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Birthers Planning Obama End. (Video) Plans To Reveal Every Politician That Got The 200 Sheriff’s Kits.

Tuesday, November 26, 2013 8:05
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                           By Rudra Chakrin, King of Shambhala, the Universal Messiah (Geir Smith).

I got the news that the Universe-Shattering News that Mike Zullo talked about is exactly what I spoke about in my previous article:

The team in front of the office of Rep Steve Stockman (R-TX) while delivering him his Sheriff’s Kit.

In that article, I said that every official and politician in Congress and the Senate who were handed over and received the “Sheriff’s Kits” from the birther group will go to jail because of the charge of “complicity” unless they prosecute Obama for crimes.

It’s happening now because I’ve gotten news from that group that all those peoples names will be revealed shortly.

100 offices were entered in Congress and the Senate, many people were met and briefed and a total of 200 Sheriff’s Kits were handed over. The kits contain the documents and a CD relating to the “Sheriff Joe Arpaio Cold Case Posse” probe into Obama’s birth issue, led by Lt Mike Zullo.

A minimum of several hundred people working inside Congress and the Senate are targeted by this and are on hold to be arrested unless they cease and desist: and agree to prosecute Obama.

All those individuals have been photographed receiving the Kits that were handed over to them in person. They’re all on the hook to be arrested.

If they don’t act against Obama, they’ll be complicit and guilty of that felony/crime because they now know, due to the Sheriff’s kits, that Obama is proven to be a fraud and criminal. Their duty as officials and politicians is to fight crime; not aid it by covering it up.

They’ll be jailed unless they act immediately, because that alone can now save them.

They must act fast now.

Once their names are revealed they can be caught up in a court case involving those who covered up for Obama within Congress and the Senate even AFTER THEY KNEW about his crimes and his guiltiness. The charges may range from Complicity to Aiding and Abetting.

Concretely this is how this Apocalypse will unwind: the names will be listed by the group and then those names will be spread thoughout Internet and the media, everywhere, even to the Far East. All those people will then get millions of people assailling them for their lack of action and for their cowardise. They’ll be unable to hide and their lives will become a real hell.

In all events, the only way out, will be to join the birthers and then to go out and reveal Obama as well. They will have no other recourse.

To do that was the Congress and Senate’s duty from the start. They should have done it without being forced to by patriotic Americans like

You can all spread the news from now already, that Obama’s revealed and he’ll be defeated shortly. Obama’s the greatest criminal of all time, seeing Hitler never had the nuclear arsenal which Obama gained access to by using fraud. Obama’s horrendous dishonesty fits with the Antichrist’s name of “Great Deceiver” as do all the other Antichrist traits which all fit Obama perfectly. His private life is a perverted pool of evil just as the Antichrist’s life is predicted to be, i.e. ”An Abomination”

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  • King of Shambhala

    I’ve reported this.

    Now it’s all you peoples’ turns to do your duty: go out and also become a Messenger of the Apocalypse.

    Do as I do and you’ll be saved in heaven like I am.

    • King of Shambhala

      Beware of CIA/OFA trolls in the comments.

      They’re Obama supporters.

      Watch out.

    • King of Shambhala

      The CIA/OFA have been ponitoring all my articles since three years.

      They made a special website to monitor all my articles everywhere.

      See it at http://geirsmith (dot)

      They don’t want me saying Obama’s the Antichrist.

      I prove it.

      That’s why I’m dangerous to them and their lord and saviour Barack Hussein Obama aka Satan.

    • Ghost

      Last nite I proved Hollande was the 666 antichrist and you have no response?

    • King of Shambhala

      Al the perverted Obots will be judged in the Apocalypse.

      My work is described in the Bible.

      “During the Apocalypse, the Messiah throws people into hell.”

