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Historical Debate Kalachakra/ Messiah King of Shambhala (Video)

Sunday, January 19, 2014 20:30
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I’m Geir Smith, the King of Shambhala, Kalachakra Follower and the Universal Messiah.

I’m making a challenge to my knowledge and wisdom about Kalchakra which people can respond to: in the comments.  

That’s because I’ve never found anyone who’s competent about Kalachakra and Tibetan Tantric Buddhism at BeforeItsNews, on Internet or in the world. So, I want to throw down the gauntlet and shut up the quarellers who claim they can prove I’m not the Messiah, the “Reluctant Messenger”, the King of Shambhala and the Saviour of the World.

I want to prove to everybody that there’s no one who can battle me on the ground of prophecy which is called Kalachakra, in Tibet’s Tantric Buddhism.

This was the exchange that kicked off this idea.

  Behold, the Troll Patrol

Geir, when are you going to get a job?

I got a hold of some old friends who are living in the mystical kingdom of Shambhala (as in sham-allah) and they don’t seem to acknowledge you as their leader, nor did they find you listed in their mystical phone book. You should start telling the truth buddy! I’m on to your lies!!!

JAN 19, 2014, 4:31 PMLike Dislike Report SPAM0Reply
  • Don’t make (death) threats online, that’s a crime and punished by 1 year in jail and $50000 in fine Behold, the Troll Patrol, it proves you’re a criminal.

    I’m the King of Shambhala because I did five years of study of Tibetan culture at Paris “Paris Dauphine” (Ivy League) University and 28 years of post-university research upon Kalachakra, the Buddhist “Apocalypse deity” and I’m the world authority and the Dalai Lama is not the authority,

    All people denying this are ugly, ignorant and liars. They’re the false christs of the Bible come to battle against me in the Apocalypse.

    People in my country don’t even speak English and are illiterate, uneducated and ignorant.

    I’m the only one in my country who did the eight-month meditation retreat (upon the deity Dorje Naljorma.)

    JAN 19, 2014, 7:38 PMLike Dislike Report SPAM0Reply
    • I’m the world’s most senior of my country as I’ve been a religious Buddhist for a full 44 years now.

      People who claim otherwise are liars and frauds so beware of people who claim to be more knowledgeable and learned than I am because they aren’t and I’m the way and I’m the truth.

      I alone lead to heaven because I’ve identified the path relating Christianity to Buddhism which is given in the Kalachakra Tantra (i.e. the teaching of the Apocalypse prophecy of Buddhism.)

      The Universal Saviour, the King of Shambhala, prophecied in the Kalachakra Tantra is a Westerner and not a Tibetan. So, people who knew me in my country earlier in my life don’t know crap about that.

      They are ignorant and have no knoweldge of the Kalachakra and are ugly liars.

      I challenge anyone to speak to me about the Kalachakra and debate me on that. I’ll make a special article (i.e. this one is it now) and we can engage in comments.

      I’ll make that and post the link here.

      Anyone who claims to know the Kalachakra and to have competent knowledge and wisdom can come and contest that with me.

      I’ll totally waste those filthy lairs to their faces.

      I’m the Messiah and no one can stand up to my knowledge.

      Bring Tibetans who are experts (Westerners are ignorant ugly imbeciles and can’t talk about the Kalachakra; they’re just a lot of hot air and cretins and I’ll debate against them and defeat them to prove I’m the Messiah of the Kalachakra.) Westerners are totally unable to speak about the prophecy and Kalachakra Tantra and the end of the world. I’m the Messiah and they are not.

      King of Shambhala

      ” (as in sham-allah) ” – about Islam. Islam is the worst thing existing in the world.

      Tibetan Tantric Buddhism is the highest form of culture in the world because it has Tantric (sexual) Yoga, Mantras, Tantras etc….

      And I’m the Messiah and Obama’s the Antichrist.


      Kalachakra Debate Challenge.

      Published on Jan 19, 2014

      Challenging anyone to debate me about Kalachakra. I’m learned about Kalachakra. No one else is.


