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Planet X is the Beast of the Apocalypse.

Monday, December 14, 2015 10:55
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14 December 2015,

To begin , I apologize for possible grammatical error , Know that I am a French author who publishes in English , to broadcast to as many people the truth about our history that is lost in the maze of time and which was also hidden us.

Knowing YOUR history is vital, because it depends on your future...

In my last video I showed you, the Pyramids, the Bible and the Planet X, all three were related and that Planet X is indeed real.


The Biggest Secret Of Mankind Unveiled


 Also recently, have troubling information was published in the Mainstream Media like the .washingtonpost.
 Strangely there would be two Planet, as I explain in this article, and from the information given by the builders , planet x  is 9450 km in diameter.


In a previous version of my article ” The return of Planet X “, I revealed his return date and I explained that the dimensions of the pyramid of Khafre ( Planet X ) brought out the number 666 and thus that this planet was the beast of the Apocalypse .

I deliberately suppressed this passage because the archaeological evidence unfortunately were destroyed and that my hypothesis was easily contestable 

Knowing that all I have is authentic reveals you and so consistent, I was able to find another way to prove it, that it is mathematical and therefore easily verifiable.

A little riddle …
As you know , the Cubits ” Star ” are symbolized by geometric figure : square, circle and triangle 
see article “ Keys Of The Pyramid



In your opinion, what is the geometric symbol that builders have used to symbolize Planet X ?


Solution :
Cubit Planet X  = 0.91
0.91 corresponds to two cubits Earth ( [ 0.40 + 0.51 ] / 2 = 0.455 ), so two triangles .

 Knowing that Px almost the same mass as the Earth  (see the pyramids appearance ) , so we can symbolize Px with two triangles .


The Hexagram is the geometric figure for Planet X.
In my book, my proofs were found in the Temple of Solomon, and with the Seal of Solomon who symbolizes Planet X, This is again confirmed…
As this symbol carries with it the number 666 , explained by many  authors ( like here ) , Planet X is therefore linked to the number 666 .
Knowing that Px is symbolized by the Lion, so a beast :

 Planet X is the Beast of the Apocalypse.

But there is an other beast (entity) which carries this number too, that of Solomon (again) with its 666 talents of silver - Printing money, Banking system, Goldman Sachs - ( Author P.Jovanovic) or VICARIVS FILII DEI ( Author unknown )



 Apocalypse of St. John

 ”And he had power to give breath to the image of the beast, that the image of the beast should both speak and cause as many as would not worship the image of the beast should be killed. And he cause all, both small and great, rich and poor, free and bond, to receive a mark in their right hand or on their foreheads, and that no man might buy or sell, save he that had the mark, the name of the beast or the number of his name. Here is wisdom. Let him that hath understanding count the number of the beast. For it is a human number, and his number is six hundred and sixty to six. “

My job ends here, the second Beast is not my responsibility.

But of someone else…

The rest of the article shown here , for those who have not read.


God Bless you.

Be prepared…

An Exclusive You Have To See: The Last Frontier of Free Press Is Here! No More Censorship, Unlike YouTube and Others!

Ps: thank you not to see behind this revelation, any attack on a religious community, I respect that also a lot . Only the explanation of a symbol that is lost over the time.


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  • Ambicatus


    • Ambicatus

      Daniel 12:1!
      Isaiah 63!
      Ezekiel 21!

      • Sean

        The Old Testament has Already been Fulfilled, when Jesus Came over 2,000 years ago

        Do like the New Face Richard :lol:

        • Ambicatus

          Pah! im sure History textbooks woulda recorded this:

          Isa 24:1 See, יהוה is making the earth empty and making it waste, and shall overturn its surface, and shall scatter abroad its inhabitants.
          Isa 24:2 And it shall be – as with the people so with the priest, as with the servant so with his master, as with the female servant so with her mistress, as with the buyer so with the seller, as with the lender so with the borrower, as with the creditor so with the debtor;
          Isa 24:3 the earth is completely emptied and utterly plundered, for יהוה has spoken this word.
          Isa 24:4 The earth shall mourn and wither, the world shall languish and wither, the haughty people of the earth shall languish.
          Isa 24:5 For the earth has been defiled under its inhabitants, because they have transgressed the Torot1, changed2 the law, broken the everlasting covenant3. Footnotes: 1Torot – plural of Torah, teaching. 2Jer. 23:36. 3This is the only reason, according to all Scriptures, why the earth shall be burned in the day of judgment – see also 13:9, 13:11, 26:21, 66:24, Mic. 5:15, Zeph. 1:2-18.
          Isa 24:6 Therefore a curse shall consume the earth, and those who dwell in it be punished. Therefore the inhabitants of the earth shall be burned, and few men shall be left.

          when did that happen eh? shwantz

  • Central Scrutinizer

    So, how does one say in French…..????