      • Anara

        Yes King of dog puke your work as a false christ.It will be you that is thrown into a lake of fire

    • Ghost

      h o l l a n d e

      8 14 12 12 1 14 4 5



      1+4+5+4+1=15 1+5=6

      666 is the number of Hollande’s name

      • eve21

        your gematria is off, as O is the 15th letter, not the 14th. Kinda blows your theory out of the water. Also, your numerology methods are very questionable, as there is a pattern to these things , you seem to be working these numbers to fit what you wanted.

    • King of Shambhala

      The Obots are maddened demons.

      They’ll all be judged in the Last Judgment.

      It’s now.

    • Ghost

      Buddhism has no apocalypse, no hell, no 666, no resurrection, no messiah, no satan, no god, no bible…. you’re a hypocrite and liar to Buddha-

      So Obama can be none of these

    • Geeper

      If you think you have the magic Pokemon power to throw people into hell, why don’t you start using it on the BIN users you don’t like? Or is this just some lame “this will only take effect after you die” thing?

    • Ghost

      Buddhism has no Last Judgement

    • Ghost

      KOS your lottery 666 does not make that the number of his name! It’s a puerile argument without containing all the diapasons needed to declare that its Obama.

      I at least tied it to your God and anti-christ Hollande’s name…

    • King of Shambhala

      I’ve been heckled a desperate gang of Obama operatives linked to the CIA-NSA for five years and they haven’t let up ever and they spew their garbage at each article I make because theyw ant to block my message of revelation about the Antichrist

      If I didn’t speak the truth they’d not be so anxious and nervous about what I’m saying.

      I’m the only one who reveals Obama is the Antichrist because I don’t adher to any of the crap about NWO, the RFID chip and the “Illuminati” which is all crap.

      I just speak about one single fact which is that Obama is marked by the Antichrist Mark of the Beast 666; because in Chicago, his hometown, on the day after Obama’s election, the Chicago Lottery drew 666.

      Because I only speak about this miraculous event of 666 in the lotto, and not about anything else to prove that Obama’s the Antichrist, the Obots are desperate because they know I’m not a loon because I don’t speak about all the rest of the conspiracy crap.

      I just speak about one thing: the heaven-sent mark of 666 that’s all.

      I’m on heaven’s side and the demonic hell-side of the Obots can’t stand the truth and they hate heaven.

      So they targeted me for the last five years and evne made a website about me.

      I throw them into panic.

      Choose your side. * My side or the side of hell and the Obots.

      • physhstx

        “I’ve been heckled a desperate gang of Obama operatives linked to the CIA-NSA for five years……”

        Can you prove these “links”? Or are they “links” in your head?

        “Because I only speak about this miraculous event of 666 in the lotto, and not about anything else to prove that Obama’s the Antichrist”

        This is a big lie, even for you smith!!!! Have you already forgotten about the “fatal head wound” you squawked on about for a while, or how him “being gay” is a sure sign “he’s the antichrist”, among other points you have droned on about?

        “I just speak about one thing: the heaven-sent mark of 666 that’s all.”

        That is an outright lie smith, and you know it!!! If you ‘d like me to go into more detail, begin rant about “obots” and “false christs” now.

        You’re not being heckled as you claim, simply being confronted with another point of view and confronted with facts, to which you have no answer for and instead respond with false accusations and insults.

        You make your own bed, smith.

        • Ghost

          He is the poster boy for the proverbial dog returning to his own vomit..

          • King of Shambhala

            Join me I’m the MEssiah, you’ll go to heaven.

            Avoid the demons-Obots who try to divert you from the truth.

            Be my Messengers of the Apocalypse aka the Army/Warriors of Truth and you’ll be saved and they’ll all go to hell because we’ll throw them there; that’s our mission in the Apocalypse because it’s fortold that by the Bible.

            Our mission if we accept it is to throw everybody into hell in the Day Of Last Judgment /Atoning.

            Even if they regret they’ll not be saved.

            They must throw their god and Messiah the Antichrist Obama into hell for fear of being thrown in themselves. And they must throw everybody into hell for fear of being thrown in themselves. If they let up they’ll burn forever.

          • physhstx

            Thanks again for proving my point smith.

