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19-Year-Old Dzhokhar Tsarnaev Still Had His Backpack On After Boston Marathon Bombing (Proof Inside)

Saturday, April 20, 2013 18:41
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tsarnaev Facebook Fan Page:

2013-04-20 18:32:05    More stories from Prince Vega Below


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  • DavidGordon

    Great work! The Tsaraev’s may be proven innocent by your dedication.

    • Inventus

      I don’t know about being totally innocent but this story just broke this morning “Hackers Hijack CBS To Claim Obama Involvement in Boston Bombings”

      The mainstream media’s refusal to report on images showing private military operatives on the scene of the Boston bombings carrying heavy backpacks prompted hacking group the Syrian Electronic Army to take matters into their own hands by hijacking CBS 60 Minutes’ Twitter account and sending out tweets exposing unanswered questions behind this week’s attacks.

      “The attack occurred while a “48 Hours” special about the Boston Marathon bombings was airing on the same network,” reports


      Intelligence Claim: The Tsarnaev brothers were double agents who decoyed US into terror trap

      DEBKAfile | The conclusion reached by DEBKAfile’s counterterrorism and intelligence sources is that the brothers were double agents, hired by US and Saudi intelligence to penetrate the Wahhabi jihadist networks.

  • wizard

    How do you guys put up with with a government that murders its own citizens.

    Hey Dahboo why no comments allowed?

    • Anonymous

      “How do you guys put up with with a government that murders its own citizens.”

      what government doesnt?

    • DavidGordon

      Same way you do until now. See

  • Sado

    Except for the photo you’re using where he’s talking into a device was taken after the bombs went off.

    The guy you have running away without the backpack is not even the same guy. They’re not even the same color. Nice work otherwise Sherlock. :lol:

    • HC

      You are very wrong! I looked at Nick Vogt and the gut who had his legs blasted off and i saw they were no alike, but in this cas i must say: The guy running away is an exact match.. and the backpack looks exact like the one he didnt have anymore while running away…

      Someone somewhere has a LOT of explaining to do!…

      This bombing stinks on every side from every angle..

  • True News

    Good work, great post!

  • truthsayer

    clear as day, so obvious to anyone with a grade 3 education, this is a setup, they implemented marshal law and people applauded them for it. suckers everywhere


      that’s MARTIAL LAW, for the upteenth time that I have had to tell someone this…GEEZ.
      lol. :roll:


        correction to typo…’umpteenth time’ – it’s 4:30 a.m. – going to hit the hay…L.


        BUT, FIRST!…you NAILED IT PAL!…I have been researching the images for my own site the last few days…these guys I had found and knew instantly, that the guy with the dark skin…next to the guy with the same clothes and possibly German Intelligence – The Craft International – along with 3 others, one with a radiation detector were at the Marathon…I believe it was the guy with the blackpack on his back, dark skin…but, there were others there…patsies for setups…they always like to have several irons in the fire, in case, one route is deadstopped…
        the big guy holding a pack on his forearm – may have been one of the patsies…and there were a couple more guys there that could have been involved, that I found, that noone else has spoken about…a young guy with a white cap with the words Stam…something Champions…he looks like military…and a guy leaning against an iron railing at the back of where pedestrians were standing, watching as the runners were passing by…
        we will know more Monday…the Saudi was involved in this, also…it’s all going to come out, just wait and see…L.

      • nonononsense

        Martial law that is declared by local police.That is the a problem of Nazi proportion’s.

  • chavista

    Are we surprised this is one of hundreds of false flags including 9/11. The guy in the picture who did do the bombing looks Moss-ad to me!!!

  • Paul Gilbert

    :eek: you must have a IQ of about a 6 year old First for all the conspiracy theories nut jobs out there you said explosive this is the bomb in your vid (woow just like Family Guy Episode) :lol:

    2nd you said he was able to get out the boat on his own well Sherlock he was getting in it 24 hours later he was shooting at the FBI You said he had no gun how did he shoot at police with a pea gun !!!

    • ashleyrobinson

      i would love to see your evidence that these two brothers shot at or threw any bombs at the cops. i have a feeling i will be waiting awhile before i hear back on this.

  • Anonymous

    I said it, this was a staged attack and these brothers were used as the patsies.

