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Benjamin Fulford: Nov 30, 2015: Illuminati Offer a Carved Up Turkey For Thanksgiving While World…

Monday, November 30, 2015 9:36
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The Illuminati offer a carved up Turkey for thanksgiving while world leaders talk gas in Paris.

benjamin reports:

The Illuminati, through their “grandmaster” Alexander Romanov, promised a surprise for Thanksgiving this year and even gave us a hint of what it would be by showing a map of Turkey on his website. Now Pentagon sources are saying that Turkey is going to pay for its funding of ISIS and its aggression in the Middle East by having large areas of its territory confiscated. The same is going to happen to Israel, both Illuminati and Pentagon sources say. Saudi Arabia, for its part, will cease to exist as a Saudi family private property playground, they say.

This take-down of the Khazarian mafia is happening as world leaders gather in Paris to talk about using global warming pseudo-science to promote a very real economic campaign to stop environmental destruction and end reliance on fossil fuels. More about that later.

For now, the main action is concentrated on Turkey where Germany has joined France, Russia, Iran, Egypt and the Pentagon in fighting against the Turkish, Israeli, Saudi and Khazarian mercenary army known as ISIS.

The Pentagon prepared the ground for this campaign months ago by withdrawing all patriot missile defenses from Turkey and Israel. This paved the way for the Russian air-force to set up a no-fly zone throughout the Middle East, including Israel and now most of soon to be former NATO ally Turkey, Pentagon sources say.

Turkey is expected to imminently lose territory on several different fronts, Pentagon and Russian sources say. France, the former colonial master of Syria, is supporting a Syrian demand that Turkey return the Arabic majority province of Hatay

that was taken from them in 1937.

Meanwhile, the Russians and the Pentagon are now also supporting removing another huge chunk of Turkey to create a Kurdish state, the sources say. Finally, the nation of Armenia may also be about to get some historical payback, they say. Russian troops have poured into Armenia for the purpose of………

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    • Sean

      :lol: Benjamin Fulford: Illuminati :lol:

      :lol: When is Bugsy’s Ninja Turtles going to take it to the Masonic Jewish Cabal? :lol:

      :twisted: Oh, that’s right all Part of the SAME Masonic Jewish Cabal WORLDWIDE :twisted:

      Jay Will Not Tell You The Truth – Israeli Masonic Flag – as Above, so Below

      :lol: Every President Been a Mason – Jewish – oops :lol:

    • VirusGuard

      Nope me thinks Russia is on the side of the good guys so far and are doing what it say on the tin in dealing with ISIS and exposing Israel and the banker control it has over the USA.

      I care not about Turkey lossing some land but i do care about Israel who wanted to exspand it’s borders into Syria with maybe Turkey getting a bone thrown to them by Israel to deal with the kurds.

  • hisa

    [TABUSE SYSTEM] is the biggest taboo in the world…

    What is the [TABUSE SYSTEM]? (TABUSE SYSTEM is famous in Japan.)

    ・All of wars are fake.
    ・All of religions are cabal tool.
    ・If I occupy the opponent ideas (or organizations), I can completely control all its matter.Therefore I should occupy all ideas and organizations with farce friction strategically.
    ・Only owning all central banks in the world and the right of controlling the gold price come to the world ruler.


    3.11 and Fukushima were terrorism attacks by U.S.A , Israel , Korean, Zainichi(Korean in Japan),Tabuse Korean, Vatican(Not only ‘Peter Hans Kolvenbach’, it’s Vatican attack. ) and so on. Our Japanese have evidence, and famous anti-3.11 terrorism journalist ( ‘Benjamin Fulford’ and ‘Richard Koshimizu’ and ‘Izumi’) are terrorist puppets. Zionist likes to occupy their opponent idea strategically.

    ・All of wars are fake.
    Russia and Saudi Arabia ink nuclear energy deal, exchange invites
    Why does Russia Government have the strong-tie with former Japanese prime minister Hatoyama(Gnosticism Illuminati) as the most important Japanese? Hatoyama is famous that he links ‘Al-Qaeda’.