            When confronted on your bullplop with facts and evidence, you change the subject and hope we wil forget all about the numerous lies you post.

          • King of Shambhala

            Look at these crazy Leftist nutbobs going crazy because the US public is going to arrest it’s own politicians if Obama’s not taken to task about his crimes.

            This is getting heated.

            Good news.

          • King of Shambhala

            I’m the MEssiah.


            Because I’m announcing that the Mark of Number 666 is shown upon Obama: in Chicago, Obama’s hometown, the day after his election, the Lottery drew 666.

          • JohnnyScottsdale

            Questions Geir:

            1) why do you think that people that disagree that you’re the messiah automatically mean they support Obama?

            2) why do you think that anyone that disagrees with you automatically means they work for Obama or the CIA?

            3) can you see why your behavior and anger seems very un-messiah to people?

          • Ghost

            maybe KOS has been sucking the smart out of Palin’s toes?

          • King of Shambhala

            The message is very simple. HAHAHAHA

            I’m the MEssiah.


            Because I’m announcing that the Mark of Number 666 is shown upon Obama: in Chicago, Obama’s hometown, the day after his election, the Lottery drew 666.


            Day of Last Judgment Is here now. Meet Your JUDGE = ME.

          • King of Shambhala

            The Obots can’t stand that the proof is ther ethat Obama’s the Antichrist marked by the Chicago lottery draw of 666.

            Don’t get distracted by them.

            They’re the false christs of the Bible who defend the Antichrist Obama.

          • physhstx

            That isn’t proof, that is theory.

            Still can’t tell the difference between the two, huh?

          • Ghost

            The Hollandebot Puppets, ie Israeli lapdogs, can’t stand that the proof is ther ethat Hollande’s the Antichrist marked by the number of his name of 666.

            h o l l a n d e

            8 14 12 12 1 14 4 5



            1+4+5+4+1=15 1+5=6

            666 is the number of Hollande’s name

            KOS your lottery 666 does not make that the number of his name! It’s a puerile argument without containing all the diapasons needed to declare that its Obama.

          • King of Shambhala

            There are demonic Obots who can’t stand the truth.

            I’m alone in the world providing the proof Obama’s the Antichrist.

            The Obots can’t stand that the proof is there that Obama’s the Antichrist marked by the Chicago lottery draw of 666.

          • King of Shambhala

            The Obots are Leftist Communists, following Communism, the Jewish faith.

            85% of Communism’s founders are Jewish.

            Communism’s sole goal is to rob people of all their money.

          • Ghost

            KOS says: “The Obots are Leftist Communists, following Communism, the Jewish faith.”…

            Another KOS lie..

            No the Obots are NOT living in France…a Leftist Communist country who waits for its marching orders from Israel..

          • King of Shambhala

            Obots are crumby Commies.

            Commies are a Jewish creed.


            Mia Marie Pope is making her new radio show today.

            She’s saying Obama was gay and taking cocaine.

            Also Obama was a prostitute for older white gay men.

            Google it:

            Mia Pope ‘Power Hour’ Radio Show: Audio

          • Anara

            So you are also an anti semite in addition to being a racist and against Christians or any
            belief that doesent agree with you. Just lashing out at anyone and everyone .

          • Freeamerican

            anara, the shambala is doing a scheme but your anti semite blubbering is bunk. The jew is behind everything going on, have been for thousands of years, and christians have proven to be a huge ignorant disaster for America, blubbering over jew fables and following around jews while the jew used generations of whites for their world control, genociding whites along the way. Now they use immigrants to finish off America and stupid christians do nothing to protest or to send back the illegals, in fact, the idiots help protect the illegal leeches. The anti semite and christain blubbering is bunk. If you’re so righteous then go protest immigration.