  • ThenAgain

    Meanwhile that dirtbag Lindsey -shut up you don’t get a lawyer Graham wants this US citizen to be held as an ‘enemy combatant’ and questioned without miranda rights or an attorney.

    And the stupid in Boston, after being forced (or happily cowed) into needless lockdown martial law, and a *suspect (only) taken in, ran to the streets chanting ‘usa usa’. What morons. Maybe they should put up a street banner that says ‘please keep us under martial law forever’.

    Good catch PV.

  • foresight

    Gee, then why did they run, kill the cop in his car, carjack a Benz SUV and admit to the owner they were the Boston bombers? Gumshoe wannabe

    • stompk

      So says the cops. Question authority.

    • Anonymous

      Cops Lie.

      Any questions?

  • stompk

    I was questioning the pic with the kid after the bomb, and it looks like they photoshopped it to remove the pack. Now FBI says they have a video of the kid dropping off the pack, but I promise you will never see that ‘evidence’

    • whatithink

      personally i believe the F.B.I over some hotshot know it all

      • ashleyrobinson

        if you believe the FBI, you need to see judge andrew napolitano’s expose on fox news about EVERY foiled attack since 9/11 being planned, financed, orchestrated by the FBI. every 17 foiled attacks by the FBI was nothing but a setup. even the new york times wrote a piece on it.

      • Live Free or Die

        Then you haven’t done your homework yet. Lesson A) Operation Northwoods = The REASON that the CIA killed John F. Kennedy back in 1963. Don’t worry though, EVEN YOU can AWAKEN to GOVERNMENT CRIMES!!!

        Operation Northwoods was a series of false flag proposals that originated within the United States government in 1962, but were rejected by the Kennedy administration.[2] The proposals called for the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), or other operatives, to commit perceived acts of terrorism in U.S. cities and elsewhere. These acts of terrorism were to be blamed on Cuba in order to create public support for a war against that nation, which had recently become communist under Fidel Castro.[3] One part of Operation Northwoods was to “develop a Communist Cuban terror campaign in the Miami area, in other Florida cities and even in Washington”.
        Operation Northwoods proposals included hijackings and bombings followed by the introduction of phony evidence that would implicate the Cuban government. It stated:
        The desired resultant from the execution of this plan would be to place the United States in the apparent position of suffering defensible grievances from a rash and irresponsible government of Cuba and to develop an international image of a Cuban threat to peace in the Western Hemisphere.
        Several other proposals were included within Operation Northwoods, including real or simulated actions against various U.S. military and civilian targets. The plan was drafted by the Joint Chiefs of Staff, signed by Chairman Lyman Lemnitzer and sent to the Secretary of Defense. Although part of the U.S. government’s Cuban Project anti-communist initiative, Operation Northwoods was never officially accepted; it was authorized by the Joint Chiefs of Staff, but then rejected by President John F. Kennedy.

    • sprytleandchimchim

      They can’t even prove these guys are guilty of J-Walking !! Velcome To Zee New Vold Odor!!

    • Michelle McReynolds

      I’m waiting too for that clip. We’ll never see and MSM will not pursue the FBI for that footage.

    • Ade

      As you will never see Osamas corpse! That story “we throw the body to the sea” just a 4 year old with the IQ of a tiny rock will believe such crap! The problem with most North Americans is that blindly believe all the crap you see on tv! Just watch this!

    • Engonoceras

      That is indeed a photoshopped photo. Find the one where David Green is shown holding his Iphone with the image on the screen. Then zoom in and compare. The younger brother DID have his backpack on as he fled.

  • whatithink

    i’m sorry but i think u’ll find that u r wrong. No offence but the F.B.I know all more about what they r doing then u, who is trying to stir it all up. If u look at the CCTV footage released of the two brothers, u will see on the older brothers backpack there is a white square on the back of it similar to the one on the exploded backpack and i think u’ll find that the younger brothers backpack was white not black so he wasn’t leaving with his backpack on after the bombing. Also please note that on thursday night they robed a 7/11 store, highjacked a car, killed a police officer, and got in to a gun fight with the people while toughing bombs at them. So i ask if they are not the bombers then why did they have bombs and guns with them on thursday night?

