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No FBI Cars Front Of My House

Saturday, February 2, 2013 8:23
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Where are the FBI cars outside my house which I’ve been threatened with for weeks now?

I’ve been harrassed and trolled for over four years by lurking felons on BIN and some other forums.

What is the basis behind it?

I’ve become the most trolled person on BIN, excepting maybe Orly Taitz, who’s gotten a remarkable and famous amount of trolling and harrassment. She’s the object of frequent and many death threats, stalking and harrassment. But I’m up there, very close to that now.

I’ve been threatened with FBI visits by stalking trolls at BIN’s comment-column.

So what is behind all it?

The basis for her being trolled is she’s saying Obama’s an illegal alien to the USA, a fraud and criminal.

I say that, PLUS another item, which has surely protected me so far, because it puts me in the conspiracy theory category and the Obama camp haven’t taken me seriously, to be a threat to Obama.

What is that?

I say Obama’s the Antichrist and that I have the proof i.e. the Illinois Lottery draw  of 666 on the day after his election.

So where are these FBI cars i’m supposed to be seeing lurking around my house, parked outside and watching me 24 7?

There’s a Citroën grey car there but it looks a lot like the same one that’s been there for six years now. If the FBI’s fitted it with sensors, mikes and cameras, they’re really invisible. And how come the neighbour uses the car? ROFLMAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

She’s also in on it and works for the “Bureau”? lmao!!!!!!!!!!!

There’s an Audi but no “Men in Black” inside. No cams to be seen. The neighbour also uses that. Why? The whole neighbourhood’s in on this? lol!!!!!!!!!

There’s a battered-up Renault “Kangoo” logging crap around the neighbourhood and the same driver, the 30-year neighbour, trucking that around. No men in black in that. Or is the neighbour a man in black (just he doesn’t wear black?).

So what’s the cue? Can I be sure they’re part of the FBI because they don’t show any signs of it?

Where the hell’s the FBI when they’re announced to show up?

The homo-agenda of Obama is killing people and the homo-lobby don’t like that either. I’ve never seen this level of trolling and it says Obama’s in big trouble now.

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  • Lucifer

    You can’t recognive someone trolling the bigots of WBC!
    Soooo stupid!

    There is no FBI in front of your house because you hide in FRANCE!
    There is no FBI in front of your house because despite all your hatefull and ignorant twisted homophobic and racist plot for treachery and bloodbath, you are still only a lonely insignificant crazy hiding behind a keyboard in some dark «underground» oversea. You have no impact at all on USA ground.

    But be sure you have been filed and classsed as a potential terrorist. I personnaly gave every available information to both american and french autorities, and the french ones have confirmed me they already had an eye on your terrorist activities. France wouldn’t like to be implied by allowing a lunatic on their ground to attemp at an american president’s life.

    • King of Shambhala

      Well that’s a relief to hear that.

      At least we know who we have talking to us.

      You’re what we call a snitch.

    • King of Shambhala

      I’m telling a thing. Telling me that you’ve contacted the police to make me shut up is TOS-breach.

      You’re not supposed to carry on feuding with posters.

      What I say about Obama is none of your business.

      You’re trolling me and I’m not trolling you.

      You’re the one coming to my articles not me to yours’.

      You don’t write articles you’re a nobody.

      The FBI knows who you are now and don’t worry you’re the one they’ve put on file.

      You’re listed as a snitch. That means scum. The snitches in France are the ones who sent 3 million people to Auschwitz. I hope you’re happy. You’ve joined the ranks of Nazis who sntiched the Jews to hell.

      The French has a tradition of snitching and the police have files on everybody including the snitches themselves.

      You’re listed. I hope you didn’t reveal who you were. They keep files.

      Nopw tell me why you want me to shut up.

      Why is my freedom a speech a problem to you?

      Who are you to be threatening me on BIN?

      Who are you?

    • King of Shambhala

      Saying you contacted the police to give information about me, that’s a threat.

      That’s to tell me to stop posting.

      I’m telling you a simple thing: that’s a threat.

      I’m perfectly entitled to say SCOTUS will execute Obama and I wrote articles about that.

      But what’s wrong is that you’re still going on about this and haven’t gotten it yet that you’re wrong.

      You’re a traitor to the USA. You’re evil.

      I’m criticizing the POTUS and Thomas Jefferson said those who don’t criticize the POTUS are traitors.

      You want me to stop crticizign the POTUS and so you’re a traitor.

  • King of Shambhala

    BS Hunter, you’re an evil person, do you know that? Are you even aware you’re a dangerous person both for yourself and for others and the only person who could help you is a psychiatrist?

    You have the mentally deranged people’s characterstic symptom which is accusing others of madness and of their own evils; crazies don’t think they’re crazy just like you and don’t worry the police have LOTS OF CRACKPOTS LIKE YOU CALLING ALL THE TIME.

  • ExposingTheTruth

    God is not real.

  • King of Shambhala

    I made an article about BS Hunter.

    It’s about the crime of hacking into computers.

    That carries a heavy jail time and heavy fine.

    That’s adding to revealing an address and putting one’s life at stake.

    Accumulated the two charges should be about ten to twelve years in jail.

    Bad news.

    This is serious.

    This is no longer fun.

    Breaking!Obama Troll Revealing My Address And Snitching Me To Police In France And USA

  • Anara

    Yea thats you wow you really are coming unraveled arent you it wont be long till you completely self destruct.You brought all this upon yourself. Go pray to your buddha and your demons see if they will help you.
    O by the way GEIR SMITH from France and the USA did you see the President shooting ?
    careful now might get the tables turned on you

    • King of Shambhala

      Yeah you Obama trolls hack computers and admit it on inline.

