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Islam: Hillary’s War On America

Friday, October 14, 2016 13:32
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by Rev. Joda Collins

Whatever you feel about Islam or if you know someone you feel is a “good Muslim,” the following should never be forgotten. The dictates of the Koran mandate that you, as a non-Muslim are to be taxed, your rights are to be taken away and your property confiscated. You and your family can be separated and sold into slavery.   And, Muslims have the legal right to torture you and kill you.  Further, the entire world is to be brought under the banner of Islam and in subjection to Islamic law.  If you doubt any of these facts, all you have to do is a search for these truths on the information highway.  Do your own work and prove it to yourself. 
Can you find anything about Islam that you feel offsets the negativity of the realities noted in the first paragraph above?   Islam is a peaceful religion only if there is no resistance to the Muslim take-over of everything and everyone. 
Hillary Clinton says we are not at war with Islam.  Some estimates for how many Muslims Hillary will let into American in her first term exceeds one million.  

The truth is, we are not at war with Islam in the same way we were not at war with Nazism prior to December 7, 1941.  
Islam declared war on you, your family and your posterity 1,400 years ago. Nothing has changed. 
For more than 200 years, many of those under the oppression of Islam have prayed that America becomes involved in the fight against Islam.   Our Islamic (Muslim) President and our open borders may be God’s answer to their prayers.
Obama and Hillary Clinton are flooding America with Islamics.  The Islamization of America is taking place at a fast pace.  If you doubt that, I dare you to take a stroll through Dearborn, Michigan in normal America attire.  If you really want to die, carry a Bible.  Or, try to visit any one of the 22 known Islamic terrorist training camps in our country (1).   Spend a day in Hamtramck, Michigan.  

The United States entered WW2 late.   We entered late because we did not want to go to war. No one does.  However, had we not gone to war there is a good chance we would be speaking German today.    
What brought us into the war was when Japan, an ally of Hitler, attacked America (December 7, 1941). (
NOTE: This is all original color film, not B&W that has been colored, or stock footage made by a studio. This is the only known real color film of the attack…

 .) Had Japan not attacked America we may not have gone to war soon enough to help save the world from Hitler.

Islam (clearly) declared war on America when Islamics attacked, by air, the World Trade Centers and the Pentagon. However, rather than go to war with Islam our government leaders decided to placate Islam.   Now under Obama rather than go to war with Islam, Islam is being invited to invade and overrun us.  They (Muslims) are doing both. (Muslim and Islam are synonyms.)  
It is only a matter of time before Americans wake up and realize that we are at war with Islam (Muslims) because Muslims (Islam) has declared war on us.   Hopefully, we will go to war with Muslims (Islam) before Muslim’s conquer the world, including America.  Islam refers to the written dictates for declaring war on all non-Muslims.  Jihad is the Islamic word for that war.  The methods of Jihad are passive and aggressive.  The tools of aggressive Jihad are guns and swords.  The tools of passive Jihad are outnumber the enemy in their own land and peacefully use their laws to destroy them, over time — until the enemy is weak enough that aggressive Jihad will succeed.  
Obama’s love of and Hillary’s paid-for (bribery) support for Islam may be God’s way of infesting America with Muslims so Americans will go to war against Islam the way America went to war against Hitler.   In the first instance, we helped save the world from Hitler.   Now, it is our time to save the world from Islam (Muslims).  
Some proclaim we are not at war with Muslims and that is true in a way. However, Political-Islam is at war with us and Muslims are the carrier of that disease (Islam).  Political-Islam is a disease. I could not care less about religious Islam — where they bow, what and when they chant, what foot they enter or exit the restroom with, their practice of drinking camel urine, under what tree a Muslim can and cannot urinate, which hand they wipe with and in what direction first, or how to respond when in prayer they pass gas. (Yes, these are dictates of their religion.)   I do care about the political dictates of Islam that demand my taxation, torture, enslavement, subjugation to Sharia (Islamic) Law, mandatory worship of Mohammad and/or my death.   
Obama intends for his love of Islam to be a curse to America and a blessing to Muslims.   However, Obama’s promotion of Islam in America may be a blessing to America and the world by bringing Americans to war against Islam leading to the the death of Islam or, at least, the temporary failure of Jihad.
The Bible tells us that God uses evil for good for those who love God and walk according to his purpose (2).   Obama’s evil may work out for our good and the good of all mankind.   For that to happen, Americans must declare war on Islam.  The sooner the better.
If my supposition is right, we could have avoided Obama if the Bush Administration would have declared war on Islam when Islamics attacked us by air rather than President Bush calling Islam a religion of peace. If my supposition is right we can avoid Hillary if Americans declare war on Islam.   God help us if it takes one or two terms of more Obama-nation via President Hillary before patriotic American’s wakes up to the reality that we are at war with Islam.  If we wait that long it may be too late to win this war.  Can you say, “The Islamic States of America” and “Allahu Akbar!”  If Hillary becomes President your grandchildren will be saying both.  Why do you think we saw the influx of UN vehicles into America?  Why do you think our southern border is open?  Why do you think Obama is using tax dollars to support the Muslim invasion of America?  Why do you think Obama and Hillary want to disarm Americans?  Why are there talks within the Obama administration about allowing UN forces to patrol the streets of America?  Why do you think Obama has worked so hard to help overthrow governments in the middle East so the Muslim Brotherhood can take over (just as he is now doing in Syria).  Why do you think Obama’s administration is filled with Muslim Brotherhood members?  Why did Obama just appoint a Muslim to be a federal judge and allow her to swear her oath to America with her  hand on the Koran?  How much more evidence do you need to see that Obama is promoting Islam as his promised fundamental change for America?   Hillary is the same, however, she is not Muslim at heart. She is greedy at heart.  Islamists met her current sell-out price and have promised her and her family, wealth, leadership roles and protection under the coming Islamic reign of America.  Hillary is just another mercenary who works for the highest bidder. 
I have taken no small amount of well-intended and humbly-offered criticism from fellow Christians who feel I am wrong for being so openly negative (critical) towards Obama’s behavior and policies. Who knows — maybe they are right. Acts 23:3-5.  Maybe not.  Matthew 23:1-33.  I must admit, it does feel good to say something positive about Obama. Just in case you missed my positive comment about Obama, permit me to restate it.  ”Obama’s promotion of Islam in America may be a blessing to America and the world by bringing Americans to war against Islam leading to the the death of Islam.”  The Bible tells us that God uses evil for good for those who love God and walk according to his purpose (2).

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Rev. Joda Collins
Obama is the worst President the USA has ever had. He is a habitual liar, sociopath and a tool of demonic forces designed to destroy all that is good and godly about …

I make no claim that anyone else agrees with me.

(2)  Genesis 50:20-21,  Romans 8:28


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