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Aerospace Worker Fired After Admitting: “I Installed Chemtrail Devices” – New World Order Plans To Destroy and Take Over! (Videos and Photos)

Wednesday, June 18, 2014 11:57
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In case you missed this relevant news mid-May, an ex-aerospace worker came forward and admitted that chemtrail devices are installed on airplanes (as he was one of the installers) and shares details about what they installed.


We need to be very concerned about this, as it is affecting the health of our loved ones, our children, ourselves, and society as a whole! It also has damaging catastrophic effects on the environment, our food supply, and much  more.





In his words, from the included video footage below:


“We gutted the plane, mounted the tanks. Installed the cables and lines and spraying devices. I was a civilian worker supervised by the military. When we finished, we were told that this was a test conducted by the German Aeronautics and Space Administration. Meaning that the plane with the spraying devices goes ahead while a second plane with measuring devices flies behind and conducts measurements. Like, “we just want to find out how the particles do behave and propagate.


“So when we were finished with the installation, guys from the  military came over and instructed us to wear full body protective clothing and breathing masks because they were now going to fill the tanks. And that the substances, like aluminum sulfides or barium oxides, would contain highly toxic nano particle sized polymers.” 


He then adds, “We are moving toward an ecological catastrophe!  And those who don’t believe me, please come here and I will show you the proof!”



Aerospace Worker: “I Installed Chemtrails Devices” – ENGLISH SUBS




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  • originalpilgrim

    While I support the basis of your arguments, it would help if your integrity was maintained.

    2:07 – 2:12 .. Neither of these are chemtrails!!

    The first is very common patterning of the wind, and ‘cannot’ be reproduced in this fashion by any kind of aircraft. The pattern is formed by wind-currents from above, not below, much the same way as similar patterns are formed on the sand, by waves.

    The second is a famously and grotesquely misused picture, still doing the rounds all over the internet of a very unusual cloud/wind formation!

    Again – it is physically impossible for a flying aircraft to have created it out of tiny little tubes. Look closely at the width of them. Fifty aircraft couldn’t produce them, and there are 3 of them – one after the other – in storm formation, as the wind carries them.
    As for the claim that it is the plane with the person inside it, that took the picture; that is not worth discussion for too many reasons to be listed here. It is plainly untrue.

    I agree with the ‘destination’ of many of your arguments and want to support you – but when easily-identifiable errors like this are made, it undermines the integrity of everything else you say and is the reason why so many are turning away from ‘conspiracy-theorists’ – who are being laughed out of the public courtroom!

    I wish all those presenting these kinds of things – would do their research – instead of ‘learning as they go’ and only hoping they get it right, then wondering why not enough are listening!


    • Son of a Patriot

      You are nothing more than a shill. Probably paid by Owebowma and company to twist the truth. One day, when you are no longer useful, you will find that your loyalty was neither appreciated nor respected and you will be thrown away like a used rag. Your health is being affected by the chemtrails, too. Yet your loyalty blinds you.

      • oldfatguy

        He isn’t saying chemtrails or geo-engineering aren’t real, he’s pointing out the flaws in the evidence selected for this video. Wind turbulence–which anyone who travels much has experienced while riding in aircraft occurs at various altitudes and in varying degrees of intensity is created by atmospheric conditions caused, ultimately by the unequal heating of the earth’s surface–half is warm, with thermals rising as the sun shines upon it, the other half is cool as it’s shadowed in the night. The odd shapes to those clouds are caused by winds above the earth’s surface, and presenting them as toxic contrails does hurt Lyn’s credibility. I don’t believe she’s being dishonest, that the mistake is purely that.

      • Gil Carlson

        Are these chemtrails really alien technology?

        Many of the answers to these questions about aliens can be found in The Blue Planet Project Book.

        The Blue Planet Project is allegedly the notebook of a scientist who worked on a top secret U. S. Government program involving alien research. The document contains notes and drawings supposedly made by the scientist who visited various UFO crash sites, and this info was released before he disappeared.

        The Blue Planet Project Book was blocked by Amazon several months ago but it is still (last time I checked) available from publisher:

      • gmeades

        Calling someone names does not reduce the truth that he has pointed out. Regardless of how much you choose to deny the facts which have been presented. Disregarding the facts and choosing to believe obvious untruths only makes you someone who not only willingly drinks the Kool-Aid, but before chocking to death turns around and says “may I have some more please?”

        No one is denying that chem-trails exist. No one denies that planes have been spotted on many occasions flying in structured grid-like patterns and a foggy haze having been produced out in the mid-west. THAT is not in question. So stop with your knee-jerk reaction and name calling to anyone who points out a debunked and overused photograph which has nothing to do with chem-trails at all, and is simply a natural weather pattern which could not have been produced by man or controlled in such a structured pattern. Doing so only makes you out to be irrational, and totally ignorant of natural weather patterns, as well as what is is or is not possible for man to do considering the large volume of air involved and the duration of the patterns considering normal air turbulence which would be present.