          • Anara

            I have seen your posts on other pages, in your ignorance you make blanket statements about people you dont know anything about. This nation was created and built by immigrents
            from all walks of life which immigrents do object to? those that are here illegally ? thats why we will reform the laws and btw this administration has deported more of them than any before it.All of our ancesters came here from somewhere else who the hell are you to think only you and a select few others have the right to live here. You are a racist of the worst kind filled with hate for your fellow man what a pathetic lonely life you must have. This nation is not yours alone it belongs to anyone and everyone who wants to live here and call it their home.

          • Eddie Buck

            (“This nation was created and built by immigrants.All of our ancestors came here from somewhere else .Who the hell are you to think only you and a select few others have the right to live here?)

            You answered your own question.We are not building this nation.Our ancestors built it.Not the ancestors of those illegal hoodlums that’s crossing our southern border. Thats why we have a right to be citizens of this great nation.We inherited it from our forefathers.Again,ours not theirs. :mrgreen:

          • King of Shambhala

            Arpaio’s fighting immiragants like Obama.

            Obama’s the Antichrist and I’m the Messiah.

            Google it: Apocalypse For Today.

            Today is the end.

            Hurry to get there.

          • Ghost

            It’s been over 24 hours since your last prognostication of the Apocalypse…

            Nothing happened

          • King of Shambhala

            Stunning Info On President Obama: Sheriffs Congressional Fraud Kits Now Online Here !

            Google it:


          • Ghost

            666 is NOT the number of Obama’s name. Your failed theology is showing..

            Your Frenchie Surrendering Israeli Puppet President is the 666 anti-christ as proven below

            h o l l a n d e

            8 14 12 12 1 14 4 5



            1+4+5+4+1=15 1+5=6

            666 is the number of Hollande’s name

            KOS your lottery 666 does not make that the number of his name! It’s a puerile argument without containing all the diapasons needed to declare that its Obama.

          • physhstx

            “Join me I’m the MEssiah, you’ll go to heaven.”

            You’re the “ME”ssiah alright :wink:

    • King of Shambhala

      Obots have gone crazy with fear now because of this article which speaks the truth.

      I throw into the mix the heavenly sign of 666 that makes Obama the Antichrist.

      Thus, the prophecy wll come true that the Antichrist-Obama ends up by being defeated and he’ll face a three-year trial; bigger than the Nuremburg Nazi-Trial and all the Obots will be tried too..

    • Anonymous

      get the dual national traitor jews out of here NOW. they are after Obama because he wont use US $$$ & troops to destroy Iran and more M.E. countries for the zio-scum. Save America- stop TREASONers!

      • Freeamerican

        Truth from anonymous. Obama’s jew, they’re all jew. Holohoax. The scum republicans work for the jew, JWO, they all do. 1913 federal reserve, fake wars, immigration swarms and illegals for sixty years to make us slaves to communist leeches, 911, drones, chemtrails. Protest immigration, quit voting.

        “We Jews have put issue upon issue to the American people.
        Then we promote both sides of the issue as confusion reigns.
        With their eye’s fixed on the issues, they fail to see who is behind every scene.
        We Jews toy with the American public as a cat toys with a mouse…”
        “Americans have not had a presidential choice since 1932.
        Roosevelt was our man; every president since Roosevelt has been our man.”– jew Harold Wallace Rosenthal

  • Boxed in Freight

    BHO will probably issue an Executive Order that will prevent arrests to be made on Federal property. This will stop enforcement in the boundaries of the District of Columbia, territories such as the almost bankrupt Puerto Rico, and federal buildings. Unless these representative relocate to the District of Columbia, a territory such as Puerto Rico, or stay in the restroom of a federal building, it seems judgment is fast approaching if they do not do their jobs. :lol: :lol: :lol:

  • Geneww1938

    There is no way to arrest Obama or his supporters. They are all ambassadors for the One World Government and they ignore our legal system. In fact, they are systematically destroying it as you read this.
    You can think I eat to many mushrooms but time will tell!
    I’m 75 and worked for them a long time … Thing do not look good for our country as we knew and loved it.

    • King of Shambhala

      Geneww1938, there’s no way to arrest Obama because he’s a damned and sinful soul like gangsters who kill anyone who gets “smart” to them.