      Those fake Buddhists and fake Kalachakra followers and fake christs will be defeated because they’re prophecied to battle against me and I’m prophecied to defeat them in the spiritual battle of the Apocalypse and “great war of the end times”. Peoeple in comments who contest me but show no knoweldge, are totally illegitimate, unqualifed and MUST SHUT UP THEIR UGLY MOUTHES.

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  • King of Shambhala

    This is like a demons’ box and I’ll lock up all the fraudulent liars and trolls here.

    Either they can contest and challenge my competence or else they shut up.

    This is the “Screaming Room” for trolls.

    • Anara

      Go see a shrink KOS.

      • King of Shambhala

        Obots don’t have anything of value to contribute.

        Their ignorance is no offering of wisdom.

        Their ignorance is ugly and clueless.

    • Rich Crankshaw

      benevolence and compassion are the traits of those who qualify to teach the Fa of the Universe. Overzealous is a human curse and not divine. Challenging people the way you do is a human attribute not divine. How can you claim you are the way, that is very very dangerous for you sir.

      I agree with you regarding threats, but that is what you are doing. Mild compared to a death albeit, but what is the difference, that is from the heart, whether it is a threat of death, or a chest bump to those who disagree as you are doing, it is of the same heart.

      The Buddha Fa Teaches passive behavior, not picking fights with people. So no matter how many years people study shallow teachings, the personal practice in ones life is the truth.

      • Scanner Darko

        Nobody threatens Geir with death…he just likes to say that stuff becomes he’s a little eccentric…in case you didnt notice.

      • King of Shambhala

        Rich Crankshaw, you’re a false christ.

        You’ve not provided any knoweldge of Kalachakra the Buddhist famous Apocalypse prophecy.

        You’re not serving the cause of TRUTH; you’re serving the Devil aka Demon.

      • Geeper

        A guy turns up criticizing your un-Buddhist aggression and you ignore his point and call him a “false christ” who serves the devil.

        So I think we finally have a winner for “who understands Buddhism the best”, well done Rick.

      • King of Shambhala

        All kinds of false christs wiggle toa void speaking about the topic.

        They have nothing to say because they’re ignorant.

        It’s ugly to see.

    • Scanner Darko

      @BS Hunter… I think you may have some demons lurking around in that noggin of yours. Please explain your disregard for creationism and demons, if you would be so kind as to enlighten us…

      • King of Shambhala

        I got BS HUnter banned from BIN for death threats.

        He’s a criminal.

        He’s monitored by BIN.

        • Pix


          Anyone can get anyone suspended from BiN, they don’t go so far as banning people. All you need to do is click that spam button.

          Such an effort isn’t it. :lol:

  • Geeper

    Got to love a guy who wants a nice conversation about Buddhism and welcomes people to a “demons’ box” which is a “Screaming Room for trolls” and says they “MUST SHUT UP THEIR UGLY MOUTHES”. These aren’t the words of a Buddhist.

    And strutting around a broadly US Christian news site saying “What’s that? None of you have read a book on this particular branch of Buddhism? Well, too bad, because that means I’M THE MESSIAH.” is just silly. Take your schtick to a Buddhism forum and see what happens.

    • King of Shambhala

      I was expecting people with qualifications.

      Geeper showed up.

      He’s a homosexual and has no qualifications except for his rectum.

      • King of Shambhala

        Yeah Geeper!

        “Got to love a guy.”

        Sodomy has never been good Geeper, you homosexual freak, why not check out someone else’s rearend, man?

        Are you homosexuals running out of people to go butt check?

      • King of Shambhala

        It’s not like you’re qualified to speak about Kalachakra.

        Are you qualifed to speak about it?

        What do you have to say about Kalachakra?

      • King of Shambhala

        Beware of people like Geeper.

        A homosexual sent and paid by Obama to spew disinformation.

        No qualifications at all to speak about anything about Kalachakra; Geeper works 24 7 for Obama and his OFA campaigners

      • Geeper

        France’s most senior Buddhist academic there, ladies and gentlemen.

