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Benjamin Fulford, October 31, 2016 – The Message for the Khazarian Mafia Is Trick or Treat Surrender or Die – Full Article and Video

Monday, October 31, 2016 11:44
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Benjamin Fulford, October 31, 2016 – The message for the Khazarian mafia is trick or treat surrender or die – FULL ARTICLE and VIDEO

It is time to get out the pitchforks and guns folks and storm the palaces of the Khazarian mafia’s top gangsters. This has been confirmed in a letter many sources confirm that Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff General Joseph Dunford sent to every member of the US military. In the letter Dunford says: “Every service member swears ‘to support and defend the Constitution of the United States’ and to ‘bear true faith and allegiance to the same.’”

This is a direct order from your top general to defend the constitution. What does the constitution say? It says “The Congress shall have Power To coin Money, regulate the Value thereof, and of foreign Coin,” and to “provide for the Punishment of counterfeiting the Securities and current Coin of the United States.” In other words you are obliged by your Constitutional Oath to go after the Federal Reserve Board and the crime families that own it and have been forging so-called US dollars ever since 1913. Furthermore, you must confiscate the vast amounts of property belonging to US citizens that these crime families have stolen.

In his letter Dunford also mentions “our deliberate and disciplined commitment to upholding the principle of civilian control of the military.” Since elections are being stolen and have been since at least the year 2000 that means civilians are no longer in charge so General Dunford is ordering you to go to Washington DC and force the return to civilian control of the government. That means restoring genuine democracy and freedom of the press so that an informed population can choose their own government. This government the military would then serve.

The people, government and armed forces of Canada stand by to help their American brothers and sisters in any way possible to free them from Khazarian gangster control.

West Coast high-tech oligarchs like Bill Gates, the owners of Apple Computer and Larry Ellison of Oracle Computer, people who got rich by actually creating things that make our lives better and not through fraud, have told the White Dragon Society they will support the move to take down the Khazarian mafia.

Hillary Clinton has already sent $1.8 billion to Qatar and plans to flee there soon, CIA sources say. However, neither she nor and other members of her crime family will be allowed to escape, the sources say.

This is what Pentagon sources have to say about the situation: “The Hillary silent coup has been defeated by a military counter-coup with [Republican Presidential Candidate Donald] Trump the broom and Wikileaks the instrument, backed by overwhelming lethal force and NSA spying.”

NSA sources confirm that Hillary Clinton is guilty of mass murder (Haiti, Fukushima, Libya, Syria etc.) and that she and her fellow gangsters must be stopped. Speaking about the NSA, last week they requested me to leave my cell phone and credit cards behind and go meet with gnostic Illuminati representative “Alexander Romanov” at a secure spot so that I could get secret information. The NSA knows that nothing digital is safe and that is why the important stuff is transmitted in one on one personal meetings. The message the NSA had was that Xi Jinping, Vladimir Putin and Barack Obama all take their orders directly from Baron Evelyn de Rothschild. CIA sources confirmed this.

Russian WDS members have also confirmed that Vladimir Putin, who is a fake, gets his orders from the Rothschilds.

Recently the internet has been sanitized and all the pictures of the so-called Vladimir Putin over the years have been fixed to make them look identical. However, if you go to a paper archive of photographs and compare them over the years you can confirm the original Putin died a long time ago and that there are or have been six different “Putins.”

Image result for vladimir putin body double

The Russian sources also provided this bombshell information:

“The Russian Federation is the Rothschild’s’ Private Corporation, which was registered at the City of London in 1991 with the DUNS Number 531 298 725. The Director of this Private Rothschild Corporation is Medvedev Dmitry Anatolyevich. The true name of the Prime Minister of the Russian Federation is not Medvedev Dmitry Anatolyevich, but Menachem Aaranovitch Mendel.” The Russian sources say Menachem Aaronovitch Mendel is a Khazarian Jew.

The Russians sources say that over 7000 Russian military officers and patriotic associations have been given this information. The Russians also know the so-called President Putin has been going along with the partition of Russia and are saying that soon “The Russians, Ukrainians and Byelo Russians will unite again in one single and very powerful state.”

As we know the UNITED STATES of AMERICA Inc. is a private Rothschild foreign corporation registered at 10687 Gasking Way STE 101, Manassas, VA 20109. Other Rothschild corporations with a DUNS number include the United Nations and the European Commission.

