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Lt Zullo: Universe-Shattering Info In Obama Fraud (Video) All Washington Officials Sealed Jail Terms Unless Prosecute Obama.

Saturday, November 23, 2013 8:23
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                               By Geir Smith aka Rudra Chakrin, King of Shambhala i.e. The Universal Messiah.

The birther organisation presented 300 Sheriff’s Kits to the governement officials inside Congress and the Senate on Nov. 18 and 19 during a 48-hour period. (100 Kits to a birther rally outside the White House on Nov. 19) They entered 100 of the government offices there. The Sheriff’s Kits are made up of Mike Zullo’s two-year “Joe Arpaio Cold Case Posse” investigation into Obama’s birth issue. I reported on this earlier.

Now, on Nov. 22, Mike Zullo himself is on live radio (video), announcing breakthrough news in the probe. The two events are related. It’s the news that’s the news here. Zullo is probably announcing his latest progress in the work. 

But Zullo visited Congress and the Senate himself last year, several times and announced he had made inroads there, particularly with Rep. Steve Stockman (R-TX).

So Zullo, today is probably also announcing that his earlier visits have spun off a result. The wave of birthers on the Hill wouldn’t have happened without Zullo’s visits earlier. It’s the same movement. So, the pressure is mounting to an unprecedented level… Obamacare is already killing the Obama Presidency anyways. One thing leads to another, as often as not.

Thus things have now reached a tipping-point. This is the concrete way it’s happening and they’re (we’re) taking Obama down.

This wave of Sheriff’s Kits is swamping the government in Washington. It’s significant because the “Kits” that are out there, sitting in all these offices, being worked on, investigated and examined… in each damn office of the Senate and Congress halls… put the onus on all the officials to do their job: which is to serve justice and the truth.

Government officals have a duty to follow the truth and the law; that’s often forgotten and considered a detail… mostly they don’t do that though, and they just act upon partisan lines of “helping their own”. Lawlessness and Injustice are the reasons they’re in office. It’s a pity. Now they’ll be forced to act as if they obeyed the law.

Government officials can be jailed on not acting.

Steve Stockman for example, has been alone it seems, in dealing with the matter  of the birth issue. But this suddenly puts him out there up in front, with all eyes upon him from his collegues, who are suddenly just as informed about the case as himself.

Unless Stockman acts now or unless it’s the others who act, they’ll be guilty of “COMPLICITY OF CRIMES”. Other crimes they come under the description of are several: omission, accessory, aiding and abetting, etc… so what we now have is that at least 200 people have personally received Sheriff’s Kits inside the Senate and Congress buildings (in front of witnesses and who were filmed/photographed in each case) and they can all face steep criminal charges unless they act upon the facts presented to them by the Sheriff’s Kits which contain the facts of a criminal investigation; the Joe Arpaio Cold Case Posse.

This matter represents a career-threat to all of those officials because the law states that “Whoever is aware of a crime and doesn’t report it is guilty of ‘Complicity of crime’ and will face a prison time of twenty years emprisonment to life sentence and a $3 million fine.”

So let’s be clear again:

By having accepted the Sheriff’s Kits in their hands all the Washington officials have sealed their jail terms unless they act to prosecute Obama. Stockman is now in a quandary, because the national and international press are now watching him, but not just him, all the others too… who accepted the Sheriff’s Kits… are under scrutiny and none are spared. The first one to act upon the facts will save himself. He’ll be on the right side of History.

On the RIGHT SIDE of the LAW and of JUSTICE.

If Rep. Darrell Issa sets up a hearing, he’ll ask: ”When did you learn about the Obama birth issue and at what date did you get the ‘Sheriff’s Kit’ delivered to you?”

“When did you decide you’d close your eyes and cover it up?”

The same day they were giving out the Sheriff’s Kits inside Congress, birthers were rallying outside the White House.


Lt Mike Zullo: We have Universe-Shattering Evidence In Obama Fraud!

The team in front of the office of Rep Steve Stockman (R-TX) while delivering him his Sheriff’s Kit.

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  • Boxed in Freight

    Then there is the “Barry dark lips syndrome” which is identified personally from Mia Pope who grew up with Barry in Hawaii, even calling him Barry. Allegedly, Barry smoked cocaine, a lot, and when he did his lips got very dark, and she said one could always tell when Barry was hitting the pipe real hard by his dark lips. :lol: :lol: :lol:

    Jeff Rense & Mia Pope – Barry Soetoro The Pathological Liar

    Jeff Rense & Mia Pope – High School Daze With ‘Barack Obama’

    Jeff Rense & Mia Pope – The Strange Deaths Around Barack Obama

    • King of Shambhala

      Mia Marie Pope, in the last JEff Rense video (at the end at 14:50) said that she had many radio shows booked now and she’ll be “out there swinging”.

      We need Mia Pope and the birthers now.

      Let’s GO!