      • King of Shambhala

        So nobody to talk about Kalachakra here.

        Geeper doesn’t know one thing about Kalachakra.

        The challenge’s not being taken up.

        All worthless imbecilical cretins.

        Tibetan Tantric Buddhism is the highest form of culture in the world.

      • Geeper

        This is kind of like a Pokemon fan rocking up on a Buddhist news site and saying “I’ve worked out that Krinmati is like Mewtwo the Pokemon, which makes me Pikachu, who is like your Rudra Chakrin, so you should all do what I say – IF NOBODY KNOWS MORE ABOUT POKEMON THAN ME THEN I’M RUDRA CHAKRIN!”

        If you want Christians to take your message seriously, pick up a Bible and talk Christianity. If you want some friends and followers, drop by any Buddhist website and chat about your interpretations of prophecy. But complaining that Christians don’t know enough about Buddhism is immaterial.

      • King of Shambhala

        Ignorant ugly people with no concept of what learning is about.

        It’s a pity to see people defend Obama.

        But they don’t know what learning means or wisdom.

      • Geeper

        “Anyone who claims to know the Kalachakra and to have competent knowledge and wisdom can come and contest that with me. I’ll totally waste those filthy lairs to their faces.” – is that your idea of learning and wisdom? An aggressive pastime with a single winner?

      • King of Shambhala

        I see I’ve gotten no answers to my challenge to talk about Kalachakra.

        The Christians aren’t able to speak about the Tibetan Kalachakra.

        Too bad.

      • Geeper

        Then perhaps you should educate them? I think it’s probably safe to assume that you know more about Kalachakra than any other BIN user, and move forward from there.

      • King of Shambhala

        No use speaking to biggotted stupid ugly people.

        Christians won’t be saved in the end times says Bible.

        Let them go.

      • Geeper

        So why are you devoting so much time to a website which is – like the United States – predominantly Christian and atheist? Wouldn’t you attract more support and respect on a Buddhist forum?

      • Scanner Darko

        So when I go to the whorehouse down that old dirt road…and have out-of-wedlock engagements with the lovely young ladies employed by this establishment…does that count as ‘tantric sex’?

      • King of Shambhala

        Obama’s a Chrstian and he’s the Antichrist.

        666 is his curse.

        If people can’t understand the Kalachakra, then they can’t understand how Christianity and Buddhism intertwine.

      • King of Shambhala

        How does it feel to be totally ignorant and have an ugly morality?

        I’m the Messiah.

        I’m forced to track my quarry the Antichrist Obama into his faith of Christianity and use it’s symbols and it’s weird 666 omen which we don’t have in our Buddhism but I follow the scent and track him down where he’s at: in accord with his Christian faith’s codes (666 etc…).

      • Geeper

        So why don’t you do this the other way around? Join a Buddhism site where they already know the Kalachakra and will understand your core arguments, and teach them the little they need to know about Christianity and how its apocalypse prophecy intertwines with Buddhism.

      • King of Shambhala

        It’s better to shut up if one’s not able address to topic Geeper, you homosexual.

        Being homosexual’s the Abomination of the Bible you know.

        You may know the Bible says being homosexual “Turns one into a pillar of salt” (i.e. die of infection and it’s true: homosexuals do die very early so yes, the Bible did speak the truth.)

      • Geeper

        You don’t seem to be addressing the topic I raised. So is it better to drool homophobic abuse than to shut up?

      • King of Shambhala


        You know nothing.

        Ignorant imbeciles prove their ugly ignorance when they speak, Geeper, you ignorant imbecile.

      • Geeper

        I guess a person who was truly ignorant would not even realise that they were ignorant, eh?

  • physhstx

    “Though the Kālachakra prophesies a future religious war, this appears in conflict with the vows of Mahayana and Theravada Buddhist teachings that prohibit violence. According to Alexander Berzin, the Kālachakra is not advocating violence against people but rather against inner mental and emotional aggression that results in intolerance, hatred, violence and war.”

    • King of Shambhala

      Alex Berzin is not a Tibetan.