As Neil Keenan reported, Fed Chairperson Janet Yellen, Bank of England head Marc Carney and Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Razak are currently trying to use certificates forged by Wilfredo Saurin to pretend there is a million tons of gold backing them.

They then intend to use this fraud to create $41 trillion of “money” to finance a massive global bribery campaign designed to keep their family in power, WDS sources say.

Chinese government sources are also saying the Rothschilds are trying hard to convince China to start a war against the US military in the South China Sea. That is because the Rothschilds desperately need to start a world war to stave off the ongoing revolution in the United States against their rule.

The NSA sources confirm this. They also informed me that the raid by 9 goons on this writer’s house last week was ordered by Japanese slave Prime Minister Shinzo Abe who in turn was ordered by Chinese President Xi Jinping who in turn was ordered by Evelyn de Rothschild. This writer has received an apology and has forced the Rothschilds to end their harassment.

The fact that Abe, who was leading the anti-China campaign in Japan a couple of years ago and is now suddenly bowing down and licking Chinese feet is a clear sign he is nothing more than a Rothschild puppet. The Rothschilds are telling the Chinese anything they want to hear in a desperate attempt to get Chinese protection from the US military and agencies who are now on the warpath against them.

The Chinese had a series of important meetings last week in Hong Kong, Taiwan and Peking where it was decided China wanted world peace and friendship and would not go along with any plans to start a world war, various Chinese sources confirm.

The Chinese have also been asked to buy a disposable analogue camera (digital cameras have GPS) and take a picture of one of their gold hoards with a recent newspaper in front of it to confirm the gold exists, So far, they have been unable to.

If the gold does not exist, then there will be a need to use commodities, real estate and other things that actually exist to back currency.

The carbon voting rights in the Paris Accord reached last year and soon to be ratified, which give China a bigger share than the US, seem fair and could be used as a basis for decisions on how currency will be created and used in the future. In other words, a much fairer system for deciding what humanity will do in the future is ready to be ratified and put in place.

The Japanese royal family, the US military and the Chinese military, among many others, have also expressed support for creating a meritocratically staffed future planning agency to come up with plans for turning this planet into a paradise for humans and all other living creatures.

Meanwhile, my webmaster, who was hit with a cancer causing poison is now being cured using the latest natural healing methods. Since this was a personal attack on someone close to me, there will be a counter-attack. This means the heads of Keio University Hospital, the Japanese Medical Association and the American Medical Association will be arrested and be forced to rat out their Rockefeller bosses.

Make no mistake, cancer did not exist until the Rockefellers and their fellow Khazarians started putting cancer causing substances in various daily products.

Studies of thousands of Egyptian mummies confirm that cancer did not used to exist. A century ago in the US, before the Rockefellers took over the medical establishment, only one out of 20 people got cancer. Now it is one in two.

Furthermore, the Medical Mafia murders millions of people with poisons and radiation every year as part of their fake war on cancer. This means that practically everybody reading this has had a close family member murdered by the Khazarian mob.

Honest cancer doctors tell their patients that they are not allowed, on pain of losing their medical license and career, to naturally cure cancer and tell their patients to seek treatment elsewhere.

That is why the US military and agencies must raid the medical associations, put an end to this murder by poison and radiation racket and arrest the ringleaders.



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  • Fokofpoes

    Pretty messy article.

    “West Coast high-tech oligarchs like Bill Gates, the owners of Apple Computer and Larry Ellison of Oracle Computer, people who got rich by actually creating things that make our lives better and not through fraud”

    What did I just read there, for instance?

    • Ted

      Bill Gates “Micro slimed” his way though the 1980′s Computer Industry and was rehabilitated by the Controlled Media in the 1990′s I thought? He kept saying Radical Depopulation Agenda was important and then had three kids? We need much smaller footprints on the Built Landscape he said and then he built a 52,000 sq ft Home? Weren’t Sterility Agents found in the Gates Foundation Vaccines being given Central Africa?

      Anybody know if these things are true?

      • Fokofpoes

        Nice job Ted, you pretty much spelled it out. There is a reason someone like Bill Gates tries so hard to involve himself in “education” and “medicine”.

    • Josie

      Bill Gates who wants to depopulate the world by vaccines. Yea, a really wonderful guy isn’t he. He is one of the evil elites, wake up.

      • penny4yerthoughts

        bigger questiion is who is his father??

        • what if...

          Only a single item out of all that content to disagree with folks?? Cant you do “better” than that?? Then you agree with all the rest??

