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Egypt: Islam Evilest Thing On Earth. Video. Apocalypse Is Finally here.

Thursday, August 15, 2013 9:44
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Reports say that Egypt is erupting into war with total mayhem breaking out between pro and anti-Muslim Brotherhood/Morsi supporters. Scores are dead and government buildings have been arsoned.

In the West, no clear answer has been shown as to which side to support and people are divided.

But the message is simple: it’s either support Islam and it’s hideous nature or condemn Islam and it’s evils. Koran quoted: “Every Muslim’s duty is to kill all Infidels (5,5 billion people on Earth.)” Islam is a vile thing.

The Anti-Islamic parties in Europe are united against this evil and have been railing openly against Islam under all it’s forms for years.

Geert Wilders of the Dutch Party For Freedom says Muslims must be massively expelled back to their countries. He says the Koran must be banned because it’s a criminal book and that Islam isn’t a religion but a criminal organization. He says all new mosques must be blocked from being built.

He’s offered a plan to have all dual-national Muslims be taken to the City Halls and for them to bring luggage. There they’re made to sign a paper saying they pledge allegiance to the Dutch Constitution.

(This is forbidden by Islam which says Muslims must not obey non-Islamic laws and just live as hidden Muslims – in what is called Taqqiya – until the advent of Sharia Law in the whole world. Islam says that any Muslim who swears to non-Islamic law, has become an apostate and must be killed by Muslims as an infidel.) 

Geert Wilders then says that if they refuse to sign the pledge of obedience, they’ll be immediately taken to the airport for expelling from Holland. (They’ll not be allowed to go home for luggage.)

Also he says any criminal with dual-nationality will be sent to his country and lose his Dutch nationality.

Marine Lepen of the Front National in France (25% in polls for future elections – a close second to Sarkozy’s 26%) is just as adamant and has similar plans for Muslims in  France. France is already famous for stringent law on burqas,(full head-to-toe tent/veils) which are forbidden to wear in public, in France (a new law’s breaking news: forbidding burqas at universities! The Islamists are going bezerk. Ranting away like crackpots against France! ROFLMAO.). Identical burqa-laws has been adopted by half the countries in Europe, (forbidding burqas in all public places) since France passed it.

The anti-Islamic movement is gaining steam very fast now worldwide, with famous people like Walid Shoebat (ex-Muslim terrorist Arab), Pam Geller (US Jewish – alias Atlas Shrugged – opposes Ground Zero Mosque.), David Spencer (Christian Arab Iraqi), Joseph Farah (Christian Arab Lebanese) etc.. spreading the word in the media.

Pam Geller – Geert Wilders.

(who’s the loon now? idiot libtards…)

Geert Wilders Wants to Tax Women who Wear Hijab

Posted on 30 September 2009 by Garibaldi

From Left to Right: Andrew Bostom, Geert Wilders, Robert Spencer, Pamela Geller

From Left to Right: Andrew Bostom, Geert Wilders, Robert Spencer, Pamela Geller

Fascism’s new face in Europe, parliamentarian in the Netherlands Geert Wilders, proposes taxing Muslim women who wear hijab (head covering) 1000 Euros. He is a close friend of Robert Spencer who has proclaimed that “everyone should support Geert Wilders.” Wilders has also called for the banning of the Quran which he equates to Hitler’s Mein Kampf , has stated that Muslims are colonizing the Netherlands and has advocated the denial of religious freedom to Muslims.

Wilders Wants Headscarf Tax

Geert Wilders has done it again. The leader of the far-right Freedom Party managed to make the Dutch headlines during the annual general political debate.

Wilders’s newest proposal is to tax the Muslim headscarf. Any Muslim woman who wants to wear a headscarf – which he described as a ‘head-rag’ – would have to apply for a licence, and pay one thousand euros for the privilege. Wilders says the money raised would go toward women’s emancipation programmes.

The rest of the Dutch parliament reacted to the proposal with disbelief. One after another, they asked Mr Wilders if this was a serious proposal. For instance, would he include other types of head covering in the tax? And how about orthodox Christian women who wear a headscarf quite similar to the Muslim version?

In reaction, Mr Wilders said he would actually prefer to ban the headscarf altogether, but that appeared to be legally impossible. He would not tax the Christian form of the headscarf, but he did not say how policy would make that distinction.

Mr Wilders has acquired a reputation for making shocking statements during general debates. Two years ago, he called for the banning the Muslim holy book, the Quran. Last year, he warned that Muslims were colonising the Netherlands. Last spring, he and his entire fraction walked out at the beginning of a debate.

The government still has to defend its new budget as part of the general debates. But in an unusual move, Mr Wilders has already announced that he plans to submit another motion of no-confidence in the entire cabinet. That will be the Freedom Party’s eighth motion of no-confidence.


