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Christopher Dorner Becomes First Human Target For Drones On US Soil

Sunday, February 10, 2013 1:44
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“It was revealed that Dorner has become the first human target for remotely-controlled airborne drones on US soil.
A senior police source said: “The thermal imaging cameras the drones use may be our only hope of finding him. On the ground, it’s like looking for a needle in a haystack.”
Asked directly if drones have already been deployed, Riverside Police Chief Sergio Diaz, who is jointly leading the task force, said: “We are using all the tools at our disposal.”
How convenient!  This is setting a precedent in american history.  This is becoming a kind of false flag.  The LAPD is using drones to target Mr. Dorner.  This has become quite the beast of a story.  Police State USA vs. Rambo.  Have you ever seen the movie Rambo?  Maybe you have seen Robin Hood?  Tell me, who is the good guy?  -Mort

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  • Hollyweeds

    It’s a lot like First Blood, not Rambo, at least get the movie reference right.

  • LogicRules

    Although accurate, Hollyweeds is being a bit overly-perfectionistic. Anyone who’s seen First Blood would immediately know what you meant. In the stories referenced, it’s obvious who the good guy is. I think the more accurate analogy is: who is the BAD guy? Since Dorner HAS murdered innocents, he’s not the good guy. But drawing a comparison between LAPD and Sheriff Teasel and his ragtag band of thugs is accurate.

  • wolly

    first blood is rambo hollyweeds……. and i am pretty sure they not telling the hole story about this guy ether just like the 9.11……..why would a guy just take on the whole lapd and knowing ther is no chance for him to suckseed……..hes is been set up for some propaganda thats for sure no dout about it….?

  • LogicRules

    I’m surprised I haven’t seen anybody reference the Kurt Russell movie “Dark Blue”

  • ********

    The UN small arms treaty is designed to disarm he CITIZENS, the POLICE and the MILITARY….

    They want to render the US COMPLETELY defenseless…

  • Room With a View

    He is under mind control, or trying to be free. Just another Sandy Hook hoax in order to implement a justification for their agenda. I wonder how many innocent people will die because of the intelligence “mistakes”, and human error. (I hope the drones explode mid air and they all fail.) Kinda evens out the “innocent” people being killed by the random LAPD boys and their fear of pockets and mobile phones. Big strong men they are!!!!!! Back to the subject. Yes, swallow it down people, its your just desserts for the murder and destructions you have wreaked on the world. How many countries are your militiary interfering with right now, 150 – 160, but who is counting??????????? Sow to the wind, you reap the whirlwind. Open your eyes people, you are being emotionally and psycologically manipulated with a thin veneer designed to activate your deepest fears. Ask the Holy Spirit to open your eyes. He will help you and give you an escape, otherwise, you are doomed.

    • saltwn

      Are serious? Please seek medical help immediately. :roll:

    • Righton

      I agree with you, they are going to drone him first so we can’t find out the truth in what is really going on. We will be next soon,with them testing the drones on us human beings.

  • Hayduke

    Former is really a Lizard alien, working with the Illuminati, in order to let Obama take all of your guns away, so that he can keep the weapons go into Mexico where they are used to kill Islamic terrorists who are sneaking into the states, in an attempt to promote a false flag dirty nuke, at which point Marshal Law will be implemented, before we are all put into internment camps. Lol, just wanted to see how many conspiracy theories I could fit into one sentence.

    • 69ingSquirrels

      You just made 100′s of conspiracy douche have an orgasm with that sentence

      • Harry Nut

        Don’t you get it? Dorner…. if you move the r back 1 position you have droner….. WE ARE ALL GONNA DIE!


  • above all liberty

    Slow down Logic, shouldn’t Dorner get a trial before we state he HAS killed innocents? I don’t accept his guilt on word of the media. I fact sound bite media makes me more skeptical of his guilt.

  • Syndication Network

    $1million for his capture. :eek:

  • Chief

    good news … Chris Dorner is an acted part and is not missing. Its all a scam to support drones.

    • Chris Jacob

      I agree. This is a false flag to introduce Drones in America

  • Jay Dee

    Dorner isn’t the first target. Search this headline from December 2011. “Predator Spy Drone Used to Arrest North Dakota Family, Recover Six Cows.”

  • Chief

    Chris dorner has been found without need for drones …

    They should find another justification for drones

    • belamoglie

      You should find a better source than DallasGoldBugger

  • iamdlogan

    It simply amazes me that One Man who is bent on retributiion can command the powers to be to waste millions of dollars and thousands of hours of manpower. I now wonder what will happen to the POWERS THAT BE when 10,000 Americans have had enough and begin to hunt those who bring pain and suffering to their families. Where then will the billions of dollars and the 100 THOUSANDS of hours come from? This is game of BLUFF…and I dont see the American public blinking.

