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Bombshell: NSA Spills Beans. Reveals My Full NSA FIle By Mistake. Clowns The NSA…

Wednesday, June 26, 2013 8:48
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An NSA agent called “raygene” has collected all my data on Internet over 4 years and put it into one single link.

He sent it to me as a threat little knowing he was revealing the NSA work being done behind my back and that I’d blow the lid on him.

This is bigger than Snowden.

This NSA agent is called raygene and has worked on my case since 4 years.

The genius was unbottled at this BeforeItsNews article in the comments:




Don’t mean to interrupt but this King fellas got quite a long list of inappropriate actions according to any search engine. Here’s some POTUS threats FYI

Geir Smith226 Views

Look at the links collected during 4 years upon me and revealed on Internet for anyone to see. They’ve been colleceting my links for 6 years and now they’re revealing it to the world. This raygene is a criminal because he doesn’t say who pays him to do this nor what his intentions are. His sole goal is to defend Obama and prevent me from revealing Obama’s the Antichrist. So we see that he’s exactly in the same mindset as the IRS which used threats to silence people who oppose Obama. This is the Obama-strategy of silencing people by stealth, spying and snooping and using the Secret Services and tax payer money to silence opposition.
The reason these NSA agents have watched me is from when I started trying to change Wikipedia pages about the “Antichrist” and “666″ and “Apocalypse” to add the fact that 666 was drawn in Chicago the day after Obama’s election (video below) and many people think this marks Obama as being the Antichrist. The Secret Services have gone crazy since then.

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  • Merkin


    If youre feeling down depressed and lonely
    I know a place where we can go
    5 rue du bout de la ville 27180 Les Ventes
    meet a false messiah that I know
    So if youre looking for a good time
    And youre prepared to pay the price
    Fifteen francs is all he asks for
    Everybodys got their vice

    If youre waiting for a long time for the rest to do their piece
    You can tell him that you know Merkin and you might even get it free
    So any time youre down the east end dont you hesitate to go
    You can take my honest word for it he’ll teach you more than you can know

    Shambhala cant you get out from all this madness?
    Cant you see it only brings you sadness?
    When you entertain your men dont know the risk of getting disease?

    Some day when youre reaching the age of sixty
    I bet youll regret the days when you were laying
    Nobody then will want to know
    You wont have any beautiful wares to show any more

    5 rue du bout de la ville 27180 Les Ventes
    thats the place where we all go
    You will find its warm inside the red lights burning bright tonight

    Shambhala isnt it time you stopped this mad life?
    Dont you ever think about the bad times?
    Why do you have to live this way?
    Do you enjoy your lay or is it the pay?

    Sometimes when your strolling down the avenue
    The way you walk it make men think of having you
    When you’re walking down the street
    Everybody stops and turns to stare at you

    5 rue du bout de la ville 27180 Les Ventes
    thats the place where we all go

    • King of Shambhala

      I gotto flag the criminals posting here.

      Listen Very Closely!

      Important Legal Notice! Trespassers will be Prosecuted.

      Criminals are posting at this article and they’ll be dealt with by the law.

      Breaking: Obots Reveal Dangerous Info. Video. Obama Fanatical Agents Reveal My Private Data On Several BIN Articles.

      NSA will have to deal with it’s own rogue agents who break the law even when they’re discovered carrying out felony and revealing my address to the world.

      You can get ready to be visitied banned and montiored for your crimes, here you false christs, you’re announced and predicted in the Bible about the Apocalypse.

      There seems to be some serious confusion here.

      People don’t think I’m the Messiah.

      Huh. Whaaaaaaaat?

      Waith a minute. That’s false christs – demonics saying “I’m not the Messiah”?

      Pretty funny.

      • Merkin

        Nobody thinks you are “the Messiah” you Dipsh!t

      • King of Shambhala

        I am the Messiah and I’m the one saying it. Regardless of what demonics like you say.

        You’re not the Messiah buddy, you’re possessed and evil.

      • Merkin

        You are the only one saying it Geir.

        Do you suppose everyone else is obsessed demonics?

        Cuz they are either with you or with the antichrist right?

      • Neil Armstrong

        Since you are the messiah, what Powerball numbers will win Saturday nights drawing?

      • physhstx reborn

        smith can’t predict what he will have for lunch, let alone a Powerball drawing!

      • King of Shambhala

        My messianical power is to break the Apocalypse; the power to defeat Antichrist Obama aka Satan-in-Person and the power to defeat the false christs of the Bible aka YOU here at BIN… (you shouldn’t have put my life in danger because that’s a crime.)

