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Judge Blows the Lid Off the Great Fraud!

Friday, April 3, 2015 11:47
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(Before It's News)

I perceive Judge Anna von Reitz [Alaska] blowing the lid off the Great Fraud, and the Declaration of Law, are our opportunity to end a quiet war waged against humans decades ago, using silent weapons like chemtrails, weather wars, GMO food, fluoridated drinking water, vaccines, Fukushima cover up, electro-smog, sleight of hand economics, etc.

Blessings and gratitude to Arnie Rosner and Anna von Reitz, for helping us learn from the past, and together steward a brighter future. Please read this vital information, take action, and inform others. If the spelling of ‘Letter’ has not yet been corrected on line, please correct it. Thank you! Doreen Agostino

Apr 08.15 amendment:
Two errors in the Public Order [link] must be corrected. It was President Andrew Johnson, not Andrew Jackson who declared the land jurisdiction at peace after the Civil War, and it was in October of 1929, not 1933, that the stock market crash occurred. Please correct your copy at

NOTICE – PUBLIC ORDER – April 3, 2015

Voila_Capture 2015-04-03_02-42-13_AM

Public Order
The Timeline of the Great Fraud and And Declaration of Law 

  1. 1754-1776: The “United Colonies” take shape as a loose political association, and the First and Second Continental Congresses result.
  2. 1776: The Colonies declare independence.
  3. 1781: The Articles of Confederation bind “States” — political subdivisions of the United Colonies – together in a “perpetual union”, creating a confederation of States to operate in the international Jurisdiction of the Sea. [Why a “confederation” instead of a “federation”? –Be cause the original States gave up some of their natural jurisdiction to the new political entity, the Union, they created.]
  4. 1783: The Treaty of Paris and Treaty of Versailles cements this arrangement splitting the land and sea jurisdictions between the States and the Federal Union and places King George IIIas Trustee of American interests on the “High Seas and Navigable Inland Waterways” —which means he kept control of American international commerce. The new “Union” entity operating in the international Jurisdiction of the sea was always controlled by the British and it has always been the British Monarch’s responsibility as International Trustee to manage it and guarantee its proper operation. It has instead run amok for 150 years.
  5. 1787: The Supreme Perfected Republican Declaration of the United Colonies creates the National Trust owed the Continental United States.
  6. 1789: Two years later, “The Constitution for the united States of America” splits off the sea jurisdiction and creates the new Federal United States. A year later (1790) the Federal United States forms a commercial company doing business as the United States (Commercial Company) to provide the nineteen enumerated services agreed to by the subscribing States.
  7. 1812-1814: The British try to horn in again and are beaten back. This skirmish results in the Treaty of Ghent, where the British interests in American shipping and commerce are reaffirmed and lasting peace is promised in return.
  8. 1845: The British Monarch and Pope secretly agree to undermine the American System of government via the Treaty of Verona. The British Monarch breaches the Treaty of Ghent and both the Pope and the King secretly breach their trust as International Trustees. They set out on a covert action and issued Letters of Marque and Reprisal to the members of the Bar Associations, allowing them to act as Foreign Agents on American soil and as privateers free to plunder American commerce.
  9. 1860: Thanks to the efforts of the Bar Associations a member of the Bar, Abraham Lincoln, is elected to serve as President. Note that he is ineligible serve as President of the united States of America, by the Titles of Nobility Amendment to the actual Constitution— but is eligible to serve as President of the United States (Commercial Company).This is the same situation we have with Barack Obama who is ineligible to serve as President of the United States of America, but is able to serve as President of the United States (Incorporated).
  1. 1861: The Civil War begins. Congress adjourns for lack of quorum and without a date to reconvene. Lincoln organizes a Delaware Corporation and the remaining members of Congress begin functioning as a Board of Directors.
  2. 1862: The “Corporate Congress”—a body of men no different than the Board of Directors of IBM, change the meaning of a single word —only and explicitly for use within their corporation. That word is “person”. From then on the word “person” is deemed to mean “corporation” for federal government purposes. (37th “Congress”– Second Session, Chapter 49, Section 68.)
  3. 1863: Lincoln signs the Lieber Code as Commander in Chief and puts the Union Army, the Grand Army of the Republic, in charge of the nation’s future and money supply. A day later, he bankrupts the original United States (Commercial Company).
  4. 1865: Lee’s Army surrenders to Grant and a general armistice is declared. The Southern States are in ruins and under military occupation by the Union. The original Northern States are bankrupt. Foreign banks are in control of the new “United States of America, Inc.” and the Union Army reigns supreme. Over the next two years President Andrew Johnson will three times publically declare peace on the land jurisdiction of the Continental United States, but peace is never declared in the international Jurisdiction of the Sea controlled by the Federal United States under the trusteeship of the British Monarch.
  5. 1868: The Corporate Congress writes itself a new Corporate Constitution, called “the Constitution of the United States of America” and palms off this look-alike, sound-alike private corporate document “as if” it were the actual Constitution. This is fraud on many levels. The Constitution of the United States of America purposefully sought to confuse and delude people into thinking it was the actual Equity Contract obligating the States to receive services and subrogate their international jurisdiction to the federal government.