    • Wynema

      where was she 5 to 6 years ago??? Just another fame seeking idiot… UGH!!! I cannot stand Obama but I cannot stand the swill many people seem to dishing up either.

      • King of Shambhala

        I don’t see why you’re not joining in bashing Obama Wynema, we throw whatever we fiind at him seeing the Liberal Fascist Nutjob Commies are defending him no matter what.

        What part of that can’t you get your head around? You’re just an ugly idiot, right?

    • Zionist infiltration

      :lol: :razz:

  • Anonymous

    The Birthers are exactly in the same position they were in six years ago. They are always on the verge of releasing the biggest information on Obama of all time. Information that God doesn’t even have yet. And they are on the verge of making the biggest announcement of all time. It is first around the corner.

    Obama must be laughing his ass off on the golf course over these guys.

    • King of Shambhala

      You’re right Mitch, Obama’s got the power.

      On the other hand the politicians have the facts about his fraud in the Sheriff’s Kits.

      Do you like the truth Mitch or is the truth an inconvenient reality to you??

      • jivy

        Mitch can’t handle the truth King….lol

      • King of Shambhala

        Yeah jivy, whatever is on Internet doesn’t match the power of this article.

        The Sheriff’s Kits are inside the halls of Congres and the Senate and if they don’t follow up on it they’ll go to jail.

        Period, case closed

  • Wise Weirdness

    We have 200 Sheriff’s Kits inside the Senate and Congress buildings; hopefully they plan on delivering 335 more. I wouldn’t want anyone to feel left out.

    This is almost to good to be true, KUDOS to the Joe Arpaio Cold Case Posse!!!


    • King of Shambhala

      Yeah, cool.

      those Kits are like time bombs ticking on Obama’s sorry arse.

      I’m live right now

      • Obama Conspiracy Theories

        More likely those kits are in the circular file.

      • King of Shambhala

        Sorry Doc Obot, you got here too late.

        You can’t save Obama.

        Hope your shorts don’t get knotted up for it.

    • King of Shambhala

      Let’s force the politicians to act now.

      Let’s blast any politician that doesn’t act. Threaten them with jail and lock them down.


    Barry Soetero—- Sotero WHATEVER should be JAILED – PERIOD…..liar, fraud, usurper!!! get him and his MUSLIM buddies OUT OF OUR WHITE HOUSE!!!

    • King of Shambhala

      Islam’s the worst thing in the world.

      Obama’s got to be sentenced for his High Treason.

      even if that takes the death rap by US laws and SCOTUS hands that down doesn’t matter we must all obey the law even phoney POTUS Obama.

  • michelle forus

    Right on Sheriff Mac now get the Citizens Grand Juries behind you and lets indict these lawless crooks!!! United we stand!

    • King of Shambhala

      Mack should arrest all those who got the Sheriff’s Kits.

      They’re all covering up for Obama.

      They’re covering up for a criminal = Obama if they’re not prosecuting him and that’s THEIR DUTY.

  • Geeper

    “Whoever is aware of a crime and doesn’t report it is guilty of ‘Complicity of crime’ and will face a prison time of twenty years emprisonment to life sentence and a $3 million fine.”

    So if you’re familiar with the evidence and believe it yourself, how did you get on when you reported the crime yourself? Or did you choose not to report it?

    • King of Shambhala

      There are these CIA/OFA shills working for Obama here.

      Watch out, Geeper’s one of them.

      I’ve been followed around by these moles trolling me ever since I tried to edit Wikipedia to enter that Obama’s the Antichrist and they went crazy and that’s a job still left to do now so join me and let’s go edit Wikipedia all of us together and blast Obama to hell where he comes from i.e. he’s a Satanical being.

  • Anonymous

    Don’t worry, folks. Five years from now we’ll have this all sorted out. :lol:

    • King of Shambhala

      THis artricle’s getting great traffic and it’s not even featured at all.


      That’s all I can say folks.

      • JPotter

        Just inviting all my friends to the freak show. Please, carry on, and keep the nutty comin’ fast and hot! :lol:

      • King of Shambhala

        People like Obots or Doc Conspiracy (Kevin Davidson) can maybe be prosecuted when Obama falls.

        They’ve supported Obama.

        If Obama’s established as the world’s worst-ever criminal, what role will Obots be responsible for?

      • Geeper

        You’re fantasising about prosecuting everybody who “supported” Obama during your New World Order, now? I thought you were preaching a New Age of peace and love when Obama was killed and you took power as the Universal World Messiah?

      • King of Shambhala

        The Obots ae panicking.

        Arpaio’s got new “fire” on Obama’s birth issue.

        The Obots are scared they’ll all be prosecuted too.

