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Former US Intel Reveals New USD Coming In Early March, Validates Concerns For Economical Crash, and Discusses Sandyhook Shooting Hoax (Breaking Video and Recent Government Document!)

Tuesday, February 25, 2014 10:02
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Former U.S. Intelligence, Mike, reveals information, as well as his concerns, about the “coming” economical crash. He warns that being prepared is of the utmost! Recently, his financial contact notified him that the U.S. Dollar is going to be reset, which means our present currency is going to be exchanged for a new currency.

What’s more, in 2011, a contact also warned him that everyone needs to be prepared for an economical crisis in “March of 2014.” He shares his feelings, and why we should be prepared.

He does state that, in his dealings with his contacts over the past few years, they have been right on target, and that everything they have said has surfaced.

With at least ten banker suicides in the past few years, something has got to be going on.

Mike also discusses both factual information, as well as his personal opinion, regarding several false flag events, including the alleged Sandyhook school shooting, and why he feels unsettled.

Former U.S. Military Intel Discusses Economy, New Currency Coming In March, and Sandyhook School Shooting


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  • KnowMoreThanYou

    There is no way there is a new USD coming, maybe a plan to introduce one, but no way in hell there will be a new one. Their plans are to make a One world currency, But it would take years to incorporate it and get it approved.. :idea:

    • Dragnet714

      Their plans have always been to have a one world currency. However, with all of the upheaval going on around the world, in the eyes of the global elite, an economic reset is the perfect opportunity to help the devaluation of the dollar, and can happen sooner than you think. The world is on the brink of becoming a cashless society. That’s why the government is ready to issue a government ID which will incorporate all of your banking information which will actually be put on a chip.

      • Anonymous

        nothing in the interview that says anything new. who is the ever-anonymous ‘source’. nahhhhh

      • manufactured2012

        Has anybody found my goat?

        I’m looking for him and i know somebodies going to get him!

        Please help me find him BIN!!! PLEASE!

    • Boxed in Freight

      I would like to pose a question.

      I have noticed with the silencing of the $Profit Lind$ey William$ because of the incredible inaccuracies of all that he spoke of, including the dollar dying at the end of 2012, gas prices at $6, gold at $3,000, Silver at $150, and the national elections, all of which failed to come true. Actually, to my knowledge the only thing that ever came true was the gas prices going up then plummenting. Now, it seems the “elite” have found a couple of new mouth pieces on the Web that have taken $Profit Lind$ey William$ place.

      What a coincidence that this new voice, Lyn Leahz, also seems to have something to sell as well – and amazingly, it’s a book she wrote. I am not accusing this reporter of anything diabolical, but one must wonder why her topics seem to exactly follow what $Profit Lind$ey William$ was being given – the dollar is going to be reset, there is going to be a financial crash, get your money out of the bank now. It’s the same message that $Profit Lind$ey William$ was reporting, nearly exactly.

      I would be very careful of this person, Lyn Leahz, and stay frosty in regards to what she is telling readers on BFIN.

      :lol: :lol: :lol:

      • PixiePaul

        So what is your question :?:

    • slamdance13

      Lets see…
      Mort wants WW3.
      John Rolls wants Financial Collapse.
      Lisa Haven wants The Rapture.
      King of Sham wants BO to be the Antichrist
      Lyn Leahz wants Nibiru and Nephilim.
      Indian In The Machine wants Aliens and UFOs.
      Liberator wants New World Order.
      Live Free or Die/Susan Duclos want ALL of It.
      Have any of you considered Psychiatric help?
      Who have I missed?

      • Merkin

        “Who have I missed?”

        You forgot about Cundalini Brother.

        Cundalini wants his hand back

      • Anonymous

        absolutely BRILLIANT. lolol. YOU have an excellent article right there!! Pop it onto the site!! lolol

      • retiredpatriot


      • dblhdr

        - Well, let’s see:
        - Dr. Turi
        - Jay Will
        - That guy called “Homeowner of Record”
        - Alton Parish
        Shall I continue?

      • Working the Beat

        LOL – Too true
        Now to set up a tin hat stall!

    • Anonymous

      The ” One World Currency ” is already at hand . It is called the American Federal Reserve Note ! Think about all the nations of the world that use the FRN , or Petro-Dollar ?

