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By King of Shambhala (Reporter)
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The Messiah Has Arrived. Spread This News. U’ll Be Saved. Hurry Or It Be Too Late. You’ll Be Doomed. Hurry! (Video)

Saturday, October 1, 2016 9:38
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(Before It's News)

King of Shambhala


also see here for me….I belong to an old Norwegian aristocratic ROYAL family including  Count Tolstoy (Leon Tolstoy, the famous Anarchist theorician inspired the Russian Revolution but at the same time was the scion of the Chernigov Princes – 11th cent. – by far the oldest Russian royalty), Henrik Ibsen, Papal and Royal Chamberlains, many Members of the Royal Household, (Mistresses of the Robe) barons and counts, ambassadors. All those who fail to heed heaven’s voice (the lottery draw of 666 below) will be thrown into hell in the end times says the Bible. Well, heaven has spoken. On the day after Obama’s election the lottery in his homestate drew 666. The 666 lottery-draw also reveals that Obama’s Mark of 666 means his money.  Check the lottery numbers in Obama’s homestate here : the Pick 3 of Nov 5, 2008 was 666, less than 24 hours after Obama’s election!!  Because I’m alone in revealing the lottery draw of 666, the Mark of the Beast that everybody knows is the Antichrist, that makes me the Messiah and Jesus’ Second Coming.    Tibetan Tantric Buddhism is the highest form of culture in the world and I follow it’s Kalachakra creed. Buddhism and Hinduism never carried out war like Christianity and Islam (That’s the worst thing existing in the world.)  I’m working on revealing myself and my message to the world fast now so the Apocalypse blows. My message of truth and that shows the way, must be revealed not only here at BIN (the only place in the world where speech is free), but worldwide


Jewish youth Natan predicted the Apocalypse – one year ago – which we’re already in right now. He also said the Messiah is already here and will reveal himself quickly now. Obama’s crumbling and he’s the Antichrist. His defeat will be the Apocalypse. Trump’s smashing Obama and the Dems to smithereens as we speak now. this is it the moment of the end days we’ve awaited all these years.


Gog/Obama attacks Israel after Rapture – Improved Subtitles


During the 4th Blood moon on Feast of Tabernacles, September 28, 2015, 15 year-old Natan was given an amazing vision. He is a secular Jewish boy, but was given a vision of events from both the old and new testaments. He saw a future event which he describes as something that instantly triggers WW3, and the whole world knows that only God could have caused this. I (K Potter) believe that this can only be the Rapture, but you can judge for yourself. Slight modifications have been made to the subtitles for a more modern English vernacular. For example, “Mashiach” has been replaced with “Messiah”.




Cardinal O’Malley celebrates the evening Mass Feast of St. Padre Pio Sept. 23, 2016 at the Cathedral of the Holy Cross. Pilot photo/ Mark Labbe


The Christian Messiah has arrived and he’ll not be a Christian, said Jesus.


At 1:15:16: “Has the Messiah arrived. Did he see him?”


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  • I seriously doubt the messiah is a babbling, incoherently, mental patient!

    • I’m the Messiah.
      I alone give the proof Obama’s the Antichrist with the lottery draw of 666 that showed up in Obama’s homestate the day after his election.
      No one else gives that proof worldwide: I’m alone doing it.

      The false christs heckling my articles are all homos and trolls and Wikipedia says trolls are mentally ill so don’t follow what they say because they’re mentally mad crazies.

      Jesus also said to not follow them saying they’d falsely claim to be right.

      They lie so don’t follow them.

      • Dork! You just said you aren’t the messiah! What a moron! Why continue this joke? It’s clear to us you are joking, but to be doing it for years, is definitely proof of a mentally unbalanced person! Please see a doctor!

        • Ignore the false christ dabu.
          Jesus said many false christs would come claiming to be the way and the truth.
          Jesus said no Christians would be saved in the endtimes.

    • Follow me because I alone bring the proof by the lottery’s 666 that Obama’s the Antichrist.
      All those heckling me are false christs. I know but they don’t.

      • Google “obama lottery 666″.

        You are not alone. You’re alone in a lot of ways, but not that one.