  • arts

    this is all song and dance. the “united states of America” is a corporation. There is no need for a birth certificate. You can put anyone you want as head of that corporation. You though as an individual have no obligation to comply with anything that corporation tells you is law “corporate policy” unless you have a birth certificate, ssn number or drivers license. If you do you are an “employee” of this corporation. They can dictate to you much like any corporation can if you are employed by them. You will get benefits but those benefits can be taken away at any time. You contract in with the corporation by accepting their “benefits” which are not benefits at all. Think about it people. More and more they tell you what you can and cannot do. Don’t they always tell you that it is for your sake? For your safetly? You are a ward of a fictional government. It’s all a scam. Everything they do is FRAUD.

  • enoughalready

    Everyone who has been following this story knows Barry is a fraud; a person of unknown identity. Nothing will happen. We have a criminal for Attorney General who is Obama’s firewall. We have a Congress infested with Communists, radicals/Progressives; the head of the CIA who is a Muslim and is probably the one responsible for altering his passport; and basically a lawless and complicit government. Anyone with integrity who tries to fight for the truth is mocked and ridiculed following the Saul Alinsky tactics.
    Exactly who is going to MAKE them do anything? There are a few with integrity but not enough. It makes me sick.

    • King of Shambhala

      Yeah, enoughalready, we’ve got to go after these freaks.

      They’re everywhere.

      Just go for the head: Obama.

  • Obama Conspiracy Theories

    Deciding to ignore a birther is not a crime. It’s good policy.

    • King of Shambhala

      Joe Arpaio’s not a so-called birther Doc Obot-Halliday, it’s the law.

      He’s been in the business for 55 years.

      You’re a nobody, agreed?

    • Geeper

      “Geeper” is my only BIN account. I think you might have a little conspiracy theory of your own going on there.

      • JohnnyScottsdale

        Geeper, Geir is making these claims now because he’s made a few other accounts that post in support of everything he does. They post in rapid succession and have the same sentence structure and grammatical errors Geir does. Easy to see. So he’s playing the game of trying to distract from what he’s doing by accusing others of the same thing. Kind of like when he accuses others of being mentally unstable.

        • King of Shambhala

          CIA/OFA operatives are busy here.

          They have to do mop-up for Obama.

          But they admit Obamaa’s birth cretificate is phony and that confirms Obama’s the Antichrist aka the “Great Deceiver” because that’s his nature of duplicity.

          • King of Shambhala

            Obama’s a phony and that confirms that I’m the Messiah because I’m the only one worldwide who’s revealing Obama’s the Antichrist and standing up to Obama’s Army of Satan.

            Ajl these operatives here are the Minions of Satan aka the Antichrist.

            There’s no one standing up to the Antichrist except for me because others use worldly means while I use divine means with the Mark of the Beast of 666.

          • JohnnyScottsdale

            How can you make the claim you’re the only one calling Obama the anti christ, as you post things non-stop about other people making these claims publicly? Additionally, these other people reach far far far more people than you do. You post on a site with a few thousand unique visitors a day. They say this stuff to hundreds of thousands of people. According to your own rules, if revealing the anti christ is the standard for being the messiah, there are dozens of people that fit that bill much more than you.

          • Geeper

            Other people are calling for Obama to be impeached? Not because he’s the antichrist! Wait, other people are calling Obama the antichrist? Not using the Illinois lottery as proof! Uh, other people spoke about the lottery back in 2008? Well, they haven’t stuck with it for five years like Shambhala! What’s that, there’s a guy at your church who’s also been saying this non-stop for five years? Well, um… I bet he isn’t combining it with Buddhist prophecy!

            Shambhala slices the pie thinner and thinner until only he is the Messiah, and only by his own arbitrary definition.

          • King of Shambhala

            The Obots come to this article that’s been here for days and still is seeing traffic because it’s dangerous for them.

            There are very few people who claim openly that Obama’s the Antichrist.

            Jack Van Impe is the only one I think but he’s not repeated it again and I’m the only one in the world who says it strongly.

          • Geeper

            Go to YouTube. Search for “obama antichrist”. Sort by upload date. There are many, many people still claiming that Obama is the antichrist, there’s a video from a couple of weeks ago with over 14,000 views which covers the subject a lot more thoroughly than you ever have.

            You are not a precious snowflake.

          • King of Shambhala

            No one is spreading the news that Obama’s the Antichrist like I am.

            People should ask themselves why there are operatives sent by Obama watching every article to spew their garbage on them.

            I’m the one because I prove Obama’s the Antichrist by logical deduction and by backing up proof and I don’t follow any of the conspiracy theories about the RFID chip, the Illuminati, the NWO etc…. which others do.

            I’m the only one in the world who refers to the miraculous heaven-sent omen of 666 drawn in the Chicago Lottery, Obama’s hometown, to prove that Obama’s the Antichrist.

            The lottery drew 666 on the day after Obama’s election.

            I don’t use any suppositions, conclusions or proceed by reasoning to say Obama’s the Antichrist.

            I just rely upon that miraculous lottery draw, that’s all.

            I don’t say “I think Obama’s the Antichrist.”

            I say “Heaven showed us he’s the Antichrist.”

            I’m the only one speaking with the authority and force of heaven.