    【Atomic bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki】
    Hiroshima atomic bomb (Little Boy) was made in Nazis.
    Hiroshima and Nagasaki atomic bombs were blown up on the ground.
    (you can check at pictures, Explosions were not at an altitude of 600 meters.)
    Atomic bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki were not bomb from a diving airplane.
    (There is not any single crater. You can check at pictures.)
    Hiroshima and Nagasaki Atomic bombs were set up on the ground by Japanese Emperor!!!

    ・All of religions are cabal tool.
    Catholic’s war plots and enslavement history.ウサギたちが渡った断魂橋〈上〉―からゆき・日本人慰安婦の軌跡-山田-盟子/dp/4406023518/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1438465167&sr=8-1&keywords=ウサギたちが渡った断魂橋
    Catholic missionaries are the first step for enslavement in Asia and Africa. Then Catholic always maneuvered conflicts by their devotee. All of Religions are inconsistent in saying their favorite word ‘religious liberty’, while They never forgive saying true history of religions what religions have been always related with wars.

    ・‘BIS’ protected ‘TABUSE Korean’(Japanese Emperor….etc) assets during WW2.
    (I have evidences about ‘BIS’ documents)
    No one say about where money comes from for incidents and wars.
    Japan could import oil from Zionist company during WW2 via Nihon Suisan Corp what was owned by Japanese Emperor. Japan did not have oil stock for 4 years war(WW2).

    【Tabuse System】

    (Tabuse System is famous in Japan.)

    Japan has been under Korean colonial rule since ancient time..「Emperor」「Religion」「Money System」「Mafia」…etc. All of these instruments are stronger than visible tyrant system tools for dictators. Ancient Jewish came to Japan and established shrines all over the Japan. Rhetoric of the emperor and religions also came from out-side Japan for non-Japanese origin.

    The West(Rothschild) replaced The Meiji emperor with another Korean, [Japanese National Archives,(1110001)A100317160055, Tanaka Mitsuaki document….etc]Omuro Toranosuke who came from the poor ‘Tabuse’” Korean village in Yamaguchi Prefecture became The Japanese Meiji Emperor for The West. Japanese Prime Minister Abe’s families are also “Tabuse” Koreans. They are xenophobia against Japanese and have their own strong glass ceiling strategies for Japanese enslavement what is like “The Protocols of the Elders of Zion” for Jewish. All of Japanese have been under “Tabuse” System for The West since before The WW2, and They have strong ties with the their ancient land of Korean Peninsula.

    WW2 was fake war for Zionists and “Tabuse”Koreans. They like to occupy all of ideas strategically.[Right-Wing vs Left-Wing, Russian side vs U.S.A.side, Nuclear Industries vs Anti-Nuclear ,Political party A vs Political Party B, industrial business vs environmental group ....etc]

    Japanese prime minister Abe’s grandfather is Kishi Nobusuke(He was a Japanese prime minister after WW2.), he committed massacres in China during WW2 as well as Sasagawa( His families are still ruling over all of Japan) and Kodama(He was one of the biggest right-wing Yakuza).They are from Korean National and worked for Rothschild.Japanese Emperor families and North Korea families are same blood and having strong relationship.


  • Klemens

    Russia NATO Syria and The Malhama In Akhir Al-Zaman By Sheikh Imran Hosein

  • Alan

    Its historically imperative, Syria leads men to turkey, its rather a cold front. :twisted:

  • VirusGuard

    Jay what on earth makes you think that the USA thats under banker control from Israel is about to turn on it’s masters ?

    You seem to have some brains but i cannot see this happening without the americans rising up and DEMANDING SOME ANSWERS ABOUT 911

    Are we talking about the same Pentagon that got hit by a missile on 9-11 and is home to the CIA that got MOSSAD all over it or one i’ve not come across before.

    What you are saying does not compute, is not logical, far too many politicians being bribed and blackmailed for any of this to happen even in my best dreams.

    Have you been drinking or am i missing something and that a freind that asking you this

    • JayWill

      VG calm down. Pay very close attention to how events happen. The truth has a way of coming to the surface.

      • VirusGuard

        OK I will run with you this once and see what happens in the next two weeks

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