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Major Birther Storm Brewing Soon. VIdeo.

Monday, November 4, 2013 8:50
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                                                By Geir Smith aka King of Shambhala. (KOS).

In the article below, CDR Kerchner says we’re heading for a Constitutional Crisis.Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s birth certificate investigation has been brought to Congress where Rep. Steve Stockman (R-Texas) is actively promoting it within Congress. Why is it a storm? Why is a “crisis” grave?

Because this investigation and related Congressional action will delegitimate Obama, he’ll be an undocumented, illegal alien and head to jail directly without any hesitation. That means that the law of the USA will no longer apply to him in a legally profitable way but solely in a legally negative way. In short, Obama will pay and be prosecuted by the full brunt of the law. He’ll be revealed in the public international eye. In the end, the law is the same for all: be they high and low, white and black, rich and poor. Obama played hard and loses now just as hard as he played.

The fact of being black doesn’t protect you for more than some years. The expiration date on the use of the race card has been reached for Obama and he can’t dodge the law any longer as he’s done so far. Living the criminal life only lasts so long. All the famous thugs have long since been caught. Al Capone, Pablo Escobar, Bonnie and Clyde. Hitler. Living in a world of crime and being on the run – with no ID,- was dumb for Obama. Statistically, 95% of crimes get punished.

 Obama’s lying isn’t going down well in the USA now, at all. Why?  Obama’s lies were kind of expected and not surprising to Americans. On the contrary, what would have been surprising, would have been if Obama had been upright, honest and not dodged the law, lied to everybody (as he did) and used fraud (this’ll be proven in court in short time… Obama’s headed for jail and trial and it’ll be the longest trial in US History. It’ll be headline news for the next few years 24 7.).

It’s a crisis and storm because the USA will be left derelict. Without a president, the USA will face it’s worst Constitutional Crisis of it’s entire history. The world will be engulfed in uncertainty.

With no USA at the helm, the world will stagger under the weight of fear and uncertainty.

See also:

Romney: Obama Basically A Liar. Video. Jack Van Impe: Obama is the Antichrist.

My last two video shows about editing Wikipedia’s Obama Antichrist and Mitt Romney’s calling Obama “fundamentally dishonest.” are below at the bottom; sorry the music’s too loud, I’ll correct that for the next times.


A Constitutional Storm and Crisis of Horrendous 
Ramifications is Coming – Congress Must Act to Prevent 
Further Damage to the Rule of Law and the U.S. ConstitutionBeyond What Obama Has Done Already!
By CDR Charles Kerchner (Ret)

.Obama is NOT incompetent. Everything that he, Michelle Obama, and Valerie Jarrett do is guided by and operating under the far-left political science strategy, the Cloward-Piven Strategy, and is purposely designed to ultimately fail or make our economic system collapse which in turn will make our nation collapse. The Obamas and Valerie Jarrett want to collapse the system. That sets things up for a complete Socialist/Progressive takeover. We cannot let this happen. Barack Obama is a fraud. The forged documents are his Achilles heel. Crimes have been committed. Enforce the law, investigate and disclose the evidence compiled by Sheriff Arpaio in open hearings before Congress, and when the facts and truth are presented and known that way, Obama will be removed. Support the efforts to get Sheriff Arpaio’s Obama ID document fraud evidence taken up and further investigated before the appropriate committees, or a select committee, in Congress. Congress must act to avoid an economic and constitutional disaster and subsequent Cloward-Piven planned socialist takeover at some point in the remainder of Obama’s term!

Watch this short two minute video for an overview of the issues via this YouTube video:

Constitutional Storm Coming – Obama IDs Forged – Congress Must Act!

Messiah Takes Down Wikipedia about Obama the Antichrist Editing.

Video streaming by Ustream

Romney says Obama’s “Fundamentally dishonest;” Bombshell.

Video streaming by Ustream

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  • Duane Howard

    Speculation is wonderful, Unfortunately we will see Obama retire after his 8 years. There will be no arrest, no tiral. Nothing.

    The United States Constitutional Laws you believe in are nothing more than beliefs. They are not real and have never existed.

    • ElOregonian

      They did exist until the “Act of 1871″ when the ‘United States for America’ was incorporated and changed to the ‘UNITED STATES of AMERICA’. From then until today we’ve been living under a false belief.

