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Conspiracy: Obama Is Antichrist (Video) Are Theorists Right Obama’s The “One”/Satan’s Incarnation?

Monday, July 15, 2013 18:53
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Conspiracy: Obama Is Antichrist (Video) Are Theorists Right Obama’s The “One” = Satan’s Incarnation?

by Geir Smith – “King of Shambhala” at BIN.

Is Obama the Antichrist because one in eight people believe so? People labelled as conspiracy theorists are saner than normal people who follow what the mainstream thinks. So, when the mainstream sheep listen to the geniuses of the world, Obama’ll be revealed as Satan and the Antichrist. Obama’s only chance of avoiding this, rests in keeping the wool firmly pulled over peoples’ eyes. Obama needs ignorance to survive and ignorance needs Obama to survive, because he is Satan.

A recent report by Michael J. Wood and Karen M. Douglas of the University of Kent (UK) show that those labelled as conspiracy theorists are saner than  those who accept the official versions of contested events.

Obviously, people who have CNN or the MSM as their world-view have mental problems which are of dimensions that no one can estimate. Medical help won’t even help someone who believes what the MSM spews, in terms of propaganda for Big Brother and brainwash.

That is on par with the housewife of the 50s who believed everything the advertisement industry told her. Remember Doris Day? Everything she discovered in ads was “great”!

Lobotomized robots have always existed and they’re the living dead we have to put up with, everyday of our lives. But there’s hope, because for every robot, you have the resistance movement of people, who don’t follow the herd. They think. They are lead by leaders who are Mensa members, geniuses and visionnaries… they are Harvard and MIT graduates, rocket scientists, incredibly intelligent and moral giants of this world.

To stand up to the mainstream drivel, is a task which only giants among men can achieve and which only beautiful moral beings can withstand the pressure of. The MSM seeks to drum down and to force people to accept the mainstream lying, fake and corrupted, deceit-ridden garbage. The intent of the MSM is to turn around peoples’ thinking is such a way that the truth can no longer be figured out from the lies.

….the MSM is like the Russian nested dolls/eggs of the puppet hiding the puppet, hiding the puppet…. wherein there’s never any final version which can be trusted or believed. There is nothing in the MSM which can be believed, because even the slightest truthful fact is fabricated and twisted, so as to achieve some momentary slant, … and turning it into a lie. 

The poor MSM shills areso pitiful: they’re forced to continue their lies, or leave the job, so that even when they’re reporting the truth they’re smeared from all the previous lying they had to do. This makes them suspicious to the general population who know they’re being lied to. Seeing an MSM shill trying to tell peple to listen, because what they say is true is a joke.

 For those outside the MSM and who seek the truth in every fact they know of, being truthful in the public arena is dificult. (and dangerous – the truth-speakers have been burnt as witches by all power-to-be since Jesus, Joan of Arc and Salem’s witches) Being a good person in one’s own private environment is challenging; and being truthful in one’s own research, is a challenge as well.

Is Obama the Antichrist in the conspiracy world?

Now, there are conspiracy theories of all sorts which can be examined in detail. Among what appears as “conspiracy theory” – while many are zany, – amongst them, are theories which the geniuses of the world, the great minds, have all faced up to and speculated about. Take for example this question: “How were the Pyramids built?” Conventional wisdom poopoos even thinking about it and tries to hush any question by simply covering it up by saying: “That’s all been proven and explained in depth by scientists.”

Scientists are out left field on this one.

Modern lifting machines, can lift a certain weight, for example, 50 tons. Or 500 tons. But they can’t lift 5000 tons. Trucks in South Africa can lift weights of hundreds of tons but not a rock of that weight in one piece. Big machines can’t place big rocks to fit seamlessly with other rocks of weighing the same. There are blocks of stone of great weight in various sites worldwide which are made by someone’s hand and not by machines are scientists would have us to believe. They imagine there were machines thousands of years ago.

Enormous blocks of stone weighing hundreds of thousand tons don’t seem to be able to have been made by anyone else but those who are remembered in mythology and which we know today as the Giants of Greek Mythology.

Modern Science says the Greeks “had a vivid imagination” and that that was just making up “tall tales”. That’s right it shows a lot f imagination… but….either it’s imaginary or it’s the truth. What’s true is that it’s either the one of the other or both, but in no case is it a closed case, because in this case such as in others, the ignorant mainstream imbeciles have no idea about the facts adn can’t explain them. The only convenient solution they’ve found is to avoid the topic.

Until the proof and explanation is provided, it’s not been “scientifically” explained. Giants walked the Earth in olden times. It’s said in the ancient books, it’s true and there’s no arguing it.