  • You’ve been saying “hurry before it’s too late” for years now. It never seems to actually be too late.

    Can you give a date at which point it will be “too late” for someone to start worshipping you as the Buddhist Messiah and the Second Coming of Jesus?

    Or is there no real hurry here?

    • Didn’t he say in August there’s be 3 DAYS OF DARKNESS – didn’t happen did it?

      • He said the world would end in 2012.

      • Ignore the false christs heckling in the comments like the homo Big dog…/small fish…and GeeperAids.
        These are severely deranged trolls. They’ve been trolling me since years now.
        The question is why?
        If they didn’t have something to hide they’d not go to the length of trolling me; they’re hiding something and that something is the fact they also know Obama’s the Antichrist and they KNOW I’M THE MESSIAH.
        Trolling me for many years is suspicious so what are they hiding?
        I alone give the proof Obama’s the Antichrist with the lottery draw of 666 that showed up in Obama’s homestate the day after his election.
        No one else gives that proof worldwide: I’m alone doing it.

        • David is doing it too!

          Geir and David holding hans swinning on the tire swinns!

          S W I N N I N G!

          • Jesus rejected homos.
            ‘Turn from Sodom’. (Jesus)
            95% of HIV/AIDS is due to the homos like i am David.
            If I weren’t right, saying Obama’s the Antichrist and I’m the Messiah the trolls wouldn’t be trolling my articles.
            It means all these years of Obama’s rule I’ve been right in saying I’m the Messiah.

    • The hecklers are susupicious for trolling me for years.
      They know I’m giiving the proof Obama’s truly the Antichrist and they’re freaking out.

      If not they’d not bother trolling for several years.

      • If you post “I am Jesus you’re all wrong and you’re all going to hell” on the same site for years and years, you can expect the same people to laugh at you when they notice you. This isn’t rocket science.

  • This is quite sad example of a person, whom could benefit even from the questionable products of Big Pharma. I think he should start lightly with 240mg Oxycontin thrice a day. No, it wont help with the delusions, but it might calm a bit. Saviour save the nerves of surrounding world. :roll:

    • Ignore the false christs heckling in the comments like Black Humor.
      I alone give the proof Obama’s the Antichrist with the lottery draw of 666 that showed up in Obama’s homestate the day after his election.
      No one else gives that proof worldwide: I’m alone doing it.

      • Ignore the false christs heckling in the comments like homo Big Dog small fish.
        I alone give the proof Obama’s the Antichrist with the lottery draw of 666 that showed up in Obama’s homestate the day after his election.
        No one else gives that proof worldwide: I’m alone doing it.

        I’m certain to go to heaven.
        I’m revealing the Antichrist.
        I’m calling out the false christs who heckle my articles and warn against them.
        I combat evil.
        I’m good versus them: the evil ones.
        Homos have been heckling and trolling for years on my articles. I got them banned for death threats.
        Wikipedia says to not respond to them and deny them recognition.
        Wiki says they’re mentally deranged and that’s an understatement.

    • The fruitcake needs to be in a padded cell, fed anti-psychotics in IV drip 24/7 and BE HELD AWAY FROM ANY CONTACT WITH THE OUTSIDE WORLD.

      • It’s suspicious the shills trolling my articles have gone panicked and started making threats again.
        Why do they fear me? (I got homo Big Dog Small fish banned for making death threats already)
        Because I’m the Messiah.

        • I have absolutely NO FEAR IN THE FUTURE – you’re STILL A FUCKING MORON

        • Why would people be scared of Jesus, KOS?

        • I’ve been trolled for years by mentally ill homos like GeeperAids who supports Obama’s deadly homo agenda.
          Homos like Big dog…/small fish…are responsible for 95% of HIV/AIDS and have 28 to 35 years shorter lives than straights like me.
          Obama’s disease-control website CDC says so not me.
          Trolling is a mental disease.
          I’m just saying people like Big dog…/small fish…have some very heavy KARMA they’re carrying around.
          Why not give it up?

          • Yes, perhaps calling someone “GeeperAids” and describing them as mentally ill is a sign of mental illness. And I am sure you are very worried about your karma if you still believe in Buddhism at all.

            Have a good weekend.

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