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Egypt: Anti-Christ Obama Sides with Evil. Apocalypse Announced In Egypt (Bible)

Thursday, August 15, 2013 11:55
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Obama’s thrown the world into mayhem. Egypt’s now in turbulence.

He’s incited people against each other and now we have it. In Egypt, Saudi Arabia has destroyed the Muslim Bortherhood which Obama supported and heavily funded.

(Obama funded the Brotherhood with 8 billion$ and Morsi’s son threatens to reveal it and get Obama jailed for that.)

Obama’s siding with the Brotherhood is irking Hollywood and his supporters. The latest to betray Obama’s Camp is Oliver Stone: “Obama’s a snake and we must turn on him.”

The Mainstream media is supporting Obama to the hilt, because it’s convinced Obama’s a genius and the Messiah. What crap.

What is Obama? He’s supporting the Muslim Brotherhood who have been killing the Christian Copts in Egypt for a full year now. The Copts have massively fled to the USA. That’s the garbage Obama is.

The Muslim Brotherhood want to enforce Sharia Law which holds to Jihad, killing all infidels, oppressing women and denying them all human rights. The Brotherhood ideal is killing women, Christians, Jews, and ther own fellow Muslims. The Muslim Brotherhood hate the Shiites, and the other Sunni Muslims, like Saudi Arabia, which they can’t stand. This is the garbage Obama supports, which is Evil.

Egypt is prophecied in the Bible to announce the Apocalypse by a great upheaval and bad things occurring there. Obama’s marked by 666 and it looks like the Apocalypse prophecies are coming true and realizing right now.

Obama’s an incarnation of evil, he’s the Antichrist. He supports and allies with evil: Islam. The Mainstream media are his mouthpieces and have followed the Camp of Satan. Obama oppresses Chrestians in the Middle East, he oppresses moderate Muslims and he destroys freedom and creates Mayhem wherever he goes.

The Antichrist is the “Lawless One”, the “Renegade”, the “False Man Of Peace”.

The Bible announces that Egypt will encounter mayhem and war and the Apocalypse will happen. 2 “I will stir up Egyptian against Egyptian– brother will fight against brother, neighbor against neighbor, city against city, kingdom against kingdom. Isaiah 19:2

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  • slamdance13

    Shame on me. I pray for his death daily then I repent. Does that make me a bad person?

    • King of Shambhala

      Obama has to be revealed as the Antichrist.

      There are famous people who have said Obama’s the Antichrist.

      One of them is Victoria Jackson of SNL fame, she’s on Facebook.

      We should gang up with her and others.

      My articles can go there.

      • UnstoppableTruth69

        You should let people draw their own conclusions as to whether he is the Anti-Christ or Not.

        It’s not fair for you to persecute people for not agreeing with your own views.

        Put forth some HARD evidence to prove your thesis, and don’t just say “Oh, the lottery 666 Drawing says so.”

        Don’t accuse him of being homosexual, and then try to claim a photo of him on a bike, or sitting beside a friend as proof.

        Just because someone says “Hes been a member of a gay bathhouse for upteen years now” does not warrant as proof of anything.

        If I were to say “King of Shambhala is a demon homosexual” and show a piece of paper that I cannot verify, does that make it true?

        Case, and Point.

      • King of Shambhala

        You don’t want me to criticize Obama, UnstoppableTruth69, that’s very suspicious.

        You know Thomas Jefferson and Benjamin Franklin and Teddy Roosevelt all said that criticism of the POTUS (US president) is a citizen-duty, don’t youi? (“If one doesn’t criticize the POTUS, one falls into Tyranny” – Thomas Jefferson.)

        They all said if citizens don’t criticize the POTUS they’re traitors so have you criticized Obama yet,UnstoppableTruth69?

        Do your duty.

      • King of Shambhala

        There’s no discussing the fact that the lottery drew 666.

        People can argue that that doesn’t mean anything.

