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Opposition To Beast Obama Occurring Worldwide as People of Faith Unite – Video

Tuesday, March 18, 2014 15:59
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In the Kalachakra Apocalypse prophecy, it says that the Army of Believers will defeat the Demon-King Krinmati’s Army of Non-Believers in the Great End-Times War.

Now Antichrist Obama’s been defeated in Crimea and Russia’s laughing at him worldwide through their media network, worldwide.

Now is the time to reveal Obama as the Antichrist.

Wonder why the Obots object to my calling Obama out as the Antichrist.


Why do they object to it?

Something to hide maybe?

Obots. You want to hide that Obama’s the Antichrist?

I’m bringing the reluctant message that Obama’s the Antichrist but still I’m a Buddhist.

I’m the Messiah..that is..the revealer of the truth about Obama.

Obama’s marked by 666, the link below proves it beyond any reasonable DOUBT.

All you supporting Obama are false christs.

Beware of these demonics who support the Antichrist Obama.

They seek to distract from the truth that Obama is the Antichrist.

Obama’s alone having the Mark of the Beast 666 upon him.

Obama’s the Antichrist:

There are many signs of the Apocalypse
It’s important to know that there are many signs announcing the Antichrist.

But the most evident one was that Newsweek asked the question “Is Obama the Antichrist?” by Lisa Miller. Google it.

Read the article, it said:
Belief Watch: Is Obama the Antichrist?
By Newsweek Staff
Filed: 11/14/08

“On Nov. 5, Todd Strandberg was at his desk, fielding E-mails from around the world. As the editor and founder of, his job is to track current events and link them to biblical prophecy in hopes of maintaining his status as “the eBay of prophecy,” the best source online for predictions and calculations concerning the end of the world. Already Barack Obama had drawn the attention of apocalypse watchers after an anonymous e-mail circulated among conservative Christians in October implying that he was the Antichrist. Former “Saturday Night Live” ingénue Victoria Jackson fueled the fire when, according to news reports, she wrote on her Web site that Obama “bears traits that resemble the anti-Christ.” Now Strandberg was receiving up-to-the-minute news from his constituents in Illinois. One of the winning lottery numbers in the president-elect’s home state was 666— which, as everyone knows, is the sign of the Beast (also known as the Antichrist). “It is very eerie, and I take it for a sign as to who he really is,” wrote one of Strandberg’s correspondents…”

Pass this on and you’ll be saved.
The Apocalypse is now breaking, thanks to BIN articles. Spread the good news everywhere and send to all your contacts.

The Antichrist is the Abomination i.e. homosexual.

Antichrist Obama is well-known in the homosexual community of Chicago.

There’s no mistake with prophecy, the seers of olde KNEW the future and saw what’s going on now.

The Obots are mentally deranged.

Don’t listen to them.

They’re just serving the Demon Obama exclusively.

Doc Expert: Obama’s Forged Birth Certificate & Treason



At 22:30 it says Obama’s literary agent will testify tomorrow at 5 AM (EST) that Obama’s biography said for 10 years that he was born in Kenya.

Those of you who jump out of your comfort-zone and reveal Obama’s the Antichrist with everything you’ve got, you’ll be saved, no matter what faith or creed you believe in. But believe in the truth I’m spreading and that’s enough. Right now the truth is being massively spread throughout BeforeItsNews and through it, to the whole world, because of the massive traffic on this article:

At 41:20 of the tape, Doug Vogt says the accused will get the death sentence in the case he’s discusssing.

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  • klikmaus

    “The” Antichrist? Not quite. “An” Antichrist is more correct. Those familiar with the book of Revelations know what signs to look for preceding the revealing of “the” Antichrist as well as the characteristics “the” Antichrist will have. Obama has not fulfilled prophecy, he’s just helped prepare the way….. In no way am I supporting him OR his actions… I myself would LOVE to have a front row seat at his execution for reason!

    • Omega Files

      Geir just wants to be the Messiah. He doesn’t really care about Obama

      • King of Shambhala

        Omega Files is a paid Obama shill who’s posted nothing since Feb 12.

        We’re faced with these anonymous shills who are paid posters.

        There are many like this like the Facelless Soviet Union Commies.

      • Geeper

        Constructing arbitrary criteria for whose opinion should and should not be listened to, rather than addressing their points, is very Stalin. +100 irony points! Well done!

      • Merkin

        “Omega Files is a paid Obama shill who’s posted nothing since Feb 12.”

        Hope Obama is paying you more than what I was getting Schenkler, I mean Omega Files.

        $2 a post sounds like good money… but each one has to be original and every pay-per-post is cancelled out when the contributor responds more than once per troll post.

        I was making great money from my basement in tube socks and camouflage shorts until I landed here.

        P.S. It’s been well established that Mr Smith does not want the title of Messiah.
        His message requires the vision of a reluctant universal messiah operating with impunity
        from his mountain kingdom in the face of evils so monstrous it’s mind boggling.

