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LA Sinkhole Vid, Something Major Happening!

Saturday, July 20, 2013 9:55
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Wellhead pressure at the Saltdome is now 600 PSI ! Officials baffled ! See Info below…

Update July 21, 2013: Parish workers discovered water and debris moving inside the containment berm area early Friday. Bubbles on the water’s surface indicated a gas release, and there were tremors felt in the area. [...]  The periodic ‘burp’ was the second in two days and the fourth in the past two-and-a-half weeks, according to parish officials. [...] The [blue ribbon] commission, thus far, has not been able to come up with a reasonable prediction of what the future holds for the area.

July 16th 2013, Gary Hecox, CB&I hydrogeologist talks to locals….

This is going to not satisfy you, but we honestly don’t know.

We have talked to some of the leading experts in the world as too what could be causing this. We don’t know. Nobody’s ever encountered anything like this in the history of mankind.

I’m not kidding, what’s going on with that cavern where it’s going up several hundred feet and down several hundred feet, we don’t know if it’s some equipment issues or if there’s something going on in the cavern that we don’t understand. The pressure in the cavern continues to slowly increase. It’s up now to almost 600psi in the wellhead, that’s brine pressure not gas. (end excerpt)

(MB) The pressure at the Macondo BP deep well was around 900 PSI and the temps at about 400 F. The high pressure and high temperature crude has been leaking into and melting a massive methane hydrate deposit ever since the blowout.. The high pressure methane gas and high pressure crude have been migrating beneath the Gulf seafloor and under the Gulf States. A disaster of unprecented proptions is underway. Read the following prophecy about what is coming to the Gulf States, great numbers will die. I sent the prophecy below to John Boudreaux and many other officials last year. They know what is going on. No one will ever admit the sinkhole is related to Macondo and they will never tell anyone how bad things are, or are going to be. I also sent the warnings to Texas Brine officials, they are no doubt working with the feds to keep things hushed up. The NWO is out to destroy America, read the prophecy further down and understand why God is allowing it all. Here is a link to another frightening prophecy about the Gulf methane disaster for those who are interested in what is coming to the Gulf States.


Here is an excerpt from the prophecy below…

The great rupture of this methane gas will hit Florida! It will hit Texas!  It will hit inland and move up beneath the Mississippi River! It will go south towards Cuba. It will go towards Mexico!  It will spew forth, sometimes with small eruptions, but at other times, the eruptions of these gases will be so great that they will easily sink ships! And, there will come a time when travel in the Gulf of Mexico will be extremely hazardous!

Most often, the presence of these terrible gases will go undetected, but the effects of these gases will be deadly!  Whole areas will come under attack, and there will be many “unexplained” deaths and sicknesses!  This great gas explosion will be seen as the “silent killer.”


Message from our Saviour

A great call to repentance: America is burning!

The Melting of the great, frozen, methane lake:

The Third Great Judgement for Louisiana and for this nation!

June 30, 2012

My Blessed Child, I am your Father Yahweh, yea Jehovah, Most High God, yes Jesus, Lord of Lords and King of Kings! I tell you again, that I am One and the Same!  I am your Saviour! I am your Redeemer; and I am Most High God; and besides Me, there is none! But, there come those, who wish to quibble, who wish to find fault and who wish to dispute the truth of who I am! And some say, “She speaks to another Jesus! She hears from another God!”  But, I tell you, My Blessed Child, that among these very mockers are those, who speak to another god. They speak to another Jesus! For, I am not found among them; and these include some of your biggest critics, who control the churches, and who mock these works.

But, now, My Blessed Child, I come to you and I tell you a very important thing!  And, this very important word is about to accelerate all of My judgements in the earth! Yes, people will look here and they will look there and they will say, “Oh, look at these Satanists! Oh, look what they do!” But, I tell you this! Hear Me in this! For, I am empowering the Satanists over you! 

Just as I raised up Nebuchadnezzar and I empowered Nebuchadnezzar to come forward and to overrun and defeat My people, who did evil and who would not heed the warnings of My prophets, I have now raised up another in your midst!  Indeed, he is Satan’s choice and Satan has put him over you through his secret organizations. But, I tell you now that I control Satan!  He does what I allow and what I command!

I wrote the Book of Revelation; and I have spoken through My prophets down through the ages, for this is what My people chose. And, I have honored their choices!

