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Fukushima’ll Blow Up Like Bomb If Not Cooled Off. Video.

Monday, August 12, 2013 6:05
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If TEPCO and now the Japanese government, don’t cool off the Fukushima reactors, they’ll blow up like atom bombs and we’ll all die instantly.

Fukushima is hundreds of times stronger than Chernobyl and tens of thousands of times stronger than Hiroshima, so all trace of life on Earth would be terminated, right away.


Unfortunately the highly radioactive ground water at Fukushima has *already* breached the containment wall, as the truth is that a large aquifer runs under the crippled plant, so contaminated groundwater has actually been leeching into the ocean for almost 900 days. In addition to this, the contaminated water used to cool fuel rods has been repeatedly pumped into the ocean due to claims that no further storage containers for it are said to exist. But the Jet Stream has brought with them plumes of radiation that have already poisoned much if not all of the U.S. This is the inconvenient fact that the Obama administration, and everyone who serves under it, tries not to clue us in on. Ocean water is not the only way the radiation will reach us. Because within a couple of days of the onset of the catastrophe, we here in the U.S. were already getting doused with the stuff. It’s my understanding that the quickest extinction-level event would occur if or when the hundreds of fuel rods that are kept at the facility should break apart/explode. The reactor buildings are in various states of disrepair, especially Reactor #4 which is literally held together with duct tape. If an earthquake of 6.0 or greater were to hit, it’s likely that one or more of the reactor buildings will fall, at which point hundreds of fuel rods would crash to the ground, perhaps starting a radiological fire. In any case, this development would surely kill us all, at least in the Northern Hemisphere, although I’ve seen evidence that flower mutations consistent with radiation exposure have already been photographed in Brazil…

For those who aren’t aware: Post-Fukushima Mutations

See Medusafern’s comment here:

3 Weeks Till Fukushima Armageddon (Video) Save Yourself In the End Times. We’re All Doomed.


Don’t be mistaken, Fukushima is a forerunner of the Apocalypse and announces the revelation of the Antichrist, Obama.



That video’s from an old TV show but recently people have turned around and say Obama’s the Antichrist.

A recent poll says one in eight people think Obama’s the Antichrist. In that video, I put links to the Chicago Tribune showing the Lottery draw on the day after Obama’s election and it drew 666. Chicago is his hometown.


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  • mutant1

    it’s the biggest mess that ever was. it’s already ended badly.

    • King of Shambhala

      The aftermath will be worse still.

      They’re overflowing with this water.

      The problem is it’s smack inside the massive 83 million Population Belt that goes from Tokyo down to the south of Japan and at least 50 milliion are directly targeted by Fukushima in Greater Tokyo’s area; mutant1.

      • King of Shambhala

        The whole world is targeted but Japan will be first to buckle under and panic.

        Those 50 million close to Tokyo can’t just let water stack up all around them in endless water lakes whicha re radioactive.

        I calculated how much water may have leaked for 900 days and that was 90 Olympic swimming pools; so that’s enough to make a large lake and that’s already out there – not to speak of what’s still to come.

      • pedro gonzales

        More like King of Sham-la-la. What you smoke boy?
        I have a uncle who gets drunk and makes predictions. He said Texas would sink five miles on September first. This will make a great suck and then Texas will puke out the ocean again and cover the earth with mile high waves and kill everyone. I do not believe him. For some reason I do not believe you either. To many people in world afraid of toomuch stuff. You going to die someday. Bible say the number of your days is known an you can not pass more than that…so when you die…you die. Live you life like today is all you got.

      • King of Shambhala

        The Fukushima plant can blow up because they’ve still not entered all the buildings, says one TEPCO worker.

        Fukushima Now in State of Emergency, Leaking 300 Tons of Radioactive Water Into the Ocean Daily

        John Rolls article….


    It will happen and Japan will sink down. Cayce mentions this but never precises what the cause is. The earthquake he mentions MAY BE INDUCED with the explosion of the Fukushima!

    • King of Shambhala

      Japan’s stuck between a rock and a hard place. No room to put the water. If they stop the water it all blows up. Like hundreds of thousands of Hiroshimas.

      DARKSIDE99, thanks for linking to your website.

      Arnie Gundersen (of, the anti-nuke website – he’s an ex-nuke industry man.) says they need half a $trillion to clean up Fukushima. that’s $500 Billion.

      But he says the Japanese won’t even listen to anyone. They don’t know how to deal with nukes and they put more store in saving face than dying. They’re stupid and ugly morons. Suring WWII they preferred dying than surrendering. they’re like monkeys that get excited. Like gangsters that prefer a shoot out than getting caught.

