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Anonymous Blows MH370 Mystery Wide Open!

Monday, March 31, 2014 7:02
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(Before It's News)

Anonymous has released the bombshell new video report below on Illuminati billionaire Jacob Rothschild’s connection to the missing Malaysia Air 370 flight that has been missing for nearly a month now. Sharing information totally classified by the mainstream media, Anonymous busts the MH370 mystery wide open. International Business Times is now reporting this same connection.


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  • They didn’t blow anything wide open. This was reported by the conspiracy community some time ago :!:
    International Business Times is just ponying up for a ride-along with old news the conspiracy community ALREADY KNEW.

    • True, they’re slow.
      But it is good of them to at least try to give the appearance that they are keeping up with us.

    • LFoD… thanks for posting this article a 3rd time on this website….. its been thoroughly debunked of course.

      But I wouldnt expect you to actually research anything before posting it..

      • Where is the link to this “debunking”?

      • Ever heard of Google?

        Ever heard of researching topics for yourself?

        Or are you like every other ‘Anonymous’ coward on here and are to lazy to research things for yourself and need to be spoon fed information?

    • I like to share another view:
      1) The most interested country in the whereabouts of the fly MH370 is China.
      2) With a good satellite view you can spot a shark.

      Days before the news of the missing plane, I remember to read a article of the China capabilities of spoting an American’s carrier and shot a missile with a range of 3 km of coast. All this with only a image of a satellite.

      Here goes my theory how can USA can check if this is true and that where MH370 fits.

  • Has this information been verified? Because this person attempted to verify it and debunked it.

    Please take care NOT to be part of the distraction. Something is rotten with this flight, but the Rothschild link is questionable, unless you can prove those people were on the flight under aliases.

    • That debunker has been debunked:

      The “snopes” patent is wrong and irrelevant. It links to “Reeves et all” NOT “Ramaraju et. all” . Just a red herring IMO.

      The second patent as seen on other sites like etc., is critical as it coversr “die targeting on a wafer” which is indeed related to semi conductors: The patent was indeed approved on 11th March 2014.

      Add in the coincidence of the Rothschilds, Carlysle group, military technology and a completely bungled (deliberately?) search for the missing plane and there is more than enough circumstantial evidence for me to remain highly suspicious.

      I checked the passenger manifest from MAL website. The link is legitimate and the Chinese names on the patent (along with Freescale) do not appear on the manifest although the manifest could have been purposefully changed. Not sure how easy this would be to achieve but this would be my next point of investigation: ARE THESE PEOPLE ON THE PATENT STILL ALIVE?

  • The fact that Rothschild was in line is enough circumstantial evidence for true motive, or he should also play lottery with just a dollar!!

  • Tomorrow is 8+8+8 days since the plane went missing on 8/3.
    It is also 3 weeks and 3 days.

  • Whatever. What happened to that plane is COSMIC realted

  • Expect the mysterious MH370 truth, hackers to dig data, WikiLeaks quickly stepped in and exposure.

  • LD

    MH370= M/4+ H/8+ 3+ 7+ 0= additive sum 13. Rotate 13 180 degrees for EL= Elohim. Flight MH370 is an Orson Wells hoax.

  • Anonymous is behind the times….this is OLD news. Furthermore, Ex-CIA operatives confirm that the Airline Industry/Government has been able to track ANY and ALL movements of ALL aircraft since 1985..the technology for tracking ALL airlines has been in place for almost 30 years. The plane is exactly where TPTB want it to be. Military websites and military personnel CONFIRM that the plane is at the Diego Garcia US government airfield which is located in the Indian Ocean. Yes, I’m sure Rothchild has a hand in this…as do the US Govt and the’s all tied in together. Not hard to figure out why.

  • Wow. How many times to do we have to go over this fraudulent story? Ok, let’s do this once again…

    The Freescale theory does not stand up to any scrutiny at all. First off, the patent referred to is US Patent Number US8671381 B1. It describes a patent for technology related to increasing die yields on semiconductor wafers. This is contrary to the assertion that the employees were working on stealth/cloaking technology. It’s not about a KL03 electronic warfare gadget.

    The patent can be viewed here:

    Furthermore, the theory goes on to assert that because there were four listed individuals and the company Freescale that Freescale had a vested interest in getting rid of these employees. Yet, the four individuals listed on the patent are not anywhere to be found on the passenger manifest. The four names listed on the patent are:

    Peidong Wang, Zhijun CHEN, Zhihong CHENG, Li Ying

    Yet, if you look at the passenger manifest here:

    You will not find a single one of those listed inventors as being passengers on the plane. Repeat: NONE OF THOSE PASSENGERS WERE ON THE PLANE Their jobs were process engineers, NOT MILITARY CLOAKING engineers.

    The last claim is that Jacob Rothschild owns Blackrock, which owns Freescale so Rothschild now owns the patent. BOTH Blackrock and Freescale are PUBLICLY TRADED COMPANIES So Rothschild may own some stock in both companies but he’s not in TOTAL control of anything. Rothschild can make a lot more money in a much shorter period of time without needing to kill 239 innocent people to steal a patent that he would NOT CONTROL. REPEAT: ROTHSCHILD DOES NOT OWN BLACKROCK OR FREESCALE THEY ARE PUBLICLY TRADED COMPANIES!!