Another supposed “conspiracy theory”:  Is Obama the Antichrist?

The jury is  also out on this one. But a recent poll shows that one in eight people in the world believe that yes, Obama is the Antichrist. Those people make up at least 50 million, when enlarged to a worldwide polling. Some of these are not intelligent people. Some are very intelligent people. Some are Mensa members and some are mystical preachers and believers. What’s certain is that these people all qualify as scorned “conspiracy theorists”. Remember? The people who are more intelligent than the MSM and who are saner than the crackpots who follow the MSM-thinking, like bleeting sheep herds, like lost souls. Following the MSM-thinking is for the living dead and vampires.

What are the geniuses of the conspiracy heros thinking about Obama? Well, Obama’s filled all the conditions to be the Antichrist. He’s ascended to the presidency and all the previous presidents did that regardless of colour. They all qualifed to be the Antichrist because of their power.

When discussing Obama’s action and whether it’s Antichrist-like, people differ among  the 50 million. Some say Obama carries out the NWO agenda, others do very complicated Bible study to outline what’s wrong with Obama’s actions.

I’m not intelligent enough to understand the Bible because I’ve never studied it. I follow the world’s highest form of culture Tibetan Tantric Buddhism which is very rich with the hundreds of thousands of books the Buddha authored. The Bible is just one book and not even written by Jesus – who left not even one single book. My faith has Tantric Yoga etc… which is unique and not found in any other culture. Modern Science has no idea of what Tantric Yoga is about. Modern Science is bad for the world, bad for Earth, bad for the environment and for Mankind.

No one can deny Modern Science has doomed the world with atomic fission. Albert Einstein said so. He invented the Atom Bomb. Modern Science is the worst thing in the world behind Islam.

My Buddhist Kalachakra Apocalypse teaching, announces that Obama’s the Antichrist.

Because it announces that the End of times great war, will be fought against a demonic king who will not be Buddhist but be of a mixed faith just like Obama.

Thus, the Kalachakra Apocalypse prophecy announces that the Apocalypse Armageddon war will be between Buddhist Kalachakra and the mixed-faith demon corresponding to Obama’s mix of mongrel faiths.

I’m thus the Messiah, because I’m the sole person among those 50 million, who’s proving that Obama’s the Antichrist with proof. What’s my proof? In Obama’s hometown of Chicago, the Illinois Lottery drew 666 the day after Obama’s election.

1. So, the Kalachakra prophecy tells us that the Antichrist will be of a mixed faith such as Obama is and which is a very unique and rare thing.

2. We narrow down our search further by saying that the Antichrist must be one of the US presidents seeing the Antichrist will “rule the world” (Bible).

3. Heaven sent us a message so as to be able to narrow down to one person in the world and did it by sending the Mark of 666 upon one person in the world: Obama.

Mainstream sheep won’t be able to understand this as they have a 24 sec span of attention.

But Mensa members and geniuses will get this: Obama’s the Antichrist. The “conspiracy theorists” of the world willge tit: Obama’s the Antichrist. The 50 million people who think Obama’s the Antichrist, will get it: the proof Obama’s the Antichrist is provided by me, the Messiah, Geir Smith, King of Shambhala.

Among those 50 million many will be called but few will be chosen and among 50 million, 144 000 will be saved and go to heaven because they join me in spreading this good news of revealing the Antichrist to the world. Do it now fast, from East to West, don’t ever stop; and be saved.

Those who say Obama’s the Antichrist are saner than the crackpot crazies who say Obama’s not the Antichrist. You have to a serious crackpot to say Obama’s not the Antichrist (Satan-in-Person)

Obama is indeed the Antichrist, no doubt about that:


Obama – The Lottery and 666 – You have GOT TO SEE THIS! What are the CHANCES?

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Total 2 comments
  • King of Shambhala

    I think we can all get along.

    No need to fight.

    I’m announcing Obama’s the Antichrist (the “Abomination”) and revealed by the Mark of the Beast 666 and we can all ally in spreading this message everywhere in the world.

  • G Dog

    First off, where dose anyone get the 666 thing? Plus if obuma is the so called antichrist he is one POOR EXCUSE for one.
    The phrase “Anti-Christ” he’s not even near it.
    You 1 in 8 persons has a VERY limited knowledge on the bible. We have not seen nothing yet, I am so discourged by what people will go thru to NOT SEE THE TRUTH. In the text of our government here in the states do you people understand that you can not ignore what is being put in your face!
    I do realize tho that on this site I’m preaching to people already in the know. The ones that don’t know or the ones that are so weak willed and have no honor will cause the truely rightous to suffer. Pray for their souls cause they are truely lost.

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