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Experts Speechless! Numerous People Miraculously Relieved of Serious Illness & Fatal Diseases-Must See! (Video)

Wednesday, October 26, 2016 9:07
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An absolutely must-see! This is something that the FDA and government organizations does not want you to know about. This new scientific breakthrough has been proven to healall sorts of diseases and ailments, including ones that have been deemed ‘incurable’. The results and success stories are out of this world.

Our government wants to keep you sick so that you are dependent upon medication after medication, which just makes you sicker. 

Check out this feature video. I have been on it now for less than one week and am already noticing a huge difference.  I’ve also only been taking small doses as opposed to the full dose to start out with. But, if small doses is making changes in me, I can only imagine what will happen when I start taking the full amount. I am literally excited!


Brand New Shocking Discovery-People Cured of Cancer, Sickness & Fatal Diseases! MUST SEE!


After being sick for many years with ‘strange’ allergies, which all began after living in a home with a  hidden mold problem, I can’t tell you how thankful I am and what a blessing it is that God has led me to Glen, the gentleman in the video.  It is wonderful beyond words to actually feel ‘normal’ again after having felt sick, tired, and practically living in a prison to my allergies for many years now. 

For many years now, I have lived with allergies so bad, not only did I feel like I had a cold 24-7, but I had other strange symptoms too:

—extreme fatigue

—sudden visual disturbances or double vision


—light headedness

—problems hearing, ringing in the ears

—swelling in my face 

—swollen glands

—constant food allergies

—allergies to just about everything, including smells

—just an overall not feeling right, you can’t really put your finger on it, but you just   don’t feel good

—constant excessively low BP and feeling as if I am about to pass out at times

—feeling like I am in a fog 


—not feeling good when I would wake up in the morning, like a person having a massive hangover

There is so much more… but I have literally lived this way since around 2004 until now, and this is the first thing that has really helped to make a difference.  I will keep everyone updated, as I have not yet tried the full dose. But so far, the low dose is really making a difference. I was told by Glen to start off small due to the strange allergies.  So that is what I’ve been doing. 

I really want to share this with everyone because I understand how frustrating life is when you don’t feel good, especially when no one gives you answers for your suffering and you have no idea what to do to fix it or make yourself feel better. It’s extremely depressing. I strongly urge everyone to share this post and to try this product.  God bless you!


Don’t believe it? See this blood analysis example:

Prodovite Blood Analysis

Audio of Bill Downs, CEO, founder and formulator of Prodovite explaining the ingredients of Prodovite as well as other information, including testimonials

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  • AmbrociousXP

    Judging by the ingredients ( I can say that it seems like a pretty healthy supplement.
    BUT….for 30 servings in one bottle that costs $85 freaking dollars, I could NEVER NEVER NEVER afford to buy this and respect myself afterwards. If this bottle was dropped down to maybe $35 or $40 then I would be willing to buy it.

    GREED is a real problem.

    • Lyn Leahz

      Maybe people should use the link I gave and talk to Glen first. It doesn’t cost that much if they talk to Glen. He is giving huge discounts through me on every order. Blessings! and Glen gives his number, several numbers, where he can be reached in the video. Again, huge discounts and it’s not as expensive as what you are seeing there. That is a different link than I gave. Thanks!

    • Morgana Le Fay

      Agreed. The ingredients are decent, but there are other organic multivitamins out there with comparable ingredients and ratios for a lot less money. The price for this a way too exorbitant.

      • Lyn Leahz

        Yes, but the problem is, they don’t work. I have tried literally just about everything for my problems to no avail. Furthermore, so have many people with cancer and other incurable diseases to no avail. But this stuff really works. It cured Lisa Haven of a lifelong illness she has had to do with blood loss, cured her father of dementia, and is working for me. It also has cured people with cancers, etc. Don’t knock it until you try it – do as you wish, but all I can say is that I am EXTREMELY happy that I tried it. It’s working! God bless.

        • deano

          Your problems will remain while aligned to that “Christian Baabble Book”….
          If I calaimed I was hearing the voice of God, They would put me in the nuthouse..
          Thanks for the inside on Lisa, explains why she is so confused…her father having Dementia(the story changes every time) :lol:

          Arent BINners entitled to a Preview of your new TV Evangelista Career?
          Why do we have to wait til AFTER the election Lyn?

          LiarZ Dollarz$$$ , same TV Pastor School as Creflo Dollar, & Ministries?

          Creflo? `~ Credit Flow & Ca$H DOLLARZ for lies. But will selling your soul as a an agent of the CATHOLIC Church make you EXTREMELY happy?

          :shock: @ :shock: GALLI priesthood and Attis of Pontis Galatia . This is who u work 4 and you dont even know it……blinded by $$$$
          Do you want to save PEDOPHILE PRIESTS?…..thats where your tithes are going

          • Syco247

            I think they do hear voices, thats why that little club that the babble thumping crispies hang around with needs to be quarantined.

        • AmbrociousXP

          At the price that it’s sold, low income house holds will not be able to buy this. Im still waiting for the day to come when good stuff is sold for lower prices. People don’t have big enough hearts to actually want to do that. It STILL comes down to greed.

    • PaulTarsuss


      GREED is a very real problem. So much so, that many an otherwise logical person will support such gouging exploits.

      I DARE the makers of ‘provodite’ to release their cost of production. Look….people aren’t afraid to do it on the GREED fest that is the TV show, “shark tank” all the time…

      Type in the phrase, “Miraculous Healing in Jesus Name” on youtube and see how God REALLY works. He doesn’t need the financial fruits of nutrition ‘science’ to get it done.