      But you can defeat them though.

      Use the force of the heavenly power like what I’m up to.

      • Geeper

        So you think Zullo’s plan is going to fail because he doesn’t have magic heavenly powers?

    • Anara

      Why would anyone think you eat too many mushrooms Geneww1938. Are you one of those old Hippies?

    • popeter

      I agree with you. Nothing at all can be done about Obama. I had a HUGE amount of information about him back in 2008 when he won the election. I not only knew how dangerous this puppet was, I also knew the American people are cowards (not like the Egyptians) so I moved out of the US. Traitor? No. Who in his right might stays aboard a sinking ship when people are determined to go down with it?

      • King of Shambhala

        Go download a Sheriff’s Kit, popeter. Get it to someone else. Send it worldwide.

  • Nationcrying

    They have tried to put this out but no one will believe it and then the media gets involved and puts it on the news and laughs and jokes about it discrediting anyone trying to report it. Congress knows, has known as well as many others but until the public BELIEVES it, this too, will go nowhere.

    • King of Shambhala

      This is it because people will download the Sheriff’s Kits to go to their local congressman and hand it over.

      This is a runaway hit now.

      Nothing can hold back the flow, it’s gone.

      • Ghost

        Oh no.. not another runaway hit.. just like the fake MIA hoax that got KOS all hot and bothered lusting after old white men..

      • dlschoen

        King of Shambhaia – - sadly my local congressman is 3rd — Rep. Raúl Grijalva [D] for my voin district in Arizona – IMO ‘kit’ would get ‘deep sixed’

    • Ghost

      That’s what you’ve been predicting… over and over and over

      It didn’t happen when your gay proclivities were excited by the MIA hoax..

    • King of Shambhala

      The mainstream news will announce the breaking news differently this time, Nationcrying.

      The news this time will be that ‘Congressmen and Senators are running for cover because “The People” are demanding action on Joe Arpaio’s investigation’.

      Try to cover that up.

      • King of Shambhala

        The nutjob Leftists who have been tracking all my articles for five years are going bezerk with the arrest of Congressmen and Senators being discussed openly here.

        Be careful of their lies, because they’re nervous as we discuss arresting the POTUS soon as well.

        Follow me and remain close by during the whole Apocalypse because those things have already started.

        • King of Shambhala

          i’m the Messiah because I alone rely upon the heavenly mark of 666.

          No one else does.

          Only me.

          • Geeper

            “I’m the Messiah because I say I am, you nutjob leftists!”

            Somehow I can’t quite see that as speech bubble text from a nice pastel illustration of Jesus Christ’s return to Earth.

          • Anara

            Good one Geeper :cool:

          • King of Shambhala

            Download Sheriff’s Kits and bring them to your local congressman.

            Give it to him, he can’t refuse things given by voters or he’ll lose his voters.

            Photograph him and we’ll advise him he’ll go to jail unless he reports Obama to the cops and to justice.

          • Ghost

            What are you SMOKING? Mushrooms? Weed? Opium?

          • Geeper

            Here you go Anara, one of Our Lord and Savior’s actual quotes from earlier today:

  • eve21

    h o l l a n d e

    8 14 12 12 1 14 4 5



    1+4+5+4+1=15 1+5=6

    666 is the number of Hollande’s name

    Unfortunately, “O” is the 15th letter. Your basic gematria won’t work on this now.

  • Geeper

    Nah, he just clumsily misrepresents everything (“some people are annoyed at me spamming their site” -> “the Obot are panicking again!!”) and thinks that this will be enough to persuade BIN readers. Dunning Kruger effect. The dude thinks he is Jesus and that he’ll get to throw every single BIN reader into Hell any day now – why would he worry about having to present a logically coherent worldview to them?

  • Ghost

    Do Buddhists believe a Messiah will come?