  6. 1871: The Corporate Congress begins to set up shop for itself by creating a separate government for the District of Columbia. The initial effort fails but seven years later the Washington DC Municipality is created as an independent international city state run as a plenary oligarchy by the members of “Congress”. Also in 1871, the Corporate Congress claimed to own all United States corporations— 41st “Congress”– Third Session, Chapters 62, 63, 64, and 65.
  7. 1874-1885: All the actual States on the land are reorganized and at the same time completely new “Federal States” are created and new “State Constitutions” are written for them. The original States on the land are renamed in this process. The original State of Ohio operating the land jurisdiction became the Ohio State, while the usurping “Federal State”— merely a corporate franchise of the United States of America, Inc. operating in the international Jurisdiction of the Sea—took over the name “State of Ohio”.
  8. 1900-1904: Still lusting after more power for itself, the Corporate Congress set up a second shop for itself and obtained permission to do it from the Supreme Court in a series of cases known as The Insular Tariff Cases. As with setting up the Washington DC Municipality as a foreign city-state on our shores and running it as their own little oligarchy, the “Congress” now took the “federal territories and possessions” and made a new “union” of “American states”- —Puerto Rico, Guam, et alia—and began calling it “the United States of America (Minor)”. They just forgot to add the (Minor) part of the name from then on, and let people assume that all the repugnant laws they passed governing this “Constitutional Democracy” also applied to the Continental United States.
  1. 1912-1913: A private association of European and American banks calling themselves “The Federal Reserve” bought the governmental services corporation known as “The UnitedStates of America, Inc.” and its “State” franchises as a business venture, and began operating such familiar agencies as The United States Department of Agriculture and The United States Department of Transportation as private, for-profit businesses—without telling anyone. They exercised the “government powers” they didn’t really possess in a vast fraud scheme in collusion with members of “Congress” to institute a fiat monetary system and misused their position of trust to put competitors out of business, set up monopolies, rig commodity markets, and commit other acts of blatant self-interested criminality and fraud.
  1. 1917: Engaging in a war for profit, Congress and their Banker Bosses passed the War Powers Act and the Trading With the Enemy Act, and numerous other illegal and repugnant“Acts” pertaining only to the Federal United States and the international Jurisdiction of the Sea, but presented them to the public as if this claptrap pertained to the actual States and People on the land of the Continental United States. Deceived by this venal and purposeful fraud, millions of Americans complied with what they believed to be the “Law” passed by a legitimate Congress acting as deputies of the States and the People.
  1. 1918-1933: Once in control of the monetary system the “Federal Reserve” increased the monetary supply exponentially, causing the “Roaring Twenties”. They built the house of cards and on October 29, 1933, they collapsed it—deliberately. This enabled them to put thousands of competitors out of business, allowed them to buy commodities, land, and labor for dirt cheap, and to manipulate the value of the dollar to their benefit.
  2. 1933-1940, The banks took full advantage of the “national emergency” they created and the Congress did everything the bankers required: The Sheppard-Towner Act, the Buck Act, the Alien Registration Act, the Social Security Act(s), the Emergency Banking Act, and more. The purpose of all this was to lay claim to the labor and the assets of the States and People of the Continental United States by securing “private contracts” with them, enabling the perpetrators to “represent them” and to set up corporations “in their names”. Hundreds of millions of Americans were told that they “had to” sign up for Social Security and have a Social Security Number in order to have a job, that it was “the Law” and that “Congress had passed it” and so, believing it to be a lawful government mandate—when in fact it was a corporate fraud scheme— they were subscribed en masse.
    Remembering now the actions of the Corporate Congress in 1862 redefining the word “person” to mean “corporation” for federal purposes, and their later claim made in 1871 to hold ownership interest in all United States corporations and seeing that their actions from 1933 to 1940 resulted in redefining the estates of living Americans as public trusts—that is, as a form of corporation— you can see that the “Corporate Congress” has claimed to own living Americans as assets belonging to their corporation and has also claimed to control and own their private assets — in flagrant violation of the Geneva Convention Protocols Volume II, Article 3, and in equally flagrant violation of the 1926 International Conventions on Slavery, and in violation of every lawful and moral duty, commercial contract, and trust indenture owed to the Continental United States and the American People.
    It is also apparent that all of this – every claim, every salvage lien, every title to land and property held under color of law—being held against the Continental United States and the living civilian inhabitants of the Continental United States, is pure, self-interested commercial fraud created and perpetuated under conditions of semantic deceit, constructive fraud, misrepresentation, and mischaracterization by the management of the Federal United States, the various governmental services corporations doing business as some form of “United States” and the British Government.
  1. 1940-present: Among the first actions to be taken by the criminals was to “register” all live births. This established a claim of ownership on the baby and his or her estate, benefiting the “State of Ohio” or other “Federal State franchise”. This act of identity theft exercised via an undisclosed and forced contract with the Mother of the child, allowed each ”State” franchise to control the name and the property of the baby. The perpetrators promptly set up new “State franchises” benefiting themselves using names styled like this: “Joseph Quincy Public” and new “Municipal franchises” set up under the auspices of the Washington DC Municipality using NAMES styled like this: “JOHN QUINCY PUBLIC”.