          • Geeper

            Search “obama lottery 666″ on YouTube.

            “About 3,640 results.”

          • King of Shambhala

            The Obots can blabber their stupid ugly mouths all day nothing will change.

            I’m the one.

            I alone rely upon heaven which is what the Bible said to do: “The Antichrist cna’t be defeated by worldly means but only by divine means (that’s the miracle of 666)”

            I alone speak from the heavenly persepctive of the lottery’s miraculous draw of 666 marking Obama and not all the conspiracy crap the others talk about the RFID chip, the NWO the Illuminati and all the rest of their crap.

            PPSimmons has made several videos about the 666 lottery draw and says it’s a miracle but he’s also made other crazy videos about backwards playing of tapes, or of Obama’s name being in the Aramaic translation etc… all crazy hogwash.

            I alone keep the line of reason and of surrendering to the heaven-sent mark of 666.

          • Geeper

            Don’t kid yourself. You frequently get distracted by how Obama might be gay or transvestite, or how his wife might be a man. And maybe he’s got a secret fatal head wound, and maybe the four horsemen are some random news stories from this week, and maybe Harold Camping is right, and maybe the Mayan doomsday prophecy is true. You drift all over the place.

          • Anara

            Tell the truth KOS the closest you ever get to heaven is when you are coupulating with animals
            Thats your nirvana. You have been so fully checked out by NSA theres nothing they dont know
            about you. You are one very sick puppy.

          • King of Shambhala

            The demonic CIA shills here are all false christs.

            Obama’s being gay is a very important trait of the Antichirst aka “The Abomination” and cannot be overlooked.

            He’s a perverted, disgusting and revolting human being and not seeing that makes one miss the whole point of what the Satanical Antichrist is all about and leaves the meaning to the side, unrevealed.

            The Antichirst (Obama) is a Satanical Abominable homosexual.

          • Anara

            You’re an antichrist KOS and also a satanical abominable homosexual.
            Although the majority of Gays are niether satanical or abominable your an exeption.

          • King of Shambhala

            There are demonic false christs posting here who are probably CIA operatives and terrorists.

            Any death threats being made here will get $50000 in fine and a year in jail.

            They’ll be setnenced for that.

          • King of Shambhala

            Beware there are demonics posting here; I want all people to know that.

            I’m the one that’s clear because Obama corroborates it.

            He’s the Antichrist.

          • physhstx

            We are aware of you smith, don’t panic.

          • King of Shambhala

            I’m the Messiah.

            The Obots can’t do anything about that.

            They’ll all be judged in the Last Judgement. hahahahaha

          • King of Shambhala

            There’s a question.

            Why do Obots support a criminal?

            Why Obama?

          • Ghost

            The last US Messiah was Bush..
            Our latest Messiah is Obama..

            You’re in France supporting Tel Aviv’s puppet they installed in Paris..
            So how dare you tell us anything, much less declare to be a Messiah

          • King of Shambhala

            The Obots are out in force here to prevent me saying I’m the Messiah.

            It’s proven so.

            Obama’s the Antichrist.

          • physhstx

            Nobody has prevented you from saying anything, no matter how nonsensical or ridiculous. Quit playing victim.

          • Anara

            Nope you are the antichrist,you are the evil one you will be tried and executed by the
            ones that carry out such matters.Not to say I would’nt mind visiting you and beating the snot out of you before the others get you.

          • King of Shambhala

            Nope you are the antichrist,you are the evil one you will be tried and executed by the
            ones that carry out such matters.Not to say I would’nt mind visiting you and beating the snot out of you before the others get you.>

            The real face of the CIA shills is revealed. Making death threats. I’m the Messiah, I wonder why the Obots hate that so much.

          • Anara

            Heres your answer KOS
            The POTUS has many enemies granted but he has many more friends and always will.
            Theres a proverb in the Bible KOS it says a dog will always return to its vomit. It fits you cause not
            only do you constantly return to your vomit you also sniff out and lap up other dogs vomit too.

          • King of Shambhala

            Obama’s the Abomination, he’s got no friends where he’s heading for.

            Obama’s the ilk of Al Capone, not “the fourth best president”. (sic!)

            The sick CIA operatives here are headed for hell in the Last Judgment that’s coming right now because the names of politicians who received the Sheriff’s Kits are going to be revealed shortly.

          • Anara

            They’ll all be judged in the Last Judgement. hahahahaha
            You dont even see how crazy you sound. You really need to be put out of you misery
            I think there is a plan in the works to do just that. Yoiur not safe anymore Smith.

          • King of Shambhala

            I’ll report all death threats by the CIA operatives in the comments here.

            They’ll be dealth with.

            It’s good to see Obama’s followers are showing what garbage they really are and that all that varnish of goodness was fake and evil in fact.

