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Germans Beat USA To Hollow Earth! Pics, Documents!

Tuesday, February 19, 2013 23:45
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The story of the German expedition to the inner earth actually begins in Tibet in 1925 when the Russians get wind of an ancient civilization and anti-gravity technology from some Tibetan Monks.













Most of the images above are from

More of the images from here

Warm water lakes at south pole…

Pilot testimony re flying over North Pole



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Over Melbourne Australia May 2012

Over California May 2012



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  • Orgelmir

    Some of the images are stolen from the movie .h.a.a.r.p Nedir Nasa Mavi Işik Projesi 2 which features a portion of a movie that claims Nazis went to the moon and are coming back. The movie can be found here. Lame, very lame.

  • Joe O. Kerr

    Actually some of the pictures are from the Hollywood movie Iron Sky and have been blurred up. The movie teaser poses this question. Having secretly fled to a base on the moon at the end of World War II, Nazis put the final touches on their scheme to launch an invasion of Earth. When a new space shuttle mission threatens to expose them, they rush their plan into action.

    Might I suggest when working on an article you not use pictures from fictional movies that anyone can find easily. Iron Sky image is what you call g29.JPG and the other similar image. It is a pretty funny comedy. But really…this is your proof, a Hollywood comedy. Pretty stupid.

  • King of Shambhala


    Why trust Russians about what’s in Tibet?

    I’m a scholar of Tibet and I can tell you this is all crap in this article and the Russians are morons and (the Russians in your article) have nothing to do with the article I made about the Russian Helena Petrovska Blavastsky and the Theosophs but that there is a very faint link between them and Hitler.

    Frankly, nothing to do with the Antarctic and so forth etc… but Obama’s the Antichrist you agreed already to that.

    • g-man

      scholar of tibet? and the messiah? and the arch angel michael? and the 2nd coming of christ? more like a scholar of how to insert head in ass.

    • AxisOfEvil

      You spent 8 months in Tibet and got thrown out for violating a Yak.

      You are a scholar in animal loving, nothing else

    • Ambicatus

      BWAHAHAHAHAHAAA im gonna quote you no this later!!


      ” Russians are morons”


      IM A RUSSIAN YOU TOOL. or “Prussian” rather, we come from the left of Russia, but are very very right wing.

      and when YOUUUUU say to me, you been to Tibet, all i can think about, is how fun its going to be TORTURING those demons outta you! cause we have methods that scare those things, the architects of sheol ARE not on the side of the fallen. DO you Geir , even have ANY idea how many different factions are watching you, and like, going “ooo mother glory we gotta catch that one, he looks fun” AND WHILE iM ABOUT IT. THE FRENCH.. THE RUDEST , MOST OBNOXIOUS PASSIVE AGGRESIVE THIN NECKED ARAB LOVING BAGUETTE EATING GAYLORDS. MUTHR FKN LELIEARTS.

      i have played the league of legends, and of all the nations, no one, is hated more than the french, a collective sigh of dissapointment comes if you find out you have some french priiiiiickkkkkk on your team who goes “mid or i feed” GRAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA YOU FRENCH WILL PAAAAAAAAAAAAAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY. you have managed to pass australia and usa as CUNTEST people EVERRRRR, RUEBEN THE WHOREST OF THE TRIBES! and you Geir! letting the Tribe down, becoming a rude french baguette. we WILL fix you, we HAVE to save you, just because your so difficult! HAIL TO THEE JESTER OF BENYAMIN.

      • Ambicatus

        BEHOLD THE 77 in the URRL the UUURRRRRRLLLL. Geir, i once again decree thy fate, thy future and something i must bring , 7 years pal. 7 years of THIS:

        then after,, 7 years slavery as personal jester of tyranno del mar, or the guy from 2 esdras 13, the tyrant from the sea, i intend to present you as gift, as gift to my Master.

        • Ambicatus

          fk that picture even looks just like you,. and im not ghoing to wait long, right in the start i want you by my side, my brother-kings will support your feelings, but expect much physical abuse.

      • DistantCousin

        And now for something completely different!

        But I don’t feel so bad,
        My French Genes are so Old,
        They are Norman.

        (ya know, like – -”Saddle Up” and Ride with William) :lol:

        RR :cool:

        (Kein Lust Auf Baguette ?????)

      • AmbrociousXP

        Don’t let the King of Shambooboo get to you, he also called me a Moron too because I didn’t agree that he was the Messiah. In fact he called me a moron and ugly for not believing that he was Jesus. If anything, he’s the real moron…and more than likely NEEDS hospitalization for his delusions of grandeur.

  • someone who cares

    Yes the pictures are quite lame, but the article is OK. There is a lot more
    to the theory of hollow earth than just Nazis though. Admiral Bird’s diary
    is interesting to say the least and that no satellites or commercial planes
    are allowed to fly over it. The explanation being gravity changing or higher
    radiation? Then there is the fact that the United States and Canadian militaries
    patrol and detain anyone who attempts to fly over either pole. It all adds credence
    to the Hollow earth theory in my opinion.

  • Anonymous

    Some stupid lies never die because there are a lot of gullible people out there who lack critical thinking skills.

  • someone who cares

    Anon/coward, maybe you should research the subject before making such a lame comment.

  • Indian in the machine

    That sun picture isn’t credible with all the mini lights around it…. taking a sunphoto through a plexiglass can do that… try it.

    • skwirl78

      YOUR questioning credibility?? now thats rich…

  • Pix

    An idiot post. Only an idiot wouldn’t know that because we can detect Earthquakes on the other side of the world, means Earth is not hollow. Seismic waves can’t pass through empty space.


    • NWO for Dummies.

      who said they travelled in a straight line – they might travel through the mantle following the earths circumference not through the centre of the earth

    • Ambicatus

      you too will see death-queens hall, and you can tell her yourself she does not exist. she is known as “Doderyk” and her arms long for you

  • You need help

    Ahahahahahahahaha. Love these paranoid delusions!!!!!! Keep it up, rofl :lol:

    • Ambicatus

      o wait, youd rather have a boring ass world, where everything they taught you at school is true, and you go to jail for 12 years for programming, then you go to jail again to fornicate again, then you go to 9-5 if not more jail slavery, to grow old and die miserable! so YAAAAY FOR YOU NORMAL PERSON! YOUR SOOOO MUC BETTER OFF NOT KNOWING ANYTHING! HAHAHAHAHAHAAAAAA, aaaaah, pale-faced the stupid shall drown in their blood, billions of dumbfounded fools, who were NOT paranoid, and never saw the train coming. ahhhhhh future generations shall not remember you, none living shall mourn you, and no trace that you even existed, will be left. Who are you to say, there is nothing more than meets the eye? you cannot see air, yet it surely exists. You deny miracles, yet every moment of life, is a CONSTANT miracle, that needs constant energy input. So laugh meat bag, maybe, one day, you might be of some worth, when the precious micro-ntrients in your blood, return to the earth, she is , drained. and many of you are needed to feed the soil, you would be much better off under the ice,. feeding mother. its your fat, bacon loving kind, that carries the most nutrients in you valueless barely mobile flesh sacks, living blood is best for her. You, have no idea, of what fear is, i prey, one day soon, may you LEARN.

  • NWO for Dummies.

    amazing what you can do when you kick the banks out of your country – imagine what germany would have achieved had they won the second world war and not just the peace between the two world wars

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