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The Current US/Russia Conflict Is a Staged Event

Tuesday, October 11, 2016 10:29
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  • WhiteDawn

    Regarding current escalation of tensions between Russia and USA, Putin has received a tactical plan from the Pleiadians how to avoid a global war.

    As the astronaut Edgar Mitchell has emailed to John Podesta, the chairman of the Hillary Clinton presidential campaign, the positive extraterrestrials will NOT allow a global conflict to happen:

  • Greg Ericson

    Then why didn’t they stop WW I and II?……and Hiroshima?

    • PaulTarsuss

      I gotta say, I like your thinking, Greg!

      You tell ‘em!

    • what if...

      Galactic family not involved then. Secret space program expanded our involvement in the 80′s. Deactivation of nucs is reported evidence somebody who flies ufo’s, or (man made) reproduction vehicles is now involved.

  • carolina4

    thanks, my friend. it takes a southern man to tell it like it is. there’s no redneck in that. no kkk boogey man. just the cold honest truth.

    • conscious soul

      Truth shouldn’t be cold should it? It should be warm right?

    • conscious soul

      Well to be honest I’ve been down that road, I’ve gone throught every plausible scenario dealing with this conflict. I believe im much closer to understanding what may be taking place, BUT we have to remember one detail, Russia was invited into Syria, the u.s. and its allies weren’t. I must also be honest and say, even that could be a well orchestrated rouse. Would be nice if Russia is truly fighting for whats right. Until I have more concrete reasons not to trust what Russia is doing, I say go Russkies!

  • Greg Ericson

    thx carolina

  • Josie

    The Pleiadians are fallen angels, they are evil we cannot do deals with the Devil.

    • what if...

      Guess what? We have been dealing with the devil already, and this is how we got here!

      You are happy with the way things have been working out so far? If so I am glad we will get what what happens, but I do not consent to any more wars.

      I will try the Pleiadians any day after what has happened before! Do you suppose it could get worse?? Not me.

  • deano

    Gday old-timer! Well said! Yes, the “conditioning”(CIA Mockingbird infiltration of MSM).
    After the collapse of USSR and the “Berlin Wall”, those evil red commies became decent Russian people, trade partners & cosmonauts=astronauts , their youth just wanting “LEVI” jeans……this was in the 90s.

    The 80s, they were evil enemys of the ITALLION STALLION (steroid abusing Ivan Drago)….0r those SPETNATZ, that Rambo defeated in Afghanistan War.
    ## Remember RAMBO playing football with the “Ragheads” with a dead sheep? Back when the CIA via their agent “Mr Gucci”(now President Kharzai) portrayed the Mujahdeen as rebels/patriots fighting the evil Russian invaders…..

    To justify MASS military build-up, they need a viable enemy. Out comes the evil red Ruskies B.S. again…..again steroid abusers & banned from Olympics, now IRAN & SYRIA supporters. Putin the anti-christ…….

    False Flags? A flag is a sign of ALLEGIANCE~ what side are they fighting for. What is Russia’s NEW flag?

    The BYZANTINE Eagle of the Eastern Orthodox Church…..and why the Pope has been in meetings with the “Heretics”. A Christian (even Orthodox) is better than a Muslim………

    If anyone bothers to LOOK :eek: @ it is nearly IDENTICAL to the GEORGETOWN EAGLE……the VATICAN EAGLE!!!!

    ……same as the NAZI EAGLE…… very similar to the USA EAGLE logos……(clutching Rothschild arrows)

    ## Yes Old-timer, TIME was of the essence…….Russia = Evil Communist , lets use that again………
    Pity MARYLANDERS cant make the Catholic connection. The church commune, taking communion ,in their local community……..those evil tax-avoiding /peace lovers of a “Hippie Commune”…..CIA Communications

    ## She was called “Catherine the Great” because she didnt EXILE the JESUITS from Russia. For them to later kill & steal the wealth of the Czars , and try their “COMMUNE” experiment via the Bolshevik Revolution :mad:

  • Daughter of the Church

    It surely is staged! Thank you for telling it.

    One thing where you stopped short: It is not all about “money” for the gun merchants. It goes deeper than that: It is about the hegemony plan of the Prince of the World Satan for the total tyranny by the devil over the world: a centuries old plan.
    The staging’s motivator may be money for the gun merchants, but ultimately it is about false religions.

  • VirusGuard

    Sorry man it’s good that you question if we are being played by both sides but you are wrong and the coporation between the USA and Russia is breaking down all over the place so you are not watching something from the book 1984

    Russia did not invade Syria like you say, ask the Syrian government who invited them in to help and Russia was acting all soft and stupid untill about two weeks ago but now the gloves have come off.

    Deal with your own goverment who did 9/11 to you and take your country back before others are forced to do it for you and that will involve nukes and you have nothing to stop them with aprat from “MAD” and that card has been played too often by your government

  • Froboz

    Let’s talk Russia Us Cooperation:
    1) Uranium One Deal – where Clintons handed over US uranium supplies to Russia via this Canadian front company, and why didn’t Trump bring this up in the last debate when Clinton implied Russia was interfering with our elections in favor of Trump?
    2) Obama gives away seven strategic Alaskan Islands to the Russians, while generally decreasing our military presence (fly overs & subs) in Alaska as a whole. Alaskan Residence report a presence of Russian military.
    3) Russian soldiers allegedly training on US soil.

    Worse than just keeping up arm sales, I smell a coming conquest of America and the attempted enslavement of Americans.

  • Dave 1963

    LOL! Good Point!

    If you take the advice of Brigadeer General Smedley Butler you’ll see your world in it’s proper context. Check out War is A Racket on Youtube. Butler tells the real history of the US.

    Have you ever heard about the Fascist Coup Butler helped avert during FDR’s 1st term? Ever hear of The McCormick Dickstien Committee? These things were censored from your history book because if you knew them you would see that you live in a Fascist Country? And that would undo all the governments TV programming.

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