(I totally dissociated from the libtard reporter’s insulting of Geert Wilders, calling Wilders Fascist. I totally dissociate from libtards supporting Islamists, murderers and criminals like Islamists. I support all Anti-Islamic movements and people.)


Now, you must also choose your side: pro or anti-Islam. Do you approve of Muslims depriving women of their human rights in Muslim countries? Do you approve of Femen’s demonstrations against “patriarcal” Islam? Do you claim that it’s the West’s intolerance towards Islam that radicalizes it and makes Islamists take violent, terrorist anti-Western action?

Do you claim (as one hears from intellectuals thouroughout the West) that “we in the West are responsable for Islam killing people everyday in the world” and not only against us Westerners. Islam kills every day in the Muslim world (Muslim on Muslim murder – Muslim on Christians/Jews murders), it kills Hindus, Buddhists, Jews, Christians. 95% of the wars in the world involve Muslims.

Count yourselves and stand up against the most evil thing in the world: Islam. In the Apocalypse is is said the chosen must stand up and be counted. The Messengers of the Apocalypse must stand up and be chosen.

Egypt is prophecied in the Bible to be the place from where the Apocalypse will start, with mayhem ruling throughout Egypt.

Obama’s a Muslim. He’s marked by the #666 drawn in his hometown Chicago in the Lottery the day after his election.

Blonde of youtube Islam, conquest and respect

Superstar of YouTube speaks out.

The French are fed up with Islam. “La Blonde Of YouTube” Speaks Out: “60%70% of jail inmates are Muslim.”

Stand up against the Antichrist Obama.

If anyone doubts Obama’s the Antichrist then explain this miraculous sign of 666 (video):


(click the links in the video, showing the lottery draw of 666 in the Chicago Tribune,on the day after it..)

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  • It\'s Physics, stupid!

    Now we clearly see how nazi you truly are.

    • King of Shambhala

      I support human rights.

      Nazism doesn’t.

      Islam is Nazi, ot me.

      I got you banned this week It is Physics, stupid!; I thougyht you learnt your lesson.

      Don’t break Nettiquette rules again.

      • King of Shambhala

        My house will be under surveillance.

        You Canadian criminals won’t get far.

        Be careful about making public threats.

        That’s harrassement and gets one year of jail.

        You’re “Gay Smith” who was just banned for revealing private information.

        The cops would be interested by your IP address and monitoring your acocunt right now.

        Why are you Leftists so stupid and ugly?

        Why do you support a black, Obama, who’s an illegal undocuemtned alien?

        Why is his only strength using the race card?

        Does he have no quality apart from skin colour.

        The man’s a crook.

        He’s ripped off the USA doubling the debt in just five years more than all the US presidents COMBINED.

        OBAMA’ S A THIEF.

        Why support this piece of garbage Obama?

        Why are you Leftists such hopeless imbeciles?

    • King of Shambhala

      Why’s Geert Wilders a Nazi?

      He’s a Dutch Indonesian-blood that are called “Indos”.

      Pam Geller’s not a Nazi, she’s Jewish – it’s you who are a Nazi, you support the Palestinians and Muslims who preach to kill all Indfidels, and kill the Copts in Egypt, the Christians in Syria and have cleaned out Irak of all it’s many Christians and Jews.

      • King of Shambhala

        Don’t make threats It is Physics, stupid!, you’re stupid and ugly.

        I swear you’ll go to jail if you make threats.

        Haters like you who threaten people and say you’ll go and physically harrass people, go straight to jail and don’t get any time to think; it’ll hit you before you know it.

      • It\'s Physics, stupid!

        Geert Wilder?
        I don’t know.
        But YOU are.

    • Ted

      Stupid physics; Ted here. You’re obviously a muslim, or brainwashed liberal/communist.

      Let’s give to islam, what islam wants to give US! “F” em!

      • Ted

        Could we help Geert Wilders “misplace” his birth certificate and render him “eligible” to run for President of the U.S.? I like the way he’s thinking! GEERT FOR POTUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • King of Shambhala

        Geert WIlders is perfect.

        Marine Lepen is second best in Europe.

        They’re old hands at this and know how to talk perfectly.

      • It\'s Physics, stupid!


        You idiot.

  • Anonymous

    best to them fight it out. give them all guns and let them go at it.

    It will help the west because we will have to fight them in the end.

  • WTX

    Reptilians owners of this planet are in charge!