        Rather than your knee-jerk reaction, attempting to kill the messenger anytime someone presents facts that are uncomfortable to you because they don’t support what you want to believe, how about logically and rationally considering what the messenger has presented and making a commonsense decisions based on those facts….? THAT would be far more reasonable, and would add, rather than detract from your own personal credibility, which right now is totally nonexistent.

    • LedaOhio9

      I suppose this assembly at the UN about Chemtrails is haox as well??

      • Miggy

        I am not saying chemtrails do not exist but what always bothered me is don’t the same people that produce these things have to breath the same air?

        It’s like the guy that tells you he can show you how to make a million. If it was so good he would be out doing it and not trying to take your $39.

    • Tommy

      More dissinfo…

      Not saying that geo-engineering isn’t a plausible science. The use of Air plane exhaust emissions would also be a cheap and easy way to distribute chemicals into the atmosphere in order to reflect the suns rays. That said the best and safest chemical to use would be plain old water (vapour). Using a geo-thermal power plant to vaporise the water into the atmosphere.


      The trouble with this story is that its another cynical attempt to merge FACT with FICTION to hide TRUTH! Just another dose of semi plausible science backed up with dodgy photos, lies and religion.

      • OzzieEd

        Tommy, you are missing the point. It’s not about geoengineering in the way you think. Blocking out the suns rays is blocking out the one thing that gives life to this planet. You sound like a global warming conspiracy theorist. It’s the excuse they use for gullible people to justify spraying nano-particles all over us. What you need to be concerned about is what these nano particles can do inside your body. This is alien technology to turn us into cyborgs and absorb us into their collective. So stop shooting the messenger and start getting to know what you’re talking about. Thanks for the article Lyn.

    • RompingWillyBilly

      What came first, the unusual cloud patterns you suppose or the chemtrails that we have all been ignorant of?

      • bknowl13

        There are photos available dating back a good half century. Books on clouds back further. A little searching is all that is needed. The debunkers have put up some very good examples. Too many people just dismiss it because of the source.

    • heroay

      “You are nothing more than a shill.”… Is an understatement. i would gladly change “shill” for “sh..”, but i don’t want to be banned on this site. She loads a bag full of well known chemtrail patterns, and you MOAN like a sissy over a couple of HONEST mistakes (women are NOT mechanically inclined), but the real exposure goes under your radar, very conveniently, “SHILL”.

      And who cares if “shills” like you listen or not. Or like it or not. Your mastas ARE X-Posed all over the world on the Internet. When the time comes to make ‘adjustments’, how many names will be found on how many files of paid TROLLS (with American tax-robbed dollars), is anybody’s guess. But they WILL.

    • heroay

      Stop moaning about chemtrails. Build a CHEMBUSTER and blow chemtrails away in a 40 mile radius. The unit CAN be hidden inside a barn, home, garage, bedroom, and still operate the same. Any report on chemtrails that FAILS to inform about chembusters, is either scarepoopmonga, incomplete reporting, or sheer ignorance of the FACT. Just Google “chembuster”, then MAKE IT.

  • Anonymous

    nice but I coud have givin you this months ago ! :grin:

    • THE US BORDERS ARE OPEN - EVERYBODY WELCOME This comment has received too many negative votes.Show
      • Anonymous

        wrong dumbass this story is FACT !
        unike you ! you friggin Troll :twisted:
        leave this site and stop your abuse while you still can ! time runs shor for you !

      • apache5

        YUP he is TROLL and he is on THE LIST so when all the hangings for treason begin, well HMMMMM! you decide, where he will be !! :twisted:

      • Prudence Wright

        What happens to you when We the People take back control of our government and then come for you and everyone else who support the tyranny?

      • Tommy


        I dont understand your logic. You moan about your political views being oppressed then suggest using the same tactics?

        If you don’t like what he says. Ignore him. He is entitled to his opinion.

      • Tommy

        I must add:

        Even if it is a load of tosh…

      • AnotherFella

        Shut up you FBI, CIA, NSA agent in disguise. Go back to hell :evil:

      • Tommy

        You wish you were so important that I was a spy…


        Just a free thinking man.


        I’m coming for you Apache. Soon. I already know where you drink your coffee. I know more than you think. I’m closer than you think. Nice weather today, hey?

      • heroay

        Your rapinous tribe has FAILED, and continue to FAIL, to disarm Americans. THAT is how the score will be settled. Although, admittedly, ROPE is recyclable, much more so than bullets. So Be IT!