    Keep in mind that as employees of Freescale, none of these employees woukld control 20% of the revenues of the patent. Freescale owns the patent anyway, that is made very clear when one goes to work for a tech company, anything you develop while there is controlled by the company that pays you to do the work that you do under their employment. They may give you a raise, or bonuses but other than being liosted as an iventor, you do not “OWN” the patent, your company does.

    The whole theory is a failure. The fact that Anonymous put this video out tells me that they have now joined the disinformation campaign. The only thing that is blown wide open by this “story” is Anonymous’ credibility. Welcome to the party Anonymous!

    • Your comments are partially correct. See my previous comment above.

      Still this semi-conductor technology may be very valuable in itself AND/OR it may be a critical input to the KL03 gadget AND/OR have other critical military applications. Does anybody know?

      Freescale itself has confirmed there were 20 of its employees on that flight. Even if they weren’t the inventors, these people no doubt had the knowledge and capability of reproducing this technology as they were overseeing production facilities in Kuala Lumpur and Tianjin (China).

      Rothschild is a majority shareholder in the Blackrock which is a majority shareholder in Freescale. Just like Bill gates owns Microsoft, Rupert Murdoch owns News Corp owns FOX and Warren Buffet owns Berkshire Hathaway owns many other public companies.

      Anyway, once you have trillions, its no longer about money. So profiting from the patent motive may also be irrelevant. It would still be very interesting to know if Peidong Wang, Zhijun CHEN, Zhihong CHENG, Li Ying are still alive. This should not be too hard to verify.

      As I said earlier, there are more than enough coincidences for one to remain suspicious. Expect that plane to turn up embedded in a building somewhere in the not too distant future… or do you honestly think it’s “lying” at the bottom of the Indian Ocean.

      • So many errors in your post. Blackstone, not Blackrock, is the largest shareholder of Freescale, at under 33%. It is not controlled by any Rothschild. The largest shareholder is Steve Schwartz. Jacob Rothschild was on the intl advisory board in 2007. Never on the board of directors, or on record of owning any shares. In this instance, Rothschild’s are mentioned because posts get more hits when someone tries to tie them in to everything that happens in the world.

      • Actually ScholesB I believe the Rothchilds are mentioned because of their connection with the patent. Is there anything disproving that Jacob isn’t an owner of this patent? You are steering people away from a key part of this mystery.

  • Since the other patent holders have not been pronounce dead yet and it looks like we may never know the exact time or even day of their death(if they are indeed deceased)would they not be gandfathered in on the patent?As you are not considered dead until pronounced dead by an approved authority their families should be able to share in the proceed from the patent.I am in no way a expert or even a layman of patent law but this seems to be common sense.Would this not hold up in court?Just wondering.

  • I’m still sticking to the suspicious package from the Maersk Alabama being on the plane.You know the one that the two dead navy seals were guarding?The plane was diverted by military means to a place where it could be offloaded in secret.The Chinese were warned by Russians who had been tracking the package and when the CIA found out that the cat was out of the bag so to speak they used any means necessary to retrieve it to avoid being caught.

  • no, wrong again, it’s been disproven…just because you repost a story that isn’t correct doesn’t mean it will become correct…..

  • tg

    Not all new… but keep the truth coming… Sooner or later the sheep might get up to speed and chase down and lock up all the criminals and enemies of humanity.
    Don’t expect anything of what we were told on corporate media to be truth… it will be as misleading as possible to forward their elite owners greedy and evil cause.

  • ?


    0-7-3 Hours – Minutes

    Something big will happen in the morning, which morning?

  • A few basic questions
    1. Where is the communication between Vietnam and Malaysian air traffic controls, when Vietnam could not get a response just after the flight was handed over?
    2. Why nobody has seen either visibly or electronically, the second pass over Malaysian territory?
    3. If at least the Malaysian air defense did not detect the second pass, can anyone attack Malaysia from air at free will?

  • Cloaking device technology and 20 chinese geeks who were attempting to steal it from usa for china were on the plane. It was diverted to an American base and they were all offloaded then the plane was flown to Pakistan and then crashed or sumfin’….according to Jim Garrow.

    this is explanation no. 4 I think. :oops:

  • It’s easy to fake an Anonymous video, just play an electronic voice over existing footage. The newsreader saying “I think not” seems clumsily out of step for an organisation which always talks in the first person plural.

    • agreed, i dont believe at all that this was Anonymous..more wannabe fake hackers/hacktavists. i might dig into this one.

  • Fab Four? Would that be…
    Live free or die?
    Wake up America?
    Lisa Haven?
    Lyn Leahz?

    What about Due Dilligence and Jim Stone?

  • All conspiracies theorists are “domestic terrorists” & enemy combatant!
    So say “Our Dear Leader” Obama the First!

    University of Buffalo produce a cloaking or radar evading “nanoscale microchip component” which if used with a first strike weapon or on a fighter aircraft or both allows the country(USA) to destroy a country and it’s people. FreeScale which is owned by Blackstone which is owned by Rothschild owned the patents on a similiar chip. That chip was used onboard FLT 370 to demonstrate to the world,”it works”. The A/C disappeared from radar. I bet, the A/C, crew and passengers are all alive.
    Mr. Blair M. Phillips

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