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★ Huge – Pole Shift Uncovered. North Pole Split!! ESA (European Space Agency) Releases Bombshell!!

Monday, June 30, 2014 1:27
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Magnetic Pole Shifts are a hot topic in the Alternative News Community. With an increasing number of recent Earthquakes and unexplainable storms in diverse places, one has to wonder what are the reasons for these tremendous changes within our Earth. Magnetic Pole Shifts are at the forefront that conversation. Many accredited scientist have attested that a guaranteed pole shifting would occur within our lifetime. With this being one of the most significant events that humanity could ever experience, you can’t help but to wonder why the mainstream media NEVER speaks of this. If scientist have spent MILLIONS of tax payer dollars on the research of Magnetic Pole Shifts, we should be able to get some decent mainstream attention and answers on their findings.


In this Youtube you will be presented with clear and concise facts explaining recent information released by the European Space Agency. The Youtuber that presents this information is well versed with knowledge of Magnetic Pole Shifts. The fact that he was able to see this video for what it truly is, is a gift to us all. Watch the video with an open mind and do a little research on Magnetic Pole Shifts. This could be some of the most important information that you will want to get yourself educated on. (S.NORMAN)





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  • Andor


  • David Montaigne

    the NEW magnetic poles are getting stronger and will soon dominate and replace the old magnetic poles. Magnetic north will be in Siberia, NW of Lake Baikal, just as Professor Charles Hapgood predicted over 50 years ago. We can already see (in dark red) that magnetic north is strongest over Siberia. My research concludes that the shift of the magnetic poles (happening already) will be followed by a crustal displacement – a shift of the crust of the planet over its core – which will appear to be a shift of the rotational axis of the planet for everyone on its surface. This will be a civilization-ending catastrophe and I expect it in December 2019. We have been warned.

    • Momong Indrajadi

      :idea: ..just God know it’s all.. :idea:

  • Bargepole

    Excellent post. Best I’ve ever seen on BIN.

    A few miscellaneous thoughts that came to me while I was watching this fascinating vid:-

    1) Magenetic fluctiations are as near as dammit chaotic, and therefore unpredictable. (One of the more famous fractal systems is named after Newton and is based on a pendulum swinging over two or more magnets and the relationship between where it starts and which magnet ends up capturing it.)

    2) The Sun has a quadrapole; is there any reason why the Earth may not end up with two North poles and two South poles?

    3) What is the driving mechanism that gives the Earth a magnetic field? If it is (as currently held) the rotation of a molten iron core, does this mean that this core is now rotating on two different axes? Is this either possible or rational?

    4) So, is the major force in the Solar System and the Universe at large electromagnetic rather than gravitational? – The last question gives away my own personal view, and even the most hidebound traditional cosmology fans could do worse than investigate a couple of sites; (aka The Electric Universe) and

    5) Magnetic pole flips are not the same as physical pole flips (obviously) and magnetic pole flips seem to have occurred in historical times; so this is not !we’re-all-doomed! fear porn. However, an absence of a magnetosphere around the earth – however brief – could mean a lot of hard radiation reaching the surface.

    6) Lots of animals are extremely sensitive to magnetic fields, and they can also have a noticable effect on human brain function. Interestingly enough, in the vid, heavy changes are recorded over the Americas, North and South. I’ll not pursue this point any further.

    Lots to think on here, and well done BIN for putting on a damn good article.


      Thank You. :cool:

    • LifeIs

      Bargepole metal above the Curie point cannot be magnetized, except by an external force.

      Meaning, a magnetic field or an electrical current.

      Molten metal spinning isn’t any more magnetic than molten metal just sitting there. And nobody has ever shown otherwise.

      The Earth’s magnetic field- and the Sun’s – and those of other planets- are caused by the flow of electrical currents through the plasma around us.

      • Bargepole

        Yes, of course you’re right. I’d forgotten that bit, but I’m getting old and knackered. I did my physics in the 1970′s. I don’t even know what the current (sorry about the pun) theory is about the Earth’s mag field. Does it preclude my Q2? Can the Earth become quadropole?
        You also reminded me of something completely different (c. Monty Python). Neutrons are neutral so how can a spinning neutron star emit huge amounts of EM?
        Not really expecting an answer ‘cos it’s a dead thread now, which is a bit like me really.

    • Ozzie_Thinker

      You rely on Earth’s science which does not understand forces. The North Poles was only ever pole after having half an ice moon dumped on the heart of Atlantis. Thus the phenomena called the Antarctic, once hosting the Rainbow City, was made. That is why the ancient Pirie maps show no ice. By the way Antarctica is a major problem. How will they (those “knowledgeable” scientists) stop the ice expanding? When it covers the globe?


  • YouGuysAreIdiots
    • LifeIs

      Gawd, NASA is ignorant. Your link there says it takes thousands of years for a magnetic pole reversal to happen. But we KNOW the north pole is currently moving at 40 miles per year.

      Do the math. At that rate, it would travel 12,000 miles in 300 years.

      NASA doesn’t have a viable theory of what produces the magnetic field of the Earth.