    Buddhism : And this matches with the Buddhist prediction that the right path of Buddha will rise up again in India after 2500 years of Buddha. Buddhism is exactly opposite of Hinduism because it is based upon non-violence & social equality . The 2500 years have already passed in 1950′s after the WW2 and after Hitler & nazis. Now we see that Buddhism has again started taking roots in India , although in a small manner. Slowly the educated intellectual class will realize that the path to happiness is non-violence and social equality whereas the people on the path of war will rise up only to be subdued.

    Do Buddhists believe a Messiah will come?
    Buddhist’s don’t, they believe in enlightenment

    • King of Shambhala

      Commies are such blockhead morons, so avoid the Obots here who are just ugly ignoramuses.

      Buddhism has a “Messiah” who’s called the King of Shambhala, me, King Rudra Chakrin, who practises the faith of Kalachakra, which announces the Apocalypse and victory of goodness over evil, the victory of the Believers over the Non-Believers of Krinmati-Obama.

      The “Antichrist” is called Demon-King Krinmati.

      Google this:

      The Name of the AntiChrist: Obama is Krinmati (Video)

      • Ghost

        Now there’s a good title 4 ya…

        King Rudder Chagrin..

        I googled KOS

        What is KOS?
        KOS is “Kill On Sight”

        KOS Definition / KOS Means
        The definition of KOS is “Kill On Sight”

        The Meaning of KOS
        KOS means “Kill On Sight”

        Some Buddiest Ambazzadoor of Peaches you turned out to beez..

        Gotta go.. more important things to do before the faux KOS Apocalymitics comes falling down.

        ‘I Love Lucy’ is on! ta ta

  • abnegative

    At this point any sheriff/law officer who has knowlege of officials having recieved these documents and not acting on them has the authority to arrest said persons. This can have real teeth if our nations law officers will only do their sworn duty.


    • King of Shambhala

      abnegative, the right way is to force the Sheriff’s Kits upon your local congressmen.

      They are forced to accept facts and documents that are brought to their attention adn when people snitch on others.

      They can’t close their eyes, ears and mouths like monkeys and act dumb and if a crime like Obama’s is brought to them they can’t LOOK AWAY.

      This is the Apocalypse and Revelation of Obama’s dirty secrets/crimes.

    • popeter

      You can support your local sheriff ONLY if he will support YOU. But a lot of them are slaves of the NWO globalist cabal.

      • Freeamerican

        JWO. jew world order.

      • dlschoen

        to popeter – - I live in Arizona – not in the county where Arpaio/Zullo are though – - you probably are aware as to how much the Federal Government has attempted to, and has, tie(d) Arpaio’s hands. I’m not positive if, at this time, Sheriffs can make arrests out of their own jurisdiction(s)

      • King of Shambhala

        This is so much bigger than Arpaio now.

        We’re talking about politicians being put on the spot by The People.

        Arpaio’s uneasy with the Sheriff’s Kits even because he’s getting flak from it I’m sure.

    • Anara

      No abnegative they do not have the authority to do any such thing you are mistaken.

      • abnegative

        they don’t have authority to arrest a person IN their jurisdiction with probable cause a felony has been committed ? Have you looked into this early amerian legistlation that is the foundation for these sheriff kits and this movement? The feds use this often against corporations , it is no secret. from what I read, after examining the legal documents in use and the original law behind this action , under rule of a law the papers must be served to a member of congress or a federal judge , once they are served they are subject to felony prosecution for inaction. An arrest can be executed by any member of law enforement with enough balls to do it.
        Reality is not the same but that is the situation we find ourselves in , too many have stood down and allowed the feds to violate the constiitution . The only way this will reverse is from the bottom up. Btw , there are still some law enforcement officers who take seriously their oath to protect the constitution.

    • Ghost

      Me thinks your argument is valid only within the county the sheriff has jurisdiction.. They have no authority to arrest anyone outside their county (or state), much less a Congressional representative or Obama.

      Further the birther issue is not a criminal matter but a civil (constitutional) matter.. Law enforcement has nothing to do or say about it.. Only a court of proper jurisdiction can address the matter in a civil suit. Probably the District Court of DC or the Article 5 court.

