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Spared Villages In End Of Times

Wednesday, December 19, 2012 12:46
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The end of the world has come and Obama is the Antichrist of the Apocalypse.

Spared villages await ‘end of the world’


With the ‘end of the world’ just days away, few places will be spared when the world supposedly ends on Friday. France’s quaint village of Bugarach and Italy’s Cisternino are two of the villages which will allegedly escape the world’s fate.

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  • Moon River


    It’s the final stretch and this is all you’ve got huh?

    Pathetic Pumpkin?

    I thought you would go out with a BIG BANG .. but you’ve only got a fizzle. You’ll be remembered only as the King of Cut & Paste. Sad, sad little man.

  • Mayhem

    On my feet or die trying. :cool:

    If this is it like you say, Geir.

    I lived like a man. I have loved deeply. I have laughed much.

    “F” you puny man eat your fear. Muahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!

    all Glory to YHWH Elohim through his son Jehoshua Messiah.

    • King of Shambhala

      You people are false christs with your Jesus the living dead.

      The real faith is Tibetan Tantric Buddhism because it’s loving and compassionnate and not hating like you.

      I’m THE ONE and I ALONE am THE ONE and no one else is it because you’re all just false christs and nothing else and you lie.

      • Moon River

        That’s pretty deep Pumpkin.

        Who’s helping you write these statements now. The kid in amber stained diapers across the street?

      • Mayhem

        You expound what you call the real faith yet you are it’s prime example!

        Is it just me or are you actually playing us?

        The old switch-er-roo. :mad:

      • whitebear

        i’m thinking you’re both kind of messed up but hey, i’m just an ndn.

  • Geeper

    Zzz, I told you about Bugarach weeks ago:

    If you were going to go there, I hear it’s too late now, and that the government have closed all roads into the village.

    • Moon River

      Hi Geeper

      Here is a story on the closure.

      I wasn’t going to post this because KOBS might see it, but I would feel guilty if I knew that he’d hopped on his bicycle and got stuck half way up the mountain due to his training wheels breaking.

      have a great night! :wink:

      • King of Shambhala

        I’m the one who decides who’ll be saved and who’ll be doomed.

        Those in Bugarach or elsewhere are doomed.

        There’s only one way and one path and one truth it’s through me.

      • Geeper

        So what exactly are you claiming will happen to all these “doomed” people on Friday? Will they:-

        a) Be sent immediately to the fiery torment of hell.
        b) Disappear from this world as sinners, leaving only their clothes behind.
        c) Be absolutely fine for the rest of their lives, while old man Shambhala shouts “WHEN YOU DIE OF OLD AGE YOU WILL WAKE UP IN HELL, YOU MARK MY WORDS!”

        Which one?

      • Geeper

        Do you not know?

      • Awakenow2

        C … :neutral: :neutral: I think

      • King of Shambhala

        The Antichrist will be judged and flung into the lake of fire and sulfur.
        Then all the world will judged one after the other.
        They’ll also be flung into the hell of fire and suflur by us tye 144 000 survivors i.e. “the Messengers of the Apocalypse, Judges of the World, of the Day of Last Judgment for we shalltesth goest to heaven”. (Bible).

      • King of Shambhala

        And that’s not negotiable.
        because we’ve got the truth.
        Obama’s got 666 seared into his hide and the head wound of the Antichrist printed into his poor scalp.

      • Geeper

        So you are seriously saying that tomorrow, Friday, the president of the United States will be “flung into the lake of fire and sulfur”? You mean that literally, this isn’t just some cheap “hoo boy, when WBC protest in Connecticut and mention Obama on some placards it will sure FEEL LIKE A LAKE OF FIRE AND SULFUR for him”?

    • King of Shambhala

      I’m the centre and the only way to be saved is by me.

      Join the Messengers and you’ll be saved.

      I’m the one who decides who’s saved and who’s doomed.

      • Moon River

        “Join the Messengers and you’ll be saved”.

        I’ll think about it Pumpkin. But who are the Messengers? I thought it was only YOU. (I don’t have time to copy and paste all of your previous posts/comments that mention you saying just MESSENGER)

        Is it plural now because of YOU & YOUR FOLLOWER. Or because it’s YOU & THE OTHER VOICES INSIDE YOUR HEAD.

      • King of Shambhala

        To join the Messengers of the Apocalypse, copy and paste this and send it everywhere to the world even the Far East.

        You’ll be saved but don’t stop until the end and post it everywhere.

        This is it: “Obama’s the Antichrist because the illinois lottery miraculously drew 666 on the day after Obama’s election and he is MARKED by 666.”

      • Mayhem

        Too easy Cut-n-paste my way to salvation.

        Could have saved myself a lot of head hurt if I’d only waited for, Geir, to show me the way.

        Doh! now I’m unsure if my laptop stands for good or evil. :???:

      • King of Shambhala

        You’ll not be saved if you don’t do what I say.

        You’ve gotten the message.

        This message won’t be repeated.

  • Moon River

    Boy Pumpkin,

    You are arrogant and pushy. Not very messiah-ish!

    Your message has changed again (no surprises) You have told all of us on BIN that all of us filth, ugly, homo shills are going to burn in hell for days.

    Now you say:

    “You’ll be saved but don’t stop until the end and post it everywhere”.

    If your going up .. there’s no way I want to be a part of that.

    Now if you’re going DOWN .. that makes perfect sense (in more ways than one :wink: )

  • anonymoustache

    You people are ALL crazy-
    you might as well go sit
    Downtown at the bus station and argue with the crackheads&the winos….