      NASA does not take into account the historical evidence or the geological evidence of past changes in the Earth’s axis of rotation. Which would muck up their analysis of magnetic pole shifts.

  • GM V

    Really wow…. David Montaigne what utter BS really. Pole shifts occur throughout geological history go do some research you endtime freakoid.


      David did kind of take it too far in his comment huh? lol… I’m sure that calling him a freakoid will change that any. lol. Actually I’m a little confused because you both actually AGREE that Pole Shifts do occur. I think David put a little End Time Prophecy on it tho… lol. Other than that you are agreeing to the same thing… Pole Shifts are REAL… I don’t think anyone would dispute that now.

    • Engineer

      Relax with the arroganance Dr. G. David makes some solid observations. Research shows the pole moving at rapid clip of 25 miles (40 kilometers) a year. In his defense, I have done some research and am including this article. You won’t here this on the nightly news.

      North Magnetic Pole Is Shifting Rapidly Toward Russia
      Brian Vastag
      for National Geographic News
      December 15, 2005

  • truthseeker4809

    How much of this pole shift is due to the influence of the planet X? Can anyone comment on that?

  • Beforeitscrap

    This isn’t anything new to the Earth, the poles shift every 10-12k years, the Earth being billions of years old has undergone massive amounts of shifts now and life is still actively thriving and always evolving. It could be because of these shifts that we experience the evolution of life on the planet, it seems to coincide well with each other from mass extinctions to new evolving life forms suddenly appearing. We shouldn’t take it as a bad sign, but a good sign to say we may be coming to the next newest evolutionary step in life.

  • Wretched Infidel

    Is that why the radiation levels are spiked all over?

    • someone who cares

      The splitting of the poles and the appearance of the radiation spikes and the appearance of new species suggest that the radiation is forcing evolution, maybe the catalyst cause human to mutate
      ie; neanderthal gave way to homo sapiens. Just a thought

    • diverdude

      That would be from the 3 melted and missing reactor cores and their spent fuel pools, leaking into the environment for over 1200 days now with no end in sight.

  • CrissCross

    Something Different but very Interesting :eek:

    HUGE Changes Coming To Planet Earth :???:


      Thank You.

  • Don't be hating!

    Burp..farted..World goes around and around, round round.

  • Evosera

    The sun does not affect the magnetic field, the earth generates it through a dynamo system. Scientists are even able to replicate the effect in a lab:

    Reversals of Earth’s Magnetic Field Explained by Small Core Fluctuations
    “To further explain the dipole-quadrupole interaction, the scientists invoked a model that was recently used to describe the dynamics of a magnetic field generated in a very different system: a lab experiment involving a von Karman swirling flow of liquid sodium (which, like the Earth’s magnetic field, is generated by the dynamo effect). The scientists suggest that a general mechanism could explain both magnetic fields, independent of the different symmetries and velocities of the two systems.”

    The above article also explains that polar reversals and magnetic field disturbances are triggered by large scale volcanic activity, or flood basalts.

    “Even a moderate change in convection can greatly affect the magnetic field polarity duration, which could account for “superchrons” – very long periods without geomagnetic reversals. Although little is known about the actual flow inside the Earth’s core, recent observations have shown that the ends of superchrons are often followed by major flood basalt eruptions, which are likely to produce equatorial symmetry breaking of convection at the core-mantle boundary, in support of the scientists’ model.”

    By the way, there is evidence flood basalts may be forming in that area where the south pole is heading (New Guinea/ Solomon Islands). New Britain and Solomon sea plates are actively subducting, sea levels are “rising” much faster there than other places (7mm/yr vs 3mm/yr), and the Austrailian plate is being sucked into their subduction zone, which is what caused the Indo-Austrailian plate to rupture, resulting in those Indian Ocean tsunamis. Also, you notice a lot of heat appears to be emanating from that area if you check out NOAA’s weekly Sea Surface Temperature. Not only that, but UC Berkeley has managed to map out mantle plumes (which create flood basalts), and confirmed there is indeed a plume below that area, but no hotspot venting it off… so possible erosion and rupture.


    Even if that is true, most flood basalts are too small to result in mass extinction events, and when they do, they mostly kill off marine life. Furthermore, I don’t really think that oxygen will be escaping that fast if the magnetic field weakens. Most oxygen loss would likely result from a die-off of things that produce oxygen. NASA reports phytoplankton (which account for about 40% of the earth’s oxygen production) have been declining at about 1% per year recently. However, volcanic activity also replenishes the atmosphere with oxygen as well as other biologically important gases and minerals, so it should balance itself out eventually.

    It’s just like NASA says… this has happened tons of times throughout earth’s history.

    Magnetic Pole Reversal Happens All The (Geologic) Time
    “Scientists understand that Earth’s magnetic field has flipped its polarity many times over the millennia. In other words, if you were alive about 800,000 years ago, and facing what we call north with a magnetic compass in your hand, the needle would point to ‘south.’ … Many doomsday theorists have tried to take this natural geological occurrence and suggest it could lead to Earth’s destruction. But would there be any dramatic effects? The answer, from the geologic and fossil records we have from hundreds of past magnetic polarity reversals, seems to be ‘no.’”

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