      Gundersen says one needs a trench all around Fukushima and pump up all it’s water. Then keep on pumping but fill the trenches with something called “zeolite” which is volcanic earth that cleans radiations very well.

      So that way the water’s less radio-active.

      Even if this happened, Tokyo and the densely populated areas would panic. They’d want to escape from Japan.

      Gundersen puts the tab at half a trillion.

      The bottom line is that even if Cayce sounds like Japan will sink, well if he’s vague it may mean that Japan will be destroyed. What I’m saying if you read what I said is just that. It means that Tokyo will panic, people will urn and Japan will be economically ruined, and people there won’t be able to find eatable food any more. They’ll be eating imported stuff for the rest of their lives.

      • Prudence Wright

        are they not already eating tainted food and submerged in the radiation? So lying to them is better? Maybe if there WAS a huge consequence, like an entire country falling, they WOULD do something more about it! Right now, with the help of the USA, they are sweeping things under the rugs….. but the rugs are so full they now look like mountains!

      • King of Shambhala

        We have to save Japan I think, even if iit costs half a trillion $.

        If the nuclear rods aren’t saved they’ll set on fire.

        That’ll be the end.

        Meanwhile take down Obama and his frauds. It’s because of lying that Fukushima happened. Donald Trump / Joe Arpaio Presser Together? Block-Buster, Hair-Raising, Astounding Video. Let’s Get The Birther Dream Team Up And Running.

      • ecclesiatical

        who are you to call people ugly ? you must be a very beautiful person!if so tell how you manage to be so ,than we can try it ourselves .do you think anyone is the why he is by choice ? A moron is someone who tries to explain things to others which he has no idea about,maybe the cause of the earth quake came from somewhere close to home in the first place and maybe you voted for that person who caused it ,any clues ,no? [try haarp]

  • KeePeR

    Its not going to explode…geesh..
    Its been leaking into the Pacific since the melt down not just recently…

    • King of Shambhala

      Keeper, it’ll explode if they can’t keep the water coming. But they are being swamped by the water they’re pouring on it. No place for the water in Japan.

      Here’s another article about the problem and this article is perfectly honest and no coverup.

      Fukushima: Nuclear War without a War, ongoing ‘Hushed-Up’ Crisis of Nuclear Radiation

      • King of Shambhala

        I’m going to ban “Gay Smith”.

        He’s a criminal.

        He’s been banned already at BIN.

      • King of Shambhala

        It says so in thea rticle:

        No place for the radio-active water in Japan.

        >In addition to this, the contaminated water used to cool fuel rods has been repeatedly pumped into the ocean due to claims that no further storage containers for it are said to exist.>

        I can’t teach people to ,read who don’t actually know how to read.

        “There’s no worse imbecile than one who refuses to listen” and “There are none so deaf as those who will not listen.”

      • CG-23 Sailor

        No it will NOT explode. Not a Nuclear explosion anyway as claimed.
        That is utter BS. Reactors CANNOT explode like a nuclear bomb despite what you see in Sci-Fi films like “Aliens (1986)”.

        To create a nuclear explosion, everything has to happen exactly perfect to cause it. The only thing that can explode nuclear is something specifically designed to do so and even then, only if everything goes exactly as planned. Anything less than perfect and the result is a non-nuclear conventional explosion that scatters the radioactive material in the bomb around the area and into the air.

        Chernobyl is a prime example of how a reactor can actually explode. A PRESSURE explosion from the coolant, scattering the melted core material. Not a nuclear explosion.
        Learn a little science before sucking up to a “Before it’s news” conspiracy BS story.

      • King of Shambhala

        Just read the article, CG-23 Sailor:

        >It’s my understanding that the quickest extinction-level event would occur if or when the hundreds of fuel rods that are kept at the facility should break apart/explode. >

        If that happens we’ll all be dead and the Japanese are morons and forkers to have kiilled us all.

      • smokewell

        Reactors don’t explode like an atomic bomb.

        You can refer to other non-scientific opinions to ‘prove’ your point, but that doesn’t make it true or factual.

        It’s like ‘proving’ the world is flat by ONLY referring to links from the FlatEarth Society…of course its going to agree with you.

        Makes we wonder what your selling and who’s payroll your on whipping up the weak minded into a frenzy with your outrageous…and wrong….claims.

  • The Hot Gates

    If the ‘king of shambala’ tells me its’ true, it must be true!11!!!1!

    Come on, kids. it’s a mess, but it isn’t the end of the world, at least, not yet.

    Keep an eye on things, be cautious, watch the politicians and companies involved. Avoid promoting the fear porn before you lose all credibility, because once that happens, no one, but *no one* will listen to you, no matter how bad it gets.