      It can become a Congressional matter through House impeachment.. but it would never get a trial and conviction through the senate.

      This is beating a dead horse.. even if it’s true.. There’s two years left and this matter would be stretched out through special investigations, special prosecutors, etc. till time runs out.

  • Einstein

    I put the kit into Rep Daniel Webster’s criminal hand in front of hundreds at a town hall meeting in Polk City Florida.

    I also delivered the kit to treasonous scumbag Rep Dennis Ross (FL) at his Lakeland office. The staff was constantly asking for my name and address while I was talking to them. Of course I refused as I don’t want to be swat teamed in the middle of the night. The staff tried to get my license plate number after I left, several were peaking through the curtains.

    Both offices never ask for personal information unless you are calling about Obama’s ineligibility or Israel’s crimes against America.

    • Freeamerican

      Don’t believe you. Why you using the name of a bunk fake like jew einstein, trying to keep the jew icons in people’s faces, your fake patriot act is bunk.

      • King of Shambhala


        Google my two last articles:

        Obamacare Deadline Nov. 30


        72 Hours: Obamacare Dies.

        On Nov. 30 Obama’s deadline for the Obamacare website to be working will pass. Obama will be under fire. Get ready, it’s in three days.

        The birthers have been clamoring for Obama’s defeat since five years already.

        Now new fighters have emerged with the group that gives Sheriff’s Kits to Congressmen/Senators INSIDE Congress and the Senate.

        A childhood friend of Obama’s has also emerged to testify to Obama’s depravity in his youth. He was a gay prostitute so as to score cocaine in Hawaii in his youth at 15, in the 70s.

        You can come forth and testify that Obama is the Antichrist now. All Obama’s traits prove he’s the Antichrist.

        The great mass of people (1-in-8?) who think Obama’s the Antichrist is overwhelming.

        In three days all hell will break loose.

  • Anara

    Those kits are going straight into the trash cans where they belong KOS
    You keep regurgitating the same sick and lapping it up all over again

    • Ghost

      President Holland the Puppet King of the “I Surrender” country is asking Bibi to have Mossad get those kits from the post offices before they can even be delivered… another PLUS for abortion.. stopping them birthers in their tracks…

      France will surrender them to the trash cans, because the French surrender with experience.

      • King of Shambhala

        Spread the Sheriff’s Kits and send them to your own politicains.

        They’re forced to accept them.

        We’ll send them messages that they’ll be arrested if they don’t act upon the accusations against Obama.

      • Ghost

        Who is forcing them? NO ONE… !!!

        Go back to playing with your jacks… try exercising that brain cell you still have (maybe)

  • Geeper

    Don’t forget that “Not one Christian will survive the Apocalypse all will burn in hell. (Bible)”, kids! Old gray-haired French Jesus here is your bestest pal!

  • Argentus Maximus

    The website is no joke. Just to tell you my story; I found that website a few weeks ago and downloaded the Sheriff’s Kit. It has the cover letter they send to our Congressional Reps along with all the evidence in the affidavit, and then videos of the lead investigators along with Sheriff Arpaio presenting the evidence to media.

    I wrote to the contact email asking if there was anything I could do to help out because they stated on the site that they were going to be in Washington D.C. on November 18th and 19th to present their evidence kits to members of Congress.

    The lead investigator, Michael Volin, wrote me back a couple days later and took me up on my offer. He asked me to contact my Congressional Rep and request that they schedule a meeting in D.C. on either of those dates so that they could present him with the Sheriff’s Kit.

    I called my rep, who is Gus Bilirakis out of Tampa, FL, District 12. It took me several days of calling and emailing to get through to his scheduling assistant and to get them to agree to schedule some time. I pretty much figured they were brushing me off and trying to avoid the issue because when they asked for details of why I wanted to set up a meeting I flat out told them it was to present them with evidence from Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s Cold Case Posse regarding a criminal investigation into Barry Soetero’s eligibility.