        But I don’t and there are loads of proof Obama’s a homosexual and is indeed the Abomination of the Bible, aka the Antichrist.

        Obama’s a life member of the Chciago homosexual bathhouse.

        I have compassion for homosexuals like you and Obama, UnstoppableTruth69, because you homosexuals have rectal replacement surgery when you get old and that’s horrendous levels of suffering.

    • Ted

      Stupid physics, Ted is here to stay, Scott Walker is a ROCK STAR!

      • Ted

        Stupid physics; did you get deleted? :lol: :lol: :lol: :razz: :razz:

        • King of Shambhala

          Stupid physics makes threats and makes criminal postings with revealing private information. BIN tracks him now. I tell them when he’s made a new ID because he can’t hide who he is and always says the same stupid ugly threats. He’s a moron like Bill Ayers and can’t hide his nature of crime.

          He has to do crime whenever they give him the mic. He’s driven. MARX MARX MARX. hehehe

          Birthers Make Grand Meeting Before Taking Obama Down. Video.

          Stupid physics is stupid. Modern science is stupid it gave us Fukushima and that’s killing the world. Modern physics has killed us all.

        • It\'s Physics, stupid!

          Here’s King of ShamWow, your retard hero:

          «Concert de tasses GeirSmith» = «Cup concert with Geir Smith»

          • Kwisatz Haderach

            Wow, that’s messiah material if I have ever seen it. Le douche.

          • UnstoppableTruth69

            Is this actually “KOS”?

          • Merkin

            Yes “Unstoppable Truth69″

            That is “KOS” “The King of Shambhala” “Geir Smith” trying desperately to shave the dirt off.

            You can’t get that kind of dirt off Geir.

            P.S. You guys notice the lethal head-wound on the right hand side? Covered by hair flap?

          • Merkin

            At about the 3:20 minute mark of that video you can see Geir “play” his cup and saucer like a tambourine to the backstreet boys for 2 minutes. Staring into the cup…. smiling like a lunatic.

            I kid you not.

            What a find!!!!

          • King of Shambhala

            It’s physics is scared.

            He’ll get banned.

            Obama’s in trouble or maybe I shoudn’t say that, you Obots will start crying like babies.

            You homosexuals cry real easy.

            You get those butt-plugs and lose a lot of your energy.

            Having your arses carved out makes you cry a lot.

            I feel compassionate for you homosexuals.

            The Bible says you’re Abominations.

            Like Obama.

            Birthers Make Grand Meeting Before Taking Obama Down. Video.


          • King of Shambhala

            Birthers have scored a total victory over Obama.
            You want me to send the link?

            You want the link, huh you morons?

            Why you Leftists follow Satan?


          • Merkin

            Hello Rusty Sir.

            Many others have struggled to find the correct combination of words to describe the malady you describe.

            Like the word of creation it is hard to evoke in the good king’s English.

            Saint’s have called it :

            Being completely “Geirtarded” :roll:

          • RustyKuntz

            Yes, that is the appropriate word.

            Alas, that word irked some people here at BIN, and that great piece of art was lost forever….

          • Merkin

            To be fair the word “retarded” and it’s variants have lost their acceptance in many circles as of late. In my humble opinion it’s for the better.

            I’ve seen first hand the mother of a special needs child wince in pain when hearing others use that word as a general putdown for something/someone backwards or slow. Words have power. ( may be the creating and destructing force in the universe )

            The worlds greatest artists created their masterpieces on the very edge of societal acceptance. That is the san gréal my friend. That is why we know their works today.

            Much of Axis’ hard work/case file info was retrieved from the car crash site.
            All is not lost.

            Stay thirsty my Friend.

      • It\'s Physics, stupid!

        Scott Walker has destroyed workers’s rights and power of negociation.

        Hitler did the same exact thing.