    • heroay

      GREAT! And why YOU did NOT?? Lazy, Envious, or Pathetic Troll?

  • mastersofthemirror

    Ms. Leahz, please explain.

    On the one hand, you are telling us that The End is upon us and to get ready to die. On the other, you are trying to get people to forestall it. What, precisely, do you want, other than to sow the seeds of chaos? Do you not have faith in the creature you call a god? Do you think you can alter the “Grand Plan?” Wouldn’t that be rather presumptuous of you?

    Your articles are laced with fear. It is palpable. If you truly believed in “God,” what would you have to fear? Shouldn’t your faith be calming? Shouldn’t you be prepared to accept whatever comes because your god “loves” you? If your faith doesn’t provide peace, maybe you’re worshiping the wrong god…

    P.S. That picture you posted from under the wing of a plane is a roll cloud, not chemtrails. Thanks for the disinfo. It doesn’t help spread the truth. It simply gives the skeptics ammo to prove you’re nuts and, by association, the rest of us that know chemtrails are real.

    • trashman

      while i agree with some of what u r saying, at least she is trying too say something. One thing i cant stand is someone who stands on the sideline and does nothing! As far as the True God and the question of her faith goes, my question too you is : what faith do you follow? I dont mean that badly exept always remember that everytime we cuss someone else make sure we got our own affairs in order. While i dont agree with her 100 percent , the fact she is disclosing info period and trying gives me reason too thank her. I also wish too ask her and anyone else too please give any info they might have, so we can better prepare for whats coming. BTW, im not worried. Jesus Christ stated too not be in ( too much fear ), over the things which MUST take place, anguish of nations, not knowing the way out, the sound of the roaring sea, nations against nations in battle like never before seen. Signs in the Heavens, etc etc. but rather he stated ( these things must take place ), then once that is done then he will usher in HIS Fathers world where peace will take place, love etc etc, NOT the devils NWO, but rather YHWHs world so dont worry too much folks the fate of the world is in the True Gods hands, as always peace :)

      • bknowl13

        If by habit, as we see in most all chemtrail “proof” pieces, we get known bad information the author’s honesty, integrity and intelligence come into question. By direct association anything which might be good information is tainted by it and it’s believability is less.

        When the agenda is more important than the truth, what is the difference between the authors of pieces like this and much hated main stream media?

      • ExposingTheEnemy

        You shouldn’t be using “YHWH”, that’s a synagogue of satan teaching and those who use it, are either bad Acts 17 Bereans, or they are deliberately using it to get people to call on the synagogue of satan name for satan which even Albert Pike in Morals and Dogma admits to;

        We shouldn’t be thanking people for false info (the parts that ARE false as pointed out by other commentators on this article), where is there Scripture that Jesus commanded that? I recall Jesus commanding His Apostles and disciples not do such a thing (thank people for false info) when He told His sheep to be wise as serpents… harmless as doves.


      • mastersofthemirror

        @Trashman, let me get this straight – you are upset with me because you mistakenly believe I stand on the sidelines and do nothing while Ms. Leahz is actively “in the game,” is that correct?

        Scenario: It’s the middle of the night and your house is on fire. Unfortunately, you live in a town without a fire department due to budget cuts. Outside, Ms. Leahz is screaming, “FIRE!” She implores the neighbors to rush inside to save you and your family but she makes no effort to actually enter the burning building herself. The neighbors, however, are just as scared and refuse to act as well. Then, Ms. Leahz starts screaming, “REPENT BEFORE IT’S TOO LATE!” Inside, you know there’s a fire but you can’t get out because all the exits are blocked. What you need is constructive assistance not someone stating the obvious regarding the fire and definitely not someone bringing the “God’s pissed so beg for your life” crap. Will repenting of imaginary sins magically stop the fire?

        What Ms. Leahz does is keep you chasing your tail. Her entire function is to fan the flames, not help put them out. The only thing that will extinguish our burning house is knowledge of the true nature of our “reality,” what I call “fauxality.” Everything here is a lie because we exist in Hell. A descent into chaos is inevitable. The entire purpose of the physical realm is to corrupt the captive spiritual soul. What we need to do is stop chasing our tails – stop playing their game.

        Fear is not the answer. Letting go of the fear is. When you project fear, fear is what you receive. We reside within a house of mirrors.

        People like Ms. Leahz are focused on finding “The Beast.” What she fails to understand is that the beast is US. We are being driven to destroy ourselves. The number 666 is the number of The Beast AND the number of mankind because WE ARE THE BEAST. We simply need to look in the mirror.

        If you wish to become enlightened and stop chasing your tail, I dare you to read the document linked in the following article. It’s a good first step.

    • Tommy

      Is far as i can tell most of her articles completely contradict biblical teachings.

      So they are blasphemous.

