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Psychopath Obots Stalk BIN Reporter. Video.

Tuesday, November 5, 2013 3:16
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Psychopath Obots Stalk BIN Reporter.

A pack of wolves; like a band of psychopath thugs have been trolling me on BIN (for up to three years for one of them, their leader Geeper, who’s been stalking all of my articles for two-three years) incessantly.

I’ve had a detail of these CIA-based paid-posters defending Obama trolling me ever since I tried to edit Wikipedia to enter the information about Obama being the Antichrist. Wikipedia’s people set up a website to monitor each and every post I make on Internet meaning they watch my IP address… I suspect the CIA/NSA.

The Obots always operate the same way: never address the subject and only use trolling-techniques i.e. insult, belittling (no problem, I’ll be suing them in court or/and throwing them into hell when the Day of Last Judgment comes soon now.), smearing.

They say I’m a peadofile now. 

I’ve said Obama is an incestful paedofiliac pervert.

I’d like the names, dates, places of who says I’m a paedofiliac and that this be testified to. I’ve hired a Taiwanese lawyer from Paris and this is getting good. But to pay him I need the sworn affidavits of this. Those who smear me can get off scot-free if the affidavits aren’t iron-clad.

I need your testimonies to win the case and pay my lawyer. If I win I’ll never work another day in my life. This is great. Sign your affidavit with the facts iron-clad. Sign that you’ll not retract, even under intense Obama pressure. So sign who told you I was a peadofile, where and when and what they said in detail in full disclosure.

Give me the names of who told you and who they are and everything they said in fuill detail. This is important because we’ll establish the courtcase, based upon that. I’ve got the best lawyer because this can make me rich and not work for the rest of my life. But we need your testimony to win this outright and get full payment of our case’s victory. The guy will also spend years in jail for the money he can’t fork up as reparation.

The Obots who work as a gang of many at BIN: Merkin, physhstxxpose hym, (Merkin and xpose hym both were sent to my Ustream video-show to act as if they were friends but they left when the Obots came to attack that show. They ran.), raygene, JohnnyScottsdale, HydroFlow etc….all the CIA-shills who stalk as a day-job.

They’re easy to identify: no names, articles or profiles….

I’m really happy about this, I’ll be able to throw you all into hell with this.

This all depends on how far you want to go with this. If you testify, we can throw this guy into jail and I’ll never work a day iin my life. I’m planning on asking for $150 million and I’ll share that with you if I win and you testify.

I don’t need more than $50 million to live the rest of my life. You should be good for $50 million, minus the court-case expenses.

This is good.

I wasn’t expecting this. Very good news indeed.

If you get threats because you’re testifying, you’ll get police protection and qualify for a witness-program. You’ll change name, house and surroundings, face and finger-prints; but you’ll be rich and never work again in this lifetime.

Do you want to go all the way?

I live in an area of very rich people. I don’t know what kind of area you live in. Hicks?

I’m not a hick.

If you provide evidence then we can sue. I’m really looking forward to see your evidence.

I’m not a hick.

If we sue then we’ll see exactly what kind of evidence you have.


Obama admits he lied about Obamacare. The end is near. You Obots will be thrown into hell along with Obama, your hero and god. He’s the Antichrist.

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  • Geeper

    Weird to see the comments wiped again. Is this just a BIN bug? They send emails if they delete comments due to TOS violations, and I haven’t had any emails.

    I don’t think it’s King deleting comments.

    • King of Shambhala

      You Obots are a sick group of paid shills.

      But I’m going to edit Wikipedia.

      Obama’s the Antichrist.

      • Geeper

        One full week later and you still haven’t worked out how to edit “the encyclopedia anyone can edit”?

  • Huan Xiang

    King’s a nutjob. He may be right rarely, but doesn’t change the fact that the most impressive thing that he does is post while in a straight jacket.

    • King of Shambhala

      You’re right I may be wrong but not about Obama.

      I’m right for that.

      Obama’s the Antichrist so spread that news for your salvation.

  • Geeper

    I’m sure King’s lawyer will be thrilled that he has announced that he has no current evidence, and that he has publicly offered a financial incentive of several million dollars for any produced (or fabricated) evidence that the internet can provide.

  • Solanoid


    King of shamballa and Dr.Turi and bros. Hey, we have all taken our share of acid trips, but come on!