  • Sado

    This is the photo that shows the guy standing in the street AFTER the explosion and STILL WEARING HIS BACKPACK.

  • somethgblue

    Way to go, be careful they will coming for you next!

  • hungry4food

    This shows a Different Back pack on the younger Tsaraev that was captured alive ,

  • DenDen

    Wow. I’d sure like to see THAT on the news. So sick of propaganda and constant lies. :twisted:

  • Schitthead

    This smells just like the JFK assassination.

  • GK

    LOL, there’s zero proof here, and that was only an elbow. Ridiculous.

  • desertspeaks

    this is starting to look really bad for the governments version of the story!

  • fishbones
  • Not Human

    2000 police on the street searching house to house…what a show of force.

    When President Kennedy was assainated in Dallas, Texas in 1963 there less than 100 police searching for the killer. What is the truth? Knew this would be solved in a few hours…like the book George Orwell’s 1984. The current goal of the policeing authority is to do a quick investigation. Identify any potential perpetrator (does not matter if they have the correct person) any one will do that is easily blamed. Identify that person to the news media. Get every citizen to hate that person. Have a trial present evidence. Find the person guilty and then either execute the person or place them in solitare confinement. It does not matter if the person is guilty or innocence some one needs to be punished so that all of us can praise the policeing authority.

    Case closed…now we can feel safe at home tucked in bed begging for more of civil liberty to taken away so can feel safe with our growing police state.

  • wackjack22

    This guys an idiot. Check the second picture clearly the guy your referring too is wearing his backpack and after explosion has gone off!

  • Veriton

    This video is inaccurate on all counts, except for Craft involvement in the bombing.

    1) Dzhokhar’s backpack was white.

    2) That IS his elbow that is jutting out behind him.

    Points 1 and 2 are shown here:

    3) There WAS another backpack with a white tab/notch on it:

    • anon1894

      why didn’t he tell his friends that he was >thisclose< to the bombings? he didn't mention it to anyone. I'm sure if he wasn't a part of the attack, and he was in fact running away, he would have told SOMEONE he was near it, how scared he was, how thankful he's alive…etc. and, why did his brother and him separate? if I went with one of my siblings, and something like that happened, I'd look for them, not flee….
      you conspiracy theorists crack me up — I can turn ANY story into a story that looks like a cover up. clearly, you all can too! he did it….it's sad that he did, but he did.

  • apfeiffer

    Another user below posted the photo of these two with their backpacks AFTER the explosions. Here’s the video:

  • shogan

    I disagree with the backpack/elbow theory. if you watch the video below it shows that dzhokhar (white hat) has a light colored backpack and hes not new to this country and the current culture, hes “one strapping it” over his right shoulder where In the picture you show the right shoulder is hidden and the elbow is cocked back making it impossible to see the bag that is or is not draped over his back on the right side. i am not on either side there are many factors playing into this but i cannot find a logical answer with he evidence shown that it is either the government or the two suspects

  • jonmcguinnes

    So, you’re telling me, Jeff Bauman, a victim who lost both of his legs and claiming to see what he saw is lying? Sacrificed his limbs for the sake of the government? You are some sick people with these conspiracy theories.

  • LifeIs

    Martial law is spelled like this. “Martial” means “military,” as in “courts-martial.”

    It is not like “Wyatt Earp, US Marshall.”

    Martial law means the authorities are not obligated to respect your life, your liberty, or your property. We already have that, in effect.

  • lolateveryone

    Here’s the deal. When you suggest that you have proof that supports your theory, you should actually have proof. For starters, let’s educate you on what connotes proof. A piece of proof is when you have a sufficient amount of evidence to conclusively prove your proposition or theory. You do not have that. Not by a longshot. What you have is far-reaching speculation with nothing that resembles credible evidence.