      He says clueless things.

      He claims that the Kalachakra will fight Islam so as to reveal the Jewish Messiah because Alex is Jewish.

      • physhstx

        You are not Tibetan either, is that correct?

      • King of Shambhala

        Running away?

        Berzin has no experience of Tibetan Tantric Buddhism because his studies are just intellectual and not based upon meditation.

        I did an eight-month meditation retreat 35 years ago.

      • physhstx

        Just curious as well, have you taken the Kalachakra Initiation?

      • King of Shambhala

        No, I haven’t taken the Kalachakra Initiation.

        The Dalai Lama has tried to destroy the Tibetans by using the Kalachakra Initiation and Teaching, so says The Mongoose-Canine Letter: google it at “The real reason for HHDL’s Kalachakra initiations”.

        I’m the Messiah aka King of Shambhala aka the Universal Messiah and Saviour and he’ll be a Westerner says the Kalachakra Prophecy.

      • physhstx

        Who is running away from what?

        Thank you for the link, it has provided an interesting read.

      • King of Shambhala

        I’m the Reluctant Messenger who’s passing from Buddhism over to Christianity but not for God or Jesus.

        They’re the reason I’m reluctant because we Buddhists don’t believe in the illusory God.

        But the Antichrist style Demon-King Krinmati will be of Christo-Muslim faith…. so the 666 omen applies to hm and must thus be used so as to defeat him as per the Kalachakra prophecy.

        It’s a leap and it’s prophecied that way in our Kalachakra “Apocalypse”.

        I do that leap reluctantly – but with relief – to be able to carry out the Apocalypse announced by our Buddhist Kalachakra.

        I do it reluctantly but with the feeling that the truth is realized and given it’s due honour.

      • physhstx

        See, here’s where things get a bit confusing:

        “…. Buddhists don’t believe in the illusory God.”

        “But the Antichrist style Demon-King Krinmati will be of Christo-Muslim faith…. so the 666 omen applies to hm and must thus be used so as to defeat him as per the Kalachakra prophecy.”

        From what I gather from these two statements is that you don’t believe in god (or the bible, as you have previously stated), but believe in the “666 omen” from the bible, as to defeat your “Demon-King Krinmati”.

        So, how do you use something you do not believe in to identify your “Demon-King Krinmati”? I don’t understand how you can cherry-pick the information you want/need and dismiss the the rest. You don’t believe in “god”, but believe in parts of his message?

      • King of Shambhala

        666 is said to come from God by Christians but we Buddhists don’t say that.

        We speak about miraculous things differently.

        Study Buddhism.

      • physhstx

        Perhaps my question wasn’t clear.

        My point is, if you don’t believe in christianity, how do you believe in christian “omens”, such as the number “666″?

      • King of Shambhala

        >My point is, if you don’t believe in christianity, how do you believe in christian “omens”, such as the number “666″?>

        Water in the ear is remedied by using more wter in the ear to wash it out.

        Likewise, the Demon-King will be defeated by using the omens he believes in i.e. Christian omens and prophecies.

      • King of Shambhala

        (I had already answered that above >My point is, if you don’t believe in christianity, how do you believe in christian “omens”, such as the number “666″?>):

        in this:
        >But the Antichrist style Demon-King Krinmati will be of Christo-Muslim faith…. so the 666 omen applies to hm and must thus be used so as to defeat him as per the Kalachakra prophecy.>

      • physhstx

        That’s a bit like saying you don’t believe in the afterlife, but will use ghosts to prove the afterlife doesn’t exist.

        If you don’t believe in christianity, how can you believe that “666″ points to the christian “antichrist”?
        If you don’t believe in a christian christ, how can you believe there is a christian “antichrist”?

      • King of Shambhala

        To me Christianity is no more value than tea leaves.

        I don’t eat tea leaves because they make me sick.

        They’re not digestible.

        But they give predictions and tell the future when you “read the tea leaves”.

        Why wouldn’t heaven or supernatural pwoer speak through the Christian symbols and prophecies? But I’d still not adher to the faith just like I’d not eat tea leaves. I just use them for predictions.

