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She’s Alive!! !! Nancy Lanza – Her Life Today – The Un-Dead Of Sandy Hook (Shocking Video)

Friday, March 21, 2014 3:47
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(N.Morgan) In the horror story of Sandy Hook Nancy Lanza, Adam’s mother, has been somewhat of a mystery and met a rather awful end, according to the official tale. It would appear that perhaps Nancy never died. The real “Undead” of this false flag.Another part of this farce known as the Sandy Hook Massacre. The absurd photographs from INSIDE the Lanza house would be enough to show normal people that her death was faked. However, here we will provide several additional layers of proof that she obviously is still living her life today. In fact, it appears that Nancy and Peter are back together again… sans “Adam”, of course!


To fit into this false flag theory, I wrote an article about how the residents of Sandy Hook got their homes for free. They were completely paid off on Christmas!



Photo above from: Pamela Jane





A careful search of the available records, fails to validate a single one of the identities or names appearing in the database of fake child victims. Instead, we see a collection of disposable identities evidently cultivated specifically for the event. These identities are portrayed by real children as models, using photographs of various suitable dates. The children / models themselves, have likely been kept more or less ignorant of their exact roles in the Sandy Hook fraud. The same defense of ignorance CANNOT be used as an excuse by the participating adults, however.



A reasonable guess as to HOW faked children’s names could be enrolled in a school, might involve the fact that the PRINCIPAL of the school was (is) RELATED to the Lanza family – including of course to Ryan Lanza, whose alter-ego “Adam” is designated as the ‘shooter’. Remember as well that Nancy Lanza’s sister is proven to have been an important figure in the CIA. How cool is that? Perhaps a little investigation of Dawn Hochsprung’s relationship with the CIA is worth doing at also.





Sandy Hook – GAME OVER – NO Deaths NO Victims in
Official Record

The Fake Death Industry and the Boston Marathon --

CONFIRMED – The “Lanza” Family is CIA Connected –

The Lanza Deception – The “Lanza” Family
May Only Have Existed as a CIA Operation –

The Invisible Lanza –

(film #2: The Engineering of Consent)………





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  • Anonymous

    What a bunch of disgusting crap. Hey author, did up her grave. See if she’s in it or not.

    • Earl Scheib

      If the author finds anything I suggest he hit it.

    • truthlovingsoul


      is there anything you believe unless tv tells you it’s so?

  • DennisB

    People…Sandy Hook, WAS all a faked event to bring about the NWO. They needed to get the ball rolling to take away OUR freedoms…The freedoms given to us by GOD.

    • Armed Resistance

      Spot on. What’s interesting is when I have had discussions with family or friends regarding the Sandy Hook Hoax or the Boston Bombing Hoax they painfully shy away. Not because they can mount a factual rebuttal to inconsistencies, but because it is simply TOO PAINFUL to process the reality that is presented. For most, they would rather bury their head and watch dancing with the stars 17 before asking questions that skew the paradigm. But each day more are awakened.

      • Equinox

        Great point Armed. When I first starting trying to tell those around me that (9/11) was trumped up my family and friends would jokingly say: ‘ go have another drink’. Now, especially with MH370 missing, my family come to me and ask me – what is going on. I do not believe anything that comes out of the government or mainstream media anymore. The eye the pyramid is just way too large now. I just can’t believe that they let us ‘play’ so freely on the internet figuring this all out… even though we are truly living in a ’1984′ society. Sandy Hook was as disgusting a ‘false flag’ as there has been using children as the ‘sacrificial lambs’. It was so fake to true ‘false flaggers’ that the enormity of the cover-up is truly upsetting. The character actors used in Sandy Hook and in the Boston Marathon must be direct descendents of Lucifer to be involved in these Satanic rituals.

      • Anonymous

        No armed, The sad fact is that most Americans are cowards pure and simple and they let the Organized criminals herd them like the cattle that they are. We all have family members included.

  • crabby

    gene rosen..

  • N. Morgan

    Anonymous, I would gladly dig it up, to show you it’s as empty as your comment. :evil:

    However, there are laws against such things.

    How about this, you present me with autopsy photos of all the victims and I’ll stop calling it a sham.


    • Merkin

      I agree with N. Morgan on this one.

      “The Sham” is the grief we went through over this lie.

      It’s mind boggling that this charade has flown as well as it has.

      Annie (Anne) Haddad was Playing Nancy Lanza?

      • Truthseeker007

        Good points Merkin!!

  • beforeallthat This comment has received too many negative votes.Show
    • N. Morgan

      beforeallthat, I think you don’t research much..

      Good thing it doesn’t matter too much what you think of me, the article stands up.

      Have a nice day! :lol:

      • beforeallthat


  • ElOregonian

    We know the truth. It will all be revealed.