    Not credible, but very entertaining. I love reading their posts, keep it up!

  • Geeper

    Nah, if he had that power he’d be blanking “obots” comments all the time, and crowing about it, and threatening everyone to stay in line if they didn’t want their comments blanked. It doesn’t even look like he’s online right now.

    My guess is someone crossed the line with a TOS-breaking remark and it tripped some rogue filter at BIN that wiped all the comments. Their comment display code sometimes goes a little shonky when a comment gets deleted.

    • King of Shambhala

      It’s good now to crush Obama under his own mistakes and his sins.

      I’ll be discussing in my show today Obama’s incest and homo-erotic love and smelling his father’s feces in his underwear. We need to know who our president is. What a pig he is.

      4:55 PM Eastern, daily:

      I doubt Obama will sue us for revealing the poem he signed called “Pop”.

      He could though.

      It would be interesting and I wonder what the website in the link (“Fellowship of the Mind”) will take in terms of action against Obama if he sues for them revealing he’s an Abomination.

      • Ghost

        incest and homo-erotic love and smelling his father’s feces in his underwear

        Seems to be subject matter you know intimately

        • Ghost

          This page or site has gone crazy.. puts comments NOT where you replied..

          • Geeper

            Replying to Ghost: BIN comment structure occasionally breaks when an earlier comment is deleted – the indenting is lost, and later comments then sometimes start appearing above earlier ones. Must be a bug in the way they process their comment tree.

    • King of Shambhala

      The imbecile Anonymous.

      Anonymous are so disgusted with Obama: Syria, IRS, Fast and Furious, NSA, Benghazi, Obamacare, The Birth Certificate etc…. etc…. they’re marching in Washington today at 9:00 AM.

      Obama is a piece of garbage. Even the Marxist crap Anonymous, are disgusted with Obama. The media are lynching Obama now, calling him out as a liar. Even the GOP who have covered up Obama step by step for five years acting as his most faithful shadows, are now turning out to join in Obama-bashing, with Mitt Romney calling out Obama the Liar.

      Investigative reporter Jerome Corsi revealed last week to the mainstream media, that Obama’s a well-known gay of the Chicago homosexual scene./obama/2013/11/investigative-reporter-confirms-barack-obamas-homosexuality-2457312.html


      But Obama’s a paedofile, he wrote a poem called “Pop”.
      It’s about incest with his father.

      Even Anonymous can’t handle this garbage. They’ve turned on this animal and beast Obama. This kind of bestiality is beyond even sub-humans like the liberal Fascists, the Communist Anonymous.

      “Smelling the amber stains in their underwear coming from each other”: it’s sick.

      Obama’s disturbing poem on man-boy relationship

    • Geeper

      It’s amazing how every massive breaking news story you turn your gaze to – NSA snooping, Anonymous mobilising – ends up with you sniggering in the corner of an empty room saying “but yeah, yeah, listen, the real story is that Obama is a poopy gay, see, I said poop, look at this one press clipping I saved from five years ago, poopy poop, imagine that poop, did I tell you I am Jesus?”.

    • King of Shambhala

      This thread is starting with Geeper posting endless crap.

      The same as two-three years of posting.

      He’s a demented psychopath that can’t accept that Obama’s defeated by his own crappy Obamacare and Obama’s losing it.

  • King of Shambhala

    False christ Goiji.

    Obama’s the Antichrist.

    You support your hero the Antichrist aka Satan in Person and we know it, that you’re evil like Obama.

  • JohnnyScottsdale

    For a moment lets say these allegations are true. Why would a court award you $150 million? How would Obama having slept with his father entitle you to $150 million?

  • King of Shambhala

    Geeper’s a mental psychopath.

    Trolling and stalking me for years.

    A mentally sick freak.

    Obots Run Faced With The Truth. Video.

    Why did Jesus speak about false christs so specifically? Because a false christ is a psychopath. Hitler, Staline, Genghis Khan were psychopaths. They pass off for what they are not. They claim purity and Hitler was not purity. Barack Hussein Obama is not purity: he’s robbing you with Obamacare and by doubling your debt.

    I am purity and Geeper is not purity. I’m declaring I’m the Messiah and Geeper is declaring the opposite.

