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Planet X, Pole Shift: Frightening Animation Discussion

Monday, November 17, 2014 6:02
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Planet X,  Pole Shift: Frightening Animation Discussion



From JayWill’s alternative surveillance resource network, you are about to view a true story, recorded recently, documenting facts pertaining to Nibiru Planet X. This story is both dedicated to the faithful and presented to the falsehearted to encourage their research of truth and current events in the world in which we live today.



From the city of Gainesville Florida, Live in the heart of gator country, near the Gulf of Mexico, 50 miles west of the Atlantic Ocean, Good evening, Good morning, wherever you may be, across the USA or around the globe, Today is Monday 11/17/2014 and the time is 7:22am, I’m JayWill and Welcome! Lots going on so let us begin. Coming directly from BackToConstitution youtube channel. Today BackToConstitution presents some compelling evidence that you may or may not believe. I have followed BackToConstitution for several years now and I’ve never known him to dish out BS so I can’t see any reason to question this. BackToConstitution states “The pole shift might be just ahead in 2015 and if we have six days of darkness on one side of the earth, then the pole shift is on and this ride, you can’t opt out of!
Watch the frightening animation, created by Konstantin, from Moldova, a country near Turkey, Macedonia, Albania, Armenia and Georgia. He also provides some links where you can check things out for yourself. Here are those links, Animation:…

Konstantin’s Animations

North America Splits in Two…

Also, in a not so exclusive interview BackToConstitution states “Yet, many of the predictions have come true.  Nobody has a better record for future predictions and they are all documented.” When asked about  a predicted date? BackToConstitution said “I said in the video that I don’t know it.  The problem is, where is the earth now?
The animation makes you think that most of what you see has happened.  When we get the days of darkness on some parts of the planet, when the rotation stops, you know it’s not long, maybe a month away.”



Well that’s about all I’ve got for now and like always, you be the judge. Enjoy!!!  Be AWARE and be PREPARED, FEAR is not an option. Be safe everyone…








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Total 17 comments
  • kangax

    animation is based on zetatalk’s infos which contains very delusional crap in some parts.
    also zetatalk says that its a 3 days of darkness only in northern hemisphere due to tilt of earth 90 degrees. not 6 days and not in whole earth which makes informations in video is suspicious

  • pdeibn

    All the dates on this model have come and gone???? Explain please.

    • Central Scrutinizer

      2007, 2011, 2012….. Yea, I noticed that too.

      Allow me to take a stab at this one.

      The “author” of the post is a nut-job. Planet X is a fairy tale. And don’t get me started on the Zeta talk nonsense.

      Say it with me folks, NIBIRU DOES NOT EXIST.

      That is all. As you were.

  • Bucky

    If it existed and was as close as they say, and as large…
    It would have been seen by now. This Nibiru nonsense has gone on long enough. Sitchin was a con man and a freemason. People that truly study Sumerian don’t agree with much of anything he says.

  • EmilyWindsorCragg

    This is what happens when Astronomers are silenced and Countelpro QUACKS are writing the articles on Science.

    People don’t look at the sky anymore; they look at their static computer-simulations of a star map.

    Nibiru the Dark Matter Toroid (intertube shape) encompassed Earth back in 2004, when Zetatalk reported it was due. In Sept of 2011, its agent Elenin stripped Earth-wrapped-in-Nibiru out of its solar orbit and we became a new solar group, with Wormwood Nibiru’s artificial sun shining by day, and our Moon in its customary relationship parked on Nemesis at night.

    This is why we now apparently have TWO “milky way galaxies” in the sky; why this >sunmoonfalsely< continues imaging the OldSun which is moribund and turning black.

    Indeed, the truth is, "we have a new heavens" already and "the new earth" is in the process of formation. But Scientistic political correctness will not allow anyone to know what is true.

    I keep images of our progress at Facebook, Planetary Image Gallery, in case anybody wants to follow the modest progress I have been able to record. However, understand I don't have any special equipment. The reason I can follow this topic is, I'm a remote viewer-telepath in contact with ET Central, and They know what's going on, even if we're not allowed to know.

    Our "USCoverment" is worse than fraudulant; they're run by psychopaths, and the hope is, the Red Dragon Family will pull off a work-around and get Humanity out from under the fiat-debt and pure dysinformation that the Cabal-Media serves up.

    Go ahead and laugh at me. In person if you wish, by telephone. I'm exhausted from the silence; and those of you talking about "delusional crap" are yourselves very deluded. You've been lied to and you're in abject denial, is the real story.

    Emily Windsor-Cragg

    • ZJP

      So you are a telepathic in contact with ET Central? Where is ET Central located and can you come along so you can be the interpreter telepathically for us? I want to be beamed off this planet!!!