The only purpose for creating these franchises structured as various kinds of trusts—was to act as a means for the privately owned governmental services corporations to hypothecate debt against the labor of the living people and their private property assets and to exercise control over them amounting to slavery.

 Declaration Of Law

The instigators kidnapped and press-ganged the people and the land assets of the Continental United States by force, fraud, and deceit into the foreign international Jurisdiction of the Sea. Our own employees did this while taking a paycheck from our hand. They cannot claim that they were “at war” with us. They were merely criminals committing fraud against their benefactors and employers.
The members of “Congress” stand notified that they do not represent the Continental United States nor the People of the Continental United States. They have not occupied their lawful public office and have acted instead to occupy private “similarly named” corporate offices at both the “federal” and the “state” levels. They have no public capacity whatsoever and no valid contract obligating any American State Citizen to obey any law, code, treaty, regulation or other legislation promoted as an “Act” of “Congress” in while failing to occupy public office and failing to act as responsible fiduciary officers.
The members of “Congress” stand further notified that they and the corporations they represent have no Lawful contract with any individual American State Citizen born on the land of the Continental United States and that all claims, liens, titles and presumptions against the living people and their assets on the land stand null and void ab initio for fraud, all the way back to April of 1862.
The members of “Congress” stand further notified that as presently constituted and operating, they have no public authority related to the Continental United States and exercise only the power any corporate entity has, so long as it acts lawfully and within its charter—-which is to say, the authority to organize their actual employees, set standards for behavior within their own corporation, and perform the functions stipulated by their charters and law-abiding commercial contracts.
The Governors of the Federal “State” franchises are similarly notified and placed under Public Lien, required to release all color of law titles and liens registered under conditions of fraud against Continental United States assets. The Joint Chiefs of Staff stand notified that they are obligated under the Geneva Convention Protocols of 1949 as well as The Constitution for the united States of America to come to the aid and assistance of the civilian populace of the Continental United States and to protect the civilian population and its assets at all costs and to prosecute those who have willingly violated Volume II, Article 3, of the Geneva Convention Protocols seeking to change the birthright citizenship and nationality of American State Citizens of the Continental United States by fraud, force, and coercion.
The Joint Chiefs are also under obligation to return all civilian property unharmed and unencumbered to the rightful civilian owners, to remove all color of law titles and false liens against the labor and other private property assets of American State Citizens rightfully belonging to the land jurisdiction of the Continental United States.
The Joint Chiefs are fully and hereby notified that no commercial corporation on earth has the lawful ability to declare war and that the actions engaged in by the “Congress” and the “President” are merely the actions of a private corporation engaged in police actions and mercenary activities that must be closely scrutinized for conformance to international military law and with due respect for the actual Constitution for the united States of America and the citizenry of the Continental United States.
President Barack Obama is hereby given Notice that he is merely an executive officer of a private, mostly foreign-owned for-profit governmental services corporation, not a Head of State, not eligible to represent the people of the Continental United States, and not empowered to obligate them to any military action or commercial contract. Any attempt on the part of Barack Obama or members of “Congress” to attack American State Citizens using commercial mercenary forces (NHS, BATF, NSA, FEMA, CIA, DIA, IRS, etc.) is to be immediately countered with arrest of those responsible.