      She is probably scared that the big guy is a bit pissed with her. So wants to stave off her decent into eternal hellfire!


    • Working the Beat

      No, don’t you see she is just making you people click her videos to get click money and advertise her satanic book via youtube. Your all being sucked in by a lying scam artist.

    • heroay

      mastersof misery, if you got afraid by looking at these pics, real, by the way, then imagine your underpants when you actually seem these above in your skies. We need patriots, not chicken. Patriots, not cowardly shills. Patriots, not ignorant or moronic TROLLS for the J.W.O.

  • am123

    If you want to see the evidence with your very own eyes (besides the lines in the sky), get a very bright flashlight, the brighter the better (500 Lumens or brighter), and go outside after dark away from any lights and shine the flashlight directly up into the sky and look at about the first foot above the flashlight lens. You will see particulates of aluminum, barium, etc. swirling around in the air in a toxic soup we are all breathing in.

    When the Apostle John wrote the Book of Revelation, mankind did not possess the means to destroy the earth. He was looking into the future at this generation at those who are playing God and destroying the earth. In the end, they will get what they deserve:

    “The nations were angry, and Your wrath has come,
    And the time of the dead, that they should be judged,
    And that You should reward Your servants the prophets and the saints,
    And those who fear Your name, small and great,
    And should destroy those who destroy the earth.”

    —Revelation 11:18

    Here is an extremely informative video about chemtrails/geoengineering:

    • bknowl13

      You’ve had it tested? You can show the manner of the tests, the handling of the samples, the relationship of all contents to what is normal, etc, etc?

      I doubt it. I’m sure you can link to a site somewhere, but first hand, no.

      Your flashlight trick is nothing less than “just look up!”. A fallacy designed to fool and scare. The average person won’t know what is in the dust he’s looking at and hasn’t the ability to properly test it but the chemtrailers scream “Proof!” and some poor souls get roped in to the fear and paranoia being sold.

      • am123

        I challenge anyone and everyone to check it out themselves with a strong flashlight and it will really hit home. They will clearly see it is not dust and that you are trying to hoodwink people with your disinformation. The atmosphere is inundated with these particulates.

      • bknowl13

        So “no” then, no tests? Just dust in a light beam. I can duplicate your trick without leaving my bed. Fluff the pillow and turn on the flashlight and presto. Is it dead skin, mite dander, cotton dust or, merely by it’s visibility in the beam of light, is it therefore barium, etc., etc.?

        The disinformation here is the completely unsubstantiated claim you make about the dust. How can one tell by looking at the dust what it is made of?

        FYI, a patent is proof only that said patent exists. Not that it is in use. Why is it you folks routinely change the subject when confronted with reasonable questions and doubt?

        There is one obvious answer, you know.

        I am not trying to hoodwink anyone. I am not the one telling people to just look at something they have no way of knowing what it is and telling them it is any kind of proof of anything beyond the fact that there is something there. Funny about that part from the crowd that tells us not to believe what “they” are telling us. Do it to you and you all always get pissy about it.

      • am123

        No, using a flashlight in your bedroom won’t do the trick because the light reflects and diffuses off objects like ceilings and walls because you are inside. You need a strong, focused beam that is not diffused. Anyone who takes a very strong flashlight OUTSIDE at night and shines it straight up into the sky so there is a focused beam that is not diffused will see who is speaking the truth and who is trying to obfuscate the issue.

      • bknowl13

        Which brings me back to: How the heck do you know by looking at dust what it is comprised of? Where and how has the dust you see at night, outside with a strong flashlight, been tested? How does one “clearly see” anything other than specks of who knows what. Dust, pollen, whatever.

      • am123

        Does dust fly in the air everywhere 24 hours a day 365 days a year? No, it is not. Does dust give off a silver reflection? No, it does not. Let anyone with a strong flashlight (the brighter the better, 500 lumens or more) go out at night in the dark and shine the light straight up in the air and look at about the first foot above the lens and they will see what I am talking about and they will see how foolish what you’re saying is because they won’t see dark reflecting dust, instead they will see silver reflective metallic particulates floating in the air. We are all breathing in this toxic soup of heavy metals.

        While you are here trying to muddy the waters with disinformation, the atmosphere is being saturated with this metallic junk which is destroying the earth and giving people all kinds of health problems and causing all kinds of problems for all living organisms.

        This from an NBC news report entitled “Toxic heavy metals found in whales”:

        “American scientists who spent five years shooting nearly 1,000 sperm whales with tissue-sampling darts discovered stunningly high levels of toxic heavy metals in the animals, according to a report obtained Thursday.

