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Video. Crazy! Obama’s The Antichrist

Tuesday, May 14, 2013 5:48
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Obama’s Muslim, the most aweful thing on earth.

Now, I don’t want to say anything without being covered about it, but let’s just see if what I say now, could be possible.

It’s not about Obama being the Antichrist, that’s certain, but about the 4 Horsemen of the Apocalypse.


“No one knows when the Apocalypse happens nor who the Antichrist” is says the Bible. But as for the Anitchrist, there is no doubt about who that is because omens and signs have shown it’s Obama beyond doubt. Look at the videos linked below and you’ll see it’s not possible to not see Obama’s the Antichrist. This is heaven saying it not me or anyone else. This is a freak incident, that the Bible didn’t announced, but the number it announced – 666 – did occur.





But, when the Revelation happens (i.e. the Apocalypse) the revealing of all things hidden in the world – and all that Antichrist’s secrets, will be preceded by four messengers of the Truth. Those 4 Horsemen of the Apocalypse are War, Pestilency, Famine and Death.

Now let’s imagine this is the Apocalypse,…. because all Obama’s lying and deceit is unravelling under our eyes, in an awesome car wreck. So, let’s imagine that the phases we are witnessing, are the 4 Horsemen of the Apocalypse preparing the Antichrist’s fall and then the actual Apocalypse.

Let’s imagine that:

1. Benghazi (4 American 9/11 dead) is Horseman of War

2. IRS (probing Tea Parties, Patriots etc…) is the Horseman of Pestilency.

3. AP’s (secret DOJ grab of phone records at AP) is the Horseman of Famine.

4. Syria’s (Rebel Commander eating a heart is…) the Horseman of Death.

(Proves Islam is cannibalistic)

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  • Geeper

    Last month (!) you were convinced that all four horsemen were represented by North Korea ( – before that it was AIDS (“Obama being HIV positive must be the Horseman of Pestilency that’s prophecied.”), before that it was a bunch of other Obama stories (“War of Obamacare, Pestilency of Fast and Furious, Famine of Florida (Birther) Obama Ballot Challenge and Death of Arizona Calling for Impeachment”), before that it was Fukushima (“japan is the pestilence horseman and shows famine and death too”), before that it was Donald Trump…

    I agree that the four horsemen is a great little metaphor to use when talking about current events, but if you’re changing it every few months, what you’re doing is not actually “prophecy”. Using the four horsemen as a metaphor does not somehow magically increase the truth of what you’re saying!

  • Merkin

    Misleading title – NO VIDEO , NO Anti-Christ

    Did you read your own link on the 666 Geir? ( I doubt it you tool cutter/pasterer )

    It says that it’s NOT uncommon for 6-6-6 to come up in a pick 3 lottery and the Illinois lottery! IT also said it happened 3 TIMES in 2008 alone. You idiot..

    As well..

    If you are looking wistfully around for the 4 Horsemen of the Apocalypse..

    You’ve found one right here little man.

  • Anonymous

    Question: What kind of souls grab at the Obama is the anti-Christ?

    Answer: Very, very immature souls who are akin to children in adult bodies. That’s who!

  • xpose hym

    KOS – aka Geir Centaur Smith – aka Jim Jones of the 21st Century

    You are pure evil. Your love for the SS and Hitler along with your perverted Kalachakra cult has again been exposed, by a dead person no less.

    I hope B4IN readers will read what KOS wrote on Ed Rowan’s Memorial Page .. and all will witness what a low life, hate filled, BS Ba$tard you really are.

  • Kwisatz Haderach

    Geir Smith you are still at it, you pathetic little sexual deviant. Soon enough the true Messiah will return, and you will want to hide in shame, but you will not be able to.

  • King of Shambhala

    I know it’s got to be like shooting fish in a bucket here but looking at these people who post relentlessly to all my articles and have a discussion forum on each of my articles it’s pretty crazy and a sign these nolifes are clueless about doing anything in life.

    These are homosexuals like Merkin who evidently is obsessed: look at the comments it’s not one or two it’s slews of comments on each of my articles.

    The Apocalypse is happening and the Leftists are turning on Obama:

    Now the next move is for one of the judges with biorther cases pedning to announce he’ll rule Obama guilty. The world will explode :

  • King of Shambhala

    I like Jon Stewart a lot. I’m happy he’s turned coat on Obama. I still don’t accept that he’s never attacked Obama on his birther issue before.