    Who’s more foolish….
    the fool or the fool who tries to argue with the fool?

    • King of Shambhala

      It’s those who do what I say who’ll be saved and got on that bus.
      The rest will be left sitting there.
      Don’t miss the bus so get on the bandwagon of the Apocalypse Messengers.

    • Mayhem


      Or is the fool the person who thinks he can come in here and reprimand us all like we might even give a crap? Say ‘hi’ to your wino friends for me.

      Bite me. :razz:

  • Kwisatz Haderach

    Foolish, pathetic little man.

    • King of Shambhala

      you’re a loser and a pathetic figure to watch.
      This is about spreading a message of love and compassion and you’re hating that’s all you’re doing.
      I’m Buddhist and you Christians can’t hack that and that we Buddhists consider Christianity an evil religion or else we’d follow it duh! so figure that out huh, stupid! We think Christianity’s an ugly religion that’s all.

      • Geeper

        So your message of love and compassion is “Christianity is an ugly religion”? I see.

      • Awakenow2

        Alll while he claims to be the Christ. Geir you are stupid and nothing you can do now will stop the whole world from knowing how unbelievably stupid you are.

      • Geeper

        The world doesn’t care. Only a few dozen unfortunate B4IN users and Jeuxvideo kids know who Shambhala is.

      • King of Shambhala

        Yeah, and I wonder why I’ve got these weirdoes who believe in Christ writing to me.
        I’ve not got many posters and the ones I have aren’t valuable, just useless worthless ones.

      • King of Shambhala

        I claim to be Christ because Christians have been hassling me about that.
        I said Obama was the Antichrist.
        They answered: “To be able to identitify the Antichrist that would mean you’d need to be Jesus’s Second Coming.”

        I’ve been hassling their sorry arses ever since. I’ve been telling them whatever they need to know about Jesus, like him being a living dead.

        If it’s tough for them so much the better.

        The Apocalypse was said to be tough for everyone. Few will survive. Says the Bible. (Bible)

  • Awakenow2

    Geir Smith is doomed to rot in hell for eternity, he says he offers salvation, but only offers eternal damnation. Geir refuses the Gospel of peace and preaches hatred and ignorance. Geir Smith refuses to turn from the demonic practices of kalachakra tantricism and therefore is possessed by a legion of demons, the truth is far from him because he willingly worships satan. :neutral: :neutral: :neutral: :neutral: :neutral:

    • King of Shambhala

      WBC are a church of love not hatred.

      They’ve said they have no hatred for anyone.

      It’s little known but look up their Wikipedia page: they defended the rights of blacks in Kansas and are liberal democrats, being even democratic delegates at the conventions.

      • Awakenow2
      • Awakenow2

        you are a POS Geir you are just as ignorant as the Phelps are, everything you post proves you are more ignorant than anything else. Even Christians don’t tolerate the hateful message of WBC. Shut your mouth and go away

      • King of Shambhala

        You’re on my articles and came here, I didn’t go to see your articles and I don’t do it.
        Shirley Phelps was asked why she hates gays and she said she ddin’t.
        She says God is a God of hate and wrath towards sinners in the Bible but not her.

      • King of Shambhala

        I’m Buddhist.
        We don’t believe in God.
        Karma is what catches up with people meaning they reap what they sow in terms of being punished.

      • danielreyes

        True awaken, God doesn’t hate the person. He hates the sin.

        God bless and may peace be within.

      • Awakenow2

        That’s what I’m saying, Geir is promoting WBC and they preach hate, God does hate the sin not the sinner, because sin is what seporates Him from his children, Geir is preaching hate and lies, therefore go to hell Geir :neutral: :neutral: :neutral: :neutral:

      • King of Shambhala

        Hate the sin not the sinner.
        I like obama.
        I hate his lies.

  • cyberkahuna

    The 21′st in Australia. Where is the end of the world geir? You are a liar and a dis info tool. I’m glad I was right along with a lot of other people that have more integrity than to listen to your disgusting lies and name calling. WE were right YOU were wrong. You are nothing but a lying disrespectful TOOL geir and thankfully you will never ever amount to anything……….. :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

    • Awakenow2

      Geir is a frenchie :lol: :lol: :lol:

  • KeePeR


    • King of Shambhala

      You think it’ll be tonight Keeper?
      We’ll have to spread the word about the Apocalypse.
      That’s cool, you’ll do it.

      • Awakenow2

        Hey geir if you are the messiah, who do you pray to? Where else besides the Chicago lottery do you get you information? Do you just meditate to conjure up your demons? or do you pray directly to satan? :neutral: :neutral: :neutral:

      • Awakenow2

        I think Gayer Smith has me blocked from commenting on this article
        You are a coward Geir, you dirty french tool :neutral: :neutral:

      • Awakenow2

        Yup, you try to block me you rotten C U Next Tuesday you are a coward and I prove you for the fraud you are every time I will expose you as the worthless piece of eurotrash you are every chance I get BEOTCH :neutral: :neutral:

  • Mayhem

    Happy end of the world from NZ.

    11:25 21/12/12

    I’m no fwaid.

    • King of Shambhala

      There’s still time before 11:11 strikes.
      JasonX said the End will happen at 11:11

      • Kwisatz Haderach

        Oops, your magic time has come and gone, you absurdly dumb kook.

  • emmawatson

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  • King of Shambhala

    Obama trolls reveal my address snitch me to the polices of two continents and then declare they’ve hacked my computer.

    Obama trolls are thugs and down low criminals like Obama himself.

    Breaking!Obama Troll Revealing My Address And Snitching Me To Police In France And USA

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