      And He doesn’t require many dollars for a concoction of minerals that cost pennies on the dollar to produce.

      Even water itself changes in molecular structure by FAITH….

      There are those who are always seeking, yet never able to come to an accurate knowledge of the Truth.

      Paying providite makers and their network of distributors exorbitant sums of money to obtain health is the equivalent of paying the “stupid tax” at a VERY high tax rate.

      Be WISE. Eat right. Play right, and PRAY right and often….

      And everything will work out right.

      Blessings in Yeshua, Jesus Christ

    • MiaA

      Do not trust someone who only has a show if her guest is selling something.

      • PaulTarsuss

        It’s the same old GREED that’s plagued man from the beginning. Charging $80 and up for a relatively small amount of naturally beneficial substance that costs pennies on the dollar to produce is NOT MIRACULOUS….

        It is repackaged hucksterism….YET AGAIN.

        It is more of the same old same old and is hardly different than the horror stories we hear continually about hospitals charging $40 for an aspirin.

        There are a HOST of natural plants and plant extracts that were designed by our Creator for man’s benefit.

        And…..(insert drum roll here)

        They cost very little to obtain and use.

        One of the last things this beleaguered world needs is more health racket price gouging.

    • Gryphon

      Wrong! It’s the same as three servings for $8.50 – is it not?
      (Which is obviously less than $3 bucks per serving.)
      Not bad for a high-tech product that is very expensive to create, and provides life-changing results…

      • PaulTarsuss

        Thousands, have spent a LOT of cash to drink Hellary, their savior’s Kool Aid….

        It’s a story as old as time….

        Faith, or “belief” can do a lot of things. Constructive or destructive.

        For no money down and $99 a month…

        Good Journeys

  • You People Are Nuts

    Looks a lot like the ingredients in my Centrum A-Z.

    • The Clucker

      You’re probably older than I thought you were.

  • Pink Slime

    Hello Angle#2,

    Charlie here. I did notice in your videos you seem lethargic and sometimes I wonder if there are two different people portraying you. Sometimes you even look different making me wonder which one is the one that eats doughnuts and which one that doesn’t. :lol:

    I partly blame myself for putting the DOD (Denial Of Doughnut) training. You may eat any amount, at anytime, all the doughnuts you want. :lol:

    But I have to ask you what are you eating (beside doughnuts)? :lol: Microwaved foods, plastic based foods, CAFO foods? Are you eating the right foods? Preparing them right, etc. Many illness can be traced to the type of foods you eat and how you are preparing them. That’s half the battle.

    The other half is that many other fears are born out of loneliness and despair. I think it was Winston Churchill who said he had many worries but as he got older he realized 99% (or something like that) did not happen causing undue stress. He did drink a lot. :mrgreen:

    Also, where you live plays a part. Many houses give off vapors from artificial materials. Many plastics used in homes now. From flooring to wall paint. We are being inundated by plastic vapor. Plastics seem to be interfering with our hormones say many experts. We eat it, breathe it, touch it everyday to make it worse.


    Charlie (May the doughnut be with you) :lol: :lol:

  • dagiles

    more doesnt always mean better

  • Amuzza

    As I understand it over 50% of the American population are on food stamps, so whats that? something around 150 million people. I am wondering how many of those 150 million souls can afford $85 USD per month?
    chances are not to many! I have no idea how many of those 150 million love the one true god but I’m pretty sure
    that if the one true god was implicated in the development of prodovite he would have arranged for it to be developed by a team of followers that were able to bring it at an affordable cost to everyone, for as we know God loves you, no matter who you are or what you have done, he loves and cares deeply for us all, he HATES OUR SIN.

    So, I don’t dispute that Glen and partners know and love the one true God,perhaps body and soul, so….. I challenge them to go to the Lord of Lords in prayer to find the answer to the problem I have outlined above!
    In love and light
    God bless from australia

  • Cousin_Jack

    News is coming in of Hillary Clinton heading out to hospitals and relieving the ails of the patients with the wave of her hand, say MSM. One witness describes her as “a living saint who should be worshipped and have shrines dedicated to her the word over”, while a patient who had his amputated arms and legs grow back after Hillary sneezed on him says, “its a miracle, she should be president of the word and never leave office”.

  • real_journo

    ……and of course you too can be cured for just $XX with this bottle of snake oil. :mrgreen:

  • Jeany



  • Jacko

    Vitamin Supplements have no health benefits and may actually do more harm then good. And the companies who make them make ridiculous claims.
    etc. etc. etc.

  • Enjoykin4

    BREAKING NEWS 27.10.2016 UPDATE !!


    State Departmen accused Moscow and Putin for “act of aggression” Battle Polar Lights over the USA

    The State Department of the USA accuses the Moscow authorities of creation of the polar lights in many large cities of the USA. According to many American diplomats, because of this phenomenon cases of fights and conflicts in the cities increased. The first official representative of the White House Josh Earnest was carried out the assumption concerning fault of Russia in creation of the natural phenomenon. According to him, Moscow generates the strongest polar lights that people couldn’t sleep and became angry and irritable. Ernest was supported by many American diplomats, and also the ambassador of the UN in the USA Samantha Power. According to them, on this “act of aggression” there will be the appropriate response in the form of sanctions very soon.


  • Rockledge

    More snake oil advertising.
    I take NO drugs and treat my own illnesses with herbs.
    I don’t trust anything that has the same kind of price tags as pharmaceuticals.
    If I tried every snake oil cure that came down the pike I would be broke.

  • stibbs22

    Another sales gimmick.

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