The antichrist in our midst!

But now, hear Me in this!  Make no mistake about it!  Barack Obama is the antichrist!  Whine all you want! Be in denial all that you want, but you will not change who he is; and you will not change the fact that I put him over you!

He is your worst nightmare, oh America; for he will burn you down and laugh as he sees you burning!  He has no allegiance to America; for his allegiance is to Satan; and this man’s heart is set upon his rule of the whole world!

“The Time of the Burning!”

You, oh America, are but fodder for his fires, you wicked and adulterous peoples of America!  And, burn you will!  Yes, you will burn; and the fires will spread all across this nation, even before the nukes come!  Yes, you will burn, oh America!  For, you will not repent!  And, because you will not repent; and I have called out to you for many years to repent of your evil ways, and you will not hear My cries, I tell you that you will burn! (The Lord warned the prophet, Dumitru Duduman, that America will burn. We have now come to that time!)

Terrible Droughts and Famines!

And, the famines, great famines, will begin to rip across this land, from one city to another and from one part of this land to another! In years past, I warned you through My words, which I gave to My servant, Linda Newkirk. I told you that if you would not repent that I would dry up your corn fields, that I would bring famines; and you would not hear! You would not believe!

Now come the famines, and you can see it at your door! For, the droughts are so great!  And, now the great fires come, yet few of you can see them, and these fires continue on! Now comes also the time when your antichrist president will wallow in his victories! For, now comes also the time when he is coming into his power!

The Fall of America!

What will you do, oh you decadent nation of America?  You will fall! America will fall!  Yes, America will fall, and all over the world, the people will shudder!  They will panic!  They will fear with a great fear! For, they shall soon say, “America is fallen!” Yes, the whore of the world is fallen! That old wicked woman, who made the world to drink of the cup of her perversions, has fallen! 

Yet, not all will fear, but only those nations, who have depended upon you, will fear!  Many will rejoice!  Many will be joyful! They will be glad; for you, oh decadent nation of America have terrorized many nations!

Terrors From the South!

Now comes the time, and it is at your door, when many nations shall terrorize you, oh nation of America! For, as you have sown, so shall you reap!

The wind is coming! Yes, a very great wind from the South is coming!  A very great Southerly wind will come upon this nation and this wind from the South will greatly trouble you! 

Yes, the King of the South will rise up and he will collect his own nations; and they shall rise up to defeat and to overthrow this nation, not through war, not yet through war, but soon through war! However, at this time, they shall rise up; and soon, en masse, they will rise up to overthrow the dollar!  And, this wind will blow hot!  This wind will blow upon you with a great force and this great wind will cause you to suffer an irreparable crack in the economy of this nation. And, the rumbles of this great wind shall crash and crack and beat and dissolve, beat and dissolve, pound and pummel the very economic structure of this nation!

The Works of the Antichrist!

But, do not be alarmed when you see your president bow to them all; for he is not after your approval. He is after their glory!  He is after their support! He is after their admiration; for he champions their causes! He is their man and he is your great enemy, oh America!

Yes, America, your president is the antichrist! He came out of Europe! In Europe, he was conceived and through the European Satanic elite, he was born!  But, he is truly a man without a country; and because he is a man without a country, he is loyal to no country!  His eyes are on the prize of world governance; for while he bows today to ingratiate himself to foreign rulers, tomorrow he will require that they all bow to him. 

The Fulfillment of Our Saviour’s words!

Yes, Barack Obama is a man with a great plan; but remember: I wrote the plan! I put him over you, oh America; for I am going to use him to break your pride! I am going to use him to break your haughtiness. I am going to use him to break your economy! I am going to use him to fill up your concentration camps! I am going to use him to haul you off as slaves, oh you rebellious house!  I am going to use him to further pollute you, oh Nation of America; for he hates you, oh wicked nation; and I will drive his hate towards you until he sees you in flames from one end of this nation to the other, from north to south and from east to west!

The Price of Rebellion

You will not repent, oh you wicked nation of America!  You will not heed My calls to repent, or perish!  You will not bow a knee to Me, to the Creator of All Things, but you will bow a knee to him!  And, many of you will take his mark and will worship him, just to have food on your tables.  For, you will not honor Me and My word! You will not repent!  Therefore, you will worship him and you will lose your souls!  For, you have loved evil! You have no regard for what is right! You love a lie!  You love every perverted thing; and you will perish in your wicked ways!