    Psycopaths are mental issues and they claim to be the opposite of what they really are. Geeper cannot declare that he’s goodness.

    I had a show yesterday when Geeper showed up, a psychopath who’s been trolling all my articles for two-three years.

    I asked why he was trolling me for years on end; if he was a mental case. He said it was all allright and that “we had a good relationship”.

    That’s typical, a crazy who’s stalking and says he likes what he’s up to and it’s normal. Like Dr Mengele, saying he’s there to help you. Typical. Blame the other guy. The blame-game.

    He says “He’s all right and I’m the problem”.

    Cowards are predictable.

    Look at Geeper’s behaviour trolling every of my articles almost, for two-three years.

    I confronted him by saying that he didn’t accept that Obama was the Antichrist. He ran right away. He muttered something about, he didn’t accept that I say Obama was the ‘literal Antichrist’. He was so scared, that I didn’t get time to say Obama was indeed the damn “literal Antichrist”. He was already gone.

    Psychopaths are cowards who won’t face you but follow you around like a dog, always remaining behind your back.They duck when you turn to confront them.

    Geeper’s a coward.

    Beware of Geeper, a psycho, mental-case.

    Beware he’ll say I’m aggressive. Psychopaths always reverse the roles.

    They think trolling’s alright.

    “Yeah, I troll and that’s cool.” they say.

    That’s perversion. Geeper’s a perverted person; mentally sick.

    If he disagrees with me, why does he troll my articles for two-three years?

    He’s driven. Geeper and his ilks are polluting BIN with their sins and blasphemies.

    I confronted Geeper and he ran kike a coward with his tail between his legs like a cowardly dog.

    See my show when you can. Daily at 4:55 PM Eastern.

    I’m gathering people to edit Wikiepdia pages which mention that Obama’s said to be the Antichrist.

    I wrote this about it./alternative/2013/10/editing-wikipedia-antichrist-article-obama-is-the-antichrist-new-show-tomorrow-at-at-455-pm-eastern-2808922.html

    We must edit Wikipedia and get the truth out there that Obama’s the Antichrist. Enough talk about this let’s start action instead. A survey in London’s Guardian showed that one in eight people think Obamas the Antichrist. Let’s make that known. That survey proves we’re immensly many people who think like that. Let’s make our voice heard everywhere and start by Wikipedia and then make articles about it once it’s edited in.

    This is me discovering I was being stalked by a mental case: Geeper.

    Geeper’s logo.

    Geeper posts and sounds like a woman.

    A psychopath.

    Makes as if he’s all nice.

  • King of Shambhala

    Posting to my articles for two-three years is pathetic.

    The sign of a sick mind.

    Obamacare’s is destroying Obama, O’Reilly says “Obamacare’s thrown the country into mass chaos”.

  • King of Shambhala

    judas, Obama wrote he smelt his father’s feces -smell in his underwear.

    Anonymous Close DC Paedophile Obama (Video) March 9 AM Today, Nov. 5. 2013.

    • judas iscariot

      Obama also wrote in his autobiography that he hates white people… Yet you’re racist if you criticize his unamerican activities… What kind of human being could pull that off?

    • judas iscariot

      I’m not a big fan of your tactics KOS, but here’s what I see coming next: the white dragon society will step in and ‘arrest’ the ‘evil cabal,’ and when they do, they will claim Obama has been an innocent victim of mind control in need of our help and prayers for his healing. I wouldn’t be surprised if he gets shot in the head and miraculously recovers in three days around this time. Then, the anti-Christ Obama will step onto the world stage to ‘save the earth.’

    • King of Shambhala

      I’m not an evil strategy judas, I’m the “real thing”.

      Get ready. This will blow now.

    • judas iscariot

      I was just screwing with you on the being an o-bot in disguise dude. I agree with you on Obama, but I just don’t buy into your delusions of grandeur. I know more about the messiah than the average bear, and KOS, you’re not it. Your wild antics turns people away from your message. Give up the ego trip already. Don’t you claim to be Buddhist? What does Buddhism have to say about pride and ego? Get back on the eight fold path man. Then people might take you seriously.

  • King of Shambhala

    The lottery proves Obama’s the Antichrist and heaven spoke to us through the lottery which is heaven-sent miracle and omen.

    All you who don’t listen to heaven will die in hell and not be saved in heaven so too bad for you.