          Think that disqualifies/negates anything else, but cant find it to bring up for discussion or comments??

          No good thing or agreement to say about anything at all?? Humm? Comments seems kind of slanted negatively, why?

          Cant even find ANY truth in there, or just afraid to discuss it? Or getting paid not to find the truth in there? :twisted:

          • what if...

            BTW, if anyone REALLY cared what the truth is about Bill G, they would already have taken the responsibility to install and use open-source Linux Mint (or other) instead of his product every day to even make comments here.

            Raise your hands if you really CARE about a different opsys than his monopoly sold you!

          • Fokofpoes

            Fair enough, though I could probably disagree with more of it. Maybe I agree with some of it, who knows?

            Feel free to point out my negative slant, even though I just pointed something that was a bit “odd” about the article. Unless, you disagree with that?

            I once told someone “all books are riddled by serpents, but how do you discern the poison?”.

            There’s another more ancient proverb (I kind of forget what it is, exactly). You can probably find it in my name.

          • what if...


            Its not about your comment. Pardon me for not making it clear that what I intended to impart was that:

            Ben gets more right (or with positive solutions) than he may get wrong. I tend to distrust corporations too! Talk about gangsters who rob their own employees. They finally stole their jobs too!

            None of us are perfect, but Ben has a lot of very good points to make, and he points to some pretty important needs for improvement that NOBODY else is capable of, or even making or addressing at all. Of course this new information/take on the situations invites skepticism.

            As you should be able to tell, I tend to agree with your comment(s). Thank you! :lol:

  • what if...

    As has happened elsewhere I am going to predict that anyone who redirects the discussion in these comments from what Ben discusses or reports on, to criticism of Ben as the messenger, (instead of his message), is following the practices of, and trying to identify themselves as a disinformation troll. So please dismiss their comments. Most of us know we could not cover the details better. The many people who follow Ben care about our fate as much as he does and realize that very few are speaking the truth about our decent into slavery as mere human resources, or as targets for deadly medical experiments.

    There is a lot of fantastic news in this report that is in dire need of changing for the success of the human race. I suggest that we regard this article with the hope and courage that Ben shows. It takes strength and courage to face the truth and to overcome the dark side of mankind. Unless we man-up and overcome this tyranny, we will stay little more than the slaves we have already become to the corporations and gangsters.

    • Fokofpoes

      So, care to point out where anyone criticized Ben, rather than some of the message?

      • what if...

        Thanks, Ive really said enough by now.

        • Fokofpoes

          Fair enough, but it was unclear what you were suggesting, sorry about that. I assumed since I posted that first response I should probably address that.

          I got nothing against Ben and I *think* I understand your concerns, I think he’s weird, but that’s about it.

          • what if...

            No positive responses or support, but apparently plenty of interest. Compared to what we have been through, weird and different MUST be good! :wink:

  • King of Shambhala

    what about the arab mafia?
    they’re the worst thing in the world. Agreed?

  • WhiteDawn

    A lot of jumbo mumbo mixed with everything else.. CIA, NSA sources said… Oh yeah, we know…nothing but the truth.. :lol:

    Edgar Casey 1935: After the fall of communism in Russia the Russia will be only hope for humanity from this invisible Khazarian force.

    Why would they crash some car in to Putin’s car if they already control Russia? :idea:

    • what if...

      Putin’s ex wife admitted he was a double in two articles I found, she was threatened, but had already released that truth so it would look bad to the Russian people if she was suicided. The clone/doubles/look alikes dont look exactly the same. Hillary’s dont look like her at all on occasion.

  • SarahSomeone

    Rothschilds are only puppets of the Vatican and Jesuit storm troopers. Until these so called “whistle blowers” such as Goode and Wilcock and Fulford start actually talking about the REAL power structure behind the “world order”, which currently DOES run the world and pick the U.S. president, I consider all their information fluffy disinformation. Just take a look at Hitlary and the Donald partying together at a recent Jesuit gala like longtime buddies. Trump attended Jesuit Fordham and the US of A was handed over to the Vatican in FDR’s famous inauguration speech wherein he “consecrated” the Nation. And then he made all US Citizens “enemies of the State”, declared himself Caesar and claimed emergency war powers through Emergency Banking Act and handed the banks over to the Fed. Wake up !! The Vatican rules Russia AND China … anywhere there’s a U.N. Treaty, the Vatican owns and rules.

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