      • Ghost

        As Paul Craig Roberts says.. the US federal government is a failure due to its trying to govern under a government of good intentions… the Constitution be damned…

        The Republican Party drove the death nail into the heart of the confederated united States of America in 1861.. to suppress a non-existent rebellion… at the hands of the GOP they converted the confederates states into a union.. then the united States was incorporated into the United States…

        The United States Army didn’t exist until halfway through WW2.. it was the Army of the United States.. My dad got honorably discharged from BOTH!

        It was the GOP that started all this Empire Building non-sense, and the Dems never did anything to stop it..

      • Boxed in Freight

        All I can say is this better happen soon because if this man is allowed by law enforcement to continue to corrupt, not just the office of the president, but also the rule of law itself, there will anarchy.

        Obamacare is an utter and complete failure. Millions of Americans are losing their healthcare, this is a travesty of devastating proportions that many of our own state representatives voted in favor of. There are Executive orders being issued that are completely illegal and unconstitutional to continue to destroy America. Destroy our finances, destroy our belief in God, destroy marriage, kill the unborn at will, and destroy our Constitution.

        I place the responsibility of detaining this imposter with law enforcement because 99.9% of our representation in the District of Columbia is corrupted. Evidence has been provided of a falsified birth certificate, a forged selective service card, and other important documents and proof. You have been tasked with obeying and defending the Constitution, it is therefore your responsibility to detain this man to be tried in a Court of Law.

        Download a Sheriff’s kit here:

    • King of Shambhala

      Nobody knows how the Apocalypse wil happen.

      The Bible is not clear what happens.

      The Antichrist Obama is thrown into hell, that’s all we know.

      • King of Shambhala

        The question isn’t if it’ll happen but when?

        How can Obama escape now?

        He’s cornered on all sides and Obamacare is killing his career.

  • Justus

    Look, I will be the first one to tell you, I won’t shed a tear, when obama is off his throne, no matter how that is achieved. That said, this is never gonna happen. i don’t care of obama come right out and said I am sorry but I misspoke about being a US citizen, he would still fulfill his role as President, with the blessing of the liberals, and the hype and excuse making obama lap dog media. obama could go on nationwide tv and actually kill someone right before our very eyes on live tv, and they would tell us and have us believe, we didn’t just see that.

    obama is “UNTOUCHABLE” more than Elliot Ness ever dreamed of being. he has hired key people, to cover every aspect of his presidency, so he will NEVER take the blame for anything or have to account for anything he does.

    We have been told for nearly 6 years, obama was on his way out, scandal after scandal, and he always comes out smelling like a rose.

    NOTHING will ever come of anything against obama, EVER.

  • lusignan

    Congress won’t touch this issue – they are too cowardly. The executive powers of the presidency are far more expansive than anyone ever suspected. He is in control of everything which include the IRS, NSA, FEMA, BATF, FBI, and other agencies unbeknownst to everyday citizens. Congress has been reduced to a laughing stock. The Judicial courts are packed with HIS federal judges that owe him for their appointments. There will be no impeachments nor will their be arrests in the White House. This in a nut shell is dictatorship, and will be so as long as people continue to feed off the welfare and food stamp rolls.

  • ednoonan7

    This Roth interview with the Commander was dated May 2013. That was 5 months ago. However, the link that I followed to get to this ancient news on the eligibility issue stated that this site would discuss Rep Stockman (TX) attack on Obama’s eligibility. This URL, of course, does not mention that this is old news…(Aug 2013) Stockman merely thought Seotoro’s Birth Certificate was bogus. But that is as far as it ever went. I guess Stockman does not consider the illegal alien (that currently squats in the White House) does not need to be fully investigated by him nor the other congressional jackals.

    Is Stockman saying (I believe he is), “WHAT DOES IT REALLY MATTER?”

    (PS) The Commander in the above interview with Roth forgot to bring in the fact that Seotoro is a Bastard President. His birth daddy was a polygamist with several tribal brides in Kenya. So if there was a marriage in Hawaii (I doubt it) then the wedding would have be illegitimate. Hence, Seotoro was born a bastard. A natural born citizen is one with TWO citizen parents. And since Stanley Ann Dunham was a child (under 19) she could not transfer citizenship to her bastard child and the adult, Mr. Obama Senior transferred his Kenyan/British citizenship to his bastard child Barack Hussein Obama Jr.