    Jon Stewart Destroys Obama Over IRS Scandal, ‘You’ve Vindicated Conspiracy Theorists’

    But it’s curtains for Obama and that’s all that counts.

    Now we have to negotiate Obama’s arrest.

    Obama can’t be impeached. He’s not president.

  • Message fromOrion

    All modern religions such as Christianity, Islam and Judaism, etc…, are all just Roman creations.
    There is no such thing as God.

  • Awakenow2

    Centaur Smith loves to make pigs squeal as he rolls in their feces. Then he roams France searching for gay bath houses that cater to black politicians in hopes that he will find obama one lucky day….. that day has yet to come :neutral: :neutral: :neutral:

  • King of Shambhala

    I have a homosexual following of false christs posting 24 7 for four years now.

    People with no life who do this intensively.

    Fans like in the word fanatics.

    The good news is very good news.

    Obama’s falling down fast. Check the news.

  • Neil Armstrong

    He may be associated with the antichrist’s rise to power but I don’t think he’s the one. We’ll find out in time.

    • King of Shambhala

      Neil Armstrong there’s won’t be any “afterwards”.

      Obama’s ruined us and the bank is emptied out.

      Refuse Obama’s money because it’s his Mark of 666: 666 is money because the lottery drew 666 – see the article explaining that; the day after Obama’s election, the Illinois Lottery drew 666 which is the Antichrist’s number no less!!!!

      Spread this very good news of revealing Obama but don’t wait and spread it worldwide even to China if you want to be saved by being a Messenger of the Apocalypse adn join me in the Army of Truth.

      The whole article is coming true and Obama’s crashing down – dead in the water – he’s toast now it’s over so spread this news fast to be saved.

  • King of Shambhala

    4 views in the last hour.

    This is a dead thread.

    Nobody here anymore but Obama’s falling out there.

  • King of Shambhala

    Spread this great news. Obama’s falling so fast now. This is great news.

  • hewearsmanycrowns

    666 is israel and the flag is proof 6 points 6 sides 6 triangles its a hexigram symbol of witchcraft

  • Merkin

    Why don’t you post a link to THIS SNOPES ARTICLE Crazycrackers

    It disputes EVERYTHING YOU SAY.

  • King of Shambhala

    Illinois’ Lottery drew 666 the day after Obama’s election.

    Obama was not elected the two other times 666 was drawn that same year.

    Obama’s election is what was different that time.

    666 appears everywhere all the time in all situations.

  • Merkin

    Seriously.. your Yahoo link?

    Read this post and digest it for a bit Geir. ( do you read ANYTHING you post? )

    Who cares? If you go to… you will find that the number 6-6-6 won six times in 2008:

    01/16/2008 Evening Pick 3 6-6-6
    03/22/2008 Evening Pick 3 6-6-6
    07/05/2008 Evening Pick 4 0-6-6-6
    10/23/2008 Midday Pick 3 6-6-6
    11/05/2008 Evening Pick 3 6-6-6
    11/26/2008 Midday Pick 4 8-6-6-6

    So I would say the odds aren’t that low. Either that or you need to come up with some horrible significance for the other five dates.

    BTW, if your theory is correct, then why the evening of Nov 5? The winning votes were cast, and the winner was declared on Nov 4. Why not 666 on Nov 4?. The first lottery after that was midday Nov 5. Why not that one? The votes weren’t all counted and certified until about Nov 7 or 8. Why not then?

    Given that 666 comes up about six times per year in Illinois, and given that there are about 5 days when you coincidence freaks could claim the 666 was about the election, there’s about an 8% chance that you could claim the 666 in Illinois was about Obama. Add in the other states’ lotteries and it would be surprising if there weren’t a 666 somewhere associated with every candidate in every election.


  • King of Shambhala

    “Nobody knows the hour or day…”

    But the four horsemen I describe there won’t go away.

    The GOP is talking Impeachment now. This is big.

    Spread the good news.

    Citizens who don’t criticize the POTUS are traitors (- Thomas Jefferson)

    This story is just starting to take off.

  • Geeper

    Man. When the fourth best source you can find on the entire internet is Yahoo user ziggie387 saying “OMG… I WATCHED THAT AND A COUPLE OF OTHER VIDEOS THAT SCARED THE HELL OUT OF ME…. AMERICA IS SCREWED WHY DOESN’T EVERYONE SEE IT??? THAT IS NOT COINSIDENCE IT’S A WARNING FROM GOD!!!!”, it might possibly be time to reassess the position you’re arguing in favour of.