    Let’s start with your belief that, in the photo where he’s rounding the corner AFTER the blast, he still has his bag on. In your video, you use a very low-res, slightly blurry version of the picture to act as some sort of concrete evidence that he still has his bag. You can distort a lot of things and start questioning every little pixel but, when you look at a zoomed in version of the original HI-RES photo, it’s pretty damn clear he has no bag on:

    The whole theory that this was an inside job concocted by the government or a private security company like Craft or Academi (they’re not called Blackwater anymore…you might want to know who you’re accusing) is ridiculous. Why? Because if they’re smart enough to stage and execute an event like this with absolute precision, why would they be stupid enough to show up and carry this out in plain sight of everyone dressed in full uniform? Oh no! He doesn’t have that backpack in the next picture — which has no reference of the time elapsed between the explosion and the time the photograph was taken. Surely it couldn’t have been enough time for him to unload the bag elsewhere while they respond to other potential security threats.

    You need to understand something. The people like myself that are constantly referred to as blind “sheeple” don’t criticize your crackpot theories because we feel like the government is always innocent or perfect. No…that’s certainly not it. It’s because you make up ridiculously, far-fetched theories that are so removed from reality and logic and then proceed to parade them around as irrefutable proof. You say that the mass public just eat it all up without question yet you subscribe to same hive-mind mentality when it comes to these baseless theories. You criticize the government and authorities for providing little evidence to the public of an ongoing investigation and, yet, you offer as little — if not less — back.

    Simply saying things loudly and with conviction doesn’t make it proof.

    • @VeronicaVixen

      Seriously. Cops lock down city and raid homes… suspect is found outside radius by random dude armed only with air gun. You can’t make this #^*@ up!

    • Engonoceras

      That is indeed a photoshopped photo where the FBI removed his backpack. Find the one where David Green is shown holding his Iphone with the image on the screen. Then zoom in and compare. The younger brother DID have his backpack on as he fled.

  • Kim2612

    Confused at the photos initially released of one of the suspected bombers, running from the scene, with torn black pants – this was seen as suspicious.

    Question: Is this one of the images that they have of suspect 1 (the older Tsarnaev brother, Tamerlan)?. Again, Are police saying images of this scene, is part of their ‘evidence’ against Tamerlan? Are they saying this is indeed Tamerlan Tsarnaev?

    IF YES – then, why are the pants in this image (and of-course following images of the scene) Black in colour, when in earlier images of him on the day that have been published just before the horrific incident, he is wearing cream / khaki coloured pants? <- this is what is confusing me.

    IF, NO – then I am not confused anymore… and it was just a misunderstanding on my end.




    :?: :arrow:

    :!: Picture(s) in question:

    Article and images Published of suspected bomber (in black shredded/torn pants) on 17th April 2013: & & & (this image has the caption "No arrest has been made but the FBI believe they can see the suspect drop the bag and run away from the video footage")


    Images were taken from this article which include all the captions after each image, which are worth a look:

    :!: Image(s) released by FBI earlier of Tamerlan Tsarnaev, in khaki pants, just before the horrific incident: (taken from yahoo news (

    & (taken from

    IF searched all images and more can be found online.

  • foresight

    When he confesses and negotiates a plea deal, so not to get the death penalty, many here will look like crap! With your wild, off the wall speculations.

    • Kim2612

      :?: Well if you were forced into a corner and surrounded and had two choices – Die, or ‘simon says’ and jump into that cage. What would you do?

      :arrow: Just saying innocent until proven guilty… the (true) evidence will speak for itself whatever it may be.

  • bpratt

    You are so wrong. In that picture there is NO backpack. Do yourself a favor, bring the brightness up a few shades, you will notice the alleged bomber is holding his jacket and his elbow is pushed back.
    Also, why would this guy have home made pipe bombs and possibly a pressure cooker bomb with him when police attempted to stop him and his brother while driving a stolen vehicle? Did the FBI stage that as well? Did they brainwash the people of Watertown who WITNESSED those explosions and the gun fire?
    Also what about Jeff Bauman, who lost BOTH legs, after being shown a picture said, yes that was him.
    People like you disgust me, while it’s ok to ask questions, it’s not ok to be 100% wrong in your assertions when the evidence is there. Are you guilty of this bombing as well? Did you help these guys? Is that why you are trying to show that he didn’t do it?

  • Anonymous

    Absolutely bonkers !
    Jeff Baumans evidence is proof the brothers did it

  • Anonymous

    They say Tsaraev is seen on video placing the 2nd bag down after the first explosion. He was calm and had no reaction to the first explosion. I count 10-13 sec between the 1st and 2nd explosion. How could he be seen walking after the 1st, place the bomb for the 2nd and walk far enough away in such a short amount of time?