  • Anonymous

    I bet he’s innocent….for a number of reasons….

    Since when do the police actually go after a bad guy?
    Since when do police go after one of their own?
    Why were all his legal attempts to clear himself denied?

    These manhunt goons in uniforms are killing innocent people on the street
    in an attempt to shut this guy up permanently…. why?
    (& they’ll get away with these cold bloody murders, all in the name of justice, the same justice which Dormer is being denied)

    Now DRONES are going to be released on citizens, without due process?
    This opens the everyday use of drones to hunt ALL OF US down…..
    which is probably the whole reason for starting this manhunt in the first place.

    If it wasn’t bullshit, he would have been granted a day in court and an opportunity to
    defend himself. They just want him dead…he must know something important.

    Welcome to the new Amerika, where your rights are trampled daily and the media
    justifies it with lies.

  • inderjim

    Do not forget two innocent people were already shot becasue of losing sight of what is really going on. This is a regular manhunt treat it as one. Don’t jump too conclusions, and follow all leads that are given to you. But in my mind he will be back in the LA area before it is all over. That is who he has a vendetta with so be expecting him to try and get even with the police department there one way or the other. Ever since the Sandy Hook shooting and the debate over gun rights police and lawmakers are losing focus on what is going on and how to do there jobs properly.

  • saltwn

    I think the drone is only being used to LOOK for him. Don’t jump to conclusions.


    @use your mind and @It’s My perspective

    It seems like you guys are the only ones who know the truth besides the “2″ gov. shills who commented in this thread.

    You are right about the letter “r” in Dorner…..D “r” oner…..DRONEs that the gov will use to kill people and then say “oops” afterwards like THAT can bring somebody back from the dead. You people better repent to be protected by the powers of JESUS CHRIST.

  • LukeSkywatcher

    If he has an implant / chip I hope he watched The Bourne Legacy. Get a wolf or some wild animal to injest it and get off the grid. Regardless, it seems he has more important information that the officials do not want leaked.

  • djheuty

    I thought everyone in America was innocent until proven guilty!!??? Doesn’t this man get his day in court??? Who’s next??? America needs a new leader to set it straight.

  • White Rights

    Now we understand why its been so hard to find him.
    Nice justification for use of drones in USA.

    When we have: Africa for Africans, Asia for Asians, White Countries for Everybody, what do we have overtime?
    We have fewer and fewer White people.
    When we mix more non-whites and fewer Whites in the same living space…
    In time, White extinction. Its called White genocide because this does not happen by chance. It is being forced upon Whites just like a rapist does not take no for an answer.
    How is this not so? How is this not White genocide?
    Anti-racist is a codeword for anti-white.

  • mnr1856

    “How convenient! This is setting a precedent in american history.”

    Not really. Cops use helicopters with thermal imaging to track perps running through heavily wooded areas all the time.

    It’s not going to drop a bomb on the guy, just find him using infrared.

  • Anonymous

    and Pope Paedo….I mean Benedict just announced his almost-unprecedented resignation, setting the stage for Petrus Romanus, Whoever that is (rumour has it, he’s thre Vatican’s Dude in Brazil), and the End Times events. Now all we’re missing is the antichrist, so if Janet will step right up and have another sex-change operation…..Be honest about it, those drooling Arachnids of DHS will get by fine without her.

  • AnotherSorryGuy

    Drone, sniper, brown bear. Who cares. The fat bastard is a scum bag. Put a bullet in his head and save the state a few bucks. At some point you have to draw a line. This waste of space is not “us”. He is a murdering psyco who needs to die.

    • Righton

      Don’t worry, you should prepare yourself too, they will come after you next.

  • CP

    Another patsy … donor.
    What ever happen to the fort hood killer … sure a lot of ‘hoods’ these Sandy daze.

  • Anonymous

    Remember…it’s all about disarming us. Then we’ll finally be helpless and at the mercy of the elites.

  • Anonymous

    Drones kill 49 innocents for every alleged bad guy overseas. Let’s see what happens here.

  • KelliB

    This man was a former officer himself….It wouldn’t take a rocket science to figure out that something most of occurred for this former officer to snap -out like this……..He was not fired because of any misconduct……..he was let go because he spoke up about the abuse of power by the LAPD and all police agencies for that matter. He tried to do the right thing, and no one would help him. Instead they basically tormented him, enough to drive any sane man crazy. He lost his job because he was protecting the citizen. Which is what he was sworn to do. I feel so sorry for him. Good-guy turned Bad by the power of the LAPD. God-Bless him

  • fishbones

    “deity visualization.” (See John Blofeld, The Tantric Mysticism of Tibet)

    Dissolving the societal myths of false limitations, what can you truly create? How powerful is your imagination? What universes will you create?