        Take Taoism in China. I’m certain they have an Apocalypse prophecy. I’d believe in it’s validity to if I knew it.

        I trust it would fit in with the Christian Apocalypse;

        Kalachakra fits in perfectly with the Chrsitian Apocalypse so why not the Chinese Taoist one too?

        In Tibet there are also other end times prophecies than the Kalachakra.

        Guru Rimpoche is one most famous end times prophet.

        That’s just one.

        We’ve got to study them all and see them realize or not.

      • physhstx

        Thank you smith. I think i’m getting a better understanding of where you are coming from now.

      • King of Shambhala

        The Apocalypse is now and there’s no time to chat.

        Obama Treason Death Penalty; Felony, Fraud Part IV – Video -

        Syria Talks are exploding reality into another time dimension.

        I’ve told them to come here to talk to us.

        I’m spreading the Apocalypse not losing any time.

      • 69ingSquirrels

        “I did an eight-month meditation retreat 35 years ago.”

        What have you done since you mental midget?

  • LOL Jesus Died

    It’s not your fault.

    • King of Shambhala

      Obama will be found guilty of Treason.

      He’s the Antichrist.

      People are calling for Obama to be hanged.

      google it
      Obama Treason Death Penalty; Felony, Fraud Part I – Video -

  • Scanner Darko

    I feel honored to be the agitator which brought about this silliness. Geir, Geeper and physhstx are right…you should take them up on some of their advice.

    Here is a list of forums that might suit you better:

    The last one is a link which will show you how to tie your own shoes…best of luck to you on your future endeavors.

    May God have mercy on your soul…putz.

    • King of Shambhala

      This article is to prove who dismally stupid Christians are.

      It’s proven successful.

      Nobody’s even been able to broach the topic of Kalachakra at all, it’s a total success.

      • Geeper

        So you’ve shown that a small, random sample of Americans (who may or may not be Christians) don’t know much about a particular branch of Tibetan Buddhism. I think we could have guessed that.

        And we already know that a French Buddhist like yourself barely knows anything about Christianity. (Sample quotes from you: “I’ve never actually read the Bible”, “I don’t know what the Bible means”, “Brushing up on my Christianity means just browsing Wiki”, “I think the Bible’s so much crap that it’s not worth buying it” and “I don’t deny that I’m the Messiah but I don’t see why that would require me to go to Sunday Bible-Class”.)

        Suc… cess? Or should some of us go over to a Belgian Buddhist website and say “hnuh, hnuh, I bet you jokers don’t know a THING about Seventh-Day Adventism, you dismal stupid uglies, I am so great, this is a total success”?

      • King of Shambhala

        Dismal ignorance is on display here.

        People with no knowledge should shut up.

        Let those with knowledge speak instead to further knowledge.

      • Geeper

        Ignorant people should shut up, hmm? So someone who had admitted “I don’t know what the Bible means” and “I think the Bible’s so much crap” should not hold forth about the apocalypse and the prophecies of Revelation and the nature of the antichrist?

      • King of Shambhala

        Geeper’s ignorant and ugly. A homosexual to boot.

        I’m not homophobic, but Homosexuality is the Abomination of the Bible, did you people know that?

        Geeper’s a homosexual.

      • Geeper

        Take your own medicine. “People with no knowledge” (about, say, another BIN user’s sexuality) “should shut up”.

      • King of Shambhala

        Christian prophecy and faith is not a sole and unique path to salvation.

        There are other paths.

        Such as my Tibetan Kalachakra path which is the highest form of culture in the world.

      • Scanner Darko

        “Christian prophecy and faith is not a sole and unique path to salvation.”

        But, but, but…didn’t you just say that “all Christians are doomed to hell in the Apocolypse”?!?