    Facebook posts do not make a case for anything. Proof. Facts. Evidence. Science. Hell, even maths. Use those to make your point in such cases.

    Appeal to fear and appeal to emotion will get you crappola. It won’t get you any results.

    • King of Shambhala

      Warren Bonesteel, are you paid to lie?

      Just askin’, it’s like your post is 100% crapola.

      My hair stood on end when I read your post I thought: “He must be a paid shill.”

      • King of Shambhala

        “Gay Smith” you’re a criminal.

        I’ve gotten you banned and I’ll get you banned again if you troll here.

        Harrassing gets one year in jail for you.

      • King of Shambhala

        I got Gay Smith banned several times already. Be careful he’s a mentally disabled person. We’ll keep a close watch on him with the BIN admins and ban him whenever he gets out of hand. He’s a criminal. We’ve reported him to the police already. He’ll be in trouble not me.

      • King of Shambhala

        I’m reporting you to BIN Gay Smith.

        I’ve already banned you several times.

        You’re not allowed to give my private information, BIN will ban you and it’s not allowed for hateful people like you to give an opponent’s information because your goal is to harm by that.

      • RustyKuntz

        “King of Shambhala
        I got Gay Smith banned several times already. Be careful he’s a mentally disabled person. We’ll keep a close watch on him with the BIN admins and ban him whenever he gets out of hand. He’s a criminal. We’ve reported him to the police already. He’ll be in trouble not me.”

        Are you talking to or about yourself?

        You are losing it shammy.

        Of all the people you said you have reported to the police in the last year only, i still have yet to hear about one person that was actually approached by the police….. I guess when you say “police” you mean “voice in my head #8″ right?

      • King of Shambhala

        Why aren’t you ever talking about Obama Rusty?

        Very suspicious.

        What’s your problem with that?

  • Brightwinger

    Yes, Fukushima is likely to blow up at some point. It could be soon or it could be a while.

    It will cause a lot of people to get sick and die, maybe millions of people, some right away and some over the ensuing years and decades. It won’t be the end of the world, however.

    It will be a disaster of gargantuan proportions, but nothing close to the end of the world.

    In the 50′s and 60′s the US and Russia detonated many hydrogen bombs. Those massive explosions didn’t bring the end of the world, or anything close to it.

    This will be very, very bad. But not the end of humanity.

    • King of Shambhala

      Brightwinger, you see Fukushima’s got more nuclear rods than earlier.

      The Japanese did this right this time.

      This is primed to be the end of the world (in the Bible) which is said to be two thirds of Humanity unless I’m wrong.

      • Brightwinger

        Hydrogen bombs were 1,000 to 25,000 times more powerful than Hiroshima. Some were detonated above ground. Did they bring the end of the world? Not even close.

        However, Fukushima is the biggest disaster we’ve ever seen.

        Hundreds of years ago Krakatoa erupted which was like a million zillion hydrogen bombs. The sky was darkened for years. The results was world wide freezing temperatures for a few years during the wintertime, especially in Europe.

        Lots of people died. But the world continued on.

        Fukushima will cause millions of cancers and even more heart attacks along with infertility, so it is really bad. Japan is in deep deep trouble. It’s beyond terrible for the world.

        It’s not the end of humanity.

      • King of Shambhala

        The “end of the world” is a manner of speaking.

        In the Bible it says “2 thirds of Humanity is killed.”

        But let’s be more down–to-earth: imagine if you were living 350 miles (like Tokyo from Fukushima) from a place they pour 400 tons of water on 4 melted nuclear reactors.

        You’d started getting clold sweats.

        See what I’m driving at?

        Americans are worrying about their health.

        Japanese are not even worried while it’s their lives we’re talking about.

        Americans should wake up to the danger of Japan waking up in panic.

        If Japan tanks we’ll be in a world panic and that may be A “end of the world”.

        There’s another end of the world even greater and that’s Obama being in court for a three year trial.

        There are various candidates for the end of the world scenario, be that real or imaginary.

        “End of the world” can be total or partial destruction of the world.

        The Bible’s not clear about that.

      • King of Shambhala

        Gay Smith is reported to BIN.

        He’ll be started getting banned here.

        He’s losing it because he can’t stand Obama be called out to be the Antichrist.