        The levels of cadmium, aluminum, chromium, lead, silver, mercury and titanium together are the highest ever found in marine mammals, the scientists say”

        Now go ahead and tell everyone these scientists must be wrong and these whales are filled with dust instead of toxic heavy metals. :lol:

      • bknowl13

        Still you make absurd connections. I will neither refute nor support the story linked about whale blubber (though I do want to work in a pun about “blubbering” somehow) at this point. It is not pertinent to your trick. I will point out that it does not support in any way at all the theories, many and varied, about chemtrails.

        Yes, dust is in the air you breathe no matter where you are on the planet. Indoors or out. Always has been. What it looks like in the beam of a bright flashlight or sunlight coming through a window cannot tell you what it is made of.

        I try with little or no success to point this out because you will not hear what I am saying. Take your flashlight to a scientist and go out at night and show him what you see. Ask what it is you see. Have him name the chemicals. Ask how he can tell.

        Without getting into whether or not chemtrails/geoengineering are real the method you use stinks. Calling what I say disinformation does not change the fact that “just look” doesn’t cut it. Yes, anyone can re-create your trick and see something. That done, your deciding to claim you know what it is made up of without anything to support it is foolish. Think about it. I’m telling you what you see is just as likely something entirely different. How the hell do I know? Why should anyone believe me based only on my words? Why should my claiming you wrong in what you claim make my claim any stronger? Why then should the reverse be true as you cry “disinformation!”?

        ps. Please don’t mistake my use of the word trick for anything more than a lack of a term better suited. I don’t mean it in a snide or belittling way.

      • am123

        “I will neither refute nor support the story linked about whale blubber (though I do want to work in a pun about “blubbering” somehow) at this point. It is not pertinent to your trick.”

        Not pertinent? It’s called evidence. I’m saying we are being sprayed on from above with heavy metals and the atmosphere is saturated with the stuff and lo and behold, whales are full of the stuff. Tests have been done in the rain water showing the same stuff. Do you some research yourself. Try for starters.

        “I’m telling you what you see is just as likely something entirely different.”

        And I’m telling you and anyone curious enough to try what I said and you will see silver-reflecting particulates in the air. Dust doesn’t reflect silver, does it. Hmmm…..what reflects silver? Could it be what whales are full of nowadays, could it be what water and soil samples are full of today, could it be aluminum??? :eek:

        Go ahead, I challenge you and do the flashlight thing and with a little common sense, you will be able to connect the dots.

    • Mellissa

      It also glows under black lighting. I was told to shower, dry hair and wear a clean black shirt. Go for a walk when you know the lines are in the sky and then after a portion of time go look at yourself under black lights. It is scary I must admit. To make it a viable experiment it is important to look at yourself under black lights before you go out as well and then compare.

      • CrowPie

        Mellissa, if indeed your statement is true…..then chemtrails have been around since the very early seventies.

        Black lights were all the rage then….I had many. And EVERYTHING had little white specs on it.

        I don’t doubt that our atmosphere is being piddled with….but the black light test may not be the most accurate proof of the piddling.

  • contrailies

    I managed to track down the documents he speaks of if anyone would like to read them

    • Mellissa

      I would, , a link would be much appreciated. :D I have been collecting info I find viable myself, yet with so muc on ALT news sites with out sources I end up trolling the peer review , and scientist report documents. Google docs helps. Also Cornell has a nice amount of papers to look through.

      I did find this on an alt news site :

      ~~Now through a freedom of information request, former British Columbia premier Bill Vander Zalm has revealed that Environment Canada is researching the use of aerosols to fight climate change.
      The document notes that geo-engineering methods are classified into two groups: solar radiation management, and carbon dioxide removal from the atmosphere.
      It also indicates that government scientists are involved in the internationally-coordinated Geo-Engineering Model Intercomparison Project or GeoMIP. The modeling program seeks to improve understanding of the “efficacy and unintended consequences” of solar radiation management.
      The briefing paper was prepared in advance of a top-level inter-agency meeting convened by Environment Canada to discuss matters about geo-engineering options to address climate change.

      A Natural Resources Canada memorandum notes that among those scheduled to attend were Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s national security advisor Stephen Rigby, and Richard Fadden, who was at that time director of the Canadian Security Intelligence Service.
      A slide presentation by Environment Canada reveals that the department has undertaken “two types of experiments”. One simulates the reduction of incoming solar radiation, and another in which “aerosols are injected into the stratosphere”. (source)

      Apparently out a total of 47 pages Vander Zalm received, ten of the pages had redacted sections and six were blank.~~

      hunting up info on The Geoengineering Model Intercomparison Project (GeoMIP) and looking for info from the previous BC premier, also

      has some good info, not to say it is all truth and not some speculation with facts as well. It does give a nice launching pad for personal research. I would love any and all links pertaining to this, with source material inc, or at least further reading like a bibliography.