        My poer is the greatest miraculous power of the World.

        It’s the end of the world.

      • Merkin


        “My poer is the greatest miraculous power of the World.

        It’s the end of the world.”

        ~ Did you just say that your POOPER is the greatest miraculous power of the World ??????

        Buahahah. You wish.

      • King of Shambhala

        Merkin’s a paid CIA shill.

        He just posts garbage to get paid.

        It’s funny he won’t discuss about the IRS, AP, Fast and Furious, Benghazi scandals.

        Obama’s his boss.

        When Obama is sentenced he’ll have to turn coat and get a new job spying for someone else

    • King of Shambhala

      SPLC was sentenced for the crime of revealing opponents’ address on their website and exposing him to danger.

      SPLC the hate group was setnenced in Jan. 2013 in Southern Poverty Law Center versus Eugene Delgaudio, in a ruling by Judge Tafaya.

      Using addresses to put others in danger is a crime and dealt with the full brunt of the law.

    • Idiot Proof

      Sacriliedge to alter a classic Iron Maiden song like that…I’ll bet you think it was really clever, judging form your giggling, it was not clever…You could leave Maiden and their songs out of your attacks on KoS, Maiden has nothing to do with it, nor, would they support your use of their song in that manner…

      • Merkin

        Shut your filthy caulk holster “Idiot Proof”

        Paul Di’Anno wrote Charlotte the Harlot after his chance meeting with your mom in ’69
        Him an Nicko McBrain would stop their pig roast to high 5 me over my efforts against the devil.


        You do realize that “Idiot Proof” means “proof of idiot”
        Right ?

      • AxisOfEvil

        Get over yourself marcostick

  • AxisOfEvil

    You really need to get over yourself, you dumba*s.

    No one cares about this. Except the NSA, who will come and get you on June 30th around 11:15am.

    Better start packing now Queen of Deepthroat

    • Merkin

      U have mail brother

    • King of Shambhala

      Anus, don’t make threats.

      Harrassing is one year in jail and $50000 in fine.

      You’ll get a bunk with Obama and have your anal sex when you’re on Death Row with the POTUS.

      So, you see for a homosexual like you, things always turn out good, in feces.

      • King of Shambhala

        Can you explain to me why you have the anal sex?

        I mean that’s all feces and stench.

        So why is that?

      • Merkin


        We don’t know why your Anus like the anal sex so much.
        Suppose it was just born that way.
        There is much debate over nature versus nurture.

        Have you assed it that question?

      • King of Shambhala

        Oh I get it Merkin.

        No, “Anus” is AnusOfEvil.

        He’s into feces and stench, a stinker like you who also like feces and stench.

        Maybe you liked the smell of feces when youw ere young and were born to remain at that stage of your evolution and not grow beyond that.

        That’s the Anal Stage.

        You still like feces Merkin so you’re blocked at the Anal Stage of your evolution.

        That’s The anal stage is between 18 months and three years old. You’re stuck there. Are you happy with your life being a retarded-evolution person? You’re a mentally retarded person. You’re like a slug low on the ladder of evolution. You’re not fully evolved. You still like the smell of crap, feces aka excrement. You’re as disgusting as one year-old kids eating their own crap. Pathetic. Why?

  • Geeper

    A man making a little timeline of your YouTube videos is not “bigger than Snowden”.

    • King of Shambhala

      No, this is bigger than Snowden.

      This is a concerted operation by you Obots to track and monitor me since four years and the evidence is in that link.

      The reason is that I’m revealing Obama’s the Antichrist since 5 years now and this is the proof I’m the Messiah because only the Messiah would elicit such effort to combat him from you, the Demonic Army of Satan (Obama) and his Minions, (you, the Obots, you’re the servants from hell of Obama).

      • Geeper

        If it’s bigger than Snowden, have you approached the mainstream media? I hear the UK’s Guardian newspaper are very sympathetic to this kind of whistleblowing, and not afraid of the NSA.

        Or is this such a momentous news story that the NSA will have infiltrated the Guardian and paid someone to intercept your call, who will laugh at you when you tell them that some guy making a website about you is “bigger than Snowden”? I bet that’s it, isn’t it? Hmm.

      • King of Shambhala

        We’ll see what becomes of this story.

        It’s the biggest story of Humanity.

        They’re blocking the Messiah which is me, I’m the Messiah.

        You demons are the false christs of the Bible.

      • Merkin

        BIG BIG BIG

        Bigger than GI-Joe

        Bigger than U2

        Bigger than the Donkey Apocalypse.