        I’d wager $2 that not even Geeper has been able to break even on the $2 a post here… and he was(is) our(their) best agent. :cool:

      • King of Shambhala

        I don’t get why the Obots are so opposed to my calling out Obama as the Antichrist.

        Something to hide?

        If Obama in fact the Antichrist maybe?

        It’s suspicious that’s all one can say.

        Protesting a bit too much there, those Obots.

      • Geeper

        If a guy was spamming BIN claiming to be Buddha because he’d calculated that Putin was a werewolf, he’d get some negative feedback too (including, I’m sure, some abuse from you personally).

        This would not mean that by “protesting too much” the commenters would have “something to hide” about Putin’s lycanthropy and that maybe the spammer was onto something.

    • King of Shambhala

      You’re sidestepping. Obama’s marked by 666. What do you have to say?

      • Anara

        Which faceless commies are you referring to? is Putin faceless? we all know he is the real dictator
        here.And what makes you think Obama would strike first? this is all propaganda on Russia’s part
        but if they dared to strike first we would destroy them , they know this so its just posturing
        themselves. You are an enemy of the US Smith spreading deceit, hate and outright lies.
        I will tell you this Smith, when things get so out of hand and our internment units become fully operational They will come for you with full permission of your limp wristed government
        its already been settled . Recall your Presidents and my Presidents meeting many things were discussed. I will give you 1 detail and no more you will be taken to a Facility in the southern US
        So it concerns no one what you say, do and create your little stories about. I told you lets see 2 years ago was it- that you were going too far but you kept up. You are such a blind idiot not to have seen what would happen.

      • Anara

        So if you believe you are the all powerful supernatural messiah Geirly Smith sent here to battle the antichrist Obama why dont you take him on instead of all your BS and wishful thinking
        You might start by sending him a tweet or two telling him you know who he really is and have come to battle him . You have a twitter account dont you Tugikorlo? Go on make contact with him unless you are too scared is that it you too chicken?
        Funny though when the True Messiah Jesus returns he will have no fear and no problems dealing with the antichrist whoever the antichrist turns out to be. You are not any kind of messiah, not
        Rudy Chakum you have no message anyone is interested in your revealings
        are false and worthless. You are just a cowardly little pussy.If I could have had my way I would have cleaned your clock long ago.

      • Merkin

        You are sidestepping the question of the 666 Anara.

      • King of Shambhala

        Anara’s evidently got mental problems and deep anger issues.

        She’s sidestepped Judge Roy Moore of Alabama’s Supreme Court who declares his sentence on the birth issue case on Friday.

        Anara doesn’t know when it’s over which is a sign of mental illness.

      • King of Shambhala

        Anara is nervous.

        Joe Arpaio’s announcement to reveal all his three-year birth certificate probe is slated for any time this week now.

        The Antichrist Obama, Anara’s god, will be arrested and shackled shortly.

      • King of Shambhala

        How much do the rooms cost?

        Is that with a private bathroom?

        Will Obama be shackled and arrested?

  • Busta Myth

    There is far more chance that the “Photoshop Birth Certificate Pres” is the offspring of Adolf Hitler than the Antichrist…but there again that may be the same thing if he kicks off a Nuclear WW3 !

    Peter Lavenda says that Adolf Hitler “escaped” through the Vatican Ratlines and was in Indonesia from 1954 to 1970 when he died in Surabaya in Indonesia under the Austrian name of Dr Georg Anton Poch, he converted to Muslim and married a local Indonesian women!

    Oboma was living in Indonesia in the 60′s and going to a Muslim school was he not?

    Peter Levenda | RATLINE – Soviet Spies, Nazi Priests, and the Disappearance of Adolf Hitler

    “Ratline” is the documented history about the mechanisms by which thousands of other Nazi war criminals fled to the remotest parts of the globe–including quite possibly Adolf Hitler.

    It is a story involving Soviet spies, Nazi priests, and a network of Catholic monasteries and safe houses known as the rat line. The name of one priest in particular, Monsignor Draganovic, was discovered by the author in a diary found in Indonesia. Why would this name turn up in a document written in a spidery German hand in a remote island in Indonesia?

    • Anara

      And you are as much a horses ass as KOS if you actually believe this nonsense. Watching the Cycle right now and they are demolishing all this conspiracy silliness

  • JohnnyScottsdale

    One thing I can positively tell everyone, is the Messiah will not be a mentally unstable man named Geir Smith who can’t even take care of himself, lives on French welfare, hasn’t worked in years, is a blatant racist and sexist, and whom makes up bible verses to try to back up his insane claims while ignoring actual bible verses.

  • Anara

    Its irrelevant. Obama’s not the AC except in the minds of fools. I dont put my faith in the lottery
    and I could care less about Joe blow and his cold cream posse they have nothing or they would have told it by now.

    • King of Shambhala

      Obama’s the Antichrist anyone can see it.

      It requires some sense only to see that Obama is the Antichrist.

      The Chicago Lottery in Obama’s hometown, drew 666 the day after his election and any moron can see that for themselves with no need for smarts.

      • Geeper

        Yes, you would certainly have to be a moron with no smarts to think that a lottery result meant anything.

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