          • Ghost

            The Death of the False Messiah.. Truth, Facts…

            No Christ = No Messiah = No Anti-Christ

            Do Buddhists believe in Jesus?:
            Buddhists do not believe Jesus Christ is God’s son, nor do they believe there is any God at all. The principles of Buddhism state that there is no supreme creator or other planes of existence, everything is energy and energy changes shapes and forms. The goal of Buddhism is to increase your karma through good moral acts during your several lives in order to become one with the great energy, Nirvana.

            Christians believe the Messiah can be the one and only Jesus Christ of Nazareth, resurrected and returning to Earth.

            Are you Frenchman, claiming to be Jesus Christ?

          • Anara

            Welcome back GHOST.

          • Ghost

            Thanks, BIN had me blocked on comments… Don’t know why.. I guess something I used triggered a ‘bad word’ block or something..

          • Ghost

            KOS you’re such a fraud.. In Buddhism there is NO LAST JUDGEMENT

            In Buddhism, the Buddha predicted that his teachings would be forgotten after 5,000 years, followed by turmoil. A bodhisattva named Maitreya will appear and rediscover the teaching of dharma. The ultimate destruction of the world will then come through seven suns.

            You’re drinking too much of that French Mogen David.. ie MD-20/20

          • Ghost

            Generally Buddhism does not believe in a personal God or a divine being, it does not have worship, praying to, or praising of a divine being (although some sects do.) It offers no form of redemption, forgiveness, no heavenly hope, or a final judgment to those practicing its system. Buddhism is a moral philosophy, an ethical way to live for the here and now of this world to gain the ultimate state. It has more in common with humanism and atheism than its original religion Hinduism it separated from. But Buddhism is not atheism just because they don’t believe in a personal God. It is more like pantheism, there is a impersonal force the void which is the ultimate.

          • King of Shambhala

            Ghost youi’re the most stupid poster, I mean our comment is the ugliest piece of crap;, aren’t you even ashamed of it?

            You believe in a personal god?

            I bet you’re the stupidest poster on Internet.

          • Ghost

            You’ll get the first fine and jail term

          • King of Shambhala

            You’ll get the first fine and jail term>

            This is a threat.

            Making threats on Internet will get this CIA shill banned again.

            He’s made many death threats to me already.

          • physhstx

            “I alone rely upon heaven which is what the Bible said to do: “The Antichrist cna’t be defeated by worldly means but only by divine means (that’s the miracle of 666)””

            The same bible you have never read and don’t believe in, correct?

          • King of Shambhala

            I’m learned about the Christian Apocalypse, Revelation, Antichrist etc… because I’ve learnt a lot about it since the five years that I’ve known Obama is the Antichrist.

            I don’t believe in the Bible except for it’s prophecies which I believe may or may not be true; so far they’ve come true seeing Obama’s marked by this number 666, that part has come true: so who knows, maybe Obama’s truely the Antichrist.

            The commentors of this article are all false christs and demons working for the Antichrist Obama: his Minions.

          • Geeper

            That’s an impressive slump from the Messianical and triumphant “I’m the only one speaking with the authority and force of heaven.” to the half-hearted Gallic shrug of “so who knows, maybe Obama’s truely the Antichrist.” in the space of a couple of hours.

          • JohnnyScottsdale

            There are no operatives sent by Obama or the govt to watch you and your ‘articles’ Geir. That delusion is a common part of your overall mental disease of messiah delusions within likely manic depression and/or bipolar disorder. If you haven’t noticed, people are more strongly fighting your assertion that you are the messiah than they are about Obama being the anti-christ. Why? Because you behave so un-messiah like. Hate, threats, obsession with homosexuals, racism…. all traits the Messiah will never have. Please Geir, go get some help for your mental issues. Use some introspective thought and try to figure out why you obsess on homosexuality, and where your profound anger comes from. Deal with those issues and move on with your life.

          • King of Shambhala

            How can you make the claim you’re the only one calling Obama the anti christ, as you post things non-stop about other people making these claims publicly? Additionally, these other people reach far far far more people than you do. You post on a site with a few thousand unique visitors a day. They say this stuff to hundreds of thousands of people. According to your own rules, if revealing the anti christ is the standard for being the messiah, there are dozens of people that fit that bill much more than you.>

            These are false christs and post garbage. Having many followers isn’t the issue. The MSM for example has many followers and post only garbage.

    • King of Shambhala

      Geeper, is an operative of the CIA/OFA who’s been trolling my articles for three years ever since I edited Wikipedia to make it say that indeed Obama’s the Antichrist.

      He’s spewing his pro-Obama garbage 24 7 non-stop since then.

      He’s admitted Obama’s birth certificate is fake though strangely and that qualifies Obama for Death Row and the electric chiar so I can’t figure out Geeper

      The only thing that can be traced that he seems to object to really deeply, is that I say I’m Jesus, the Messiah, the Anointed and Chosen One. I’ve explained that fully so figure what goes on in the head of a diseased brain like Geeper’s.

      He has mental issues and is challenged but he’ll get certified sooner or later, his own family and close ones will commit him; no doubt possible about that.

