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Pakistan Flood: HAARP Used in Pakistan? – Urgent

Friday, August 6, 2010 13:40
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August 6 2010

All started suddenly and thousands died, millions displaced, hundreds of villages vanished in the matter of just 4 days!!…strangely there were no weather warnings, no alarms.. these are the worst floods in the history of Pakistan BUT no one from Global MET offices could even trace what is going on in this region?

We have investigated this matter and concluded that HAARP has recently been used in NW area of Pakistan .. the choice of starting point was perfect.. all the flood is going in downstream i.e. Khyber (Hills) to Karachi (Sea)…  it is designed to submerge entire Pakistan and bring up the worst crises and chaos ever happened.. they know they cant win a war with Nuclear armed Pakistan – it would be a mutual destruction, so they have other ways to do it!.

HAARP (High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program) is a little-known, yet critically important U.S. military defense program which has generated quite a bit of controversy over the years in certain circles. Though denied by HAARP officials, some respected researchers allege that secret electromagnetic warfare capabilities of HAARP are designed to forward the US military’s stated goal of achieving full-spectrum dominance by the year 2020. Others go so far as to claim that HAARP can and has been used for weather modification, to cause earthquakes and tsunamis, to disrupt global communications systems, and more. HAARP: Secret Weapon Used For Weather Modification, Electromagnetic Warfare – Videos


I have noticed a trend. Now, many skeptics will come in here and make gratuitous claims that what we are experiencing weather wise is simply mother nature, and others will claim that global warming is taking its affect.

I am under a different impression. For instance, has anyone noticed that almost every other year there is a new weather crisis that stays focused merely on that particular phenomenon? For instance, in 2005, the only thing that was occurring was Hurricanes. You didn’t hear about tornadoes, mudslides, tsunamis or volcanoes…it was simply Hurricanes. Lets take a look at some of this stuff…shall we?

2005: We had Hurricane Katrina, Dennis, Emily, Rita and Wilma. Hurricane Katrina was especially strange since it was the only Hurricane on record EVER to sit for 2 days inland without any movement. This is an anomaly since it takes movement in order to keep the storm active. Not only was this the most active season in recorded history, but, it also had two of the strongest measured Hurricanes in recorded history. Katrina and Rita.…rricane_season

Lets back up and look at 2004: 2004 marked the year of the Tsunami. Remember the non-stop media coverage? It was as if nothing else existed, and the only real weather was tsunami weather. This site gives a comprehensive list of the tsunamis that have occurred in the last decade.…ategory_no=246

2007 brought one of the worst flood seasons in the history of mankind. No one was discussing Hurricanes, tornadoes, or earthquakes…this year was all about floods. Take a look.…he-458457.html

Now, lets look at 2008: 2008 brought the most and deadliest tornadoes in the past decade. There were no floods that year. There weren’t any Hurricanes happening, and if there were, no one cared because Tornadoes were the main topic of interest. In almost every place in the Midwest, there were tornadoes popping up in every back alley crevice you could find. The media was all over it, and these storms were steadily increasing in power.…-tornado_N.htm

Now lets look at the end of 2009 into 2010. EARTHQUAKES.

This seems to be a fad like no other. Not only are they increasing in power, but, they are also increasing in frequency.

Chicago as well as Indiana, Chile (twice), Haiti, Turkey, Afghanistan, China, Okinawa, etc etc

Now, skeptics will tell you…”No big deal. Earthquakes happen all the time.”…and, for all intensive purposes, they’re right. But, there aren’t too many average people out there who haven’t noticed that there seems to be a weird trend with all of these earthquakes that just keep popping up.

So…here’s my point. We’ve been through all this before in many threads discussing the possibilities of whether there are governments who have the capabilities of weather control. After looking at these trends that continue to occur, it seems that every year, or every other year, a new phenomenon of weather jumps out, and consistently pounds the earth until another one takes its place. You could look at this as something that is merely seasonal and that, indeed, there are natural weather changes that are taking place on the planet that are increasingly getting worse (some love this idea and grip to it as if it were the only possibility), or, you could look at it as someone playing with a toy that they are trying to perfect. And each year they pick a new disaster to play with until they’ve honed it into a finely tuned instrument.

Now, if you haven’t noticed these trends, or put them together in this sort of order and fashion, you might want to entertain the possibility that there are things being manipulated right in front of your very eyes.

Folks…there was purple snow in Russia. PURPLE. We recently had a never before seen sky spiral in Norway on the day Obama accepted the peace prize, and I don’t care how you try to rationalize it, that was pretty screwed up. There was a tetrahedron floating above the Kremlin on the same day, although the favorite thing to say is…HOAX!!! People in Chile saw the sky changing colors in the middle of the night as the earthquake destroyed their city…it was 3am out there, so in the blackness of night, they were watching the sky change colors where there is an absence of color (Black). The same thing was viewed about 20-30 minutes before the earthquake in China. In Antarctica right now, there is some sort of microbe that is giving the landscape the appearance as if it were bleeding. (And the rivers shall turn red with blood) But, I’m sure someone is going to try to tell me that its perfectly normal. A bunch of birds, 100 exactly, recently were flying in a flock together and somehow, they died in the same place in the sky, and then fell in the same yard, within the same space, curled up and with blood leaking from their beaks and nasal passages.