  • hansolo

    Say that they are innocent, why would they engage in a shootout with the police and why would Dzhokhar run away and then try to commit suicide? I’m not saying they’re guilty im just wondering because it doesn’t make sense.

    • Kim2612

      I have no idea what is going on either. I am not saying they didn’t do it, or that they did… innocent until proven guilty in my eyes, and no charges yet, so hence still a suspect.

      I am just confused at some of the conflicting information provided by Law enforcement, Media, etc. vs.conspiracy theories circulating around the internet. We are all entitled to our own opinion and an open mind, and we are entitled to question things that don’t make sense to us until we get the right answer, right?

      If what the conspiracy theorists say is true – then why wouldn’t they be running if they were being chased and shot at and they were only suspects, if they were aware that no matter what they say or do they are going to be framed because they ‘fit’ the false flag plot of whoever set this up. <== this would only be if they physically had no guns, bombs, were no threat, did absolutely nothing wrong from the start, and were just innocent civilians that were target. (as per conspiracy theorist)

      IF what the Law enforcement and Media are saying is true – then ye, they running cause their guilty, and their engaging in shootouts because they're horrid criminals, to say the least.

      As for why he tried to commit suicide – How do we know he did? And, when he was 'captured', why was he coming out of the boat as if he was unharmed? – I really don't know… (confused)

      :!: Personally, I am not to sure what is the truth or not. No one can be, as who are we to say that we know 100% without witnessing all CLEAR and idiot-proof evidence? Information provided by law enforcement, media, or conspiracy theorists is not PROOF, words don't spell out PROOF, untampered EVIDENCE does. :!:

  • Kim2612

    Another question to anyone who can answer…

    :!: I havent seen any close-up footage (close enough to even see people) of the alleged shootout, or the alleged bomb they allegedly threw at the policeman? All I have seen on news is a very distant video, where you can see nothing but a few flashes of light here and there, you can hear alleged gunshots and see police vehicle lights flash.

    :!: Has anyone got any links or reference to anything closer where you can see any clips from the shootout, or suspect 2 allegedly running over his brother? I understand people wouldn’t be standing around recording in the middle of a shoot out (for obvious reasons) – though :!: what about distant, though close enough to kind of determine the faces of the suspects during these scenes? or police/helicopter videos released from police vehicle recorders…. something… anything?

  • xdrfox

    It’s unbelievable there is no dash cam video of the chase in the streets while they were firing at police and throwing bombs, Where is the dash cams if it happened as they say ? Was all staged, ..guns were fired and bombs set off with a chase but by who ?

  • Sammyboox3

    Ok sooo an innocent man, went into a convenience store to rob it. THEN he goes and shoots an innocent police officer while he’s still sitting behind his wheel. THEN as police are chasing him he starts throwing hand grenades at them. Ah ok then my bad, my perception of a decent guy is way off then.

    Do you know that the video of that exact incident with him throwing grenades was actually recorded on a local news reporter’s cellphone? These aren’t all just stories made up by the media. Our police force is absolutely incredible. We’re Boston strong.

  • Fish

    As one who dislikes the nefarious workings of the government and completely dislikes police I have to say this poster discredits the work real citizen investigators with real information have against the government. Photoshopping pictures to “prove” your point makes us all look bad.
    And just as a side note to all you who believe those on here screaming false flag at the drop of a hat: What if THESE POSTERS are the false flags? Nothing like destroying America bit by bit by deliberately making the Americans believe the government is behind EVERY single thing bad thing that happens. They surely hit their mark on the weak-minded and mentally ill.
    The ones here who read the governments drivel or this type of drivel and believe all of it in an instant without verification are the most unintelligent on the planet!
    Dumb on!!!

  • mehitable

    I don’t think this kid did it, I think he was framed, but I’m not seeing what you’re saying. It just looks like his elbow to me, especially as his back pack (in the earlier FBI video) was light colored. Can you do a still and draw on it to indicate where his back pack is in that pic? Cause, really, all I see is his elbow.

    I think it was a probably a Craft guy and the guy in the blue jacket. Their back packs look like the exploded remains.