  • fishbones

    Arthur Cristian
    The BOND IS the encapsulation of a CURSE! Those in the know DO NOT HANDLE MONEY because money is the current(cy) where the vessel, the curse, the cursed, is sailing (being processed) over the seas (sees) of commerce/finance, “The System”, by ALL the captured sinners enslaved to this Freemasonic/Satanic BOND. Nothing else is going on. This is how the duped are giving their real sensory lives away, destroying who they really are and what they are really part of for a fantasy and an illusion. They are forgetting who they really are and what they are really part of. All bounded by/to this bond, encapsulated by the “Name” (the intellectual property, the shadow/reflection of the living-sensory song of MAN they are re-presenting) ARE COMMITTING SPIRITUAL SUICIDE. Presently, they are ALL too distracted to sense it. Greed and selfishness blind them as does self-centeredness and the setting into motion of all other negative-destructive emotions (shadows) like arrogance, ignorance, fear, loneliness, distrust, emptiness, directionless, power and control trips, illusion, delusion, fantasy, lies, etc, etc. All the prisoners (the sinners/cursed) to this bond bear the effects/imprints/signs of this darkness (negative-destructive emotions = non-sense) and they are setting these non-sense images (shadows) into motion. Anyone involved/engaged/contracted with/to money in ALL its forms (barter, gold standard, fiat, promissory notes, coins, cashless or not… etc…) are the cursed in the act of committing spiritual suicide. Their allegiance is with/to the Grand Master/Architect of “The System” now presently known as/identified as Satan, their God, a fallen MAN. They are bleeding the sensory waters of Life from their presence (image) of Life so that it is no longer present with the presence of Life. They worship the shadows of darkness and while they serve darkness they are spreading darkness (shadows) all-around, destroying sensory life all around them starting with MAN (who they really are). The Cesti Que Trust is YOUR DEATH CERTIFICATE, your bond/allegiance to darkness/non-sense. Will they wake up before it is too late? Watch the latest series of videos we’ve been posting “Water Is The Life Of MANS Consciousness (Breath).

    Water Is The Life Of MANS Consciousness (Breath) Part One

    Water Is The Life Of MANS Consciousness (Breath) Part Two

    Water Is The Life Of MANS Consciousness (Breath) Part Three

  • fishbones

    starting to look a bit hokey????…might be an advanced PSYOP???

    real cop killers are on Sept.11 2001(many many cops were murdered by COP KILLERS) …and they are not one bit better than the rest of American people..

    this lone wolf cop killer complete with missiles is getting a bit fishy smelling ???

    “where did the cop killers go?”
    please read Dr Judy Wood’s book “where did the towers go?” & check out her website dr judywood(dot)com/ to find out who the real COP KILLERS ARE!!! thank you

    * * * * * 911 was REMOTE VIEWED * * * * *

    Welcome tooooo the [Fother Mucking /"TEA PARTY"]

    We need to be co-creating the images of our freedom so that we can live them.

    “One man with courage makes a majority.”

    “A time comes when silence is betrayal.” – Martin Luther King

    You still have a chance to give humanity the greatest gift of all time – an end to secrecy – and the most mind-blowing awakening in the planet’s history.

    They are nothing more than a gutless body of bullying, parasitic, thieving, paedophile, control freaks.

    “The pioneers of a warless world are the youth who refuse military service.”

    My only concern is to set men absolutely, unconditionally free.

    “One man with courage makes a majority.”

    “It is by will alone I set my mind in motion”

  • midwestgrandma

    Hope they don’t mistake your neighbor entering your home tomorrow morning asking for a ride to work and you have a drone splatter your home and family………………ooooops sorry our bad.

    Told you folks, the US GOVERNMENT has gone beyond corrupt, the head honchos are evil and possessed souls.

    Soon, many of us will be running for cover – except there will be no where to run to.

    Hollyweeds, your comment was uncalled for – it was off target.


  • midwestgrandma

    Now DRONES are going to be released on citizens, without due process?
    This opens the everyday use of drones to hunt ALL OF US down….. – Anonymous is right.

    This is giving our government carte blanch, now once the government disarms us the fun will really begin.

    Who is at the very top of the pyramid?

    satan…..and our top government officials have sold their souls to him.

  • Shadow Killer

    You sure got that right,Gram’s! :oops:

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