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The Goal Is Near: Revealing Me As The Messiah And Jesus (Video) Kalachakra’s King Of Shambhala, aka Rudra Chakrin

Saturday, March 14, 2015 9:34
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               By King of Shambhala


The Goal Is Near: Revealing Me As The Messiah And Jesus (Video) Kalachakra’s King Of Shambhala, aka Rudra Chakrin


Hi, I don’t know much about the Bible at all but it seems there are four moments / events called the Four Horsemen which mark the advent of the Apocalypse.

The moment has come to reveal I’m Jesus aka the Messiah.


Barack Obama The Antichrist


                    The Antichrist Barack Hussein Obama.


I’ve been announcing the Apocalypse since I realized that Obama was the predicted Antichrist and the ‘Demon-King’ of my Buddhist Kalachakra Apocalypse prophesy.

I’ve gathered a following of trolling Obama-supporters, who have dedicated their lives to blocking me from carrying out my life-mission of revealing that Obama is the Antichrist and of breaking the Apocalypse. I’m  revealing myself as what the Christians call “Jesus/ the Messiah”; but which is actually the King of Shambhala aka the World Saviour and not Jesus or God or the Messiah, because those are evil concepts, to us Buddhists.

If I’m Jesus and the Messiah, well those are both concepts (such as God also) which I reject. So being called Jesus or the Messiah is actually funny for me. Christians insist on it though: they say “Only Jesus can reveal the Antichrist and break the Apocalypse.”

I don’t agree with them.

But arguing with a Christian is useless because they’re fanatical. I though, am both revealing the Antichrist and breaking the Apocalypse.

So even if it tears Christians’ hearts apart, they’ll have to swallow it …. I’m the Messenger of the Apocalypse, Saviour of the World…. and whatever name they choose (that’s not my choice, they’re saying that) to give me. I’m the “Announced One” of the Bible.

My faith of Tibetan Tantric Buddhism is the highest form of culture in the world.

So Christians can be wrong in awaiting “Jesus and the Messiah”. Indeed it’s known that Jesus himself warned against following anyone coming in his name in the end times.

So let’s the ugly, stupid Christians to their errors and wanderings of prophesy, let’s look at the four moments/events which will mark the advent of Jesus and the Messiah by the book of the Bible.

Of course, my predictions must be taken with the pinch of salt they rightly deserve, because the Bible says “not even the Son of the Father will know the exact day and hour of the Apocalypse”. But about being the One, well needs no salt at all because that’s just the fact itself and needs no commenting.

But glancing at events with an objective and open mind, let’s look at what is taking down Obama in ways that are obvious to anyone.


1. In Texas this month, Judge Hanen slapped Obama with an injuction on his Amnesty of illegal immigrants (Obama’s “Immigration Reform”). That’s blocked 5 million immigrants indefinitely and is drying up the surge of illegals at the borders by sending a massive signal to central America that Obama’s open-door policy is “Finito, Over, Curtains”. That was a massive, staggering, hair-raising, earth-shaking blow to Obama’s imperial power and his six-year winning streak as the greatest criminal in world history and one who’s been at the helm of the US presidency, for no explainable reason.

Do you have any birth certificate, Obama, any ID at all, to show?


2. Obama’s lawyers appealed to the judge to stay his injunction and lift the ban which then Judge Hanen rebuffed. That was like the second lightning hitting the US presidency out of the clear blue sky. It was like a cool drizzle of rain upon a forest struck by lightning.


3. But that’s when things became suddenly ugly because the Texas legislator came back to humiliatingly defy and insult Obama under the “walls of his fortress”. Texas Governor Greg Abbott had earlier told Hanen to add “Contempt of Court” to the charges against Obama that Hanen’s handling. The Contempt charge is because  in the deposition Obama’s lawyers made before Judge Hanen they stated that no immrigants had been amnestied yet. But it turns out they lied under oath because 100 000 illegal immigrants were already instead before Obama’s Amnesty kicked in. The Obama Camp has pleaded guilty and confessed to having lied under oath.

Judge Hanen has called Obama’s lawyers to appear in court on March 19 to explain why 100 000 illegal aliens were amnestied before the Amnesty decree was enforced. Also, why had they sworn under oath to the Judge that no immigrants had been amnestied. They committed perjury which gets six months in jail and 4500$ in fine.

4. It’s known that “It never rains it pours”. Now the final nail for Obama is a volley of legislative posturing whamming him from everywhere at the same time…. Texas AG Ken Braxton is investigating the 100 000 immigrants incident. Meanwhile, the defeated Obama is cluelessly settting up for a final battle which will be to file for an appeal of Judge Hanen’s ruling and be rejected. Indeed, Obama’s appealed to the 5th Circuit Court in Lousiana to stay Hanen’s ruling. But the outlook is bleak there, because the court has already rejected Obama’s request for a speedy ruling. So it will take weeks or months of having no hope for Obama while meanwhile his total defeat is looming on all fronts, political and in terms of unravelling his hidden secrets like the birth certificate and him being the Antichrist by people like me. See the video below.