    I’ll edit Wikiepdia to talk about it all and you’ll not be saved because you didn’t do this mission and work.

    Editing Wikipedia “Antichrist” Article. Obama Is The Antichrist.

  • Ghost

    KOS: “Geeper and his ilks are polluting BIN with their sins and blasphemies”

    All he has to do is day he’s agnostic or atheist and there is no sin or blasphemy…

    I don’t declare my personal beliefs, but it’s certainly not Christianity…
    Mine probably doesn’t fit in any defined religious area

  • King of Shambhala

    Obama’s gay it’s perfectly known. What’s wrong with accepting that Obama’s gay?
    Just accept it damn it all let’s get beyond all this prattle.

  • King of Shambhala

    Yeah Ghost, you have a profile and name etc… but Geeper has none; so discussing the sexuality of a Geeper-troll means nothing.

    Geeper probably surely belongs to the Obama org. “Organizing For Action” which pays posters to heckle anti-Obama websites like BIN and posters like me HERE.

  • King of Shambhala

    I’ll share profits with anyone who reveals the information that I’m a paedophile.

    That means I can get rich if I can sue using that witness’s testimony.

    I need someone to testify with full iron-clad credentials.

    All anonymous Obots can’t reach that mark of testimony if they just sign in with “anonymous tips”.

    I need people who come clean about who they are, what their name is and what ID they have. Not like Obama who’s got no ID at all. ROTFLMAO!

    Obama’s guilty off-the-bat.

    • Geeper

      1. Witnesses come forward to prove Shambhala is a pedophile.
      2. Court reviews evidence and either convicts or exonerates Shambhala.
      3. Shambhala either goes free and gets given $150 million by someone for some reason, or goes to jail and receives no money.
      4. ???
      5. Witnesses receive $75 million between them.

      Is this just trolling people into calling you a pedophile so that you can ask BIN to ban them? Or is it a “clever” trick to get people to reveal what they really know about your past? We are all baffled.

    • King of Shambhala

      Geeper, do you work for “Organising For Action?”

      Get back ASAP thanx.

      Happy to oblige.

    • King of Shambhala

      I’m just warning people that Geeper heads an Obot gang of Merkin, physhstx, xpose hym, (Merkin and xpose hym both were sent to my Ustream video-show to act as if they were friends but they left when the Obots came to attack that show. They ran.), raygene, JohnnyScottsdale, HydroFlow.

      They wiork for “Organizing For Action” an Obama spy-agency.

      They post and are paid for it, they’re mercenaries.

    • Geeper

      No, I don’t work for “Organising For Action” or head an “obot gang”. I hope this information helps you move forward.

      • King of Shambhala

        No these Obot gang of Merkin, physhstx, xpose hym, (Merkin and xpose hym both were sent to my Ustream video-show to act as if they were friends but they left when the Obots came to attack that show. They ran.), raygene, JohnnyScottsdale, HydroFlow, are all people under the umbrella of Obama’s Internet prowling organization.

        They consistently troll all Anti-Obama articles.

        It’s easy to recognize them because they enver say anything bad about Obama just test them you’ll see it’s true.

        • Geeper

          So basically anyone who’s ever disagreed with you is part of a secret, sneaky gang who all work together and say suspiciously similar things like “no, I don’t think a lottery result by itself proves that Obama is the antichrist” and “no, you’re not Jesus”.

  • Jester of Spambhala

    LOL This guy is a clown, you should be sterilized so you dont contaminate our gene pool.

  • Anonymous

    using BIN as a soapbox for your insane proclamations does not make you a reporter.

    stating such does not automatically make me a paid shill for obama.

  • Gojiroiscoming

    If you were truly the messiah, you wouldnt be reducing yourself to petty insults to try and reinforce your point.

  • randall34

    youre the troll you retard and thats and insult to retarded people ,you flame and spam and call posters obots and other names when the post laughing at how a crazy guy like you even gets this spam published ,you have probably driven more people to leave this site than any other poster/commenter/spammer. lol at you hiring a Taiwanese lawyer from Paris , were they the only ones dumb enough to speak to you and thats only if you pay up front ,LMAO youre a spammer/flamer/troll and should be banned from this site and the internet ,probably be banned from leaving a padded room

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