The Great Judgements of our God against Louisiana and this nation!

Get ready, people of Louisiana! Get ready! Get ready for one of the greatest catastrophes that you will ever see!  I have sent you warnings through the great devastation of Hurricane Katrina! This was My first great warning to you, oh people of Louisiana: my warning to repent, or perish.  Yet, you have made yourselves busy in re-buiding that great decadent city of New Orleans, but you have not repented!

Then, I sent you even greater warnings through the Gulf of Mexico oil disaster!  Great is this calamity and great have been your losses through this great calamity! But, still you have not repented!

These are My judgments, oh you blind, who lead the blind; but you would not see My handiwork in the midst of these great calamities. You would not see My judgments through these great catastrophes!

The Third Great Judgement Against Louisiana,

 and the people of this nation!

Now, you do not see again what is happening to you!  For, the great frozen methane lake, which is beneath the Gulf of Mexico, is quickly melting!  The heat of the seeping oil, which is pouring into the frozen lake, is melting this great lake of frozen methane!

Yes, you watch in amazement as these methane bubbles come to the surface and some of you are surprised at the shifting of your homes. But, hear Me! For, you have seen nothing yet! This gas is finding its own exits! 

A great volume of methane gas is pushing upwards and is seeking to find its own vents!  As more of this gas pushes its way to the surface, there will come a shifting in the subterranean land masses. There shall come a subsequent shifting in the lands, both beneath the Gulf of Mexico, and even for some distance from the Gulf of Mexico!

Some of these land displacements will be great with ensuing earthquakes.  But, the earthquakes will not compare to the unexpected explosions, and in many areas, unparalleled deaths of humans, animals and aquatic life and yes, even birds and other life forms!

Oh, you people of Louisiana, you would not listen!  I have sent you two very great calamities and now comes a third. So great shall be your suffering! The stench, the stink of the dying shall be so great!  And, many will say, “Who is going to Louisiana?”  For, the explosions and the dying shall be so great among you!

And, when you see these terrible things hit Louisiana, know that this is My third, great judgment against this wicked state. It is a haughty state! It is full of idol worship and witchcrafts; and those in the churches will not obey Me. They will not walk in humility before Me. For, their song is, “How great I am!”

But, I tell you, oh state of Louisiana, you are a cancer!  You are a grievous sore in My face!  You are a great blot upon the face of the whole earth; and I will erase you! 

I will continue in My judgments against you; and I will continue to plead with you to repent through My great judgements, until I erase your very existence! For, you are rotten, oh state of Louisiana! You are rotten to the core and I will no longer allow this evil before My face!

I tell you now; and hear Me well! The great methane bubble, which lies beneath the Gulf of Mexico, is beginning to rupture!  As this great bubble ruptures, it will push out! It will begin to push out with great force!  It will erupt beneath the ocean!  It will erupt all along the Gulf Coast! 

The great rupture of this methane gas will hit Florida! It will hit Texas!  It will hit inland and move up beneath the Mississippi River! It will go south towards Cuba. It will go towards Mexico!  It will spew forth, sometimes with small eruptions, but at other times, the eruptions of these gases will be so great that they will easily sink ships! And, there will come a time when travel in the Gulf of Mexico will be extremely hazardous!

Most often, the presence of these terrible gases will go undetected, but the effects of these gases will be deadly!  Whole areas will come under attack, and there will be many “unexplained” deaths and sicknesses!  This great gas explosion will be seen as the “silent killer.”

The time is at hand, oh America!  You have come to the time of your great judgements; and this bowl is now full and overflowing!

I am your Father, Yahweh, yea Jehovah, Most High God.

As witnessed, dictated and recorded this 30th day of June, 2012,

Linda Newkirk

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  • Anonymouse

    America was told not to put a foreign ruler to lead over you. IT WAS FORBIDDEN.

    The negro is foreign born and is not even qualified or legal to be president. He is now a curse on this nation. Bringing only misery and suffering. But this is only a precedent to what is really coming.

    CAPTIVITY and SLAVERY! The goal of liberals. You will be made a mockery of your enemies all from the East; China, Russia, and Islam.

    They will mock and goad you to your DEATH. Many are prophesied to be beheaded. The rest into captivity and slavery.

    You reign and your sin is about come to an end. As soon as you make gay “marriages” legal in all 50 states the Lord WILL STRIKE you down!