Will The Antichrist Barack Obama Corrupt Tactics Defeat PM Netanyahu 2 Enable His 7 Yr. Peace Deal?




Coincidence Or Antichrist? (1 of 3) Obama May Be The Antichrist




From Lyn Leahz: TIME’S UP! John Shorey on Tru News Radio with Rick Wiles discussing Obama’s traits and shocking events that would lead one to believe that, Obama may very well be the Antichrist. Shorey also discusses a coming war. 



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Total 18 comments
  • King of Shambhala

    Obama’s the Antichrist.

    Follow me because otherwise you’re choosing the Devil.

    You played and YOU LOST.

    • CrowPie

      I’ve not been able to use the computer the past couple of days. (Mid-term papers are due in my house hold.)

      A couple of days away only make you sound more delusional. :lol:

      • CrowPie

        Not to take away from your blasphemy.

      • King of Shambhala

        Too bad Obama lost.

        He could have been OK.

        The liberal pinkoes Hard Leftists who used him because he was black and ugly and stupid are the guilty ones who used him to go down the way to corruption.

      • King of Shambhala

        Blasphemy? Me? Really?


        I’m Buddhist.

        I commit no blasphemy for my faith.

        Jesus says those claiming to be christians in the end times (now) are false christs and devils.

        Those coming in jesus’ name in the apocalypse today are devils.

      • King of Shambhala

        The backward inbred Bible-Thumping Inbred hicks fundie freaks are evil.

        They know nothing about Tibetan Tantric Buddhism and it’s Kalachakra Apocalypse-prophesy.

        That is my faith which is the highest form of culture in the world no contest.

      • Lord

        The crow flies over your head!
        May the crow NOT drop a plop in your eye!
        For, she is a he, and reeks of Pure made up Lies.
        Like “I’ve been correcting papers for a few days”!!!!
        Or, “I live in Alabama”!
        Or, well, the list is endless, eh, MADjed, creator of CowPlop???

        CowPlop is used by MadJED as the “tool” to throw MUCK on any thing or subject his small little christo-CREEP mind wants to discredit!
        Make fun of.
        Do not reply to this TROLL, KOS!!!!!
        For the Stinky CowPlop is a LEECH of BIN!!!!

      • CrowPie

        I love how you draw your own conclusions…..It couldn’t just be that I have family member attending classes. Could it? :lol:

        Retard! :lol:

      • Geeper

        “I’m Buddhist. I commit no blasphemy for my faith.”

        You can blaspheme against other faiths. If I called Buddha some of the ugly names you call the Christian God, I would be blaspheming against Buddha, even if I was not myself Buddhist.

  • The Real Deal

    Good God, Shut up already. Every day, Obama is the antichrist, Obama is the Antichrist… Who the hell cares. Your fascination with Obama is scary, to say the least. Well, he’s got two years left. He better start fulfilling some bible prophecy soon. What are you going to do when nothing happens? What will you write about when he’s no longer the President, and Planet X hasn’t hit us?

    • Big dog.../small fish...

      In agreement. I wonder too what he’ll do.

      • King of Shambhala

        Don’t follow these crazy Obama fans in the comments.

        They can’t accept that Obama fulfill each of the traits of the Antichrist.

        Life sucks.

      • King of Shambhala

        They’re pinkoe Leftist Commies who can’t accept that I fulfill all the traits of Jesus and the Messiah.

        Life is tough.


      • Bill Lyle

        What will he do? It’s fairly obvious, isn’t it? He’ll retire to a small farm, and raise donkeys. He’ll get whatever friends he has together, and open “The Antichrist Brothel and Dude Ranch”.
        He’ll burn effigies, and reminisce about how he almost had him.

  • Bill Lyle

    Ok. This may take a bit….

    “I don’t know much about the Bible at all”
    Obviously, but why let that stop you? You can make it up, as you go…

    “Christians insist on it though: they say “Only Jesus can reveal the Antichrist and break the Apocalypse.”
    I don’t agree with them.”
    Evidently, you’re lying. You call yourself Jesus on a regular basis.

    “But arguing with a Christian is useless because they’re fanatical.”
    On the whole, I have to agree with you, Crapallah. However, you calling someone else fanatical, is like Mussolini calling Hitler a fascist.

    ” I’m the “Announced One” of the Bible.”
    I ask again: Book, Chapter, and Verse, please. Oh yeah, never mind. You’re not in the bible. Caught in yet another lie, Kingy.

    “Of course, my predictions must be taken with the pinch of salt they rightly deserve,”
    The pinch of salt? Crapallah, there isn’t enough salt in the world, with which to take your drivel.

    “But glancing at events with an objective and open mind,”
    You first, Putz.

    • Big dog.../small fish...

      Thanks for brightening up my Monday morning

      • Bill Lyle

        No sweat, Big dog. My pleasure.

  • Geeper

    “The Goal Is Near: Revealing Me As The Messiah And Jesus (Video)”


    “Hi, I don’t know much about the Bible at all”

    You are by far the funniest writer here at BIN. Keep up the great work!

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