      Bad Anara, being a criminal’s not the way to go that’ll be banning from BIN and the police. for criminals like that Obama troll.

      That’s a crime and that’s how Nixon lost it by breaking into the Watergate offices.

      Don’t you understand you Obama trolls are all criminals?

    • King of Shambhala

      Anara, you’ll be deleted and later banned if you reveal addresses.

      That’s threatening and against the law.

      Follow the law or you’ll be in trouble and you’ll be banned from BIN.

  • Anara

    OMG shup up you moron

    • King of Shambhala

      Why didn’t you shut up. It would have been better. I’m warning everybody at BIN about you Obama trolls and that you’re cirminals. If the FBI are watching and start investigating you it’s not my fault. I can’t stop the FBI from probing you. If they’re watchign here they’ll know all about who you are. They can trace your IP address too. They can know where you’re writing out from. They can know who you are. Nobody’s secure now and Obama’s not secure at all. We’re closing in on that mutt. Obama shouldn’t have stolen the presidency with that fake birth certificate. Everybody who’s supporting that fraud Obama is a criminal just like him. Obama won’t do prison, he’ll be on Death Row. Don’t worry.

      Breaking!Obama Troll Revealing My Address And Snitching Me To Police In France And USA

  • MajorP

    It seems to me that you’re looking for the wrong suits. The white-coats are the ones that you’re imagining watching you.

    • King of Shambhala

      Do you work for Obama?

      You feel bad about Obama being a homo?

      I guess it cramps yopur style but Obama’s be given good treatment on Death Row don’t worry about your back hero; most convicts are blacks so POTUS’ll fit in there.

  • Corruption Killer

    They by refusing to provide evidence contrary to Obama’s legal status confirm his ineligability. All involved need to be detained and dealt with the maximum penalties possible. If our goverment representatives refuse to perform their legal duties they too need to be removed, citizens must then convert to re establish the laws and restore all constitutional rights. At no time should the identity of any person in office be hidden or kept from the citizens who designate the president and others as a servant to legally process the wishes of the Citzens of the United States. No law is legal to hide the identity of the President of the United States and I believe any such people hiding the true identity of any person in public office is in the act of treason and should be dealt as such. Our goverment is too full of gun smugglers, cocaine distributors for the cartels, traffickers of humans, launderers of drug funds (the US’s largest business) and every crime drug cartels are involved in, including mass kidnappings of humans for live medical research which ends in the death of the kidnapped individual. I am a common citizen and was asked to join cocaine distributors who are judges and state prosecutors in Michigan City, Indiana. After refusing and enduring the illegal thefts of substantial wealth by the same people in Indiana and multiple documented kidnappings. I have discovered that Indiana representatves of the legal system have close relations to those who commit the above mentioned crimes and as stated they are involved in every crime thar the drug cartels are involved in. Because they are the cartel representatives in Indiana and across the nation. DEA now recognizes the largest and most violent drug cartel in the U.S. is the union between the Mexican Zeta Drug Cartel and the Freemasons. 100% confirmation of this I have witnessed in Indiana. This goes to show that not all the goverment enforcement is corrupt and they are ready to stand up publically against the corruption whic is fully censored in every state across the U.S. and within the Supreme Court of Indiana. In a perfect world these people should be removed from society and and the burden of cost to dispose of these people should be foremost.

    • Corruption Killer

      The judge in Indiana in 2008 was found guilty by th Indiana Supreme Court to have violated many laws where he illegally almost suceeded in having a cocaine distributor released 18 years early from Michigan State prison where the inmate was removed from the penitentiary and placed in LaPorte County jail for release, accepting 100,000 dollars and laundering it thru the Indiana legal system….(the easiest way when so many people are corrupt in Indiana). He was found to by the Indiana Sypreme Court to have a close relationship with drug distributors. The judge in knowledge and forwarning resigned his position and the Indiana Supreme Court did not seek any criminal charges. The felonies commited were highly significant. This ex Judge Walter Chapala retired before disbarment procedures and was allowed by the Indiana State Bar to retire with pension. He however is formally warned by the court he may no longer ever practice law or charges would be restored. Presently two known state prosecutors one being the head state peosecutor has admitted to comitting fot felonies. Another past practicing attorney still in practice in the area was found by the Indiana Supreme Court Disciplinary Commission for comitting fraud and privatly repremanded. Another attorney in the same prosecuting office has been accused of multiple felonies, kidnapping, cartel drug distribution and attempted murder is practicing still. All agencies both state and federal refuse to accept, process any formal charges. Reports legally filed for felonies by various victims have been destroyed or have been refused due process. One theory for the refusal of the Indiana Supreme Court Disciplinary Commision to take necessary steps to process charges against known felons is….. if convicted of a felony these individuals may no longer participate in the Freemason groups or enter the lodges of Freemasons. If anyone in Indiana can present the evidence of a mason comitting felonies either convicted or not should contact the Blue Lodge in Indiana. A meeting will be called and if evidence can be provided of felonious activity, the person in quextion will be banished from masonery. However note the influence to commit most high level crimes are conspired by the corrupt masons themselves… I have ample evidence, multiple victims(dozens) to put many masons in Indiana in prison along with their enablers in every legal office used in the legal system. Indiana legal system has attempted to stop those involved in incarcerating the corrupt people in the Indiana goverment. They kidnap, attempt to murder, murder, try to incarcerate and destroy the financial base of ANYONE helping to disclose the corrupt masons in the goverment. The goverment in Indiana is now the new Mafia, DrugCartel and profit from every type of crime no matter how morbid….. and I can prove it.

      • King of Shambhala

        As long as you post crap it’s OK.

        You’re not harming anyone.

        Just post meaningless crap that’s OK.

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