      • Geeper

        I think the reason you “can’t figure out Geeper” is because you’ve made so many crazy things up about me? I’m a homosexual, but I’m also a fundamentalist Christian. I’m a gay man who is attracted to you, but I’m also a butch lesbian. I’m a CIA agent, but I take a paycheck from the NSA. I’m an Obot paid 24/7 by Obama himself, but I’ve never voted for, supported or spoken in favour of Barack Obama.

        This is only confusing because you’ve made so much of it up.

        • Geeper

          Oh, and the best combo – I’m a highly-paid CIA psy-ops Alinsky-trained operative who people should be careful around, but I’m also stupid and mentally ill and don’t know anything.

          Wipe your slate clean and just write “Geeper is a guy on a news site who thinks Obama is not the antichrist and King of Shambhala is not Jesus”. Then you’re good to go. Easy.

          • King of Shambhala

            The Obots are nervous.

            Arpaio has made threats at Obama.

            This is a good article about it and the title says it all:


            Sheriff Joe Arpaio: We’re Finding
            More Fire In Obama ID Fraud Investigation
            Sheriff Joe Arpaio was interviewed by Western Center for Journalism and provided the following comment:

            “The birth certificate investigation, which we started two years ago and is still in progress. And we’re finding more fire, and that’s another issue….. I will say that I do not get a Christmas card from the President…..”

          • King of Shambhala

            Obamacare’s killing the Obama Presidency and the Obots.

            When Obama’s arrested they’ll be out of a job.

            Don’t listen to the Obots, I’m the Messiah and I’m Jesus, I’ve explained it already..

          • Anara

            You’re not any type of messiah or Jesus you are a fraud and an Antichrist and you are the one who deserves to die. I heard the muslims were coming after you.

          • King of Shambhala

            Don’t listen to the demonics who support the world-criminal Obama.

            I’m the one, the chosen one, the anointed one.

            I’m alone in the world in providing the divine heaven-sent proof of 666 that shows Obama is the Antichrist and spreading the news everywhere that Obama is that.

          • King of Shambhala

            Can anyone be so evil as the demonic false christs here supporting Obama?

            They support the man who’s the world’s worst criminal of all Humanity.

            No one worse exists and has existed on the face of earth worse than Obama.

          • Geeper

            Nobody here is supporting Obama. It is entirely possible to say that an unemployed French blogger isn’t Jesus without lending any support to Obama at all!

          • phoenix rising

            And you should have kept being the messiah to yourself. If you are
            that, then you would not have to tell anyone. They would know!
            I appreciate your desire to have Obama exposed, but because of
            your own self proclaimations, you discredit and do not do service
            to what you are exposing. Get out of your ego! It is not helping

          • King of Shambhala

            I didn’t say I was the Messiah first of all, phoenix rising.

            This is how it worked out: I went to Christains websites and announced Obama was the Antichrist not that I was anybody, Messiah or whatever.

            My personal tradition is Buddhism, so I’m the King of Shambhala (the Universal Messiah) in that.

            The Chrisitians didn’t even flinch and instead they asked me who I was.

            Because they said that if Obmaa was truely the Antichrist then that meant I was the Messiah.

            Their system is failproof.

            They give you two choices that don’t work: either you say you’re the messiah and they say that means you’re a “false prophet – false christ” if you proclaim that.

            Or else if I say I’m Buddhist they also say that’s un-Christian and thus blasphemous.

            I told them they were idiots.

            I told them their own Bible announces they’ll all go to hell in the Apocalypse and that “No Christian will be saved in the Apocalypse because the Church will be rotted by false christs.” (Bible)

            I didn’t say I was the Messiah they went ad hominem against me.

            I don’t give a damn what they think because they didn’t give me a chance.

            They’ll all rot in hell.

            I’m the Messiah and I adopt the mantle reluctantly because I didn’t even mention it. The Christians threw that whole idea at me out of the blue.

            They use that idea to develop their craziness and intolerance.

            I’m the one.

          • physhstx

            “I didn’t say I was the Messiah first of all”
            You have got to be joking, right?? You’ve said it in the comment thread, not to mention anywhere else on the internet that still allows you to post!!

            You’ve told so many lies you can’t keep them straight!!

          • JPotter

            Never fear, KoS, Papa ‘Paio is cagey enough to avoid making the kind of ‘threats’ that would earn him a special visit from the boys in the dark glasses. We’ll both be enjoying Papa’s antics for years to come … and our country will be all the worse for it.

            Suffering fools is a longstanding American tradition. Here’s hoping we get over it someday.

          • phoenix rising

            You should have been removed from this site a long time ago.

    • King of Shambhala

      This Obot “Obama Conspiracy Theories” aka “Doc Conspiracy” is Kevin Davidson who Mike Zullo says he investigated and the result of that investigation was that Davidson worked on software and created a company that makes fake birth certificates.