The Secretary of the Treasury and the INTERNAL REVENUE SERVICE are under Public Lien and demand to unblock all civilian public trust accounts and make available the entire balance of the National Credit (an amount equal to the National Debt, plus principle and interest) for the use and investment of individual Americans without constraint, excuse, or further obfuscation. This Public Declaration establishes irrevocable lien upon the assets of the United States Treasury and the International Monetary Fund and all subsidiaries and successors of the former Federal Reserve System and upon all Federal State franchises.
The Secretary General and General Secretary of the United Nations are both Notified and Given Fair Warning and Notice that the FEDERAL RESERVE and THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, two corporations recently organized under the auspices of the United Nations City State by the UNITED NATIONS, INC. are already in Breach of their Charters and acting as criminal syndicates on the shores of the Continental UnitedStates, willfully seeking to defraud the living inhabitants of these peaceful States, and to exercise unlawful control over the citizenry and their assets.
The North American Water and Power Alliance is under Public Lien and is herein identified as the recipient of purloined credit owed to the Continental United States and the Citizenry thereof, due and owing, and is under demand to unblock all individual Capital Credit accounts for the use of the American State Citizens who have been systematically defrauded and indebted resulting in the establishment of these credit accounts in their “NAMES” but retained in the control of local utility companies and the NAWP.
All fraudulent convertible debt resulting from the semantic deceits and misuse of deceptively similar names applied to people and legal fiction entities is recognized as embezzlement of credit, willful identity theft, inland piracy, currency manipulation, obstruction of bankruptcy, and as unlawful restraint of trade accomplished by personage and enforced by barratry by the perpetrators of these schemes whether foreign or domestic.
The Continental United States retains the right to prosecute claims against any and all legal fiction entities and living people responsible, the right to void all contracts in default, all titles held under color of law all actions undertaken under conditions of semantic deceit or constructive fraud, all self-interested claims of “foreign immunity”, all restraint of trade or Natural rights owed the citizenry of the Continental United States, and all encroachment on its jurisdiction.

So declared and ordered by the _____________ State Superior Court this _____ day of April 2015.

____________________________________Seal__________Judge ______________________, non-negotiable Signature, all rights reserved.

(printed name)

(All blanks filled in and thumbprint seal in red ink to denote land jurisdiction action.)

Please use the documents in these links
Public Order with Cover-2

Judge Anna’s Instructions and correction: Timeline of the Great Fraud contains two errors that must be corrected.  It was President Andrew Johnson, not Andrew Jackson who declared the land jurisdiction at peace after the Civil War, and it was in October of 1929, not 1933, that the stock market crash occurred.  These typos/glitches accrued in the editing process among several people somehow. Please correct your copies accordingly. 

SOURCE WITH THANKS and to learn more click

Please share and encourage others to take peaceful action. Thank you .

Doreen Agostino
Without Prejudice UCC1-308

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  • America is too busy becoming Zimbabwe… now Eat my GMO :mad: my squishy Tumor GMO :twisted: genetic monstrosity make you be idolized like hoodlum sports :evil:

      or, if September 24th brings us the warning that the French Foreign Minister spoke of, and many have prophesied of?


      l. :idea:

  • Is this a fantasy or what? The article does not match the headline. Has any Judge actually done anything?

    • I believe the article is real. I had been getting glimpses of this over the last six years but this article ties it all together. We the People have been seriously hoodwinked. The article makes all the weird behavior of Wash DC and the federal government much more understandable now. It is all a dog and pony show done with smoke and mirrors. We the People are living in a Matrix of Vast Deception.

