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Super Typhoon Update; End Of World. Video. New Show. Great Content. 4:45 PM Eastern. October 17.

Thursday, October 17, 2013 5:51
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Super Typhoon Update; End Of World. Video. New Show. Great Content. 4:45 PM Eastern. October 17.

Latest Update:

TV: “Typhoon appears to have affected Fukushima Daiichi plant” — Giant spike in radioactivity seen after impact of #Wipha — Suspected of causing high levels of strontium to flow into Pacific Ocean, outside port area (PHOTO & VIDEO)


I’ll be making a great show with great content today among which will be the aftermath of the typhoon Wipha passing over Fukushima.

What is happening at Japan's Fukushima nuclear plant? (Getty)

1. The company TEPCO at Fukushima is hiding all it’s news but it’s emerged that they’ve dumped all the typhoon-water directly  into the sea, which is the worst thing to do. The news of whateever damage happened will only emerge progressively. But also, as nuclear specialist Arnie Gundersen says (below) in an audio interview, there’s worse to come, next month when TEPCO tries to decommission the nuclear plant. He says TEPCO must be removed from the whole equation of the direction of the plant’s operations. They’re inadequate to even do that work.

Challenges lie ahead at Fukushima Dai-ichi power plant (Getty) (A very good recap of the main points about Fukushima and insight into the real issues facing us now.)

Surfers took to the seas near Fukushima earlier this year, despite leaks (Getty)

Swimming is unadvisable, like here at 50 km from Fukushima: reckless, unconcerned, ignorant youths. 

2. The second topic today, will be about my being banned from commenting at BeforeItsNews for two days yesterday and the day before. I talked to BIN’s owner and he said BIN didn’t ban people from commenting. So the person who banned me, violated BIN TOS. I’ve made an article to report that and I’m going to find out who banned me, because that is against BIN policy and against the words of the owner.

So, there’s a mole at BIN, an Obama bot; and it’s important to root it out, uncover and reveal it.

3. Now, the Debt Ceiling Mess in the USA, is groaning on. Obama’s losing his appeal to voters and the world is appalled at the stand off. Foreigners don’t understand that the USA be pushed up with it’s back against the wall, on the debt and thereby be risking it’s reputation and power,…. on something like Obamacare. People think Obamacare’s a necessity but who are they ? and they’re no judge. They have no idea what’s going on: that the USA debt has been doubled by Obama, largely thanks to Obamacare and they don’t know of Obama’s botching and threatening. Foreigners don’t realize the threat to the nation which Obama represents.

4. Threats are now surrounding Obama in turn, and he’s cornered. The Vets and Truckers came to Washington last week… and literally assaulted the White House. The voices are now inside Congress. The Democrats are being taken to the woodshed in the House, in the media. And now this last week, even ex-governors of Alaska, Sarah Palin, ex-gov. Michele Bachmann of Minnesota and Texas Lt Governor David Dewhurst, all called for Obama’s Impeachment.

Conlusion: That’s a dire and severe threat. Obamacare, Shutdown and Debt Ceiling have been pushed down the road for one month only, as the next deadlines loom in December, January and February already. Obama’s bought just 11 weeks. This victory is bitter and smacks of defeat and disaster. This Debt Ceiling “victory” vote in Congress, sounds hollow and like a Pyrrhic Victory.

The victory sounds more, in fact, as if Obama’s been given his Pink Slip. It sounds as if they’ve notified Obama of the date at when he gets the warrant papers for his arrest and that that will be in in December-January.  Will he skip town and try to hide in Kenya? Where can a wanted figitive hide? Where can Obama find asylum? In Russia? Saudi Arabia? He could get another new facelift and change his fingerprints.

atomic bomb wallpaper

Arnie Interviewed on Paradigms WBKM

Posted On: Oct 13, 2013

About This Interview

Baruch from Paradigms Radio interviewed Fairewinds’ Chief Engineer Arnie Gundersen.  Arnie discusses the cover-up the Japanese government is engaged in regarding the ramifications of what is going on at the melting-down nuclear power plant in Fukushima Daiichi.

I’m the Messiah and going ahead full steam in revealing the Antichrist Obama. I’ve got supernatural miraculous powers which are that I’m using video and articles/ and the written and spoken words. It’s unstoppable, overwhelming. Seeing the truth that Obama’s the Antichrist is the miracle. The Apocalypse is my miracle. It’s an unstoppable, swelling trust.

I’ve got a following both at BIN and at Ustream now. The message is getting out and I’ve started gathering the Army of Truth of the Bible. I’m breaking the Apocalypse. And that’s the greatest miracle of the world and I’m breaking it now.

Stand up and be counted and you’ll be part of the chosen. Getting the message out will enable you to ensure a place in heaven. Spread this everywhere worldwide and reach even the poor people in the Far East.

Dlwvision Obama 666 Coincidence NOT Lottery = Antichrist


Obama is the Antichrist how can one doubt it when one sees the number 666?

I bought the Chicago Tribune of the day of Obama’s victory with the Lottery draw of 666 in it:

See it here:………

There’s no denying the numbers marked Obama and that this is a heavenly supernatural mark. The chances are too great for it to be chance. And if it’s chance then it’s just Obama’s ill-luck to be marked by this chance-destiny.

My previous show:

Messiah Breaks Obama’s Back On Eve Of Debt Ceiling Vote


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  • Observer

    Several times I have been prevented from commenting, and it only occurs
    on this website. It started after I sent in info for an article. Often, Safari
    completely shuts down when I am reading only on this site. I do not blame
    B4in, but the NSA or gov. I do believe they monitor particular sites. And
    I do realize I could be wrong, if I am it wrong then I’d like to tell them to
    Kiss my azz a few times over!!!