      Now, he’s a diehard Obama fanatic and I wonder why because Obama’s the greatest criminal of all time, so why support a piece of garbage like the US POTUS?

      I talked to Doc Conspiracy on his blog but he banned me because I took Obama down over and over again and nobody stood up to me.

      Listen to the video of Mike Zullo and Carl Gallup discussing this piece of crap Doc Conspiracy (Obama Conspiracy Theories.)

      Browse this at You Tube:

      Sheriff Joe’s Obama Investigator: There Is A Lot Of Stuff Here; Birthers vs Obots

      • King of Shambhala

        Sorry that’s the wrong video I sent there.

        Here’s the right one which talks about Doc Conspiracy.

        Google it:
        1: Team Arpaio: Another Congressman Engaging; Obots Knocked Down

        Zullo says who Kevin Davidson in detail.

        he gives the name of his software company and the program to make fake documents.

  • Mitch

    *IF* they ever get Obama out early it will have ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to do with the birther issue. No chance, no way, no how.
    they have plenty of criminal acts to go after him and they have for at least 3.5 yrs.

    • King of Shambhala

      I agree Mitch, I always said the birth issue was not the main issue.

      Obama’s clearly the Antichrist and that’s the Apocalypse and end of times.

      It’s much more than the birth issue and yes the trial Obama’s facing is a 3.5-year trial I agree 100% with you Mitch if that’s what you’re saying

  • King of Shambhala

    There’s no article on Internet which can threaten Obama like this one.

    Look at Obama Conpsiracy Theories which showed up.

    He’s a person who’s in the front of the fight against birthers etc… so that he showed up means this article is a great danger for them.


    Because it says that the proof of the Joe Arpaio investigation of Obama’s birth issue have been handed over to all the members of Congress and the Senate or will be done so very shortly from now.

    • JPotter

      Goin’ a lil nuts on this one, eh, KoS? 34 comments (counting the one I am typing), and 18 of them are from you.

      You’re quite a mess; your handle is a Buddhist reference, you’re making references to run-of-the-mill, downhome American so-called “Christian” apocalypticism/eschatology, while slinging here angry vulgarity.

      A little man obsessed with “getting” his betters.

      Do you have any idea how much crankery floods Capitol Hill on a constant basis? Does the “ team” have any capacity for recognizing when they are being blown off? They’re delivering waste paper to whoever will shine them on. This is one of the main job of aides, to protect their Congressperson from wackjobs who would waste their legislator’s time.

      Hopefully, the paper involved is at least being recycled, and hopefully, it will be put to a constructive use in its next life.

      • King of Shambhala

        JPotter, you’re quite a total mess.

        You have no idea about Buddhism, Tibet and the Buddhist Apocalypse.

        It’s hopeless to talk like crazies like JPotter but people who want to know about the Kalachakra and the Buddhist Apocalypse can check this article I made.

        Google this:
        The Name of the AntiChrist: Obama is Krinmati (Video)

        • JPotter

          Hey, you’re right,after a brief refresher, I know recall that, as you demonstrate, Gautama was indeed full of bile and all about spewing hate like it was pea soup. Ya got me there.

          SO, if Obama is Buddhist Satan, then are the fundies who assure me that he is the Muslim Shaitan just confused, or have they fallen for a DNC misdirection campaign? And, if Obama is somehow also Buddhist Satan, Muslim Shaitan, and The Christian Antichrist—he really gets around!—then the Anti-Papists, assured since the Reformation that The Antichrist would be revealed in Rome, must be really disappointed. :twisted:

          • King of Shambhala

            There are Obots working for Obama here who probably are paid by OFA/CIA.

            They’re criminals who are covering up for Obama, the greatest criminal of History.

            We’re in the process of seeing Obama fall at breakneck speed with Obamacare crushing everybody under it’s inept ugly stupidity.

          • Geeper

            Downgrading to “probably are paid by OFA/CIA”, huh? Normally your gaydar/CIAdar is laser sharp. Starting to have doubts?

          • King of Shambhala

            Google Joe Arpaio’s new leads in the Obama birth issue.

            The Obots strangely admit that the birth certificate is phony.

            They’re divided because if it’s phony Obama’s the greatest criminal in world history aka the Antichrist and I’m the Messiah because I’m the only one announcing the news to the world.

          • Geeper

            If Obama’s birth certificate is proven to be fake, then you are Jesus? You’re cute.

    • Anara

      Your crummy articles are no danger to him and niether are you
      I could be at your house in 24 hours of any day and put your lights out and put an end to all your articles for good.

      • King of Shambhala

        What did you just say?

        Is that a death threat?

        >FOR GOOD? I could be at your house in 24 hours of any day and put your lights out and put an end to all your articles for good.>

  • King of Shambhala

    You’re losing your marbles JPotter.

    Arpaio made a threat to Obama yesterday in a video.

    Google this:

    BIG! Joe Arpaio Threatens Obama (Video) Terry Jones Is A Birther Too.