      • wizard


  • Anonymous

    This is so much B$! Those reactors are fission reactors and you have to have a critical mass of uranium for fission to be self sustaining. Spread out the fuel as it is and you get contamination not an explosion. By this time the heat generated by the decay of fission fragments has greatly dissipated and what is left is just highly radioactive and dangerous, but hardly an explosion threat. This is reminiscent of the “China Syndrome” where all the fuel in a “loss of coolant” accident melt to the bottom of the core and then thru the containment facility and to the center of the earth. Nothing but pure B$. Even if the fuel could all puddle at the bottom of the reactor vessel, once it melted thru, it would be spread and loose its critical mass immediately. I hate $tupid people that spread fear mongering as much as I despise the race baiters. Is Japan a mess, is it a disaster? Unequivocally YES. Will it blow up? The odds are so minuscule as to be nonexistent.

    • Brightwinger

      It won’t be a nuclear explosion in the sense of a nuclear bomb. But when the radiation hits the water table, there will be massive explosions that spew radioactivity.

      Meanwhile, the Pacific Ocean is being polluted, for 2 1/2 years already and will continue to be polluted for thousands of years or at least until the massive explosions occur.

      I agree with you wholeheartedly it is a big mess. And no it won’t be the end of humanity, although it could kill more people than Hiroshima, many times over.

      One study indicates that miscarriages in the US increased about 35% in the first two months after Fukushima. Our milk has 20 times the radiation levels than it used to have. Thus we will see higher death rates from this day forward.

      • King of Shambhala

        The figures you quote are just for now Bright, because this is just gathering strength with more and more water piling up. It’s in the article: “….If an earthquake of 6.0 or greater were to hit, it’s likely that one or more of the reactor buildings will fall, at which point hundreds of fuel rods would crash to the ground, perhaps starting a radiological fire. In any case, this development would surely kill us all, at least in the Northern Hemisphere…”

        There are several scenarios here.

        One would be that water was no longer being poured. Another would be that an earthqake struck. That could damage things.

        Anyone trying to minimize this is obviously lying and working directly for the disinformation lobby. How could one explain to lie otherwise?

      • Anonymous

        Heat is produced in a nuclear reactor by the radiation and the vibration set up in the crystal lattice as huge fission fragments go ripping off in separate directions leaving their electrons behind. The vibration is produced as these massive positively charged fission fragments rip electrons off the surrounding atom. The vibration of the atomic structure is what you call heat. AS time goes by the fission products decay by alpha, beta and gamma emission until they reach a stable or neutral state. Actually this can take thousands of years for some of the fragments, but the majority decay in a very short time. After a year, the majority of the decay heat produced will have dropped significantly. Without another criticality, these can’t be renewed. Without the heat, there can be little or no steam explosion. In the late 60′s, China’s above ground atomic testing spread radioactivity around the globe. The strontium 90 radiation levers here in the states were very high. It was deposited on grass which the cows ate and concentrated in milk. It was recommended that babies not be fed milk or they’d die. Terror all around, but very little happened. Look at the cities of Nagasaki and Hiroshima then and now. They live on ground zero.. Scary? Yes, but a little educational research might have done the author a lot of good and terrified a few less people.

      • King of Shambhala

        Fukushima’s amount of nuclear rods dwarfes the amounts of nuclear matierial at Chernobyl or used previously.

        That this isn’t under control is bad news.

        What’s most troublesome is for Tokyo being contaminated over time.

  • Scared Soldier

    We are all dead anyway. I just pray the Elite and criminal Government all die in the process as well.
    It would be nice if it was fast.

    • King of Shambhala

      It’s true Scared Soldier, we have to deal with the corruption of the US government first of all evne if we’re going to have to die by radiations.

      It’s a moral issue and Obama’s lied to us.

      He must pay for them all but they must all be dragged to court be they DNC or GOP because they call cover for the others and watch their backs for them.

      • DIgnified

        “It’s true”.

        LOL. OK. Whatever you say.

        On another note, didn’t you also say it read ‘true’ that the world will end on September 11, 2010 and day Obama’s arrest was ‘hours away’ years ago? LOL. How’d those work out for ya? For being divine, you’re wrong a lot.

  • Anonymous

    I dunno, but I’m pretty sure that Dick Cheney is the Anti-Christ! :twisted:

    • StraightDopes

      lol troll detected


  • ralfellis

    *** blow up like an atom bomb ***

    No, No, and No again.

    Not possible, both scientifically and physically.

    Uranium and Plutonium boms have to be enriched to about 98% before they will be fissile. A power station’s fuel is only enriched to about 20%.

    You would need a reprocessing site like the one at Selafield in the UK to spend 6 months enriching the fuel before anything would happen.

    It is physically impossible for a nuclear reactor to explode like a nuclear bomb.

    Please stop scaring the gullible public.