  • Marks

    What I can’t understand is that if they are all spraying, how much spray would have to be stored on the airlines to produce a solid stream from end to end? And, if it is mixed with fuel, why wouldn’t the super hot and pressurized burn destroy the nano particles? It may be happening but not from airlines. I don’t believe the Gvt has thousands and thousands of jets criss-crossing the skies either. It may be done in a limited fashion but not at the extent these articles would have you believe.

    • Prudence Wright

      you disbelieve your own eyes when you see the streaks across the sky? Or do you truly believe that “new” cloud formations, that have NEVER been seen before just start appearing? There are many questions that do not yet have answers, but to blindly trust those who rule us is pure insanity….. just remember, they DO know what’s going on and choose NOT to tell you…if it was harmless why wouldn’t they. Use some logic and stop accepting what your told! NO new discoveries, no progress has ever been made when the masses just “accept” what they are told…..remember the Dark Ages? Or has your history lessons slipped from your mind like your common sense?

  • chefjim

    The picture shows a wing support for a small airplane. The chemtrails are being sprayed by large, commercial jets so I think that the pic was taken by a small aircraft flying over some chemtrails that were sprayed by a jet. Whatever, but look at the shadows they are casting on the ground! I have taken my own pics of chemtrails and every time I see them it infuriates me. I can’t do squat about it but make friends with the One who is much more powerful the the one who has been granted (for a short time) the right to control this world. Thank God that it is not for eternity but only for a set amount of time.

    Are you friends with the One who is going to defeat Satan very soon? If not, all you have to do is BELIEVE in Him. That’s it…. Believe everything that He said about Himself and what others (His disciples and apostles) have said about Him in the worlds number one bestseller of all time, the King James Bible. He will come into your heart, convict you of your sins and cleanse you from them free of charge and all He expects in return is for you to believe in Him!

    He will put a new heart in you; a heart that doesn’t love sin (yet still sins, albeit not nearly as much and moreover, you won’t love your sin). He will work in you to produce His will in your life but if you want His full blessing, you must be obedient to Him. His salvation from our punishment of eternity in hell is utterly free but if we resist the working of the Holy Spirit in us we will suffer loss. Do it now. Just tell Him you believe in Him (strangely enough, according to the bible, He even accomplishes our belief in Him for us!)

    It will very soon be too late for this free gift and you will live through the worst times of trouble (to put it mildly) ever known to mankind. It will be possible to be saved during this time of tribulation but salvation will not be FREE as it is right now. You will have to OVERCOME the MARK OF THE BEAST and many who choose Christ in those days will suffer death by guillotine. The ones who will be saved will be the ones who face death yet remain faithful. Do it now or do it later but things are about to change so dramatically and quickly that you won’t have time to wonder what happened!

    • ExposingTheEnemy

      I more or less agree with most of what you typed out, but it’s a typical AMERICANISM version of the Bible to ONLY refer to the “MARK” never really mentioning the WHOLE verse which contains the other 2 key things that are just as important in being able to identify this which then makes it clear that those who only refer to the mark, are teaching falsely;

      Rev_13:16 And he causeth all, both small and great, rich and poor, free and bond, to receive a mark in their right hand, or in their foreheads:
      Rev_13:17 And that no man might buy or sell, save he that had the mark, OR THE NAME of the beast, OR THE NUMBER of his name.

      God’s mark is not physical… the devil’s is + spiritual, so if you already decide to serve satan.. when you get the ‘physical mark, or name or number.. ‘, the physical part is just the externalization of what was already decided by oneself via free will beforehand.


    • ExposingTheEnemy

      Lyn Leahz,

      Original Pilgrim makes some very good points at the dubiousness of some of claims of the pictures which others as myself have known as somewhat fraudulent claims to chemtrail equipment and certain formation of clouds. I do not deny the Geo-Stratospheric Engineering, but you need to do much more strict, diligent investigative studies before putting out articles. It’s like serving cake with GMO ingredients, tastes good but will cause serious problems.

      As for your other article that you disabled comments on that referred to Daniels 70th week as though it’s happening now, shows you really don’t read the Bible all the well nor it’s history well to see that Daniels 70th week prophecy was the week that JESUS was CRUCIFIED.

      To state the 70th week is now or soon, is JESUIT FUTURISM, and look at that, this is what you are repeating believing falsely you comprehend this very import prophecy when you do not. This is why there is NO Scripture for a woman to “TEACH” Scripture why? It’s laid out in 1Timothy 2:9-15. If you read it an get offended by it, then you are a victim of feminism and Christ has no communion with Belial.

      • Tommy

        Is he in ur church Lyn?

  • shilltroll

    My handlers ay there is nothing to see here, please move on! :wink:

    • Tommy

      Stuff off double DISSINFO psyop!

