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Animal Planet: Navy Cover-Up Of Intelligent Beings Found in Ocean

Wednesday, March 28, 2012 9:51
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  • Anonymous

    Its quite Interesting that the only link between a Dr. ‘Rebecca Davis’ is to a NOAA 2009 PDF registration list for a workshop in Boulder, CO that lists a ‘Rebecca Davis’ as an Administrative Assistant. Dr. Paul Robertson, assistant researcher to Dr. Brian McCormick who also plays prominently in this Animal Planet show is linked to the website And this website has been seized by the Dept. of Homeland Security. Strange. Where is Dr. Rebecca Davis? Where is Dr. Brian McCormick today? Where is Dr. Paul Robertson?

  • Anonymous

    Dr. Rebecca Davis ‘played’ by actor Kosha Engler:
    Sean Cameron Micheal also:

  • vavaeon

    Interesting film, strange they’d seize a site over it though.

    There dis info machine is clearly in full gear (with everything imaginable) but I suppose there was a greater ratio of truth to fiction in this than they care to share.

  • Apparently Apparel

    @ Anonymous Wednesday, March 28, 2012 4:58,

    So you are suggesting there are no real Dr. Davis or McCormick and that this is entirely some fabrication…?

    Minds are like parachutes…they work best when fully open.

    You know, the ‘other investigators’ that arrived at the whale beachings before the Dr’s did..(the NAVY scientists, etc.) – I’m sure they can make data or people or anything disappear from record. They own the records ffs…anything can be altered or changed, always question. Good for you for asking those questions…keeps us on our toes.

    But since learning that Google censors and tailors our search results and uses filter bubbles, how can we be certain we are getting all the info? Perhaps a phone book from that time (2004) in WA state might have these doctors listed? Or perhaps the way back machine…have you tried that? Or maybe the University records? Wait, those can be accessed just as easily as google search results I’m sure. Anyone?

    Hard to know for sure…but reminds me of a quote…

  • Apparently Apparel

    The minds parachute quote* – forgot to erase the last sentence of my comment above…oops

  • Anonymous

    Nice video until they got to the evolution BULL! Anyone who still believes that nonsense is an idiot and I don’t care how many alphabets they have following their name.

  • Shylow

    Nicely made video. It’s just a pity it’s fiction.
    Just some observations as to why…
    Dr. Dittmar at Cape Town Uni does not exist
    I live in Cape Town and the following, although open to poetic license are untrue.
    1) There are no nets at Fish Hoek Beach but have been claimed to be in the film.
    2) There is no harbor at Fish Hoek Beach. The depiction of Kommetjie Beach is wrong and is in fact another further down the coast and call Witsands.

    I’d advise watching District 9, I’m pretty sure it’s the same guys making both films…

    The main thing is that its getting reactions and has shock factor = better ratings. Well done guys!

  • Don't be hating!

    The actors are terrible and the lie is cute. They dont tell you about all of genetic experiments the Navy does with human and dolphibs. So who knows the secret of the deep ocean. We will never know unless you go down that rabbit hole.

  • Anonymous

    We found out how to make McNuggets out of Flipper.

  • mmkkpro

    Hey guys,I really enjoyed this vid,in my mind its completely possible,we know next to nothing about the oceans.I just cant believe for a second we are the only semi intelligent beings,would be cool if the worlds wonders were accessable to all peolpe without all the BS from the PTB,mabey if we stay the course a time will come when all peoples will live in peace and truly be able to explore our world and know what wonders are being kept from us,for myself i believe this story,anything is possible.

  • Anonymous

    I truly believe that mermaids do exists. Everytime a discovery to mankind is leaked, their the military industrial complex comes in and puts out disinformation. Those who share their discoveries are painted with a horrible brush, even discrediting them. Weather from aliens life forms, or thier space program [which they have been to the stars and beyond], to their technologies that would seem supernatural to us, and on and on. They keep us as their slaves, and dumbed down, only letting us know what “THEY” what us to know. But their is another culture where the things of movies are real.
    They want the majority of the population to be killed, weather it is through their soft kill spaying of chemtrails, vacines, releasing of biologicals, the genetic engenering of our foods, the poisons in our meats, the dumping of toxins in our waters, etc. If the people would only know the real extent of the conspiracy they would revolt. For this is not what humanity is about. God has given us the earth to take care of it, and the animals, not to harm it, and our fellow man. For we are all family. If we would just put down our greed, and pride, and begin to love, the world would be a very different place. May Jesus Christ return soon.

  • bicycledays

    Interesting and informative. I’m watching this and judging from the evidence–the body that was found inside the shark, the sonar canons being ripped apart in deep water, the merman or mermaid being caught in the net and the photograph of this creature, the sound recording that the researcher described as, if I remember correctly, a group of people talking–there does seem to be some oceanic creatures out there, merman’s and mermaids. Fascinating. Thank you for posting this video. /

  • Anonymous

    Watched the video, a lot of “he said she said” with some incredulous proof.
    “Oh yeah we totally had all our proof, but then the government took it away, except for some sound they let us keep for some reason. Yep. Toootally found a mermaid.”
    Nobody thought to take a photo and tuck it away like the kid had?
    And while we’re on that subject, the “proof” he had, what looked like a manatee tail, or a decomposing stingray/horseshoe crab. No upper body torso, hands or any of that. Because the tail is the most damning part, right?! Never saw a flippered tail in the ocean, yup.
    And I did NOT see those so called spears. Why not pull them out and lay them next to the fish and then take a picture with a decent camera? Is that fish going anywhere?
    And that hand reconstruction thing, such a crock! If you ever saw a skeleton of a whale or dolphin, you’d clearly see that under that flipper are hand like phalanges! Boop, sperm whale skeletal flipper:,r:6,s:0,i:85&tx=104&ty=63
    As for all the “bodies found” but aren’t around anymore and interoperation of sounds, those can be completely made up. It’s no proof at all, and let me stress, they could have completely smuggled some bones or for hell’s sake, take a picture. Every bit of hard evidence was either “stolen” or too vague to make a conclusive decision.
    Is there a paper trail that even proves they had these samples? Surely a request form of some sort sent to the university?
    If it really happened then it would be easy to prove it did, the truth always leaves evidence.

    The only puzzling thing is the government’s involvement, let me quote anon here: “Brian McCormick who also plays prominently in this Animal Planet show is linked to the website And this website has been seized by the Dept. of Homeland Security. Strange. ?”
    I went to that site, and at first I scoffed, Oh yeah. Buy a domain name and slap a fake seizure splash page on it. Gullible.
    So I decided to look up if those government codes even exist, and indeed they do.
    Please note, all these claims are specifically for people doing this to the GOVERNMENT.
    So then I thought, hm. So they did their research, but would the u.s really actually declare they seized a page? I mean come on, why?
    So I looked up if it’s even legal for the u.s to seize websites, and yes it is. I even found that they DO send you to that landing page!
    So now I am convinced, the evidence indicates the government doesn’t want you to see that website, which is odd, because there are millions of sites out there talking out of their ass 24/7.
    In my experience as an activist in dealing with shady business (government included) the only time they give a damn about what people are saying is when they are saying the truth and they don’t want people to know. You can lie and lie all you want, but as soon as you strike on something truthful that can harm them, bam! they swoop in.
    So I can concede that there is probably SOMETHING on that website that may be of interest, what that is we have no way of knowing.
    Wish I could find the court documents to see what the us has to say for itself.

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