  • Dr. Goodheart

    Plutonium And Cesium Bio-Concentrates 26,000 Times In Ocean Algae, Up To 5,570,000 Bq/Kg in Land Algae; via @AGreenRoad

    Effects Of Internal Low Level Nuclear Radiation

  • Anonymous

    so the mayans were right…..the world as we know it has ended (in slow motion)……
    China Syndrome…..!!!!

  • teresa_sntg

    Pure disinformation and fear tactics by the dark hats as they are in panic of losing power. The radiation is inactive right now, done by the Galactics. We are in times of Ascension into full 5th dimension. All is well and perfect as God intended!

    • DARKSIDE099


    • alan479

      This site is overrun with paid government fear mongering trolls. No Nibiru, No solar Killshot, NO thousand foot tsunami, No WWIII ,No attack by demons from outerspace and No idiotic mushroom cloud scenario. Whats left is the NWO falls apart and we all live happily ever after without fear and hate and love one another forever.

  • Nfiltraitor

    “Fukushima will blow up like bomb…”?
    Shambala, I’m starting to think you run some kind of doomsday emergency food store.

    Fukushima is poison, not unexploded munitions.

  • Riceman

    Aren’t environmentalists awesome? This could have ALL been avoided had Tepco been allowed to build new reactors rather than be forced to keep this 40+ year old thing due to injunction after injunction.

  • Freedomscribe

    Fukushima is a debacle. It is an absolute catastrophe for Japan. It cannot explode. If another earthquake caused the reactor building to crack open like an egg, it would still not explode. If the now barely warm fuel reaches the water and is dispersed in the ocean, the contamination will make that part of Japan uninhabitable, but there will be no explosion. If the radioactive material is dispersed by ocean currents, then over time, other coastal areas would become uninhabitable, if no one does anything about it. So far Japan has refused assistance from the only people who have a clue, the Russians, Americans or Chinese. This is no extinction event but another example of how bad the cover-up can be.

    • King of Shambhala

      The French are the leaders in nuclear plants, Freedomscribe, not the Chinese, Russia and Americans.

      The problem is is the water because Japan’s so small and they can’t stock up lakes and lakes of water without displacing people and occupying lots of the rare land.

      The pressure from this water build-up will spill over into panic for the people living so close in the Greater Tokyo which are about 50 million or more who’ll just balk at being poisoned by radioactive water so close to them.

      It’s all disinformation to say that ingesting Caesium and Strontium are just a walk in the sun.

      The tests done in the 80s had nothing to do with the force of the nuclear rods at Fukushima.

  • pilot2969

    Fukushima is not going to explode, it’s impossible. Nuclear plants operate on low enriched fuel, typically 3-5% Uranium 235, in order for a bomb type of detonation you need highly enriched uranium along the lines of 93%, it’s part of the redundant safety features built into the system, they only need enough enrichment to generate power, that’s why power plants melt down, not explode. Any explosions that occur during a meltdown are typically hydrogen explosions due to the exposed fuel rods, which is what happened at fukushima. Is the plant still a mess, yes, is it dangerous, most definitely, is it going to destroy the world? No.

  • JaiGuru

    You do realize that what is used in power plants is NOT weaponized material right? There is not enough weaponized plutonium and urianium on Earth COMBINED to wipe us all out, let alone the relatively less dense material used for electricity generation. And how is this Obama’s business? He’s the president of the US, not Japan.

    Could you people all try your very best to at least have a high school education before you write an “article”? This site is an embarrassment to all mankind.

    • King of Shambhala

      JaiGuru, you’ve written a stupid post and it’s ugly to see.

      Do you even have shame?

      Fukushima is the forerunner of the Apocalypse and the Apocalypse is revealing that Obama’s the Antichrist, not too difficult to understand even for a warped intellectually developped like you.

  • iamamerican

    This is a disaster of biblical proportions and nothing they do now will help the problem. There is already 50,000 acres of the gulf of Mexico that is dead, and the gulf stream has slowed down as a result of the explosion in the gulf and ensuing so-called clean up where they used corexit. And now the pacific is now under attack from the cesium, plutonium and other life killing substances! This is very, very serious and I have been watching this disaster unfold since the tsunami happened. Our lame stream media SUCKS! They are just now picking up on this story, when I suspect they have known about it all along! There is a special place in hell for people such as these scum bags.

  • Bensss

    “they’ll blow up like atom bombs and we’ll all die instantly”

    “so all trace of life on Earth would be terminated, right away”

    You don’t think that was even a mild exaggeration? All life on earth would die instantly? And then in comments below you then say “maybe 2/3 will die” – because the bible says so. Why do you have to build it larger than it already is? If there was an explosion, it would be terrible. Yes – certainly. All the stuff going in the ocean is very bad. Yes. But everyone dying instantly? Why even say that? Completely baseless, fear porn.