    • King of Shambhala

      I got banned and then came a personal note from one guy saying I’d be deleted on my account and I’d have to plead to get it put back again.

      He said he was my friend later.

      But he seems to hide now to do it and he works for Obama directly and probably gets his instructions by phone directly..

      • StraightDopes

        here’s a list of other web sites that “work for obama”

        4chan’s /b/ is one of them

        prove me wrong


      • Templar

        4chan are a bunch pedo asses and anime losers. Don’t bother with them. Here it’s better in news.

    • King of Shambhala

      I agree with you it’s NSA.

      They hack into stuff but also have people on the ground, I think the figure is that Obama has several thousands working at disinformation.

      They have “Organizing For America” which is made up of CIA operatives and they work on Internet and probably work at all Anti-Obama websites like BIN.

      Sen. Cruz to Hecklers: ‘Is Anyone Left At Organizing for America Headquarters?”

      • Geeper

        So you’re not actually banned from commenting, then.

      • King of Shambhala

        Geeper’s a birther.

        Geeper says Obama’s birth certificate is a fake.

        Geeper’s a turncoat on Obama so that explains the pent-up frustrated way of always griping about life.

      • Geeper

        I wouldn’t be surprised if he just tripped an automatic filter on posting the exact same comment across multiple articles. I’ve seen this exact “Geeper’s a turncoat” rant a couple of times today.

      • Merkin

        I bet there are a lot of CIA agents and OBOTS who think the birth cert released on the Gov page is “fishy”

        Now the parts that are not clear ( and are the legal points to watch ).

        Who made it?
        Who uploaded it?

        and last but not least WHY?

        Why such a sloppy job on the fabricated doc?

      • King of Shambhala

        Maybe Obama’s trying to establish himself as a renegade anti-establishment fighter; a kind of Che Guevara “Outlaw”, the “Lawless One” (which is the Antichrist’s name in the Bible.)

        I know that the fake birth certificate delights many Obots, of which one told me, “Obama’s being an illegal alien makes him all the more to my liking.”

        Bruce Wayne Root, Obama’s class-mates from Columbia said yesterday that: “Obama’s a 100% American but claims to be Kenyan because that got him a scholarship (and makes him so much more exotic to his fellow blacks and Radical Leftists?)”

        Obama’s a crook no matter how one looks at it.

  • King of Shambhala

    A typical operative will talk about any topic as long as he distracts you.

    The topic is to get Obama arrested.

    Operatives are here to keep talking so nothing happens while we’re busy talking.

  • ElBee

    a lottery number comes up 666 and that makes Obama the anti-Christ?

    what was the lottery number in Kenya on that day? or Washington, DC?

    I knew he was a fraud before he was elected, but this is going way out there – off a lottery number… seriously?

    this kind of talk discredits the whole movement.

    fundamentally, there are many anti-Christs or people who are against a “savior”, but some of them believe in saving themselves…

    • King of Shambhala

      The lottery number was in Obama’s hometown Chicago the day after his election, you mentionned neither of those things, Elbee.

      You have to take that into consideration.

      Why would Kenya or Washington have any meaning seeing Obama’s not in either of those places?

      • Geeper

        If there was a 666 lottery draw in Washington, or in Illinois on the actual day of election, or in Kenya, or on the day of Obama’s inauguration or candidature or birth you would have been wetting your pants at that instead and saying “yes, this is definitely the only combination of coincidences that I would have accepted”.

        I’ll give you a shiny nickel if you can point to any prophecy, yours or anyone’s, that predicted before November 2008 that there would be a 666 lottery draw in the state that Obama was physically present in the day after his election. Anybody can look back afterwards.

      • King of Shambhala

        No, Geeper, you’re a little boy playing with his Lego blocks.

        You’re like James Randi doing his little hissy fits.

        No one knows the time and hour of Jesus’ Second Coming, so no one can know when the truth of the heaven-sent sign marking the Antichrist Obama with the lottery # 666, would occur; the Bible said no one would know that moment, so no one knew that would happen.

  • ElBee

    and if your comments are that important you should copy them before you submit them, so that you can easily repost them if something goes wrong. similar incidents have happened to me, but if it is the NSA or MOSSAD or whoever, what are you gonna’ do? quit ya bloodclot cryin wo’man!

    • StraightDopes

      lol are you jamaican, elbee?

  • Templar

    WELL King of Shambhala I ALSO HAVE POWERS! I have 48 Spirits under my command 4 Archangels along with 4 Special spirits whom I cannot talk about. I AM MIGHTY POWERFUL!

    Anyway thanks for the article and nice info! You proved that in Calif it even reached people:
    IT’S NUTS! The effects are going totally wild now!

    • Merkin

      “I have 48 Spirits under my command 4 Archangels along with 4 Special spirits whom I cannot talk about”

      Brother Templar,

      You mean to say 48 Spirits have me under their command.

      No human controls that many spirits. Not even SOL-O-MON could do that.

      And he was the Sun AND the Moon.

    • Anonymous

      Well if Templar and king are sooooo powerful…prove it…do something good for the Earth. Clean it up, remove evil men, banish Fukishima! Why sit on an alternate news site commenting on stories?? That’s what gets me with people like this…they claim all these powers and place themselves in the same category as our Creator, yet they do NOTHING but spew on a website! PROVE YOUR POWERS GUYS!!!! Make my avatar frown!!

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