    What a Maroon!!!! :mrgreen:

    • Ambicatus

      je mange le grande merde. ha! scrutinize that ya girlpants i bet yer neck is as thick as my wrist!

      • Central Scrutinizer

        Actually Dick, (may I call you Dick ?), the correct translation would be:

        Ce un marron !

        Comedy, less the profanity, is far more appealing to the educated.

        Now, go away or I shall taunt you a second time! :mrgreen:

        • Ambicatus


          • BEEF SUPREME

            How come that doesn’t rhyme with ‘douche’?

          • Ambicatus

            ARR, good question, but i could not argue, he’s right “Comedy, less the profanity, is far more appealing to the educated.”

            it may only be one singular sentence, but the douche is right nonetheless arrr, i all burnt out from the horrifying discovery the KOS is sort of right-ish, omama, is the mahdi, i mean, is he not? is he not doing EXACTLY what the mahdi was to do?

            i mean look at the number, , k one had to write his title before his name to get his number, im not worried aboot all the text matches, im looking at that there 666.


            ya caint trick the maths , it says 666, strue as bob. mahdi barack h obama. Scrutinizer, you must SCRUTINIZE, the sheer ODDS of that numerical matchup are like way above ten to the power of 50,

            Now, THATS COMEDY! KOS ! sort of right! as far as im concerned that KOS did well! he even has tibetan monks stressin i hear! i personally im quite impressed, and am still looking for more data to disprove this mahdi thing, but , i CANT!!!!


            wowza. “yes we can” backwards? NOW CS< please do continue to taunt me second time, i like it, it amuses me greatly,


          • Crow (hex)

            Since you’re into your numbers Rich

            Evens (dark) 6 (VI) 2; 11 (XI) 2; 13 (XIII); 33 (XXXIII) 6; 666 (DCLXVI) 6.

            Odds ( light) 1 (I); 7 (VII); 72 (LXXII) 5.

    • b4

      after I tried to figure this nonsense out my head was spinning so I stuck a pencil in each eye 2 inches deep—–maybe I should of just taken 10 tabs of acid like the author did so would be on the same wave length…..

      • christhepotter

        Absolutely agree with you!

  • Shirley

    Thank you very much for the information !

  • Noah1978uk

    Nibiru is suppose to be 6.66 times the size of earth Coincidence I think not. The proof is there is you seek it, soon your not going to be able to search stuff likke this and this site will prob get shut down to keep us slaves and drones to the system until this planet/comet really makes an appearance. To the powers that be, enjoy your last days sipping champagne thinking you have had us over for when that trumpet sounds your in the same boat as us all and you will get the rath and judgement you all so deserve either in this life or the next

    • Judge Roy Bean

      Mark of the beast is something to control the buying and selling of all goods and services and most likely under one digital currency system controlled by one central bank.

      • King of Shambhala

        Mark of the beast is something to control the buying and selling of all goods and services and most likely under one digital currency system controlled by one central bank.”

        The day after Obama’s election the lottery drew 666 in his hometown.
        That means one one side that Obama’s the Antichrist and on the other it shows that the Mark of the Beast 666 means money.
        Only those with wisdom can understand my words which are words of wisdom and mean that we must refuse Obama’s mark of 666 in our hands and foreheads because that is Obama’s money which he steals from us.
        He forces it into our hands and fopreheads by forcing us to accept his spending and splurging which he does so as to make us his slaves by driving up the debt we owe and our grandchildren and their children will owe in greater and greater amounts with the additionnal interest going up fast.
        Right now we owe $50000 per head.
        In ten years that’ll have more than doubled to over $100000. Then it’ll go to half a million fast and be over a million per family of four.

    • Crow (hex)

      But the author is suggesting that planet x is roughly the same mass of the earth. So where did you get your figure of 6.66 times the size of the earth?

  • Neo

    And the award for dumbest title of the month goes to…

  • Judge Roy Bean

    No planet is a beast, the word is not used that way. Beast generally means either a world power or a literal animal.

  • Crow (hex)

    Interesting, but in order to work this out, the article could have included a bit more info. So I will need to visit your site in order to gain this extra info. But, interesting nevertheless. I do like puzzles so thanks for posting, I’m sure your analysis is correct, but I just want to check it for myself.

    • Truthwalker

      Hi Cobra,
      You have to read at least three articles as I explain in my last article (the return op Planet X) in order to understand all the logical and consistent path.
      The evidence relating to the Bible, the pyramids and Px are only found in the book.