  • Popo

    Be VERY skeptical of any Prosperity Programs or new money and anything else that comes with a change, if it happens. If it sounds too good to be true, it ALWAYS is! Make sure to read the fine print of any deals because the DEVIL is in the details. I’m sure there will be more strings attached than to a puppet with the Elite as the puppet masters! I think they tipped their hand in the second video, because you always take what they say and turn it around to mean the opposite and you’ll be closer to the truth than what’s said and presented. The web site linked ( sounds so sweet, too sweet if you ask me. We may not have much of a choice to except what’s coming because that’s how they operate, but I smell a Rat! I’ve been on this earth for 60yrs and things only get worse and will until Christ returns, and no one will have to tell you when that happens.

    • slamdance13

      I cant post any stories here. I was hit by ISON. Or was it NIBIRU? Cant remember. I did see some really tall guy…looked kinda Aryan.

  • Millennium

    What will bringing in new toilet paper compared to the old toilet paper do to help the economy?
    ………birds chirping……..

  • willhart

    Stock market collapse, a currency revauluation, but they are not going to replace the dollar right away. In the end though, all you gold bugs are going to get nailed. Remember, the first Elite dictator FDR and his first true dictatorial act, confiscaating gold from Americans citizens. When push comes to shove the Illuminati always has a contingency and back ups of those too…

  • InLikeFlint

    Anytime the elite want major change, they start a real war. A world war. That’s a possible future we face, I’m afraid. Only under wartime conditions can the population be molded the way the elite want and social norms like constitutions and morals are discarded.

  • Glenn Canady

    Open Letter to the Alternative Media & patriots worldwide! RED ALERT!

  • MSG Chicken

    The economic crash came already. In the demise of Bitcoins. Go back to work everyone…..

  • MrAnthony

    Another false claim, utterly unverifiable. “Mike” claims to be what cannot be verified and can’t even be held accountable, when nothing happens. Worthless story.

  • 50 Shades of Pissed Off

    Lynn, you’ve just lost all credibility here. I thought you were a Christian. Your source’a website is all about “the shift” all the deceived New Age alien lovers are so excited about. Why would you even give him a platform and mislead ppl by directing them to a site like that? You need to get your priorities straight.

  • 50 Shades of Pissed Off

    Did you not look at the site?

    Here’s the section on your source’s site under how the worlds “religion” will be after “the reset”.

    “The world’s religions will face harsh repercussions as the truth of the teachers whom they claim to represent is revealed. The spiritual core of these messages will remain intact as the revelations of love, truth, harmony and peace that they truly are. The true essence of the spiritual revelations will be magnified. The dogma, dead rituals and control aspects of the Religions will be exposed for the abomination that they are. This will be the cause of much despair amongst the masses of the faithful who have not established a true relationship with the light within. This cannot be avoided, as the creator never intended for any one man, priest or book to act as an interpreter of the living word .”

    • Spincycle

      Having a source and reporting what is being put forth from it is not a reflection on one’s own views. It’s just doing a job. The groups behind the alterations of our world today don’t think or believe anything like 80% of the general population does. But if no one reported what they do, just because the person reporting it might be thought to think that way too, then you’d never know what was going on and nothing would make sense to you.

  • Болеслава

    I’ve haven’t heard of an “economical” crash. They are not normally “economical” 180 degrees opposite .. not to put too fine a point on it… and being “economical” with my words :grin: the hangover must be swimmingly..

  • willhart

    this is not journalism, it is rumor, MIke, who is he? You cannot quote undiscolsed sources unless you have a highly credible track record. It may be true…it may not. But how are we to judge the value of this information?

  • kelly

    Very poorly contrived ” intel” interview. You can’t possibly expect this is believable. Both you and your “intel” source don’t even use proper diction.,,,,please, cease and desist. Every article you post is questionable or provably false.

  • bumpkin

    In the State of Conn. supposed letter posted in the ‘report’ above, why does everything have a shadow behind it, such as the wording and signatures? Everything looks like its been backed with shadows… that are bluish and very grainy… Whassup wit dat?

  • Earl Scheib

    The plan is for everyone to use SNAP cards

  • Glenn Canady

    My Open Letter to the Alternative Media – Read & Take Action if you want to WIN!

  • willhart

    Why would they issue a new currency when they want to abolish cash so they can keep tabs on everything we do and every dollar we spend…credit cards will probably also have the Illuminati All Seeing on embedded on them…the global cards, that is.

  • HiPower

    Lyn Leahz is a trolling twat!

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