    • Central Scrutinizer

      “Go ahead and laugh at me”.

      O.K., if you insist.


      What a Maroon!

  • Walkabao

    This is what happened during the time of Noah “Ziusudra” and there came a great flood.

  • abnegative

    Actually Marshall Masters has real science and astronomers backing his work which if you really look at as a composite is difficult to refute. The problems arise when debunkers point out one thing and say this has not occured yet or such but this is like the last days in the bible in that there are many signs that form a composite picture and we are there. Look at the kolbrin bible , ancient egyptian history as with ancient history from several other cultures including the Hopi and pre celtic peoples .
    Ocean warming , core warming , seismic , volcanic drastic increases . Axis wobble , I have documented this myself plotting the sunrise position changes over the past 4 years . I see a 20 degree plus swing from august to winter solstice , this is much exagerated over the norm. The climates of all planets in our solar system are seeing heating and increased energy levels generating elevated static electrical discharges in an exponential manner. The moon is in the wrong place an inclination. Where are all of these rocks coming from ? We are being pelted with rocks in a much increased fashion . The perturbation of the orbits of Neptune , Uranus and Pluto are an indicator that something is causing a gravitational bulge in these orbits at the same point every year in their respective orbits.
    For those who say there is no real science or scientists behind this , that does not even deserve response , do the research yourselves , there are many high profile science folks on board with this including as list of those who died strange and anomalous deaths .
    One thing I see in common from debunkers , they do not address these conditions stated above . Some will address one or two and generally have some rope and pulley to build Giza type explanation , but none will all as they can not.
    This is an inconvenient truth , nobody in their correct state of mind wants this with the exception of leveling the playing field between the ptb and the common man . That I would welcome and trade my own well being for .

    • TIME

      Dear ABN,

      Let alone the large number of people who star gaze for a living that all seemed to have odd accidents, like running ones self over with their own car many times, oddly in their garage.

      Be that as it may that’s only one example of the many folks that have PHD’s in this venue, that have found this crazy planet, then spoken out about it, most of whom have been taken out over the last 20 plus years.

      You don’t kill people off if there’s nothing to it. You just make fun of them, so with that alone the evidence is very strong that this planet not only exist, but is also is heading back at us.


    • Engineer

      ABN said:
      Axis wobble , I have documented this myself plotting the sunrise position changes over the past 4 years . I see a 20 degree plus swing from august to winter solstice , this is much exagerated over the norm.

      I’m glad I’m not the only one who see’s these changes. Remember when the old saying that goes.
      “The Sun Rises In East And Sets In The West” ABN makes great sense in the fact that these changes are occurring RIGHT IN FRONT OF OUR EYES and can not be hidden to those who are paying attention.

      ABN said: The moon is in the wrong place an inclination.

      I’m glad I’m not the only person who see’s this. Some scientific forums are already documenting this.
      Do the research yourselves.

      I’ve come to the conclusion that the PTB (NWO) will pretty much have the world involved in WAR III, viruses, HAARP created earthquakes and tsunamis, ect. before Planet X comes around.

      So you see, It’s not this Planet X that I’m worried about anymore. It’s what the NWO have planned before this planet comes around. :shock:

      • PaulTarsuss

        Been documenting these changes in the months after the 2004 indonesian tsunami helped nudge earth to a slightly different orbit….

        My article, “Huge Media Blackout Regarding Earth and Moon Orbital Changes” was hosted at BIN, then taken down several times.

        Good Journies

      • CrowPie

        My sister always hated the fact that I’ve never worn a watch. But what she hated worse was why I didn’t wear one. I didn’t wear one for two reasons.

        1. They always quit working on me. Just stopped. Even the wind ups….strangest thing.

        2. I always just had an uncanny sense of what time it was. But if I was outside and could see the sun…..I could tell you almost down to the minute the accurate time of day.

        In the last four to five years……my “clock” has lost 30 minutes. I am almost always 30 minutes behind in my estimation of the time. Chalk it up to old age if you like…..I’m blaming it on the fact that the sun doesn’t set where it used to. :idea:

  • Morgawr

    For six days their will be darkness and on the seventh day the nuts will rest, this all sounds very familiar.


    The very moment the “elite” discovered the incoming new solar system they started digging (for themselves of course).

    So if they are not digging to escape Nemesis and Nibiru – why are they digging?

  • thundrn

    This is They use science and a series of Earth based camera’s courtesy of the good ole, US of A real science if you search out Planet X 101 who, what, where, when. Here is the latest info using camera’s mounted on Buoy’s.

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