      The article explains the origin of the number 666 and its connection with the deadly planet.

      Yes there are several beasts in the Apocalypse of John , which also symbolize evil.
      There are many theories regarding one of the principal( and for my part , I had a preference for the Author Pierre Jovanic explains that the Beast is the financial system (Goldman Sachs & Co ), it is more connected with King Solomon exactly as my decoding (which is new ) , giving it additional credibility.

      • King of Shambhala

        “Yes there are several beasts in the Apocalypse of John , which also symbolize evil.
        There are many theories regarding one of the principal( and for my part , I had a preference for the Author Pierre Jovanic explains that the Beast is the financial system (Goldman Sachs & Co ), it is more connected with King Solomon exactly as my decoding (which is new ) , giving it additional credibility.”

        Bull crap royale, FROG.
        Obama, the Antichrist is the Unholy Trinity: the First Beast, Second Beast and Satan.

  • Crow (hex)

    P.S This doesn’t mean I think theres a niburu or that it is the beast of revelation, I’m more interested in the pyramid stuff and the golden ratio. Thanx

  • Crow (hex)

    Damn 666 visits in the last hour!

  • You People Are Nuts

    the beast is us….man….mankind.

    • King of Shambhala

      “You People Are Nuts
      the beast is us….man….mankind.”

      Bull crap from more of the ugly ignoramuses.
      The Beast is first the First Beast which is Obama’s hideous homosexual past that he denies and covers up. His Islamic past. Islam is the worst thing existing in the world. The Koran must be banned for inciting to kill all Jews and Chritians and “infidels” in 108 passages (of the Koran). It must ba banned in all non-Muslim countries but also in all Muslim and other countries, even in China, because the Koran’s the worst book in the world, that’s been causing millions of deaths.

      The Second Beast is a smooth charming hypnotizing Beast which puts the First Beast up on a piedestal. Obama denies and covers up his hideoous real personality and charms people into worshipping that past ugly beast.

      Obama boasts of his leftist past, his homo past, his Islamic past. That’s his selling pitch to get the modern liberals fired up about him. He sells his blackness.

      He’s all Deceit. He is Satan.

      • Crow (hex)
        • King of Shambhala

          I didn’t write that “bio” you fool.
          That’s set up by people working for government psyops agencies to harrass me.
          I can sue them for that; it’s made just because I tried to edit Wikipedia and say in Wikipedia that the day after Obama’s election in Illinois, the lottery drew the Number of the Antichrist aka the Mark of the Beast 666.

          They said they’d set up a website to monitor wherever I went on Internet to spread the news about the lottery and that they set that website up so as to prevent me from spreading that news.
          So indeed, first they wrote to the Wikipedia discussion-page saying “Stop trying to edit into Wikipedia that the Illinois Lottery drew 666 the day after Obama’s election.”
          Then they threatened me from writing it anywhere on Internet saying they’d set up a website to monitor if I wrote it anywhere.
          I wonder how they could monitor that.
          That means most probably that because they couldn’t keep an eye and watch everywhere on Internet, they must have started montoring from hacking my computer.
          It’s interesting to see how these psyops agencies work and how they violate individual freedom.
          My legal guardian when I was teenager and orphan in the 70s was the Norwegian Representative at the UN in NY and then became Ambassador to Morrocco and later also Portugal.
          Maybe she’d be interesting in knowing what spying the CIA, FBI and NSA are doing in the USA to defend Obama from being blown up and blasted as the Antichrist.

          • Ambicatus

            o Geir, your so amusing, did you know? you were SORT OF RIGHt?

            LOOK AT THAT!


            and yes, you do have satanic intel services watching your ass, and they would have killed you LONG ago, if they could, but they cant, its not part of the STory, so, HAVE FUN ya stubborn shwantz! we will be fetching you in the first wave of fetchings! green place! you! no feckin choice! the other bros will just go of own accord! you however get the special viking transport pakage! “feed full of sleeping herbs, wrap like mummy, throw in hold, take home, presesnt to princess, followed by a visit to the “Correctional Resort” and then into you proper place. haha! future told! enjoy trying to eszcape it mon frere! hahahahaaa! Your gonna be one of the easier “catches” xD you will not believe it , but “Pewdiepie” is also on the fetch list due to pureblood saxoness xD xD omw, we fix the ones like that by making them slaves for 7 years and whipping them every day, fixes “ego” problems! great future! :D

        • Crow (hex)

          I just love to fish! Firstly, you have to decide what type of fish you want to catch, then you have to use the right bait. Sometimes you need a lot of patience, other times they’re very easy to catch. Today, I went fishing and I caught a whopper! It made my day!

  • King of Shambhala
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