      • shilltroll

        I knew if I used this stupid name and talked about my handlers, one of you would be dumb enough and paranoid enough to take me seriously. Take off the tinfoil hat and get a sense of humour… :wink:


    I see chemtrails all the time where i live and i was watching a jet go across the sky seeing it’s normal exhaust disappear in seconds only to see it turn on the chemtrails and watch as it spread chemicals in our air! they are REAL!!!

  • Mellissa

    The ones that go over my home, and I live near the Toronto airport, ( so I know what con trails look like and what they do not ) are now dripping after they are sprayed. It leaves a large trail that used to spread out and join together then the sky would be overcast for a day or 3. Now they have a series of drips ever little bit so it looks like a massive comb from one end of the sky to the next. No longer is there ever small planes doing the regular checkerboard patterns. Now it is massive jets that are 3-4 times higher then the small planes were and they go across the province if not the country in groups of 7-10 ( that I have seen )

    For those who still say there is no such thing I recommend getting off your computer for a few days and actually spending time outside ~gasp~ Most do not even ever have a chance to see it , never mind bothering to look. If normal planes left contrails like we seen as chemtrails the whole world would be covered in lines forever. Go look up the planes paths and how many fly across the world daily and see that there is way way to many planes. If all planes were leaving trials such as the chem trails, NOT contrails ( that disappear quickly even in the dead of winter ) we would never see the sky, especially where I live so close to the air port.

    Oh and never do these spraying planes take off from the air port here they look like they are on flight paths from one end of the country to the next. Also they fly against the regular flight paths. Which would be dangerous but they fly so high over the airport area that there is no possible way they would interact with the regular commercial flights.

    So get off your computer and go outside, enjoy the day. Then pay attention to all planes going over. You may just not be under a flight path for this project. Tho I think they want each and every single spot sprayed at some point. And just because I am under the flight paths I will indeed take a video the next time I see the drips. It wont matter I posted several pics and articles (elsewhere ) when the checker boards first came out and all I got was , Fake, Hoax, and other lame things when it was clearly real.

    No one can convince a person unless they see it, and seeing those dripping lines cross the whole sky plane after plane until the sky is gone is really the only proof I will ever need. I do not know why they don’t just do it at night and not during full moons. We would hardly ever see it then. Of course then there would be less time the sky was obscured during the day time, so they need to do it during the day.

    • JQ

      They just started making XX up there in my area. I live by SeaTac airport and I know the difference in a fuel dump when a plane lands and those lines made by the planes passing thru up in the stratosphere. I don’t claim to know what they are spraying or why they are doing it. I don’t feel like it’s anything good for the citizens of this world. I do know the main stream media never ever mention them. And most of what is on the internet questionable. I do know that when the planes and lines are up there the next day the skies are cloudy, when any blue sky comes through the line begin again. In the winter the lines go up and the next day it rains. Ive been watching them for many years and these are my facts. at first everyone called me crazy, but now some people have seen for them selves. Also a recent article appeared in Playboy and convinced more people. However it said it was to block the suns heat. I don’t think that’s true but it’s better than telling us it’s a fuel dump. Oh one more thing I saw with my own eyes with many witnesses, Sunday the morning was clear skies with the planes way up there starting with their lines about 9:00am. They spread out and a light haze covered the blue sky. Then they made an X a little lower and then more straight lines. About noon the sky was grey with merging lines but in between the layers they made a rainbow appeared. It was wider than the normal ones we get around here anyway, and it was turned up at both ends. it was there maybe 20 minutes. And many people saw it. It had not rained in days. It was a very strange sight. I have a few pictures but I don’t know how to get them onto my laptop. I also know it feels yucky outside after they spread what ever it is. I feel helpless and wish they would stop. Air is free from God and they should not be f**king with it. :evil:

  • YouGuysAreIdiots

    More baloney. And thanks for providing photos that were debunked long ago. Idiots. Nothing new here except for an invented “fired worker” with ZERO proof and no evidence. Per usual.

    It’s a Boeing 777-200LR Worldliner, specifically it’s WD001, a plane that was used for flight testing. The original photo can be found here – note the “Hazmat” text was added later. The barrels contain water, which is pumped around to shift the center of gravity to test various flight characteristics.

    Very sinister looking tubes, but why are half of them facing the wrong way?

    The plane is not for spraying the atmosphere, it’s for sampling the atmosphere. It’s a research aircraft, registration N701BN, operated by th e department of energy’s national labs. It’s pretty much one of a kind, so it’s hardly likely to be responsible for all the persistent contrails we see every day. The research is mostly on pollutants in the atmosphere, particularly from coal and oil burning power plants. But they also investigate the properties of clouds, which includes contrails.

    • Mellissa

      Yeah Leah needs to actually think before using the stuff she posts. It makes viable information easy to disregard since it is steeped in false data and information. I think it is just her daily post count and attention that matters to her, not truth.