  • King of Shambhala

    Nov 5 was maximum impact.

    Over 50 million people saw it on all medias in five Great Lakes states that all play the Illinois Lottery live

    Obama’s the Antichrist.

  • King of Shambhala

    There are several people at Yahoo Answers who are convinced Obama’s the Antichrist.

    We are many and we don’t forget.

    Obama’s falling as we speak now.

  • Geeper

    I bet you a shiny dollar that if you emailed a single one of those random Yahoo users who said “THAT IS NOT COINSIDENCE IT’S A WARNING FROM GOD!!!” five years ago, they would have forgotten all about it.

  • King of Shambhala

    The people may have forgotten about it but karma leaves a trace of everything. AL Capone’s crimes faded away but he took all of them to the grave with him. Hitler’s crimes have faded but the memory has gotten stronger. Karma’s tough. Obama’s crimes are getting stronger. Obama’s curse of 666 is seared into his skin like a tattoo.

  • Geeper

    “We are many and we don’t forget.” [ten minutes later] “The people may have forgotten about it but karma leaves a trace of everything.”

    Strong, consistent arguments here. If we’ve moved onto “ignore that checkable source, my proof is actually in the form of invisible floating energy” then I think we’re done.

  • King of Shambhala

    Obama’s mark of 666 can become big.

    Let’s spread the good news.

    Be careful there are some posters on this article who want the news of Obama’s 666 to not be spread on Internet.

    That’s why they’ve been heckling all my articles for four year now 24 7.

    They’re the famous 3500 CIA-paid shills of Obama.

  • Geeper

    If we’re wondering who might be here to discredit the internet’s various anti-Obama movements, I’d say that the guy with “OBAMA IS THE ANTICHRIST! THE LOTTERY TOLD ME!” written on his placard is probably doing most damage to the birther movement.

  • King of Shambhala

    Obama’s falling fast.

    DOJ must resign says Reince Prebius, RNC chairman.

    LibertyNEWS TV – “The Maimed Duck President”

    Good news. Impeach Obama!

  • King of Shambhala

    666 appears everywhere all the time in all situations.

    It doesn’t mean a thing unless the world’s most powerful man is elected in direct relation to that 666 showing up somewhere, at some time.

    But it did happen exactly in Illinois for Obama’s election, it’s bad luck for Obama

  • Geeper

    This is a joke. You’ve decided you don’t like Obama and are just pinning whatever you can find on him. “Oh, a 666 lottery result, yes yes, that is important. Oh, Benghazi is a bit like war, yes yes, fourth horseman, this all backs up my gut feeling that Obama should be killed!”

    If lottery balls were the word of god, are you really saying you have the insight to pick out which draw was talking about the antichrist? Have you checked lottery results in the home towns of other world leaders on the day after their elections, over the past 100 years? What about Bilderberg chairmen? Heads of the CIA? Captains of nuclear subs?

    No. You just chose your story and suck down anything that fits, and ignore anything that doesn’t. This is a joke.

  • Merkin

    Quote from KOS

    “666 appears everywhere all the time in all situations.”

    Yes it does Geir. Thank you for being honest.

    “It doesn’t mean a thing unless the world’s most powerful man is elected in direct relation to that 666 showing up somewhere, at some time.”

    That is specious reasoning at best Geir… and for the last time.. Obama the puppet leader is not even close to the worlds most powerful man.

    Give you rock filled head a shake

  • King of Shambhala

    The Bible addresses the question of if Obama is his own man or just a puppet of a system.

    Bible: “The Antichrist is the ‘Man of a system.’”

    There’s no one more powerful than Obama and that’s because he’s a puppet of a system which he uses to rule and dominate the world and force to accept his outlandish, crazy, mad spending of the money he stole from the world and by which he’s enslaving it.

    Free yourself from that by arresting and trying Obama and having SCOTUS execute him for High Treason.

    Obama’s mark of 666 is his stolen money and the Bible says: “Refuse the Antichrist Mark of 666 in your hand and forehead”.

    Without that mark no one can buy or sell. That mark of 666 is money because money’s what lets you buy and sell.

  • Merkin

    You are a simple man to think there is no man more powerful than Obama.