  • King of Shambhala

    Check out a good video of Mike Zullo talking about the whole career of Doc Conspiracy who’s posting here: “Obama Conspiracy Theories”.

    Google it:
    1: Team Arpaio: Another Congressman Engaging; Obots Knocked Down

    The guy’s name is Kevin Davidson says Zullo.

    He details the whole career of that crook: he worked at Vital Statistics, and then created software enabling to make false documents.

    Listen to what Zullo says.

  • JohnnyScottsdale

    Wow an article where you didn’t talk about someone being gay and you being the messiah. Good work Geir. You’re making progress.

  • King of Shambhala

    Obots will go to jail when Obama falls.

    It’s a matter of hours now.

    Put this mutt in lockup now damn it all, enough of this garbage.

  • King of Shambhala

    When Obama’s arrested he’ll be put on trial for all his crimes.

    Then everybody who’s abetted and covered up for him everywhere will be brought in to testify and face sentence too: indeed he’s the world’s greatest criminal of all time.

    That means the MSM, the US government, the twisted GOP etc… and the Obots on Internet wiorking for CIA-OFA will be first on that list as well.

    • smokewell

      Sure, just throw everyone who disagrees in jail.

      And exactly what type of Messiah are you?

      • King of Shambhala

        There’s an infestation of CIA paid shills-rats on this article.

        They’ll be rounded up a and put on Trial in the Day of Last Judgmenet which I’ll bring down on them.

        Obama’ll be on trial for years and years.

  • JohnnyScottsdale

    Few questions for you Geir:

    1) You claim to be the the foremost expert on Kalachakra and Buddhism. Has anyone besides yourself proclaimed you to be the foremost expert or was that something you proclaimed on your own?

    2) Has anyone else proclaimed you to be any of the various messiah’s you’ve claimed to be or is it just you proclaiming that?

    • King of Shambhala

      I’ve been recognized by Tibetans.

      I did a long 8-month meditation retreat in 1977 so this isn’t a new thing, I’ve been favored by signs and omens.

      I’m a seasoned scholar both spiritually and in learning.

  • dodidolittle

    Dont fully believe this story, in I think it talks more sense

    • King of Shambhala

      dodidolittle here gives us a false truth.

      Don’t follow the false christs in the comments here.

      They’re totally ignorant of the truth which I’m spreading and they’re ugly so beware.

  • Ghost

    You’re certainly no Messiah.. God help us all if you were..

    Just a silly Frenchie in front of a worn out computer that hasn’t the guts to go to the White House and say what you’re saying

    • King of Shambhala

      The Obots are commies folllowing Jewish faith Communism.

      The Commies have the Jewish faith they think they’re the chosen people.

      Morons all they do is rip off people of their money and kill them is what commies do.

      • Ghost

        KOS Why are you not exposing the Israeli Conspiracy and takeover of France?

        You live there.. afraid of Mossad coming to knock down your door?

        You live in the most socialist, almost communist country in Europe!

        H o l l a n d e
        8 14 12 12 1 14 4 5

        14-8=6 1+2=3*2=6 1+1+4+4+5=15 1+5=6

        This makes Hollande the Beast for the number of his name is 666
        I just proved it!

      • King of Shambhala

        Ghost here is a commie agent of the Jews.

        Get this freak out of here he’s already tried and didn’t make the grade.

        Do it people clean out these commies who just steal your money and lie to you all the time through the nose; they are frauds.

  • Jeff Brown

    I just pray that it is successful. The Country is being ripped to pieces.

    • King of Shambhala

      Don’t worry Jeff, the White House is cornered by the birthers and by Arpaio’s police details from all directions. We’re certain Obama can’t escape. There’ll be no “Fugitive” scenario and this is all scripted down: an Obama-arrest, a jailing of the POTUS and a sentencing of Obama for High Treason aka the Death Sentence by US LAW (Obama got the nuclear sercretest codes by using a fraudlent birth certificate and hiding who he was).

      The Death Sentence will to be handed down solemnly in accord with US LAW, by SCOTUS the highest law of the land.

      No contest is possible because everybody knows that High treason and using a fake birth certificate to obtain the US nuclear codes and thus violating National Defense is a High Crime and gets the death sentence everybody knows that.

      >Jeff Brown
      I just pray that it is successful. The Country is being ripped to pieces.>

  • JohnnyScottsdale

    Someone not thinking you’re the Messiah doesn’t equate to supporting Obama. I in no way support Obama. But I also in no way think its a single bit possible you are the Messiah.

  • w00dg0blin


  • Geeper

    Try rephrasing “the Messiah” as “a French Buddhist claiming to be Jesus” and “Obots” as “readers of a conservative-leaning US news site” some time. Maybe you’ll begin to see the obvious answer to these confusing questions of yours.

  • King of Shambhala

    Birthers Planning Obama End. (Video) Plans To Reveal Every Politician That Got The 200 Sheriff’s Kits.

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