  • Arne Darvin

    Um…sometimes people are missing from the record because record keepers are not the most perfect people in the world. My grandfather wasn’t listed and when he was his birthday wasn’t correct.

    The suppositions are really unhelpful and incorrect.

  • NotaLemming

    Perhaps someone in Samford CT can drive over to this address and ask to speak to her.

  • Grover

    FBI is the enemy of the people.

  • WeBeDoomed This comment has received too many negative votes.Show
    • Merkin


      Have you even bothered to look behind the curtain on this topic?

      Even a little? Maybe you should tar yourself before opening you trap

      • WeBeDoomed

        Merkin = twat rug (nuff said)

      • Merkin

        You didn’t answer the question fool…

        Because you can’t without looking like the idiot in the room

        (nuff said)

    • N. Morgan

      WeBeDoomed, No, I haven’t been to Sandy Hook, but I heard they received free houses for their stage show.. :wink:

      Now, why on Earth would the govt pay off all of those houses? Hmm??

      Yeah, I would be glad to spread the truth far and wide.

      Again, come up with some actual evidence that a mass shooting happened there, I will gladly eat crow, for being wrong..

      As for being a psychotic, denial is the worst psychosis there is..

      Better see someone about your Head In The Sand psychosis immediately.. :lol:

  • Reaper

    greatest hoax ever

    • Decleated

      I am thinking 911 is still tops on the hoax list.

      • TombRaider

        I’m thinking you’re right!

  • monkhood

    Good research! A lot more people are starting to understand what false flag events are. I found and learned more about this false flag. So many inconsistencies out there with Sandy Hook!

  • Decleated

    Hmmm, I must have missed the part where this video/story proves that Nancy Lanza is still alive. Stories such as this that are not thoroughly investigated/documented actually hurt the truth movement in my opinion.

    • The Real Deal

      One thing i can say you’re missing is the ability to critically think for yourself.

  • TombRaider

    While one would think that the Social Security Death Index “should be” the list of all lists but I can tell you it’s not. I can assure you my mother died in a hospital under doctors care and died of cancer in 1984….She is not listed….

  • ipod45

    The thing that convinced me this was a shame, is when they threaten that WOLFGAN Halbig for asking questions,he’s a school safety director, so why would anybody threaten a person like that. This whole ordeal is laughable.
    To all of the people that think this did happened,Why would the state police threaten a safety director who is there to help,he wasn’t bothering any of the victims family just asking people in the police Dept the corners office doctors, hospital. Why is all of his FOIM being denied, MARK MY WORDS NOT ONE PERSON WILL ANSWER MY QUESTIONS! ANY TAKER?

  • FaSolLa

    N. Morgan – After writing this ridiculous story, you have no credibility as far as I’m concerned. I’m certain that many policemen and funeral home personnel can confirm that Nancy is dead. Please have a little reverence for Nancy, her family, and all other victims of Sandy Hook. If you can’t write articles based on proven fact, you need to move on to the National Enquirer.

    • skwirl78

      FaSolLa —- “If you can’t write articles based on proven fact, you need to move on to the National Enquirer.” REALLY? First off take a look at the web address you are at…Secondly when will MSM start reporting on stories based on ‘FACT’ ? yeah thought’ll wake up one day, until then heres your teddy bear and night light.

  • John

    I live in Australia and when I heard of this shooting even I knew that this was a little too convenient as I had heard that Obamas gun thingy got rejected and to get it passed he would need guns to be used in the single most shocking way and that would turn the people away from them….the single most shocking way was to kill children and this would, seemingly, turn the tide for his gun thingy to pass
    I got it and I am in australia

  • greyfox

    Everyday now there appears to be some false flag, one source today has the bus/fed ex a flag. You realize that means we have no real way of knowing truth. This article would like us to believe them, but ?. Crazy world out there

    If these people are alive wouldn’t they have left the US?

  • truthlovingsoul

    there is a movie, doc, on the internet now and if you hurry you can see it before it is removed. called WE NEED TO TALK ABOUT SANDY HOOK. #sandy hook #sandy hoax
    There are groups working feverishly to keep this information from you.
    please try and find it, download it (you have permission) and share share share.
    The implications of this are so far reaching.

  • greyfox

    Tell me if I am wrong but where do I see proof of her TODAY living in the real world, this site is great for headlines that don’t produce.

  • truthlovingsoul

    n. morgan,

    you know you’re on to something when all the bin trolls come out from under their rocks.


  • truthseeker4809

    I wonder if National Enquirer would take this story into their front story line. If not, the National Enquirer could be under the thumbs of NWO. But then they could make huge sums of money by doing that. This is MAJOR.

    I figured Sandy Hook could be a false flag, but this is mind boggling.

    Excellent Job!!!! Exposing these criminals.

  • sk1951

    I am a non believer. There might be some good information here but the story is so poorly written I can’t figure it out.

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