        B I G

      • Geeper

        Snowden didn’t write his story on a little-read news blog and lean back to “see what becomes of this story”.

        Just mail a copy of it, anonymously, to a bunch of newspapers. If it’s “bigger than Snowden”, they’ll run it front page. If it’s “paranoid French guy being silly” they’ll crumple it into the trash.

        I think you already know what they’ll do with it, don’t you?

  • King of Shambhala

    Breaking: Obots Reveal Dangerous Info. Video. Obama Fanatical Agents Reveal My Private Data On Several BIN Articles.

    SPLC was sentenced so others will be sentenced in the same way for the same crime of revealing the address of opponents like you have done here.

    Same crime, same punishment.

    That’s the law.

    • Merkin

      You remind me of the pathetic computer nerd from PWNED.NL

      “the admin will ban you… you F*cking Loser.. I’m going to tell the admin.. I know you are hacking.. you F*ggot… EEEEEEEKKK “

      • King of Shambhala

        Contact your boss and see if the NSA tells you to stay in position or bail out fast.

        NSA will have to take raygene and punish him for being caught.

        You NSA don’t like being found out, you’re pieces of crap and love to smell feces.

      • Merkin

        Dear Boss,

        It seems the jig is up.

        Geir has deduced that we are using hacks to spy on him for 6 years/365/24/7

        But even worse, he’s figured out that we all are pieces of crap and like the smell of feces.

        Tell gdaymate that his cover has been blown wide open.

        Shall we inform the Blue Leader?

      • Merkin

        ^ Sorry.. Wrong window. I thought I was typing in an email.


      • King of Shambhala

        Careful, this Merkin is a homo, stalking me since 5 years.

        NSA is looking into you now. I’ve got you on their Top 10 list next to me.

        Merkin has been making death threats and revealing my personal information online. Ignore the address posted by these homos. That downtown Paris address above the Gentleman’s Escort Club hasn’t been my residence since 10 years.

  • raygene

    This King is quite a paranoid fellow. If he could actually read, the Geir Smith files end in 2011.

    If this King was smart, and I won’t hold my breath, he should do some research on raygene before he starts accusing him of being an agent. But, it’s obvious that he is not.

  • raygene

    This King is quite a paranoid fellow. If he could actually read, the Geir Smith files end in 2011.
    If this King was smart, and I won’t hold my breath, he should do some research on raygene before he starts accusing him of being an agent. But, it’s obvious that he is not.

  • Kwisatz Haderach

    Skinny sexual deviant with a messiah complex working out of his dirty basement in France identified as NSA’s top priority target.


  • judas iscariot

    Hey merk axis n geep- you think if we stop talking to this jack ass he’ll go away? I mean no one in their right mind will follow him. Anyone who does deserves what happens to them. All our efforts to get through to him only strengthen his resolve. I say we boycott him. Leave him on his soap box to bury himself in his own rhetoric.

    • Geeper

      Sure. We’ve done it before, though, and he just gets louder in the comment threads of other people’s articles. Sometimes I think it might be more constructive to feed the troll until BIN realise that “top articles = most comments” is a really bad algorithm for what goes on the front page of articles, and change it to “top articles = most comments, unless that user is blacklisted” or something.

  • metalraven

    OK kids,

    Rather than worrying what BIN will or will not do, post the facts about the “Messiah”, not KOS. Such as, “For many shall come in my name, saying, I am Christ; and shall deceive many”.

    How is it that the Messiah is not Jewish? Such as an non-God Buddhist KOH. Anyone who claims to be the Messiah is nothing less than a delusional person, with feelings of acute inadequacy, and inferiority issues. Something like a small child whistling in the dark when they are scared.

    This individual lacks an ability to do any research, speaks of an anti-christ, when he himself doesn’t even believe in GOD. Then claims to be the “Messiah”, and not even be a Jew. See the point that I am getting at?

    Why bother?

    Hey KOS,
    Have you done any research yet? Probably not. Greek, Hebrew? Not.

    Bad Sci-Fi writer……….Read the Bible…….

  • AxisOfEvil

    Who the f*** made you king of what people can do?

    “You MUST not realize, you really do look like a gang, a mob of retards, with your third grade level insults and jokes. ”

    This whole website is about mobs of retards (mainly repubs and tea partiers).

    If you take this website seriously, then maybe you should ask the people in charge why they don’t protect user information……..Don’t you think that keeping people’s info private is important, marcostick?

    Anyhow, if you don’t like what you read, you don’t read it. That’s part of that whole “having a choice” thing you must of heard about.

