancel my newspaper subscription for a while and see what happens. but what if you ask around the neighborhood and the people with the dots dont match up very well to the people who are gettin the paper? granted some people with dots may used to get the paper and dont now and the dot is jsut still there so ask them about that too…and then let us know please. everyone with dots in their neighborhoods should do this and report back.

  • gina

    hi,i work for banks,cleaning and grass cutting,i go all over the state of MD. and DE. i have seen red and blue and orange yellow dot. some have one dot and other have 4 or 5 . they are not the same colors, like one box had 6 dot 2 of them where red and the other where blue. i don’t have one,but the house next store had a red dot and the people across the street has 2 blue. i think something is going on,i talk to the mail man and he said he know nothing about the dots

  • Marks

    Take soap and a brush and scrub it off if it bothers you. How about if you find a colored dot on your mailbox, try switching it with another color. Maybe go around your neighborhood and switch them all!

  • catty0009

    I was at my parents home this morning and when driving up to their house, I noticed that they had a green dot on their mailbox….it wasnt just on their mailbox, but a few other houses on their street had the same green dot….is there any way you could possibly find out what this means? it must have just been placed within the last week for I dont remember it being there prior to this…all help is appreciated….Jill

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