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Aliens In The White House? Nibiru Is Real? You Decide! Interview With A Whistleblower

Tuesday, September 3, 2013 6:00
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According to this video just released on YouTube by Pete WDHCo, there REALLY ARE aliens in the White House and Nibiru is real. Is this just more crazy talk or is the info contained within this video that is reported to come from whistleblower Robert Dean real? You decide! 

Video and info below published by videographer on Sep 2, 2013

ALERT ALIENS IN WHITEHOUSE ? Explains a lot! Also Nibiru is Real Watch and listen and You Decide Exclusive Interviews, Rare exclusive Robert Dean whistleblower tells all in these interviews discussions on Aliens on Earth the Moon and Planet X and more .

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  • Bob Dean still works for the ELITE spreading more disinforamtion and so little truth. His stories have no moral.

  • we see in the current conflict and escalations of tension in the mideast and usa the culminations I discussed in my “cycles of nines illuminist way of doing buisnes in the globalist world franchises. most of the major world disaster and geopolitical changes as well as mother natures activities have occuresd
    0n one of the cycle dates where masonic numbers 33-11 and 9 is added into year and dates. it is all about algorythmic structure and recuring physical thinking put into our world building actions and outlooks.

    the second stages of this and escalation began in the 911 events in 2001,which provided the impetus for the globalist empire to seek more power and rescources in the afghanistan caspian sea regions. 2012 was another 11 year cycle date culminateing in the mayan calender appocalypse that was supposed to be impending. this may have only signaled the actual start of the seven year tribulation cycle the bible speaks of. this is the first year after the warning just as 2000 Y2K computer cyber collapse signaled one year later the 911 attacks on new york and pentagon.

    you can go all the way back to 1968 with the actual full involvement of the USA in viet nam war,
    then proceed 11 years later to the deposed shah of iran and iran hostage takeing events and debacle in the carter rescue attempt of the hostages. the movie “ARGO” made this event more readily acceptable to the public.
    then we proceed 11 years later to saddams invasion of kuwait which was set up to gain a foothold and bases in mideast to protect israels back door while readying the next phase war escalation into afghanistan to get closer to other rescources..oil and prescious metals near the caspian sea. this of course the rusians found out and is why they are no longer interested in obamas globalist diplomacy sellouts. this brings us into the third and final warning phase and tribulation after the mayan 2012 warning. as an adjungt mother nature has also warned us in major events between 2009-2011 another 911 eleven cycle number!

  • Our rulers prefer to remain in secret. They are evil and they are alien to us, though they expend considerable effort attempting to convince us otherwise.

    They are from this planet though and you work for them.

    Soon we will break our chains and our fury will know no bound.

  • It comes as no surprise. Mr Obama is alleged to have gone to Mars, and if he had a Martian son, it would look like this one (or maybe it is this one!)

  • The aliens in the White House also jell with the Bible’s Antichrist.

    They’re all coming together.

    All truths are revealed in the Apocalypse.

    • Ted

      Obama’s ears don’t look like Vulcan or Romulan, could he be Pharengie? :lol:

      • People should seriously think Obama’s the Antichrist.

        The miracle from heaven happened.

        The Illinois lottery drew 666 on the day after Obama’s election in Obama’s hometown Chicago which makes Obama the Antichrist absolutely.

  • The aliens are from Atlantis. I’ve proven it with my discoveries.

    • lol… thank you

      please see yesterday’s reply to you below bout Atlantis…. = America, the New Atlantis, you know about that probably but many people don’t

  • What a bunch of bull. No objective evidence.

  • What d’ya mean Alien in the WH???
    The schwarza mamzer is an ALIEN! :mad:

    • LOL ….


      (replied yesterday to you but there was no reply button for this comment coming up then, so its down below…

      you are funny

  • This guy is supposedly 84, or at least a guy who was a command sergeant major named Robert Orel Dean was, that dude looks nowhere near 84, after 28 years of Army food? No way.
    Maybe it’s him but no way do I buy this story, bottom line is he was an enlisted man and if true no way in hell would the Army be handling this, the Airforce would, and no way would they fill a sergeant full of the most important information in human history and then let him run around holding public speaking engagements about it……..Or it’s government sponsored disinformation, that’s plausible.

  • Bob Dean has never, in my knowledge, confessed in a belief in Jesus (Yeshua)…so, of course, he is going to tell us what the Pentagon and other parts of the Military, have told us, WHOM THEY ARE…the fact is, they have deceived him…and or, have been deceived, to deceive…

    they are preparing for the ULTIMATE DECEPTION…that Lucifer and his hierarchy of demonic spirits, are ‘ADVANCED ALIEN RACES’…this is absolute diabolical in nature.

    Jesus warned us in the New Testament, that, near the end of days (as we know it), that there would be a great deception and the people would believe a LIE.

    That time is NOW…we are at the DOORS…don’t fall for this…

    Bob Dean blasphemes the LORD in this video…he comes off as a compassionate, aware individual…but, a man who blasphemes God, with no thot or conscience for what he says…is not to be trusted, but, needs our prayers for his repentance, first from the apparent deception and mind control influence, that he has endured, in his office during his tenure.

    I.S.O.N./Nibiru/Wormwood is real…according to Scripture…but, the aliens he speaks of…are not what they would present themselves to be.

    This is pure Luciferian Doctrine…and, possibly, controlled opposition.

    Sorry, Bob, your credentials don’t impress me, becuz, it’s not backed up, with sound faith, respect for the God that created you – Yahveh, and respect for those who are your audience.


  • WTX

    Universe is full of life like this planet.

    Who could even imagine that universe is empty? So many races out there.

    See secret Russian Book.

  • Anonymous
    What d’ya mean Alien in the WH???
    The schwarza mamzer is an ALIEN!

    SEP 3, 2013, 4:53 PM omg, you are funny! You people are so funny here sometimes

    (you been watching Amish Mafia lately?)

  • xvleo
    The aliens are from Atlantis. I’ve proven it with my discoveries.

    SEP 3, 2013, 3:39 PM

    Also, may I add to your assertion, ? that America IS THE NEW ATLANTIS. The forefathers saw it as that, before it was even built/formed. Their forrefathers in Europe (Illuminati) thought of America to be the New Atlantis, and so, did they.

    Nice post, thanks!

    SEP 4, 2013, 1:13 PM

    Universe is full of life like this planet.

    Who could even imagine that universe is empty? So many races out there.

    See secret Russian Book.

    SEP 4, 2013, 12:00 AM 0Reply


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