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Sandy Hook Shooter Adam Lanza Died One Day Before School Massacre?

Monday, January 21, 2013 6:53
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Note: In no way is the author of this article claiming that there were no victims shot at Sandy Hook Elementary School on December 14, 2012, rather the article points out a complex false flag operation with very real victims. It is also important to note that this matter is still currently under open investigation by, please send any tips or information to:

This is an ongoing investigation and there are many details still left to unravel.

By Shepard Ambellas

NEWTOWN — New information has come to light regarding the Sandy Hook School shooting, as the “official story” given to the American public is riddled with inconsistencies. According to and confirmed by, the alleged lone shooter Adam Lanza that left 26 people dead on December 14, 2012 was documented to be deceased one day prior to the mass shooting that took place at the Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown Connecticut.

The following data is available at;

The SSDI database shows Adam Lanza to be expired on December 13, 2012, one day prior to the school shooting. Confirmation Status is listed as “Proven”. However the state of issue is New Hampshire.

The implications of this are unfathomable if accurate.

Could this be why John Blawie, a Connecticut State Superior Court Judge has put a halt on search warrant affidavits?

An excerpt from the local CT Post reads;

DANBURY — A state Superior Court judge said Thursday that search warrant affidavits for the cars and home of Sandy Hook Elementary School shooter Adam Lanza and his mother would stay sealed for another 90 days.

Judge John Blawie granted motions filed Wednesday by Danbury State’s Attorney Stephen Sedensky to extend the statutory sealing period for the five warrants, including three for the Yogonanda Street home where the 20-year-old Lanza fatally shot his mother, Nancy, four times in the face on the morning of Dec. 14, before embarking on the rampage that left 20 first-graders and six educators dead.

We are still conducting a full scale investigation into this matter. Please send any tips or information to

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  • ElOregonian

    Thank you Intel Hub- You guys truly are patriots who believe in the freedom of the press. May you all be kept safe.

  • Tracet

    I have seen information that Nancy Lanza was in New Hampshire until Thurday Dec 13 sometime after 12 noon. I am having it researched to determine its source. But if this is true, about Adam Lanza’s date of death, there is way much more to this tragedy than what we know.

    • Mark Brander

      I found the news report from the Lanza home was very suspicious. One of the talking heads was there, (CNN?), there was not a cop or cop car in sight, the reporter said the cops had been there for an hour earlier. Not sure if the report was taped on Friday or Saturday The place was all taped off and should have been crawling with cops that day, and for days afterwards.

      • Tracet

        I also read somewhere Mrs. Lanza had a private funeral in New Hampshire. I will see if I can find that article as well… Yes, In my Opinion, this tragedy is a shape-shifter and will need to be handled with care and awareness.

  • robobbob

    according to UK Daily Mail, Adam was home alone for 3 days while she was on a trip

    • Tracet

      That is the one I am referring to.

  • Anonymous

    This is a big coverup, where are the surveillant videos of the school security system?.The government is lying, this is a FALSE FLAG OPERATION.

    • Tracet

      I agree. There is tons more pictures and video’s coming out of Algeria then we have yet to see from Sandy Hook. (I should say “real” pictures and video.)

  • maryaha

    Last week Joyce Riley of The Power Hour interviewed Mike Powers about a very thorough investigation he is doing into the Sandy Hook school shootings. Mike does not rely on rumor and hearsay for his information…he has a team of investigative experts working on this and what he has discovered is mind boggling, to say the least. One of the most bizarre facets of his investigations is that Adam Lanza does not even appear to exist until December 14, 2012. Anyone that is seeking answers about the Sandy Hook incident should listen to this powerful interview on YouTube at


      maryaha.. i’m listening to this interview with mike powers now, and so far i am at the 30 minute mark (of a 1 hour 28 min interview). i wanted to stop and note a few questions/observations before continuing so as to not forget..
      mike powers states that there is no confirmed existence of adam lanza. what about the students who claimed knowing him and described him? ( one is a known sports jock with local articles printed). did mike seek these people out and question them?
      mike wonders about the ID card of ryan, allegedly in adam’s possession.. there was a time when i had two driver’s licenses, having replaced the one thought lost, then found. to me it is easy to see how ryan could have had more than one drivers license,with one coming into the possession of adam and also, as mike points out, it has never been established exactly what kind of ID card adam supposedly had on him. still, this has always been a very strange fact.
      one other thing at this point.. mike describes adam as supposedly being 120 pounds. how does he know that, or assume that to be correct? the last time anyone had seen adam was a couple years earlier.. and adam, if he exisited, could certainly have changed dramatically in stature and appearance in that time frame, given his age as 20.
      i want to add here though, that personally i question the existence of a real adam lanza myself, or at least one that was still alive the day of the shooting…

      • maryaha

        War Paint, I can’t remember exactly what was reported about the guns in the beginning, only that there was more than one and I said to myself that whatever happened, it will become a gun control issue. But I do remember that within a day or two of the shootings, the numerous reports seemed to contradict each other. As far as Mike’s assessment of being unable to verify that Adam Lanza existed, he said that he was unable to locate any information on him prior to December 14th…no internet “footprint”, no family photos with Adam in them (Ryan Lanza, yes but not Adam), no school records…including any information that would show that he was home schooled. He also states that even though some people reported an altercation that Adam had with Sandy Hook school personnel prior to this event, it was never verified and even Paul Vance said he did not believe it occurred. The only two photos I have seen that are supposedly of Adam Lanza do not look right…there is something off and I noticed that as soon as I saw them. I imagine that is what Mike means when he said that Adam was very slight in build judging from the photos that were purported to be of him. Something else that I do remember from December 14th that I only read about anywhere last week…the report of two nuns seen leaving the scene of the Sandy Hook school shootings. That was the very first story I saw that morning and it was right here on Before Its News. I saw the headline of the story only, I did not open the article and read it. I thought it sounded absurd and I had no idea what it was referring to as the news about the shootings had not hit yet. I really didn’t think anymore about it until I saw those articles last week showing that the Chicago Tribune did report a bizarre story about two nuns in that morning’s news. This story just gets stranger and stranger.


      now at the 47 min mark.. mike says that it was reported all day long that only two handguns were used and that later the assault weapon was reported. i don’t recall ever hearing that only two hand guns were used.. was that being reported? i just don’t remember that at all.. also, i still remember the police scanner transmission where it is said, we have multiple weapons.. two handguns, a rifle and a shotgun… am i making that up or does anyone else remember that transmission?