  • PathInward

    Sorry to throw some cold water over the radioactive cloud of comments and various scriptural references being thrown into the nuclear mix. I guess the issue described in this article as serious as it might be for the northern hemisphere and mankind in general will be dealt with from a natural cycle about to hit our planet. It’s all gonna be buried under a mountain of ice and snow by the largest storms to hit our planet… before living memory.

    The massive population in northern hemisphere will again bear the brunt of the ice age that is around the corner… still mankind in general will be totally affected and the age of so-called civilized man that marks our generation will cease within a season. The remnant of Man will see him return once again to the forests… what ever is left of it.

    As difficult as that might be – at least the survivors will not have to deal with insane corrupt politicians and governments, greedy multi-national corporations, victim based religions, screwed education, war-mongers etc.

    It will all be about survival and finally surrendering to God!

    • King of Shambhala

      PathInward, the issue is about how the Japanese deal with the threat.

      Climat change is a far off thing.

      The nuclear threat is right away.

  • King of Shambhala

    Gay Smith’s a criminal poster who reveals private information online at BIN and he’s being banned now. Revealing private information (of an opponent) is forbidden and a crime. People should have live and compassion and not hatred.

  • King of Shambhala

    Wow, you really take Fukushima’s poisoning lightly, Dignified.

    You must really love Obama.

    Don’t you even have any slight dislike for Obama?

    • RustyKuntz

      “Wow, you really take Fukushima’s poisoning lightly, Dignified.

      You must really love Obama.”

      Can you get your head out of your a*s for a second and explain the link between the 2?

      • King of Shambhala

        Rusty, I noticed your problem. You haven’t said you dislike Obama, right?

        What’s wrong with you?
        You’re crazy. Obama’s the worst criminal in the history of Humanity.

        • Merkin

          Just looking to get you back on track since you are wandering.

          This article is about “Fukushima” and your incorrect uneducated ruminations regarding that topic.

          You don’t need to bring up Obama in this one.

          • RustyKuntz

            :lol: Funny that all of Shammy’s coment have been downvoted

    • DIgnified

      I don’t take anybody who calls themselves the Messiah, seriously. I don’t take someone who’s every statement is based on asinine assumptions, serially. I do take the leak and subsequent melting into the earth seriously. You, however, are a pretentious fruitcake, who divides their time at BIN between ChickenLittling over nonsense, waaaay overdramatizing the important, calling yourself God, and others who disagree with you homosexual anti-Christs.

      Do I need to explain “A is A not ~A” or equivocation to you, Geir :?: I’ll try if you want… but… :grin: you really haven’t had much success understanding simple biblical concepts ( :arrow: which should be a no brainer for God). This makes me doubt your chances for success with this.


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  • Superboy Prime

    You think that fuku is bad? What do you think will happen to all the many nuclear power plants spppread all across this globe and these “united” states when the grid goes down? Wether its from an emp burst of crustal shift or any other disaster that shuts down the power for longer than a couple of weeks. Most have a week or so of backup power and then they all become pressure cooker dirty bombs. Massive ones. It will be a challange to find place that isn’t a poisonus miasma. This is the ultimate plan. Its called scorched earth. If there is any major war or invasion that stops the “system” everything dies. That’s what you should be really scared of. Or you can take comfort knowing that these K-pow-er plants a are back up to any invasion or emp. Like a massive dead mans switch but for the entire planet. One thing I can’t remember is why these plants can’t generate the elctricity to power there own water cerculators and pumps. Every one should be disabled and deconstructed if humans had any common scence as a species. But that’s why humanity is doomed. As a species humans will run into a brick wall face first over and over if someone with money says its a good thing.

  • pedro gonzales

    Chingao vato! The sky is falling! Todos aqui son pendejos. Why you trying to scare people? Some body some where always scream about the end…some bug going to kill everyone…some rock going to turn into a monster…total quacha del torro.

  • Mitch

    This site…or should I say some of the contributes to this site, make Alex Jones look like the sanest most reasonable person around.
    These people are about 1 step away from stories like the tabloids in the grocery store.
    etc etc

    • Nfiltraitor

      Hold the phone…
      Which half was the mother?