    • wakeup

      BAAL (English word lord) WONT STIKE ANYBODY DOWN. Better learn words cause the devil deceived the whole world.

      • Colonel Robert F. Cunningham

        The Great Curse by Noah Upon Canaan and the subsequent Great Curse of The Most High Upon Cush as a result is NOW upon the whole of the United States for our permitting an Illegal and an Accursed to occupy our highest office … not ONCE but TWICE!

        We, the People fully DESERVE this DAMNATION!

        The Book of Genesis gives only three verses to that Great Curse, but the full context – word for word – of BOTH are contained in “The ANOINTED, The ELECT, and The DAMNED!” .. free to read on-line. No email, gene tests, donation ‘requests’ or follow-up of any kind; and no ‘belief’ required. Just read it. You won’t like most of it, but even the commas come with the TESTIMONY of The Most High, Himself. If the TESTIMONY of The Most High, Himself, to YOU personally, isn’t sufficient, WHAT WOULD BE?

        Colonel Robert F. Cunningham,
        Aku Press, LLC.

      • Anonymouse

        Does not the Bible say when you do something twice you AFFIRM IT?

        We have just said to God we don’t want your way.

  • ElOregonian

    “We have talked to some of the leading experts in the world as too what could be causing this. We don’t know. Nobody’s ever encountered anything like this in the history of mankind.

    I’m not kidding, what’s going on with that cavern where it’s going up several hundred feet and down several hundred feet, we don’t know if it’s some equipment issues or if there’s something going on in the cavern that we don’t understand.”

    This same phenomenon is happening with ocean buoy’s in the Gulf of Alaska and around Australia where a couple of them are rising and falling several hundred feet. No one knows whats causing the anomalies, but it sure is not a good thing, that much I am sure of.

  • Anonymous

    This reminds me of a video from last year showing similar water movement in Devil’s Hole during an earthquake in Mexico. Here is a link

    • ElOregonian

      Excellent find.

      • chefjim

        The governments of the world are in free fall and the physical earth itself is in freefall. Who knows what they have been doing for the last 50 years behind our backs.

  • f.Lindswy

    Remember where the BIBLE talks about FALSE Prophets?
    Here is an example of a freak pretending 2 speak 4 the God of CREATION.
    Mark I hope you exam your motives- Why are you trying 2 scare people who live on the Gulf Coast?
    Shame on you 4 pretending that your words are the words of Jesus Christ.
    What kind of ego thinks that they are the one 2 speak 4 CHRIST?
    I found your “prophecy” 2 be COMPLETE BS
    Why would Jesus want 2 destroy his people?
    Haven’t you heard of the BIBLE BELT?
    The south has a CHRISTIAN Church every 5 miles on every HWY that crosses through the country-
    I love Christ&his words bring peace not FEAR……
    YOUR Christ is NOT the BRINGER of Peace that the Bible speaks of,seems like your christ is really you trying 2 sound smart….it’s NOT WORKING :eek: get a life, introduce yourself 2 the son of GOD,he’ll forgive your stupidity,he is merciful,not vengeful &petty as you pretend :arrow: .

    • Mick

      If I was going to quote the bible at least I’d give it the courtesy of spelling ‘to’ and ‘for’ instead of 2 and 4, and I’m not religious. How can you mean it when it’s too much work to spell it?

  • trashman

    It reminds me of OCEAN movement, with that area being at sea level or even below it, the fact that thier is a giant salt dome, beneath them leading oout too the ocean. Im saying that that lake has in fact connected to the ocean and what we are seeing thier is in fact OCEAN current, pushing back and forth! I f so watch out cause the dome willl collapse,crap crap crap. Hang on folks cause whne those 1.4 million barrels of liquid butane goes BOOOOOOOOOOM, hang on. GL and GB

  • Medusafern

    Excuse me, um, but is Jesus really this angry? Sure, he was known to get cranky when confronted with persons who did bad deeds, as he did in the presence of the money changers, but he wasn’t ever out of his mind with rage, which is a human, not a divine trait, to be out of one’s mind with rage. I do not believe in the God of the Old Testament. I do not believe in a merciless Jesus. I will not believe in a God with a egomaniacal power-trip agenda who wants all humans to be prostrate and slavish before him. These are human wants and human doings. God would be better than that, better than us. For if God is vengeance, what hope is there, what hope was there ever for any of us?