        Scott Walker is bought by the Koch brothers. The same who make their billions over SPECULATION on oil. Which means YOU pay MORE for your gasoline because they are taking a quote on it. The same guys who pollute in many states. The same guys who bought many other politicians.
        Who do you think a bought politician serves? You? Or the one who bought him?
        I YOUR interests as a citizen where the same as those rich jackass, they wouldn’t feel the need to BUY politicians.

        Stupid stooge!

    • Anonymous

      Similarly, When I pray, I tell God that He must have a purpose for Be-Lack O’Blama in the Whitehouse, and for that purpose to be fulfilled. Then, I usually end with, “but, I can’t stand the guy!” God must be protecting Barry, in order to fulfill His will, or the impostor-in-chief would be dead by now.

      Isaiah 19:2 above talks about the fall of Egypt, but chapter 18 is all about the fall of America – right after the destruction of Damascus in chapter 17. Damascus, America, Egypt: boom, boom, boom!

    • Wretched Infidel

      But it is a waste of energy to pray for Hitler or anyone to die usually, because they are put there by the enemy with more power to work for the agenda of the Luciferians. So he will get his job done, he will not die because someone wanted him to stop persecuting people. More powerful people have put him in office and do ritual and rite almost continually for the ramped-up speed of the agenda they live for. The Americans have no way to combat this because they do not believe it is happening. So really, if you want to make your energy go farther, educate people in facts. But even this is I believe, a hopeless cause for the majority of Americans are so weakened by witchcraft that these people have perpetrated upon us all, that they are robotic slaves now to the people they ‘elected’ and still believe are their friends…

      It is a really bad, bad scary situation. it is our punishement and was prophesied….this is it.

  • darlene

    I dare anyone reflect and think seriously for a scenario… He’s supporting the Muslim Brotherhood who have been killing the Christian Copts in Egypt for a full year now…and NOBODY from you done something about it!! That’s weird…

    • King of Shambhala

      I think the scenario of the Bible is happening.

      Brother goes against brother in Egypt and worldwide.

      I think we’re just writing the prophecy and the next step will be Apocalypse.

  • Marcia

    The Book of Isaiah is Old Testament, you ignoramus.

  • UnstoppableTruth69

    The guy whos posts these religious articles says he’s not christian, doesnt agree with the Bible, and Jesus Christ isn’t his saviour and creator. Yet he plasters Christian religious beliefs all over this website, and when you call him out on it, he calls you a “False Christ” – Sound super contradictory to you too?

    Watch him as he posts below, slandering me and what i’ve said in every way. Most likely by saying “Oh, I believe in prophecy, and I don’t like the Dhalih Lama”

    • King of Shambhala

      The Bible can yield correct prophecy even if i’m Buddhist.

      If I eat chicken it doesn’t mean I roost in the hen-house.

      I cna take the things I want from Christianity and chrery pick it, who’s going to stop me?

      Christians can cherry-pick prophecy from us Buddhists and our Kalachakra Apocalypse if they want to, why not?

  • bunnsne4

    All I can say is I am so glad that I ddint waste my vote on the Devil. He couldnt even buy my vote.

  • Wretched Infidel

    Would it have been a sin to pray for the death of Hitler? Are you serious?

  • Wretched Infidel

    To unstoppable truth:

    You mislead us with this:

    “It’s not fair for you to persecute people for not agreeing with your own views.” hey, we are not persecuting. He is persecuting non-Muslims and Muslims who want out of the terrorizing tryanny he has installed and aided, financed with American blood money, in those countries, just as he is put there to do. We are not persecuting ANYBODY. He and his ilk are.

    Put forth some HARD evidence to prove your thesis,

    he is Muslim, wears a ring which states that, gives our enemy our money for our destruction and the destruction of Christians in Egypt, Libya, Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, invites enemies in to our country whose stated desire is to destroy it and us, knowing full well who they are, from what they state their religion is; at the same time turning away Christians who do need asylum from persecution from those muslim countries. I could add more this is enough for right now…

  • King of Shambhala

    Lots of people commenting with no articles and empty profiles. It’s so easy to spot gov shills/paid posters.

    CIA posters.

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