    An economic cattle/slave society based on an illusion of freedom has it’s
    limitations. In the future all hu-man livestock must be “marked” and tagged
    with sub-epidermal chip implants, which will be integrated with a
    time-released virus to maintain the level of population on the planet that
    we so desire. Every action and in fact every thought shall be monitored,
    using our mainframe subspace microwave transceivers which are capable of
    tapping the encephalographic and emotional signals directly from the nerve
    centers of the brain, linking and assimilating those minds into the central
    nexus, which will instantly through algorithmic programs interpret and
    translate the neural-emotional energy signal-patterns and feedback the
    conditioned assimilative responses that have been programmed into the
    mainframes — which are carefully guarded under miles of earth and rock.

    • Ted

      The “reptilian thing” makes more sense as time goes on. Obama might be the anti-christ, but his philosophy is so alien to common sense, rational, human thinking, he may just be proof POSITIVE that reptilians are in fact taking over our planet!

      • King of Shambhala

        Ted, the Antichrist is Satan and must be some being from outer space and come from some other planet.

        He’s a zombie.


  • Marcia

    The apocalypse is here and you cannot even spell it.

    • King of Shambhala

      Thanks for notifying the typo Antrobus.



  • judas iscariot

    This article was interesting before king of sham chimed in. Interesting in that the Dutch are not the best judges of character. They were the ones behind the slave trade after all. Now they’re pumping out this anti Islam propaganda as if all Muslims are evil. Most aren’t. Most are good natured people being brainwashed just like most religious people. Islam is a religion of peace, as is Christianity, you know, the guys who brought us the crusades. The real threat comes from the evil people who recruit disgruntled people to kill in the name of religion.

    As much as I don’t care for king of sham’s antics, I agree that the president is behind all this. It’s becoming more apparent every day with his support of Muslim brotherhood and Syrian rebels.

  • Factory Farms FEAR the MooCow

    Those mullah slice cows people throats.

  • Anonymouse

    The Bible says the sons of Ishmael will be IMPOSSIBLE to get along with. The Koran GUARANTEES IT.

    They can lie to non-Muslims for starters. How the hell can you ever trust or get along with somebody like that, huh?

    They must bow to Mecca 5 TIMES a day. How the hell can you ever get anything done like that?

    But wait… there’s MORE!

    They must forever be at war, as you have stated till the entire world is Muslim.
    Any host territory they occupy is considered Muslim land. Host laws are ignored.

    • King of Shambhala

      Yes, you’re right, Islam says to kill all non-Muslims in the world i.e. 5,5 biillion people.

      How can you live with being killed?

      Huh? MORON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Anonymouse

        I am addressing Muslim dichotomy here. We all know they kill non-Muslims, MORON! You act like you are the only idiot that knows this.

    • MAC JAM

      So can the Jews read read translated excerpts from the Jewish Talmud they can lie cheat and steal from non Jews They can rape non Jews as long as they are over 12 years of age. They see Goy non Jews as cattle to be used at there will for what ever purpose they see fit.

      Talk about evil

    • Anonymouse

      MACJAM. Jeopardy $60,000 quesiton.

      What is the difference between the Talmud and the Torah.

      Don’t tell me there is no difference between idiot and Shambala. Won’t count.

      • MAC JAM

        The Torah is the first Five Books of the bible Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers, and Deuteronomy. Orthodox Jews believe that God gave Moses additional instructions that were not written down. The original Talmud was an oral version of the Torah with way more juicy stuff than was written down, “for indoctrinated ears only” It was all eventually written down though, well mostly there are still secret teachings . There are actually two versions of the Talmud – the Jerusalem Talmud and the Babylonian Talmud. Since the Babylonian Talmud is more extensive, it is to this version that people refer when speaking generally of “the Talmud.” While the Talmud does provide valuable insight from thousands of years of sages,
        (mostly how great Jews are) it is not Scripture.
        It is not infallible, and it is not law that MUST be followed.
        Kinda like how Catholicism is to Christianity But it makes a very interesting read!
        If you want to know who really thinks they are supreme beings on earth.

      • judas iscariot

        Close… Very close. The Talmud is the basis of Canaanite religion. Remember- Jacob is the grandfather of the Israelites while his brother, Esau, had two Canaanite wives whose offspring became the Edomites. Jews who also observe the Talmud, therefore, are Edomites- not Israelites.

        Here’s a mind blower: Jesus was not a Jew. He was judean, which is one of the 2 isrealite tribes that was not lost. The rabbis and Pharisees and Sadducees that he dealt with admitted they did not suffer in Egypt and were therefore not Israelites but Edomites.

        Why is this distinction important? Because what we call Zionist Jews or banksters are Edomites as well- descendants of Esau. Still after the birthright Jacob ‘stole.’

        Discover who the 10 lost tribes are and you understand what is really happening.