  • King of Shambhala

    Idiot proof, it’s clear that the ones who stalk me are Radical Leftists and they use Fascist technics taught to them by Alinsky and those are the technics which they blow themselves up with like stupid Talibans or Che Guevara suicidal like Bill Ayers.

    You put a good question: “What is it these goons are so enraged about in KOS posts?”

    I’ve talked to these freaks, these commie scumbags for a few years now.

    What they all hate to the man, is that I have a proof, of kinds, that Obama’s the Antichrist.

    They say it’s flimsy, a Newsweek article and some videos saying Obama’s marked by 666.

    But that’s only what They think and their worldview.

    They don’t believe in maracles – I do.

    I believe and know that miraculous powers like “Medium” the series, is possible. (witb Patricia Arquette)

    Part of these shills are paid Obama operatives for the NSA etc…

    They can’t handle people like me calling Obama the antichrist.

    They thought it was under control with me? these last years.

    But things have gotten out of conTrol with Arpaio speaking in a few hours now .

    We’re in the “Last Days of the Third Reich”.

    Obama’s almost in his Bunker(like Hitler) under the Red Army’s Bombs now in Berlin.

    If you’re trying to “save the Soldier Obama” Idiot Proof, you’ve failed. pwned.

    These fools have jumped off the cliff with me, like Lemmings.

    • @sshole

      we have proof that you are an idiot who has been saying for years the lids will blow off any day now.

      this whole article you wrote is about proof of you being a delusional idiot.

      none of your predictions ever come true.

      there is no christ and there is no antichrist.

      no one pays me for that, its simply a proven fact beyond all reasonable doubt for anyone with intellectual integrity and a functioning cognisant ability.

    • Geeper

      You haven’t talked to these people, you’ve stuck your fingers in your ears and made up your own bizarre theories about who they are and what they’re doing. I guess your life feels more dramatic and validated if you take “snarky BIN users who are fed up of me spamming their site with ‘I am Jesus, you morons’” and instead imagine them as “NSA agents tasked with shutting down my bombshell message because I’m bigger than Snowden”. You’re like a kid playing cowboys and indians in the yard. That’s all.

  • @sshole

    the proofing has worn off


  • Geeper

    Huh, interesting that this article seems to have been dropped from the /alternative category page now. Still on the most-commented front page, though. Those algorithms maybe need a little more work, BIN.

    • @sshole

      “Those algorithms maybe need a little more work, BIN.”

      this site has zero credibility and should be regarded only with contemptuous derision …

      • Geeper

        It is what it is. Approach it in the right frame of mind and you’ll be fine.

      • King of Shambhala

        Why aren’t you more consensual and positive?

        Why so negative, you sound like old cranky ladies.

        You know Obama’s doomed and all your work for him is for naught and it’ll send you to hell for defending the Antichrist Obama, don’t you?

        You’re nothing but doomed demons, don’t you realize the folly of your hopes?

      • Merkin

        Why would we want to consent to your base satanical filth and delusions Geir?

        You are pointing “over there” to distract people from what’s really going on.

      • Geeper

        “Why aren’t you more positive?” asks the man who screams paranoid homophobic abuse at strangers.

  • King of Shambhala

    user raygene is being investigated. This piece of crap is revealing personal information.

    I am offering 1.54 Euros Paypal for information on this NSA Obot raygene.

    Post it here now. Don’t be a coward. I will protect all that submit, because I am the Messiah

    • Merkin

      I’ll double of offer to keep raygene’s identity a secret.

      That’s right. 2 X

      ( Best part of that link? )

      Followers : Geir Smith has no followers yet. Be the first one to follow.

  • metalraven

    How long has dipity been up? What no followers Queen of Sham-bull-ya? Can’t you understand why? And what about that BS drivel as to come listen to your insanity. Oh yes, I saw it and I posted on it, just in case some unsuspecting innocent happens upon it.

    Me an antichrist? Really? I am not a Christian. I am a Jew, but not Hebrew. I converted 21 years ago. Still haven’t done your research yet have you. NO!!! It shows. Your intelligence shows with your name calling as well. You just do not have anything intelligent to say.

    Geez, how much is 1.5 euros? what about $2.50 USD? Tell you what, whom ever made that web site up got your number. Didn’t they? Ooooh, must have gotten your panties in a wad.

    Figure out why so many post on your drivel, that is so the unsuspecting can see the truth, not the BS that you are putting out there.

    I would give you a link so that you can study Hebrew and Greek, but I doubt you could understand it.

    TTFN Fellas.

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