  • JohnnyScottsdale

    So let me get this straight, you say you’re a Buddhist but you have zero inner peace and a profound level of hate. You can’t even see how contradictory your own statements are. You say you are Buddhist and don’t believe in a God, then say you are God. Lol. Ummmmmmm. Then you say you aren’t christian and don’t believe in Christianity, then say you are the christian messiah and make up fake bible verses to try to back you up while ignoring any real bible verses that people point out. Lol. Ummmmmm.

    One thing we can all promise Geir, is the messiah will never be someone so filled with hate, anger and racism. But I think, after reading your ‘articles’ for months now, I don’t think you even really think you are the messiah. To me, it’s quite obvious that you just are seeking the attention. Even negative attention. And through your antics and utterly absurd statements, you get some of that here in this small dark corner of the internet. But no sir, both you and I know you aren’t the messiah. I’d encourage you to get help for your mental issues, but everyone here knows how you would respond the that. So que up the insults and accusations everyone, a Geir rant is forth coming.

    • King of Shambhala

      Provide your knowledge of Kalachakra JohnnyScottsdale.

      You’re a false christ.

      Anyone can see that.

      • JohnnyScottsdale

        Geir, this is another example of how you don’t understand how contradictory you are. You ask me about Kalachakra, then say if I don’t know much about it I am a false Christ. A small arm of Buddhism you believe in isn’t related to Christianity. And the definition of a false Christ is someone who turns away from the teachings of Christ and tries to lead other away from Christ. So by definition that is you Geir.

        But logic has never been your strong suit Geir. You make up bible quotes while dismissing others. You pick and choose and twist prophecies to back up your beliefs and then belittle anyone that points out the bible doesn’t say what you claim or points out actual bible verses.

        You have a tyrant’s mentality, inside of a mentally unstable mind, while saying you’re Buddhist and displaying profound hate and racism, while also saying you don’t believe in the existence of God, but that you are God, while calling everyone that believes in Christ a false Christ as you try to pull people away from Christ. Ya Geir you make no sense. You’re like a Salvador Dali painting without the artistry, beauty or sense.

      • King of Shambhala

        Don’t talk about “how contradictory you are” when you yourself can’t write a thing that’s not denied by the facts.

        The Buddhist Church of China is under the Panchen Lama who is the main propagandist of the Kalachakra in Tibet instead of the Dalai Lama as is now claimed throughout the world.

        The Chinese Church is at the head of the 300 million Chinese Buddhists so Kalachakra is by no means a “small arm of Buddhism”

        The Kalachakra is also the official Russian State creed of the official Buddhist Church of Russia, the Church of Mongolia.

        No small arm there, it’s the Main ARM.

        The Demon-King of the Kalachakra Apocalypse Prophecy will be of the mixed faith of Islam, Christianity, Judaism and Manicheism states the prophecy of the Kalachakra Tantra.

        So the MAIN ARM Kalachakra is directly related to Christianity in the “end times defeat” of the Demon-King, called “Krinmati” i.e. Obama the Antichrist.

        JohnnyScottsdale, I have one request: shut up next time you speak so you’ll not make an ass of yourself ONE MORE TIME.

        Incidentally JohnnyScottsdale, why are you so intent in protecting Obama? Why are you and your little homosexual buddies so intent on defending this black man? Is it a race card thingie? He’s the Antichrist so I don’t see why you’re hanging on to this piece of garbage Obama.

      • JohnnyScottsdale

        Geir you’ve repeatedly said you aren’t part of those branches of buddhism and don’t follow the Dalai Lama. And you’ve also said you’re the head of another form of Kalachakra you’ve created and say is the purest. That is the tiny branch I speak of. You know, has only one member, you, thats pretty small.

      • King of Shambhala

        Kalachakra is not made up of seperate parts.

        I don’t follow the Panchen or Dalai Lamas.

        I’m of the Sakya School, the second largest Tibetan school and we’re different because we’re a Tantric School which practise the famous Tantrism of Buddhism.

  • King of Shambhala

    Nobody’s provided one single point of discussison about the topic of this article: Kalachakra aka me the Messiah and Christian “Reluctant Messenger”.

    A dismal result.

    Kudos, losers.