  • There’stwo things on this planet, land and water. The law of water and law of the land.

    We are nothing more than Marititme Admiralty Products, just like all female ships pulling into port to deliver a product, baked by a certificate.

    See, we all came out our mothers birth canal and were given a birth certificate, signed by the doctor.

    When we die, the doctor signs a death certificate, you see how this works?!

    Legalese is the language of the law that was kept secret from us.

    Common law court is not controlled by the world’s corporate powers.  

    The courts, judges and police department are operating illegally on American soil.

  • A plus article. Great job and thanks. To bad more people do not understand this. If they did we would no be in the trouble we are in. I have done a lot of research and I did not see anything in this article that is not supported by fact. Again great job.

    • You are welcome.

      Here is an index of the writings of Judge Anna von Reitz from Big Lake Alaska.

      “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing” Sir Edmund Burke

      • Again thanks. I bookmarked the link and will read the articles over time.

  • Just picked this up off of the link provided. Who would have known. Go to this link to see the page and example of how we should be autograph our documents and to the court I would think.

    Live People seal documents with an autograph; Corporations use signatures
    Posted on October 12, 2014
    Live People seal documents with autograph; Corporations use signatures
    On Sun, Oct 12, 2014 at 8:57 PM, Anna von Reitz wrote:
    Strictly speaking, they aren’t allowed to address you—- you are a foreign state operating in a foreign
    jurisdiction, utterly immune and separate from them. If they speak to you they also have a hard time
    keeping up the pretension that you are “dead”.
    The proper way to close all correspondence is with the word “Sincerely” and with your sealed
    Living people have autographs, not signatures. Signatures are made by corporate officers when they are
    acting in corporate office.
    So you would autograph your full given “official” name first middle last and add the following
    disclaimer: “non-negotiable autograph, all rights reserved”.
    To be completely proper, you would write this is RED ink (red is for blood and land jurisdiction, blue is
    for water and maritime jurisdictions—which they have been using exclusively)
    and you would seal the document near your autograph with your right thumbprint also in red ink.
    Last but not least, you would affix a small stamp-sized color copy of your family crest at the bottom
    right hand corner of the last page of the document.
    This completely seals a document—- the thumbprint stands for you the individual, the crest for your
    family name.
    I am glad you are doing this, Nancy. If enough other Americans do the same, it will help bring pressure
    to bear on him and his Office and upon the current regime. Simply knowing that there are lots of people
    “out here” who know the truth will speed the needed reforms.

    • Could you advise what we as individuals are supposed to do with these documents once we fill out the spaces provided? If not, could you less Mr in the right direction?


  • I have spent the last two years learning about how things work and I have come to the conclusion the entire system is a fraud designed to enrich the 1%. They are a criminal cabal club, not a government and we do not have a seat at the table and never will, thank God. These people are evil. The scum always rises to the top of the pot.

    The rest of us will remain sheep not by choice but because not enough people will take the time to learn what is needed because it is easier to hope someone else will go out on a limb and fix it for them.

    If millions could figure it out, we could pull the plug on the corporate gv that is designed to loot, steal and kill.

    When the time comes remember the story of the little red chicken when there is no one left to help the trolls, shills and cutouts. It will not end well for them as everyone knows they are useless, not to be trusted sellouts.

  • I am surprise that the trolls and shills have left this article alone. I think it is over there head and there no auto responses to it for them.

  • Well written article. It is so hard to get people to look back through our history and see the same deceit as we experience today. Then understand; that man alone could not keep the same schedule to destroy America, for centuries, without change. This either has to be an ancient cult or it is all run by the same individual, the same mind, or the same intelligent being, maybe the biblical Satan. Or do you think some random humans plan to take over and their evil plan is passed down from father to son, without change for centuries.

    • Thanks for asking.

      Dr. David Hawkins 1927-2012, revealed that the collective consciousness of humans first exceeded 200 hertz around 2003. In his Map of Consciousness courage [200 hertz] is the threshold. Below 200 hertz is destructive; above 200 hertz is constructive.This suggests a RARE opportunity for us to break out of darkness into light of new understanding about the nature of reality, as information formerly withheld is revealed.