    This Universe is miraculous, beautiful and mysterious and wondrous beyond measure. A hateful deity would not have had the time to fashion such, for that God would have been too busy fomenting more Hate. And if the only God that exists is one that foments hatred and rage, then I feel sorry for us all.

    But this is NOT God. To call an entire people, an entire country, an entire continent for that matter, evil – is not God. Divine wisdom is always able to discern who is greater and lesser evolved among us, whose beings are housed with more love or less love, who are filled with light and who are sunk by Ego.

    In fact the only thing that probably would anger Jesus is how horribly he’s been falsely represented by Christianity, by those who claim to follow him but know nothing of what he stands for. Endless words put in his mouth. Endless pronouncements of shame and blame and hellfire and brimstone attributed to him – NO! This is not God.

    Jesus came to simply teach us to be good to one another. To be humble, grateful, to let go of Ego. He did not come to be judgmental, hateful, egomaniacal, or power-tripping.

    • Anonymous

      Medusafern, you are correct! finally someone who gets it! Love and Peace

    • AmbrociousXP

      Romans 12:19

      Dearly beloved, avenge not yourselves, but rather give place unto wrath: for it is written, Vengeance is mine; I will repay, saith the Lord.

    • chefjim

      Good luck with that wishful dossier of who Jesus Christ is. You reject Jesus Christ. You say you don’t believe in the God old testament. Well, then, you don’t believe in God. Jesus Christ quoted the scripture (OT is all they had then) many times so He believed in it. The bible is not a book to pick and choose what you want to believe and leave out the parts that don’t appeal to you. In your case, you want to believe in a God who is all love and no judgement or all mercy and no anger.

      Your god only exists in your own mind. I don’t believe in the “prophecy” written on this page and the person who pretends to speak for God will be judged (see Deuteronomy 13) Why do you even mention the bible and God and Jesus Christ if you are not going to believe everything written in the bible? Why even mention Jesus Christ is you are not prepared to take the WHOLE counsel of God?

      You are in error about who God is and you have believed the lie about Him. He is God Almighty and His Wrath is coming very soon. But He never unleashes His wrath on His own children so He is going to remove them before He lets His wrath go on this deserving country and world. THAT is what the bible says. Get one (a KJV, other versions are PER versions) and read it. Follow the directions in the Gospel of John and get saved and you too can miss out on His righteous wrath. If you don’t, you will feel every bit of His wrath upon you and so will anyone else who rejects Him.

  • YellowRoseTx51

    So sick of the illiterates and these COVENS. “Yahweh” is the branch of “SET;” whose sumerian name was An, and common man called him Satan. This is who she is channeling and allowing to possess her.


    Why the hell do you have to throw Christianity into an article about the sink hole developing? Why are you trying to perpetuate people’s fears?

  • Dana

    This is the most rediculous thing I have read in a long time. I live 3 miles from this sinkhole. The movement is nothing that this sinkhole has not been doing for almost a year not. Everytime there is a burp it does this. Just so happened someone was out there with a video camera. 1.4 million barrells of butane in a salt cavern CANNOT blow up. First of all there is not 1.4 million barrells of butane in the cavern. Never has been. That is the max storage amount of the cavern. Yes there is a lot there but not even close to that amount.
    There is not oxygen in these caverns.

  • Be4itstoo0ldnews

    My guess, and only a guess, is that an extra solar body is around that put the earth at more of a wobble from a gravitational pull and is making the oceans slosh around a bit more.

  • Jabberwocky1111

    Can anyone identify the weird noise that starts at 0:40 – 0:58 ish?

    • Dana

      The only out of the ordinary noise I hear is a dump truck dumping a load in the distant background. Everything else sounds quite normal for around here.

  • Gunny

    There are numerous books out of late that describes what the Prophets foretold 2500 years ago. What is taking place today is what they have predicted. They describe Obama perfectly as the antichrist or the false prophet. Isaiha 9:10 foretold 9/11, the falling of the bricks, the downing of the cedars that were there and, on rebuilding, the planting of sycamore. I brief: we are in the end times and the second coming of Christ. Prior to His coming there will be a tribulation period of seven years. At the end of the tribulation, which will be catastrophic which few will survive, Jesus will return and make his judgments. I’m glad I’m not a democrat.

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