    Even though my rep is a Republican I still had a feeling his “handlers” were going to block us out and not set up the meeting. But I continued to press them and eventually at 9:30am on the 19th they wrote me back and said they could see us at 11:30am that morning.

    I’m posting this in case any of you out there want to know how to do the same thing because this is the key to getting Congress to get the internal investigation started. Even though I would not be in D.C., I had to be the one as a constituent of my representative to set up the meeting. Then I added the lead investigator, Michael Volin, to the meeting as my guest to take my place for the meeting.

    Well, Mike V. got over to Gus Bilirakis’ office and had the meeting with he and 2 people from his legal team. He called me up after the meeting and said it was the best one yet. They were all very into it, asked a lot of good questions, and it lasted about 30 minutes. They took the Sheriff’s Kit and his information and are going to move forward with getting together with other reps who Mike V. met with.

    He said they knew a little bit about the eligibility issue, but that the evidence packet he gave them and explained to them had them astonished because they had not heard of all the other facts and details that Sheriff Joe’s investigators have come up with.

    They would not be taking it to this level if they weren’t 100% absolutely positive of the evidence they have put together against this fraudulent, lying, traitor…they’ve got him dead to rights and it’s only a matter of time before they nail him for it.

    Anyway…that’s the way to get things done folks. It worked for me, but luckily, my rep is a Republican, like I said, and a pretty hard core conservative one at that. I’m sure if my rep was a Democrat they never in a million years would have set up that meeting.

    The way to pressure these reps is to let them know straight up what the deal is and if they don’t schedule a meeting to see this evidence, well then you’ll remember it come election time, and you’ll make sure everyone you know will find out that they wouldn’t meet with the investigators. Hit them where the votes count and most of them will give in. Maybe even a few Dems will too. They don’t owe Barry any loyalty at this stage…he’s a lame ducker and not up for re-election, so many reps are distancing themselves from him right now anyway with all his scandals, so stick it to him and try to get a meeting scheduled between your reps and Michael Volin.

    His email address is:

    If you might not be sure who your rep is then go here:

    Mike also wants me to be on his podcast show to explain how I was able to get my rep to meet with him so that others will do it too. So I just wanted to share this with you all.

    Please get the word out and do whatever you can. Get people to call their reps and light them up about this. Once they know you’re serious they will pay attention.

    Good luck Patriots!!!

    • dlschoen

      To Argentus Maximus - – wondering if you meant Mike Zullo – not Volin. (I live in Arizona and have followed Arpaio/Zullo since the beginning of CCP investigation(s))

  • Justin Dupre

    Hahaha, is it just me or to most of the congressmen and women receiving the kits on looked petrified???

  • TruthandFreedom

    First off, hand delivering the packets to 200 is far off from the fact that every single Member of the House and Senate should have been served via a legal processor. This delivering 200 only holds the 200 who personally hand signed for these documents. If their offices received them, all they need to say is they never saw the paperwork. Thus, of 535 total between the House and Senate only 200 were given documents which gives the other 335 the defense of they didn’t know. What truly needs to be done is for all the major media news waves ie their band for transmission needs to be hacked and this information shown to all America with the explanation to all Americans who were given the packets and that the whole government has refused to remove the FRAUD… ie they have all partaken in Treason and should all be held accountable via execution as required for treason!!!!

  • TruthandFreedom

    Sherrifs need to issue warrants for arrests of all who were given the packets and instead of action decided to aid and abet in the defrauding of America.

    • Ghost

      They probably are…. sure sounds like an FBI sting..

  • smokewell

    King Sham,

    Why do you so viciously attack anyone who dares question your posts? That is not the attitude one would expect from a ‘Messiah’.

    Are you so insecure that you can not accept that MAYBE you might…possibly…be wrong sometimes?

    Just wondering, because I am just looking for the truth…and it is hard to accept that from someone who bitterly attacks others.

  • PablosWhiteRabbit

    OMG! Is this Doug Vogt’s Jane Doe #2?!
    Get to the website before this post is deleted!

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