    All of America is saying, WHAT DOES IT REALLY MATTER?”

    Then this bastard child was adopted by Lolo Soetoro and Lolo gave his new adopted bastard son a name, a country and a father. This new arrangement was short lived and Lolo and Stanley soon divorced.

    Barry lived the rest of his childhood as a bastard child without a “DREAM OF A FATHER.”

    But the question still remains. Can a bastard child be considered a natural born citizen. I say NO! A bastard in NOT natural and only children of two legally married people can be considered living under natural law.

    What does it matter? It doesn’t matter… Not in any frigging way!

    The constitution has been dead since 1881 when the Robber Barons put in their last flunky, Chester Arthur. Arthur was not a legitimate POTUS and was a British subject. His daddy did not become naturalized until Chester was 14 years old. So all of this garbage doesn’t mean squat! You sound-asleep sheeple have been bamboozled and lied to all of your lives. You THINK you live under the Constitution but the Wizard has been behind the curtain all the time and the Constitution was only an illusion. You all are poor dumb BASTARDS too!

    (PSS) The Constitution died maybe at the time of Lincoln… when he FORCED AND WARRED ON THE SOUTHERN STATES TO PREVENT THEM FROM LEAVING THE UNION. Maybe so! The Act of 1871 was AFTER Lincoln and BEFORE Chester Arthur.

    • King of Shambhala

      Hydroflow is one of the false christs announced in the Bible and they’ll be thrown into hell in the Apocalypse.

      He’s a sodomite like Obama.

      We’ve got to get rid of these garbage Hydroflow and Obama-crap.

    • King of Shambhala

      Hydroflow’s a little perverted homosexual.

      To answer your question Hydroflow, no, I don’t fear your God; God doesn’t exist, this world is created by karma as well as being a mind-illusion, we Buddhists say.

      My faith is the highest form of culture in the world because we have Tantric Yoga etc…

  • davosurf

    Ahhahahhhaahh. Lol! You’re dreaming buddy… You still live in the illusion of America… And it’s always been an illusion… It’s only that the generations before us didn’t have enough reason to begin questioning the lie and remained asleep. Now you really know why it was called “living the Amercan “dream”". – so many silly Americans think they’re awake but they’re still half asleep… and really just aren’t able to go as far as the rabbit hole goes.

  • King of Shambhala
  • SadAmerica2012

    ****Because this investigation and related Congressional action will delegitimate Obama, he’ll be an undocumented, illegal alien and head to jail directly without any hesitation.*****

    Uhhhhh . . . would you stop already with the talk? There will NEVER be any action. We’ve been hearing this for 4 years! This is just wishful thinking and only in our dreams.

    Puhleeeeze stop teasing us with these HOPELESSLY OPTIMISTIC fairy tales.

    • King of Shambhala

      You say you wish Obama was jailed and sentenced to Death Row and execution, SadAmerica?

      Mitt Romney said Obama’s “fundamentally dishonest”.

      You’ve got it all there: Romney’s the most powerful GOP as of the last election – so Obama’s toast by that declaration by Romney.

  • Anonymous

    1) There is no amount of evidence that could be brought to bear on this that could result Obama’s removal from office. Even if it could be proven beyond a shadow of a doubt that he had committed a crime sufficient for impeachment and removal from office, there is no reasonable scenario where you get a Senate where the necessary 2/3 to remove him.

    2) Even if he should have been found ineligible to hold office, the time where that was legally possible has past. The last point where some legal entity had the authority to challenge his eligibility was when the House of Representatives counted and certified the Electoral vote.
    During that process, his eligibility could have been challenged forcing debate and hearing and the like, but once that was concluded, the US Constitution provides no other avenue for appealing their decision.

    • King of Shambhala

      It’s not a problem of legality.

      If Congress launches a birth certificate investigation it’ll be worldwide news immediately, that’ll be the news.

      Just like putting a match to a powder-barrel.

  • Jester of Spambhala


  • King of Shambhala
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