    Read the Snopes link before saying another word

  • King of Shambhala

    snopes is no reference. it’s a couple of old people working in their kitchen.

    Live with it that’s true.

  • Geeper

    You dismiss Snopes with a lazy ad hominem, but hold up Yahoo Answers’ “Ziggie387″ as some kind of great prophet? To quote your own headline, that’s a little “crazy!”

  • Merkin

    But Geir.. you used SNOPES as a reference in THIS VERY ARTICLE?

    ^ There

    Why won’t you read what they have to say about Obama being the antichrist?

  • Geeper

    Ha! Good point, well made.

    Shambhala’s measured and intellectual response to this apparent contradiction will be “Obama’s falling fast!! Hurry!”

  • Merkin

    It’s like trying to talk sense into a raving lunatic..

    wait.. it’s not “like”

    It is.

    You know who is falling fast? Geir Smith and his house of lies.

  • Geeper

    “But the four horsemen I describe there won’t go away.”

    But the previous things you saw as being the Four Horseman of the Apocalypse (war in Libya, death at Fukishima, pestilence in Obama “having AIDS”, death in Trump calling Obama out on TV) all drifted from your sphere of attention. Why is this any different?

    Can you see why people sometimes struggle to believe a man who says “today I know the truth about the apocalypse” when twenty times before he has got this wrong?

  • Merkin

    AGREED Brother. Geir Smith is a cowardly, selfish, hateful nobody and worthless BIN spammer.
    Pathetic in every sense of the word.

  • Merkin

    You know what’s classic?

    This youtube video the Centaur Uploaded on May 17, 2010



    He can’t help himself. Poor Centaur Smith!

  • Merkin

    1 minute 50 seconds in . ^

    Watch him in all his glory rising above the Obama Anti-Christ thing.

    I can’t stop laughing…

  • Geeper

    Huh. He seems a lot more self-aware and lucid there.

    “Basically it’s just one thing, he has a Muslim past. That’s all.”

  • Kwisatz Haderach

    Thats a great find Merkin. What a kook.

  • Kwisatz Haderach

    Geir Smith is a fraud and a wanna-be messiah, obsessed with gays and Obama. Spread the good news!

  • Geeper

    So huh, when Shambhala says “the world will explode” I guess that’s an obvious metaphor, he doesn’t actually think the world is literally going to explode. The veil is lifting.

  • Merkin

    Calling me a homosexual does not hurt my feelings Geir and it won’t make me stop exposing you.

    Let’s see what you had to say about Obama a few years ago :)

    Quote Geir Smith “Honestly, I like Obama”

    3:25 –

    Do you think he feels the same? Do you have a secret romance brewing?
    I’m so happy for you both!

  • Merkin

    See now you are brewing up a bromance for Jon Stewart.

    He will reject your weak Geirly advances just like all the girls did in elementary school.

  • Geeper

    “Obama’s great, I like the Antichrist a lot. [...] I see Obama as a beast, a primitive animal and I love animals.” –

  • Merkin

    Interesting theory on modern religions. Maybe on the first two…

    You saying Judaism is a Roman creation?

    Are the Romans time travelers?

  • Awakenow2

    You do? I haven’t seen one homosexual following you centaur Geirly, you must be chasing your tail again :neutral: :neutral: :neutral:

  • Merkin

    You wish we were of the gay variety.

    It’s what you want the most… attention from handsome cowboys. Didn’t you publicly acknowledge that in your misspent youth you where chasing after gay men and looking up to them as sacred cows? ( I bet you where “looking up to them” … from your knees )

    Not going away until you apologize for spamming a good man’s memorial page you mental defect.

  • xpose hym

    Here is a quote from an article Geir Centaur Smith KOS wrote in 2012 about his fantasy face to face Obama meeting:

    Picture the scene. I guess we’re in the Oval office, and Geir has a clever question…

    “But this is my question: “Inside yourself do you feel, you’re Satan?” ——— Imagine Obama’s face when I deliver him that wallop. I can see the dude decomposing like a vampire at daylight in front of us on prime time TV. Give me your alternate scripts for the meeting/confrontation. What do you think? I don’t think any violence is needed and this can go down like gentlemen shooting it out at OK Corral.

    Give me 5 minutes with Obama and I’ll turn him into a shivering homo. No, give me thirty seconds with him and I’ll do it. Shoot! Give me half a second and I’ll spook him with a loud “666″!