      • LadyGunfighter

        I was home sick from work the day this happened. I heard more than once the reporter saying there were only 2 guns found next to the murderer. Then it changed to 2 hand guns and a shotgun, then it changed to a “long gun” but not specifically what it was, then it changed to 4 handguns. I remember thinking at the time, something isn’t right here, these law enforcement personnel should be able to count! I do remember them talking about more than one shooter, a maroon van, people dead all over the place and/or missing. It was no more than maybe 2 hours after this happened that one reporter looked at the person sitting next to her on the set and asked “what’s a 223?” It was AFTER that that the whole scenario changed. The “coroner” said only a long rifle was used but didn’t specify, then they found the shotgun in the car. I do not remember the transmission saying a rifle at all.


        i just now listened to the scanner transmission,,, what i hear being said is: ” e-5.. be advised.. we do (should?) have multiple weapons, including long rifles and shotgun. at 4:47

  • vrajavala

    Did you need to know Adam’s Social Security? To get this info?
    I tried to verify Harrison J. Bounel born 1892 died around 1975-85 with Soc Sec# 042-68-2265 (Obama’s stolen Social) .Didn’t serm to work.

  • Anonymous

    Hang on…wouldn’t the brother (Ryan Lanza) after he was “detained” for questioning spoken up as would have the father, that Adam had died before the Friday shootings? I don’t kow how long it takes the SS admin to update their files, but this is clearly an error (typo) on their part.

    Use your heads folks. There is absoultly disinformation and strange stuff about all this, but just maybe, that’s what is intended. Get the conspiracy folks in a tissy so the gov can all them all nuts and take their guns away…and/or send them off to re-education camps!

    Keep your heads and always ask: who, what, when, where and why!

  • Anonymous

    I’d be surprised if the guy even existed at this point.

  • imoccupied This is a link to part1of the actual Sandy Hook shooting police scanner audio, it is provided from the aradiorefere At mark 22.45. Link to http://areg.radioreference.co20121214/4/201212140843-182442-7623.mp3 23 not sure if these links will go on here right but u can go to the site and get them, you will find yourself wondering about a whole lot more making no sense. Even the police were inconsistent, just a few of the odd things, 911 caller says there’s broken glass – but doesn’t know why, another caller says there’s shooting, police say there are 2 shooters running away from the school past the gym- they only showed one ” non- existent”. Running in the woods, strange voice says” end the life of Adam” and when he ” commits suicide” its just ” suspect down” no preview of him being in the building, multiple weapons found- rifles and shotguns, before they know anything abt the situation they call for 2 ambulances- but staged at the Methodist church, they layer deny other medics request to come to the parking Lot- told them to stage a trauma unit at the firehouse instead, strange comment ” this is it ” they kept checking and clearing the roof, it goes on and on with inconsistincies, theres a part 3 and a state trooper link seems they were called, on scene, chased the guys outside and got the suspect down all within a couple ins, pay close attention and u will notice too, als not chaotic like you would expect. if the links dont work go to look in the archives forFairfield county CT Dec 14, i paid for a membership $3 last yr but i think you can listen for free its a pice scanner site public that is part 3


    i think everyone should again listen to the scanner transmissions concerning the part where it is said: ..multiple weapons..
    the words, rifle and shotgun are clear, however, i hear it being stated different ways.

    “be advised.. we (do?/should?) have multiple weapons, including (one?/long?) rifle(s?) and shotgun.”…

    in reading numerous articles about this transmission, i have found many variations. what is actually being said here?
    i keep hearing, “long rifles..” plural. very strange.. please, anyone listen to the transmission again and see what you think.

  • Rick

    When you consider all the mass killings have been by liberals, and their agenda to remove the 2nd. amendment this story makes sense.

    See story…

  • chief

    Lets hope that tomorrow (Thursday) in Connecticut we get some solid “evidence” on Sandy Hook.
    I’d like to see the video surveillance footage of Adam Lanza entering the school….It should be time/dated too…
    They have had way too much time to recreate the scene so I will be suspicious of anything released this far from the actual crime date

  • 57chevy2004

    I’m still riding the fence here, but, this site hasn’t even mentioned that MSN reported today that AK 47 style assault weapon was not used in the shooting. the rifle was found in the trunk of his car, and the videos show that being fact. 4 hand guns found inside the school was found inside the school. Now for what I’m reading, Obama whats to ban assault style weapons and limit mags capacity because the reports from the media said that the assault weapon was used kinda makes things seem alittle more like a setup. Get this story out there, someone knows the Media messed up.

  • Tracet

    Was that a report from MSN from today? Not. That was from the Today Sow Dec.15. The gun issue is so screwed up right now people don’t know what to believe. Good news is more people are becoming aware. Bad news is… This is such a questionable subject,That people are scattered about with banning weapons, truthing, and other BS that they are falling in behind the smoke screen. IMO there is a bigger, more disgusting, agenda on the hook. Wake Up

    • HDThoreau

      If this doesn’t get guns banned, they will continue with these operations. It will be a rough 4 years.

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