  • nardine

    I come from Japan, nothing more scary as before… strange that all this threat concerns western medias…

  • Anonymous

    Such a comfort to know that the Rockefellers and Bush41 as Ambassador to the UN signed off on loading the nukes into the basement of the WTCs and signed off on providing the huge labor base of Japan with the largest array of nuclear fission power plants in the world, all within a year or two. This with queen lizard owning most of the Uranium mines on earth. Not only that dear friends, they cut down a hundred feet of cliff to situate these reactors in the middle of the most active tsunami zone on earth, with the spent fuel stored in brittle cement demineralized water ponds on top of these reactors. The easily obtained record of tsunamis at this very location states that 6 tsunamis of over 8 meters had hit this very spot in the previous 80 years. The Fukushima facility was built 15 feet above high tide, protected by a 13 foot sea wall.
    Some of you geniuses want to blame Japan, who still TO DATE does not have final say on what occurs at Fukushima. Our president is a pathologically passive dandy. period. Al ‘D’ Gore is probably the scheduled hero, since he works for The City of London and our congress along with most of the adult American public is to busy sucking and mewling to do their jobs or attempt to face reality, realizing that a good pose works wonders with the masses.

  • Theron

    “If TEPCO and now the Japanese government, don’t cool off the Fukushima reactors, they’ll blow up like atom bombs and we’ll all die instantly.”

    That statement could be a bit of hyperboly

    Im like 6000 miles away I’ll only wish I was killed instantly

  • LifeIs

    Science facts: Those were not hydrogen fires or explosions at Fukushima. Reactor 4 had no fuel in it. It was not running. It did not melt down.

    And hydrogen is formed during meltdowns, when the zirconium cladding of fuel rods reacts with hot water.

    And Fukushima had a hydrogen venting system. And hydrogen fires don’t produce shock waves and could not pulverize the lower parts of those buildings, which were massive concrete structures.

    And did I mention Reactor 4 had no fuel in it and was not running and could not have melted down?

    The cores of reactors 1 and 2 melted into the ground right away. They are still producing radioactive iodine — detected in Korea a couple of days ago — and cesium and strontium.
    Not to mention tritium.

    Reactor 3 was destroyed, blasted into the sky, we saw the explosion on television. We’ve seen aerial photos of the site taken afterward. Hydrogen fires can’t do that. Reactor grade fuel cannot do that, either, unless it is “boosted” by neutrons from deuterium-tritium fusion. And reactor cores cannot get hot enough for D-T fusion.

    No, the ONLY scientific explanation for the EXPLOSIONS we saw is this: the 1,000 pound cameras the Israeli company installed in those buildings contained forward-positioned nuclear bombs.

    And no, the two melted down cores – from reactors 1 and 2 — won’t produce nuclear explosions. They’ve been producing radioactive tritium, strontium, cesium, iodine, and more, which get cooked out into the air and into the ground water.

    We all read at the time that the aircraft carrier Reagan detected isotopes from nuclear bombs, in the Fukushima fallout. We all know reactors cannot explode. We all know hydrogen could not have blown up reactor 3, or the buildings containing reactors 1, 2 and 4. We know that Zionists have been dreaming of blackmail by threat of terrorism since the early 20th century. This is not a mystery. It is an intelligence test.


    One more thing, why does not anyone believe that a Nuclear Explosion is possible as a setup or at least WHY is it being mentioned as a possibility even? Cause if it is then it’s possible it can happen! :mrgreen:

  • Solidus1

    I have a difficult time with the physics of a nuclear detonation in this configuration. Having said that, however, the contamination we have and will continue to suffer in the US is of great concern. If the reactor(s) are in an uncontrolled meltdown, and it seems that they could be, then the contamination will become much worse. The prevailing jet streams and the ocean currents make a serious west coast exposure very real. This mess is being complicated by governmental lies on both sides of the Pacific and insufficient data.

  • alan479

    More end of the world fear mongering. Of all the people on Facebook why is Medusafern given high profile credibility ? Very suspicious. This uninformed idiot is just making up another end of the world scenario. The facts are that the waters around Fukushima have had an increase in radiation not due to reactor leakage but due to the NWO dumping radioactive material in that area of the ocean. The same NWO cabal that caused the disaster in the first place by planting mini nukes in the fault lines below Fukushima. Commentors are no better than the dumbed down boob in front of the tube and will believe anything in print or on TV.

  • alan479

    Another fear mongering hoax article. Its a fission reactor and it has already cooled down long ago. Apparently the end of the worlders don’t know anything about the situation. There is no massive overflow. The only ones who are doomed and going to hell are the perpetrators of these articles. No Nibiru, no Killshot solar flare, no WWIII, No radiation explosion and no demons from outer space. Sorry but you have to go on living for quite a long time.

  • LifeIs

    Tepco and the government of Japan admitted to total meltdowns. The corium is and has been underground. It is not “cooled by now,” it is fissioning and producing the observed radioactive iodine, cesium, strontium, and tritium.