  • vamous7

    This is all wrong, smh. That wasn’t jahar’s backpack when leaving the scene. That was his arm. You can see it clearly in a better picture. And he’s not even panicking or running in that picture. He looks so calm.

    And that white square doesn’t mean anything. Another thing, so many people say ‘Oh, the backpack that the bomb was in was black and Jahar’s was white and his brother’s was gray.” If an explosive went off in a backpack it would totally destroy it and burn it till it turns black.

  • Ayda

    This is massive evidence guys…you all need to share this around with everyone you know..this could set him free. if he is going to have a jury, lets hope that this could be shared around with so many people that maybe just maybe whoever will be on the jury will see this before hand and help change their view. C’MON GUYS! SHARE SHARE SHARE.

  • truthforboston2

    I dont know what all these commenters are talking about.

    I dont think these guys are guilty whatsoever.
    I have my own theories as to why they are being blamed. However…..

    To claim this kid has a backpack on that you can see, is really bad reporting.
    I have played with this pic for two days and i have lightened it, darkend it, zoomed it everything.
    There is NO physical evidence he is wearing a backpack still. The way he leans tells me he is either about to round the corner, or his bag could still be on that shoulder, either way, it is not a visual thing you can actually see…for you to say otherwise is false.

    I get really annoyed at that stuff, because when people report ‘evidence” that is not accurate. This sheds negative light on others who say they are innocent, and invalidate us as “crazy theorists” instead of valid arguments based on HARD CORE facts.

    The place in this video, among other things, are not very clear and very inaccurate. I suggest if you want to participate in proving that these two guys are falsely accused, you should start by reviewing your information- because all i see right now is fallacious thinking, and evidence where you say things that are clearly not there. If you need a better copy of this picture to REFER to when stating your claims, just let me know I’ll send you a HUGE copy in high resolution, you an clearly see there is NO evidence there is a backpack on him the way you say there is. Please contribute only well researched data to this side of the arguments, because when you put out misinformation like this it makes us all look bad.

  • Tung-Alex

    I want to know the truth.

  • komodo

    While there are problems with the police/media reports regarding one of the backpacks claimed to have been housing a bomb (in that it clearly is not the same one he was carrying), the image you are posting showing the younger brother is available in higher resolution at other sources. In those images no back back is visible.

    It could be that it was simply hanging off of his right shoulder, and so isn’t visible in this photo. But the artifact to which you are pointing as a (black) back pack is clearly just his left elbow when viewed in better resolution of the same photo.

  • dem274

    Look at this pick, at the brick wall, it’s clearly Photoshopped where the back pack should be… Its a huge anomaly, it’s been cropped, and does not match the brick wall at all. ITS FAKED… Also his brother is behind him, not shown in this vid, but seen a wider view of the scene, and he has it; they did not catch him in the background. Anyway, this has been altered for sure, find a pick, blow it up and see for yourself…

  • Marcia

    can anyone explain how a black & white image of the suspected bomber is published showing him climbing in/out of the boat …he was supposed to severely injured

    he was supposed to be bleeding profusely ..unable to move,..also miraculously shooting himself in the throat…when Infra-red video showed him motionless while hundreds of rounds of ammo was fired at him.
    There is no greater proof of the police’s sly intention was to stop him from talking

  • madbrad

    could it be remotely possible that the suspect had 2 backpacks? One tucked inside of another, the inner backpack containing the explosive? And why in God’s name would these kids run from the law, exchanging gun fire and throwing explosives out the window if they were being set up? I’m no government kool-aid drinker, our government has done some pretty messed up stuff in the past, but not every act of violence is a “false-flag” attack perpetrated to strip us of our civil liberties.

  • LifeIs

    We don’t have to prove what happened. We only have to show that (1) important facts are omitted in the government/media accounts, and (2) the government/media are not telling the truth about important things, and (3) the government/media stories – contradictory as they are- are not plausible.

  • FightforFreedom

    Another Reichstag Fire Burning,And Boy I Am Fuming!!! :mad:

  • Greystoke

    Sorry, folks! This photo here: is far clearer than what is shown above…there isn’t a backpack anywhere in the photo remotely close to the one in evidence nor on his back…AT ALL.