    • Geeper

      Au contraire, I think we’ve learned a lot. We now know that the “King of Shambhala” here hasn’t even taken the Kalachakra initiation, and that he is afraid of talking to other Buddhist groups about his belief because he knows they know enough about Kalachakra to be able to demolish it.

      Instead he hangs around on a website with apparently no Kalachakra Buddhists, shouting “bet you can’t prove I’m not a Buddhist deity, bet you can’t name more Kalachakra Pokemons than me, losers, I am so great” into the silent wind, in order to kid himself.

      I don’t think you’ve covered yourself in glory here.

      • King of Shambhala

        Geeper, you ignorant imbieile, Ignorant imbeciles prove their ugly ignorance when they speak.


        You know nothing.

      • Geeper

        “I’ve never actually read the Bible”, “I don’t know what the Bible means”, “Brushing up on my Christianity means just browsing Wiki”, “I think the Bible’s so much crap that it’s not worth buying it” and “I don’t deny that I’m the Messiah but I don’t see why that would require me to go to Sunday Bible-Class”…

        Yes… yes they do.

      • King of Shambhala

        Incidentally, why are you so intent in protecting Obama? Why are you and your little homosexual buddies so intent on defending this black man? Is it a race card thingie? He’s the Antichrist so I don’t see why you’re hanging on to this piece of garbage Obama.

        You realize you’ll not get to heaven by defending Satan-in-Person, Obama, don’t you?

      • Geeper

        I’ve never defended or protected Obama? I just disagree with your theory that he is the antichrist and/or that you are Jesus. I’d say the same if you were pointing the same finger at Romney or Hollande or Hitler or whoever.

      • King of Shambhala

        There are people who are totally convinced Obama’s the Antichrist because heaven spoke thru the lottery.

        Beware of people who would distract yuou because they don’t accept that Obama’s the Antichrist and that I’m the Reluctant Messenger.

        Their goal is to mislead so don’t follow them, follow me instead.

      • physhstx

        “There are people who are totally convinced Obama’s the Antichrist because heaven spoke thru the lottery.”

        So far, you are the only person who has this. I have not seen anyone else support your theory.

      • King of Shambhala

        Carl Gallups (PPSimmons) made videos saying that was the case. I’ve also got about seven videos claiming the Lottery spoke with heaven’s voice. Otherwise many people think Obama’s the Antichrist…. a recent The Guardian of London survey said it was one in eight which think Obama’s the Antichrist (but not because of the Lottery.)

        Google it
        One in four Americans think Obama may be the antichrist, survey says

        One in eight worldwide makes more than 50 million people worldwide.

      • Geeper

        There are plenty of folks on YouTube gosh-wowing over the lottery result in old videos, but Gallups has always avoided saying “I literally believe that this person is a monster from the Bible”, it’s always couched as an evasive “maybe” because he wants to play both sides.

      • physhstx

        One in four POLLED believe that he is the antichrist, not one in four Americans. As well, one in for POLLED believe he MAY be the antichrist. Lets not get that fact confused.

        And of those one in four POLLED, how many believe he is the antichrist SOLELY based on the lottery drawing? Do you have any evidence to support that claim?

      • King of Shambhala

        I’m the Reluctant Messenger of this lottery news because even if people do speak about it they’re apparently very scared of linking it to the Antichrist and Obama.

        The one who does say it is this one:
        OBAMA US66 code 60606 Illinois Lottery 666 (WHAT)

        And also this one
        Dlwvision Obama 666 Coincidence NOT Lottery = Antichrist

        And this one
        God’s Lotto Numbers!

  • King of Shambhala

    There are false christs heckling here.

    Watch out for them.

    They can’t talk about Kalachakra.

  • Pix

    “That’s because I’ve never found anyone who’s competent about Kalachakra and Tibetan Tantric Buddhism at BeforeItsNews, on Internet or in the world.”

    Na, it’s because nobody, NOBODY could care less about your interest in obtuse codswallop that has no relationship with reality. :lol:

  • Doggoneit!

    Wow I didn’t BIN yet and you were already *issing people off.

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