      • Terminator

        Yes exactly that.

  • cappolla

    been hearing of these for about a year. Had a hard time believing..but “must see to believe”. I took pics a few months ago which are unbelievable. Not normal for sure. more interesting info.

  • Dayton Flyers

    For me to believe “they” are drugging the populous then how do ‘they’ exempt themselves from the same air the populous breathe? A good answer will convince me one way or the other.

  • MrAnthony

    Once again, we see there’s no lie too low for Looney Lyn Leahz.

    Let’s deal with her images:
    1) The image of the jet interior turns out to be from 2005 and it’s a well-known Boeing 777-240LR interior showing water barrels used to test load distributions. Very easy to find the original on It is NOT a chemtrail plane.

    2) The cloud shot is easy to find on Wikipedia, under the heading “morning glory cloud.”

    It is a natural phenomenon.

    3) Ah yes, the usual shot of the atmosphere sampling plane, labeled incorrectly as some kind of sprayer….because spraying INTO the wind is so much more effective, and putting the sprayer on the side will leave nice marks on your plane.

    Idiot. Basically, Lying Lyn is just rehashing known false information. So typical.

  • SGde3a

    Keep in mind they double-cross the truth on this site.

    Chemtrails are obvious, but the evidence they say why it’s real (on this site) leaves a lot of room for people to say the whole thing is busted.

  • Tommy

    More dissinfo…

    Not saying that geo-engineering isn’t a plausible science. The use of Air plane exhaust emissions would also be a cheap and easy way to distribute chemicals into the atmosphere in order to reflect the suns rays. That said the best and safest chemical to use would be plain old water (vapour). Using a geo-thermal power plant to vaporise the water into the atmosphere.


    The trouble with this story is that its another cynical attempt to merge FACT with FICTION to hide TRUTH! Just another dose of semi plausible science backed up with dodgy photos, lies and religion.

  • Anonymous

    We supplied fabrication equipment to produce the parts installed into aircraft at Mirana AFB in AZ.

    • heroay

      Marana, AZ. The place is FULL of ashkenazi accomplices. Nobody talks about the planes being loaded with chemicals, nor the truckloads carrying the chemicals into town. Criminals ALL. But there is a time to pay for all their crimes against humanity.

  • am123

    Look up at the lines crisscrossing the sky. These planes flying high above commercial traffic are inundating our atmosphere with nanoparticles of aluminum and other things. Because the particulates are so small, the aluminum you are breathing in passes directly from your nasal passage directly into your brain. It is causing incredibly high rates of Alzheimer’s and autism. And the nano fibers they put into the chemtrails is causing Morgellons. And it’s getting harder and harder to grow things in your garden. But Monsanto just happens to have a patent on seeds that are resistant to aluminum, barium, and strontium, the very things they are spraying down upon us—quite the coincidence, eh? :wink: Trees are dying everywhere. And have you noticed that you don’t see as many insects around as in the past? Only an idiot or a purposeful liar would deny what is happening to our environment.

    • bknowl13

      “Only an idiot or a purposeful liar would deny what is happening to our environment.”

      OOh, close your mind, go ahead.

      • heroay

        Just don’t hit your head on the wall. It’s already fractal, from inbreeding.

    • WeBeDoomed

      “Only an idiot or a purposeful liar would deny what is happening to our environment.” Oh the irony of this statement :wink:

      • heroay

        Oh and the iron hardening your scant brain cells…

  • Anonymous

    The devices on those planes could not have created in the photos of what is claimed to be a chemtrail. I mean some parts of the devices looks like static pressure ports, and some venturi type devices, the others looks like a ram air intake system for some reason. I just don’t think that what is shown in those photos is the chemtrail devices, they are not big enough. crop dusters have bigger dispersion nozzles on them.

  • Iguana Grreen

    I suggest that the trolls that argue back and forth in all of the internets’ comment sections exchange emails or phone numbers so they can hash the issue out between themselves and leave the comment section alone for people that want to actually leave an intelligent, useful comment.
    It’s common sense to do that. No?

  • BobSolomon

    Wow, so she just posts the same old stuff that’s been debunked for years? No wonder people are turning away. She doesn’t care about content, only hits. Another article this blatantly bad and I’m out and warning all my friends off.

    • Working the Beat

      glad to see others are beginning to see through here grubby tactics. :cool:

  • RickMAC

    The picture of the inside of the plane is from the test flight of the Boeing 777-300 in 2003. Those are ballast tanks and are used to simulate cargo weight. This is the link to the original pictures and announcement. More information can be found on my pinterest site

  • RickMAC

    I forgot to include the link to the Boeing 777-300 2003 test flight pictures in my prevous post

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