    • Engonoceras

      That is a fake photo. Find the one where David Green is showing his Iphone and zoom in and compare. He DID have his backpack as he fled.

  • Greg13

    Its clearly his arm. With his wrist at his waist it makes your elbow move behind you. With a jacket it would appear as though he still had ithe backpack. And tthe backpack he was showed carrying was mostly white with black piping. If that was a backpack it is all black. Stop lying it hurts your credibility that is already nonexistent.

  • @VeronicaVixen

    WRRRRRRONG. Look at the other pic of the 2 brothers walking through the crowd, Dzhokar’s backpack is hanging off the right shoulder, and it’s low, it’s below his ass. What you’re seeing is a shadow. His backpack wasn’t even sitting that high or directly on his back. I hope you do get shut down, and put in jail. Crap.

  • Soul Leister

    what everyone is missing from the david green facebook photo is: the older brother is about 25 feet behind his younger brother making the corner… tan pants, black jacket, hat with white Bridgestone logo and still has his backpack… in the same picture… you will need the high res pic to see the strap over the right shoulder (and the photo shopped hat oddly on the woman’s head is blocking what was a clear view of the left shoulder strap…. you are being played. The FBI agent said (play the tape) only look at the pictures “WE” show you any others will distract you (from the fable they are telling).

    • Soul Leister

      14:37+ the brothers round the corner at intersection Gloucester and Boylston (the 800 block)

      …they proceed 120 feet and loiter in front of steak house address (867) can be seen in the “uncropped pictures”, they are there in for about five minutes (side be side scoping out the open area across from them)

      14:42+ the brothers head east, there are only pictures of the younger brother stopped in front of the FORUM (address 755)

      …there are no pictures of the older brother passing through that address (east or west), only pictures of the younger brother there (and yes his back pack is placed on the ground but it can be seen in the photo after the explosion… did not explode… plain as day) but somebody else’s did

      …there is not enough time to negotiate a the crowded sidewalk from the FORUM to the LensCrafters (site of the first explosion)… some 600 feet further east (one way), foot traffic appears to be about 2 miles an hour 5280×2=10560/60=traveling at 176 feet per minute (remember the older brother has to go there and get back 1200 feet, he is going to need almost seven minutes to get there and back before the second bomb goes off at 14:50 BUT ONLY HAS FIVE …that means he never went there… that is why there are no pictures of him there or anywhere between the FORUM and there…

      …the younger brother was the closest brother to the finish line and he only got as close as the FORUM (if not photo shopped there, even I don’t think he was photo shopped) you can see him smile upon recognizing his brother further west of him immediately before he started heading west himself (and then the second bomb went off).

      There are no pictures, none of the older brother past the FORUM… he did not cross Exeter Street; did not plant the first bomb; did not have time too.

      • Soul Leister

        …and that means there were other people planting bombs (especially the ones in front of the LensCrafter (there were three there) New York times diagram of the events that day have one bomb centered on the LensCrafter building half way between the building and the street (described to them by officers familiar with the investigation, and can be viewed on their website… the FBI drew two boxes on the ground labelled “blast seat” one was a couple feet from the road (where the casualties were) and curiously, another a couple feet from the building nearest to the next address (671… which is the address used in the charging documents, paragraph #7 as the location of the first bomb… oddly they did not list the address of the LensCrafters which is 699).

  • Engonoceras

    Find the original 3000 pixel wide picture of David Green holding us his Iphone with the picture of the younger brother escaping on the screen. Then blow that up and place next to the Photoshopped FBI copy. Clearly you can see he still had his backpack behind him on his right side as he fled.

  • Engonoceras

    Find the original 3000 pixel wide picture of David Green holding us his Iphone with the picture of the younger brother escaping on the screen. Then blow that up and place next to the Photoshopped FBI version. Clearly you can see he still had his backpack behind him on his right side as he fled.

  • Soul Leister

    :idea: You said his older brother isn’t in the frame, but at 2:58 (zoom in) 30 feet behind him is the older brother (running between two girls)… wearing the right hat with logo; right pants and hand holding the strap of his back pack… how did you miss it… the guy standing in the doorway (immediately behind the younger brother rounding the corner) is looking right at the older brother… well, down the street towards the blasts… can you say scape goats?

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