      • MAC JAM

        I believe the popular notion is the lost tribes of Israel are really all White People.
        That exceeds my knowledge base i could not comment on that without doing some extensive research. You are correct of course (although very advanced study) in the rest of your statement and Zionism is the driving force behind the Banksters & Luciferianism on earth today

      • judas iscariot

        Not necessarily all white people. Commoners of Europe would be more accurate. Royal bloodlines stem from Esau’s third wife, who was also his cousin.

        They’ve ruled over the lost tribes for the last 1000 years or so. For the English it happened in 1066 when Danish scandanavians conquered the Anglo-Saxons (isaacson).

      • MAC JAM

        Thank you judas iscariot i will look into that a little deeper
        About your Handle judas iscariot i was reading a fairly extensive essay on the kiss of judas iscariot.
        And how Jesus was a Shape shifter and judas iscariot was the only one who could identify him. It might of just been fiction but the Author was quoting all kinds of bible and literary references i haven’t had time to follow up on his claims yet but it was interesting.

      • judas iscariot

        I’m not familiar with that particular essay. I picked this name in honor of the recently discovered gospel of judas. It does mention that Jesus would appear to his disciples in different forms (sometimes as a child or an old man depending on what he was teaching) and that judas was the one who recognized that He was not here on behalf of the Old Testament ‘gods’ but to oppose them (Isaiah 19:1 the LORD rides on a swift cloud).

        It also talks about how Jesus instructed judas to reveal him to the priests so that he could be crucified- ‘you will exceed them all, for you will destroy the man that clothes me.’ Also, he reveals to judas that a false church would be established and horrible things would be done in his name. But the spirit of judas would be called on again during the final generation to reveal the true nature and teachings of Jesus. This gospel was found in 1978, identified in the 1990′s and translated around 2005.

      • MAC JAM

        I notice you say God’s would you be referring to Enlil Enki and the Sumerian gang and the God of Moses El ? I have read some accounts that they are all really the the inspiration for Yahweh handed down through Sumerian to Mesopotamian to Egyptian to Judaism and Gnosticism ending in all the modern variations including Islam Christianity Mormonism I know this is over simplified but i am just wondering which direction you are coming from.

      • judas iscariot

        That’s pretty much where I’m going with this. If you go back and read the OT, genesis in particular, it’s pretty clear that we’re often not talking about god in the sense of the almighty creator of heaven and earth, but rather alien beings posing as gods. Moses followed a ‘cloud’ that sometimes landed on the ground and an angel would step out and talk to him. According to the Zohar the manna was produced by a machine that had to be taken apart and cleaned every seventh day. The ark was built to house Aaron’s rod which would cause symptoms of radiation sickness when people were exposed to it for too long. And burnt offerings… Sure sounds like we were throwing barbecues for someone…

        Gnosticism doesn’t really fit into that category though. It’s more about finding divinity within rather than worshiping the divinity of another. There were more than 30 gospels about Jesus but only 4 made the final cut for the holy Roman Catholic Church. The ones left out are mind blowing stuff. I’m also partial to gospel of Mary and apocryphon of John

      • MAC JAM

        I am fairly familiar with Gospel of Thomas and the book of Enoch and i have been an Alien – UFO freak since i was a little kid the first 2 books i ever checked out of the city library when i was about 7 were Project Blue Book and a book on snakes and that was just the start, Chariots of the gods well pretty much all of Erich von Dänikens books and all of Zecharia Sitchin books and just about anything linking the Bible or other religions to ET’s i have boxes of paperbacks so mostly all of the concepts you are speaking of i am really aware of and find very interesting to the point of addiction. I will read something that is total rubbish just so i can put it behind me. And i will also read very tedious and boring things just hoping for a little juicy stuff. Even religious manuscripts, although i must admit once you think you know whats going on its kinda like so now what, and really its only informed speculation on less someone comes and talks to me from a burning bush or something. But still i am curious so i will read on.
        So thanks for the Chat i have enjoyed it, see you around. And have a good one.

  • It\'s Physics, stupid!

    Geir Smith reveals his own adress in this useless video at 9:08 on YOUTUBe because he seriously believes he is a world VIP.

    Who is revealing personnal information? Me or you?

  • Pix

    The Egyptian population as a whole outs their Nazi government, the Nazi government hits back by burning buildings, amongst them a few Churches, and you are all too willing to jump on the Christian persecution band wagon to turn into a religious war. = Manipulated Idiot.


  • reem

    Who told you that the Koran teaches us to kill the infidels This is a lie I want to justify your words this and I will bring you the verses of the Koran, Koran Ayalmana Shi such،Why all this attack against the Muslim religion, you are a very bad mind against Islam, can not you write something without checking it, the Islamic religion, the religion of tolerance and shake hands and bad debt is not who you think you are.
    Thanks for the distortion against us :oops:

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