    Al Capone did it and ruled over the place Obama lives in, – Chicago,- for ten long years. Kevin Costner did him in, and caught him on tax evasion and locked him up for eleven years. Errr; Elliott Ness caught Capone. Not Costner. Ness was Norwegian, and I’m Norwegian so I guess we have that Viking blood to beat Europeans like Capone or Africans like Obama.”

    Don’t project your homoness on others Geir Centaur Smith. You have the amber stain .. live with it false Christ!

  • Awakenow2

    Geirly Schmiff is an expert in kalachakra tantric rectal yoga and has been a master of opening his turd eye. He has studied at the university of the sphincter for four decades and has the most abused rectum in France.

  • Merkin

    xpose hym,

    I just read your quotes from Shambhala’s 2012 “fantasy face to face Obama meeting”

    OMG :idea:

    You can’t make this kind of crazy up. But it’s not the crazy that makes one wonder….

    He visualizes the whole thing in graphic, shivering, throbbing details.

    I bet his waxy forehead glistens with beads of sweat as he types this VERY thinly veiled homo-erotic poem directed to his star-crossed lover.

    He even appears to contemplate violence if the object of his affection where to rebuff his advances. Mentions shooting more than once. Say’s hell wallop him. Implies he will restrain the man against his will and with as little as 30 seconds alone he’ll turn him gay? Some sick sh14 right there Geir.

    Also believes he has viking blood and is superior to “other Europeans and Africans”
    ^ thinly veiled 3rd Reich and Thule Luciferian type behavior

    Clear signs of mental illness as well.

    Schizophasia (word salad )
    Repressed Sexual projection

    I am flabbergasted.
    The man needs professional help before it’s too late

  • King of Shambhala

    Homosexual false christs going bezerk here.

    Obama’s falling.


  • Geeper

    “Give me 5 minutes with Obama and I’ll turn him into a shivering homo.”

    Wow. Homosexual false christs going bezerk indeed.

  • Merkin

    Geir Smith Quote “Homosexual false christs going bezerk here.”

    Yes you are Geir… Yes you are.

  • Merkin

    Hey Geir.. It looks like some of your more pathetic hateful comments are disappearing from some of the threads..

    Ahahaha. You are being censored

  • King of Shambhala

    The Apocalypse is happening.

    The 4 Horsemen of the Apocalypse are sweeping the world.

    Rapidly the news is spreading worldwide even to China that Obama’s being felled and brought down.

    I was right.

    It was now.

  • Geeper

    Speak plainly. What do you actually mean? “It looks like Obama might finally be impeached this week”? Is that all your message has ever been?

  • physhstx

    No, you were wrong as usual.

    Should be used to that by now!

  • The Juicy Beef

    All true – and he’s a pest on BIN. Makes me wonder why in the world BIN doesn’t ban his ISP address… :?:

  • King of Shambhala

    cube, be clear who do you want to ban the ISP of?

    If you’re harrassing you’ll be banned yourself.

    Watch out.

  • Merkin

    Cubednsquared is clearly referring to:

    a bad writer
    a cut & paster
    a false Christ
    a fear monger
    a fraud
    a racist
    a person with no compassion
    a person who worships an evil Kalachakra cult
    a person full of hate for all souls
    a person with no work experience
    a person with no formal education/diploma
    a person with very little knowledge on a lot of topics

  • xpose hym

    If you actually had a real education Geir Centaur Smith, you’d be able to understand a comment.
    Are you not able to read and comprehend? I guess the Obot King of Shambhala can only cut and paste. BTW: The only person harassing on B4IN is you. Watch out!

    >King of Shambhala

    cube, be clear who do you want to ban the ISP of?

    If you’re harrassing you’ll be banned yourself.

    Watch out.<

  • Awakenow2

    Geirly Schmiff was rectally educated….
    Geirly Schmiff is an expert in kalachakra tantric rectal yoga and has been a master of opening his turd eye. He has studied at the university of the sphincter for four decades and has the most abused rectum in France.

  • Merkin

    I bet Geir’s cavernous bung hole looks like an old catchers mitt..

  • Awakenow2

    I bet you’re right, you could probably drop an ostrich egg in it with no problems.

  • Merkin

    An ostrich egg? I bet he could hoop a basketball if you know what I’m saying..


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