There is something going on folks. For those out there not familiar with HAARP, SURA, Eiscat, and some of the other electromagnetic facilities that are on earth, you really should research the patents that the developers have made and what their purposes are for.

Here’s a brief list:

HAARP PATENTS (Assigned to APTI, Inc.)

U.S. Patent 4686605:

Method And Apparatus For Altering A Region In The Earth’s Atmosphere,

Ionosphere, And/Or Magnetosphere

Inventors: Eastlund; Bernard J., Spring, TX

Assignees: APTI, Inc., Los Angeles, CA

Issued: Aug. 11, 1987

Filed: Jan. 10, 1985

U.S. Patent 5038664:

Method For Producing A Shell Of Relativistic Particles At An Altitude

Above The Earth’s Surface

Inventors: Eastlund; Bernard J., Spring, TX

Assignees: APTI, Inc., Washington, DC

Issued: Aug. 13, 1991

Filed: Jan. 10, 1985

U.S. Patent 4712155:

Method And Apparatus For Creating An Artificial Electron Cyclotron

Heating Region Of Plasma

Inventors: Eastlund; Bernard J., Spring, TX

Ramo; Simon, Beverly Hills, CA

Assignees: APTI, Inc., Los Angeles, CA

Issued: Dec. 8, 1987

Filed: Jan. 28, 1985

U.S. Patent 5068669:

Power Beaming System

Inventors: Koert; Peter, Washington, DC

Cha; James T., Fairfax, VA

Assignees: APTI, Inc., Washington, DC

Issued: Nov. 26, 1991

Filed: Sep. 1, 1988

U.S. Patent 5218374:

Power Beaming System With Printer Circuit Radiating Elements

Having Resonating Cavities

Inventors: Koert; Peter, Washington, DC

Cha; James T., Fairfax, VA

Assignees: APTI, Inc., Washington, DC

Issued: June 8, 1993

Filed: Oct. 10, 1989

U.S. Patent 5293176:

Folded Cross Grid Dipole Antenna Element

Inventors: Elliot; Paul G., Vienna, VA

Assignees: APTI, Inc., Washington, DC

Issued: Mar. 8, 1994

Filed: Nov. 18, 1991

U.S. Patent 5202689:

Lightweight Focusing Reflector For Space

Inventors: Bussard; Robert W., Manassas, VA

Wallace; Thomas H., Gainesville, FL

Assignees: APTI, Inc., Washington, DC

Issued: Apr. 13, 1993

Filed: Aug. 23, 1991

U.S. Patent 5041834:

Artificial Ionospheric Mirror Composed Of A Plasma Layer

Which Can Be Tilted

Inventors: Koert; Peter, Washington, DC

Assignees: APTI, Inc., Washington, DC

Issued: Aug. 20, 1991

Filed: May. 17, 1990

U.S. Patent 4999637:

Creation Of Artificial Ionization Clouds Above The Earth

Inventors: Bass; Ronald M., Houston, TX

Assignees: APTI, Inc., Washington, DC

Issued: Mar. 12, 1991

Filed: May. 14, 1987

U.S. Patent 4954709:

High Resolution Directional Gamma Ray Detector

Inventors: Zigler; Arie, Rishon Le Zion, Israel

Eisen; Yosset, Rishon Le Zion, Israel

Assignees: APTI, Inc., Washington, DC

Issued: Sep. 4, 1990

Filed: Aug. 16, 1989

U.S. Patent 4817495:

Defense System For Discriminating Between Objects In Space

Inventors: Drobot; Adam T., Annandale, VA

Assignees: APTI, Inc., Los Angeles, CA

Issued: Apr. 4, 1989

Filed: Jul. 7, 1986

U.S. Patent 4873928:

Nuclear-Sized Explosions Without Radiation

Inventors: Lowther; Frank E., Plano, TX

Assignees: APTI, Inc., Los Angeles, CA

Issued: Oct. 17, 1989

Filed: June 15, 1987

Here’s the link:

Now, I don’t much get into huge conspiracy theories or watch this show often, but, there is one part in this show where the designer of Haarp’s son speaks candidly about his father’s invention and what its intended purpose was. Although some of this is dramatized, it definitely tells an adequate tale. Jim Phelps was the inventor and also the whistle blower of its capabilities.

click here to watch the video


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Here is an article written by JIM PHELPS…Chemtrails.pdf

Here’s another PDF file that you have to download and save:

This article was put together by DR. Nick Begick

And, William Cohen, ex-secretary of the DOD, made a specific statement about electromagnetic weapons that could be used for weather terrorism.

In April 1997, the then U.S. Secretary of Defense William Cohen publicly discussed the dangers of HAARP-like technology, saying “others are engaging even in an eco-type of terrorism whereby they can alter the climate, set off earthquakes, volcanoes remotely through the use of electromagnetic waves… So there are plenty of ingenious minds out there that are at work finding ways in which they can wreak terror upon other nations… It’s real, and that’s the reason why we have to intensify our efforts.”

Here is information about a bill passed to seek technology for weather modification:


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