      How each of us responds is ‘critical’. In other words, the possibility exists that a critical mass of humans will replace disrespectful judgment, powerlessness, fear, anger, revenge, and other negativity with higher awareness, cooperation, and action to end crimes against life, to live free in a coherent new world, and the possibility exists this tract of humans will go to extinction.

      ESSENTIAL data for anyone aspiring to live free.

      I in-courage humans who perceive you are free to look closer

  • If you rearrange the letters in “Jade Helm” it spells Lem Jehad which sounds like “Lm Jihad” which means “Not Jihad” in Arabic.

  • I just wrote the Fed by filing a complaint form instructing them to follow the Bible by cancelling all US Treasury debt pursuant to Deuteronomy 15:1-2 and then to do so each seven years.

    I let them know among other things that Psalm 9 states that the nations know themselves to be but men. And how much more so mere legal entities that have not flesh nor blood. I am witness against them if they fail to follow.

  • You Pilgrims are losers, because Jesus Christ practically handed you the new world on a silver platter and you turned your backs on Him. Not one word of Jesus Christ in your con-stitution or in your propaganda schools, even though the little pilgrims were taught to read from the Holy Bible. So how’s the secular life working out for ya?

  • In response to ‘There is no Judge in Alaska named Anna von Reitz’

    As a note, I was not able to verify if Anna Von Reitz is in fact a judge. But, this does not invalidate the information she provides nor the call for a mass citizen’s arrest.

    She has made the case for a Citizen’s arrest of the Cabal, which has breached the trust relationship of the people’s implied consent to be governed. READ MORE AT

  • Legal name fraud is how the system claim to own us. Lose the legal name, and they can’t do anything.

  • til

    Take a look at YOURSTRAWMAN.COM This is not just an American fraud against the people.

  • First of all the this so called Titles of Nobility Amendment was never ratified SECOND The Liebre Code was the order during the American Civil War that dictated how soldiers should conduct themselves in wartime NOT taking over the money supply. THIRD Stock Market Crash DID NOT happen on Oct 29, 1933… it was 1929. FOURTH: there is so much made up junk in this fairytale I don’t have time to “Snopes” it all. If you are going to invent a conspiracy theory least get your facts somewhat straight.

    Having said that all of you nut jobs please continue to read.

    Psychiatric help is available locally in most states in the United States. Check your local listings for the phone number to a helpline or crisis line in your area. Most of you who have posted comments here on this completely racist article are in desperate need of mental health help. I strongly suggest you take my advice and seek help NOW

    • To: gethelpnow – I noticed above you made the following statement: “Most of you who have posted comments here on this completely racist article” I have noticed of late that a lot of people go around the internet and claim articles or posts by people are “racist” when in fact, I don’t see ANYTHING that is “racist”. It would help me to understand better what you are claiming is racist if IN FACT you could provide a list or analysis with facts (and figures?) of how the article (and following comments) constitute “racism”. Could you please do that? Otherwise I can’t find any credibility in your claim that what we are reading on this web-page is “racist”. Thank you.

      • yeah that was a copy and paste oversight on my part. the rest is completely valid thought. just plain nut jobs and most of them are racist to boot.

      • @gethelpnow. I would have taken it on the chin that charges of “racism” were out of order rather than cop to being too lazy to think and making do with a lazy cut-n-paste. In my opinion your oversight really does make it look like you have nothing of value to say.

  • If you do not read this article, quit playing the victim. I have a law background and I get it and I am not BAR foreign agent.

  • ONE: I was wondering – who has the resources, time and money to create a web site like this and maintain it? Can anyone answer that satisfactorily?

    TWO: Conspiracy “got you down” Consider joining the living network – it’s the ONLY alternative that is NOT built on a conspiracy, see:

  • There is another choice… We could all withdraw consent from this set of systems that promote the psychopaths amongst Us to power over Us, and then We could create better:

    The Abundance Paradigm – What’s In It for Me?

    “Revolution in ideas, not blood.”


    “Did You give an oath and find it’s bait and switch? Well, there is no oath then, is there?”
    “ALL money systems promote the most psychopathic to the top of the money/power heap – THEY will do ANYTHING to get there.”
    “The ONLY tool They use is money, and I say We can put that down and pick up far better tools.”
    “The love of money is the root of all evil; remove the soil in which the root grows…”
    “If the universe is made of mostly “dark” energy…can We use it to run Our cars?”
    “If You want peace, take the PROFIT out of war.”

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