    Reactors cannot explode by themselves. The explosion that erased reactor 3 from existence, which most of us saw on television, was a nuclear bomb explosion.

    The explosion that blew the roof off of the reactor 4 building – and which blasted away part of the thick concrete walls — was a nuclear bomb explosion. Reactor 4 HAD NO FUEL IN IT and was not running and did not melt down.

    The explosions that did the same to the reactor 1 and 2 buildings were likewise nuclear bomb explosions that turned concrete to dust.

    Again, you need a meltdown to get hydrogen gas in the building and reactor 4 had no meltdown. And Fukushima had a hydrogen venting system. And hydrogen fires produce no shock wave; they are not explosions, they cannot turn concrete to dust.

    And you cannot get a tritium-boosted fission explosion, because a reactor cannot get hot enough to produce D-T fusion.

    An Israeli company place cameras in those buildings. It’s a TV camera that looks through a periscope. The BASE of it is 800-1000 pounds. That is where some of Israel’s forward-positioned nukes were. They were there to extort from the world whatever Israel wants.
    They were detonated on purpose. They waited until the wind was blowing toward Tokyo to blow up the reactor 4 building.

    • Nfiltraitor

      Isreali cameras with hidden nukes, inside the reactors?


      I want to see a thermonuclear camera. :)

      • LifeIs

        Inside the reactor BUILDINGS. Tritium-boosted fission bombs are small, LESS THAN 12 inches in diameter and less than 220 pounds. They require less than 9 pounds of plutonium.

        I want to see Nfiltraitor devise an explanation for (1) the explosion of the reactor 4 building, when the reactor had NO FUEL IN IT and WAS NOT RUNNING, and (2) the explosions of buildings 1 and 2, and (3) the MUCH LARGER explosion that destroyed the reactor 3 building AND THE #3 REACTOR ITSELF.

        But never mind that, Nfiltraitor. First, you need to learn something about nuclear bomb design in the modern world. Fission bombs – boosted by D-T fusion – are variable yield. They can be “dialed up” to a higher yield by increasing the amount of deuterium-tritium.
        They don’t require weapons grade fissionable material, reactor grade will do. The neutrons for the fission explosion come from the D-T fusion in the center.

      • Nfiltraitor

        Sorry my friend, outside my expertise.

        I do know I’m leaning pretty heavy towards all the scientific facts posted about the difference between weapons and reactors. I saw some explosions, but to my knowledge there has not been a mystery nuclear explosion. Despite some of what I’ve seen, I’m pretty sure wolverine and deadpool could slice that place up like a chef salad, fuel rods and all, and it STILL would not produce a nuclear explosion.
        However… With as much “crazy crap” that ends up true a decade later, when the politicians have retired and new ones come in. Just about ‘anything’ is possible, I’ll give you that much. Except maybe shambala posting a cutesy Obama fan letter, that’s never going to happen.

        Fukushima is pretty horrible and my heart goes out to the people there.
        And, the ocean of course. And south america, soon.
        Probably the west coast…

  • Pix

    Fukushima being greater in size than Chernobyl is irrelevant. There is no difference between being burned alive by a gallon of petrol and being burned alive by a tanker of petrol. They have not stopped the reaction taking place at Chernobyl, they entombed it in concrete. Sooner or later the concrete will fail and start spewing radioactive isotopes again.

  • Goimon


  • Nfiltraitor

    I put forward this theory.

    Shambala actually believes none of his taglines, and sells survival food online.

    The crazy act is just to keep people guessing.

  • LifeIs

    Bomb tests in previous eras contaminated the world, and they have killed countless people by cancer and birth defects. And the radioactive material is still here. The amount of contamination from Fukushima is much, much, much greater.

    For example, Reactor 3 had 90 tons of uranium and plutonium, and it was blasted into the sky.

    And, there is no explanation for the explosions, as stated above, apart from nuclear bombs
    inside the reactor buildings.

    And Japan wouldn’t blow up their own reactors. They did make the mistake of letting an Israeli company (read: Mossad) install massively large TV cameras inside the reactor buildings.
    The bases (800-1,000 pounds) are large enough and heavy enough to contain tritium-boosted fission bombs, which are less than 12 inches in diameter. This was Israeli terrorism, nuclear blackmail in action.

  • LifeIs

    The reactor 3 building is still producing steam and a glow, off and on. The cores of reactors 1 and 2 are underground, still reacting. They produced the recent great increase in radioactive material in the ground water.

    And Japan is considering how to seal up the site for 75-100 years, as has been done in the UK and at Chernobyl.

    The reactor 4 spent fuel pool contains also the fresh fuel that was going to be loaded into the reactor.

    Then there is the spent fuel.

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