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Wikileaks Just Showed Proof on Live TV That Hillary Lied and the FBI Covered it Up!

Thursday, October 13, 2016 12:04
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  • Enjoykin4

    Breaking Events gonna extremely hot !!
    Russian aircraft carrier “Admiral Kuznetsov” come to Syria with maximum payload !!
    First Blood with NATO jetfighters will be in Mediterranean Sea near the cost of Syria.
    I bet at begining of 3rd week of October or start of November !!

  • deano

    COMEY is an EMERITUS PRIEST!!!!!!!…..They answer to CANON Law, and apparently that exempts prosecution for Pedophilia……and Seperation of Church & State!

    • 2QIK4U

      Sorry deano I’m deliberately ignorant on religion. Is that true? Or just sarcastic like when I say paedophilia isn’t illegal if your a politician apparently. Is this Cannon law part of the church or something? I’ve heard of the term Cannon in the Vatican and the word Cannonite but I’m not QIK with fkd religions. They’re all brainwashed losers to me.

      • deano

        I’ll try AGAIN, 2QIK… cursor control & keyboard keeps being “sabotaged” by pop-ups!

        I highly reccommend reading “Potiphar’s Wife”. All about Pedophilia COVER_UP in the Catholic Church.
        In it is Cardinal PELL,s “Melbourne Response”. It justifys Priests not informing the Police about this repulsive act, because they are NOT bound by a nation’s Laws(CIVIL/Commonwealth) , they are bound to their CANON laws….the Vatican takes precednce so dont dob on your brothers! Basically its FUCK YOU, we answer to our “Higher Authority”……….and OBVIOUSLY above the Royal Commission into Child Sex Abuse.

        Canon? People think of the “CANONized” texts,the true words of God(texts) approved at that 1st Council of Nicea, where Roman Constantine made Christianity, the RELIGION.

        But I have found the “Canna Intrat and the Cannaphori”, the old ritual of the GALLI priests in Rome collecting the “canna”(reeds?).
        How we forget, that Hemp Paper(cannabis) was the writing material for texts for ages :idea:

        Attis, is the real “god” they worship. Attis, from the land of PONTUS GALATIA, the churches of Revelation , King Potus, Queen Laodice , and “Chrestus”~the good.

        The biggest LIE we are told is Seperation of Church & State! Well that is DEBUNKED by all of those U$$ with “In God We Trust”., and BUSH “Crusader” babble “God Bless America”!

        The more I research, the more links I find. But if you can accept this, The Vatican runs the world, via Rothschild Banks & UN International Security. Their soldiers, “Gods Soldiers” doing the OPUS DEI (the work) are the JESUITS~ Collegium(Uni) trained JURIS/Judges , Politicians, and their military generals……..the IHS, the Society of Jesus.
        # Rhodes Scholars & Masonic Knights also aligned.

        And because they hide behind that name, Good Christians ASSUME they are good!

        Jews? The Yiddish speaking Judaists of Europe?. ZIONISM! The secret Jesuit agenda to recapture Jerusalem. Modern HEBREW was finallized by STRONGS in 1890!
        They needed a national language to justify a Nation for Israel, a people are identified by what language they speak! But if Biblical……they are HABIRUs.
        Modern Hebrew= Aramaic Square Script (Early Arabic + vowell points/dits + dots)~1890
        Paleo or Biblical Hebrew(OT) = Phonecian, who lived in the land of Canaan ,it was the 1st letter alphabet, and became the basis for Greek, as the Phonecians sailed the Meditteranean.
        But it had replaced AKKADIAN CUNIEFORM, the tablets of Egypt & Babylon/Assyria, where all of the OT texts come from. Compiled by the 1st Christians like MELITO the Eunech, another one, the Septagint (70) the Greek scribes that TRANSLITERATED the texts into GreeK, later turned into Latin, then olde~english in 1611 King James Bible.

        YHWH , a geuss, became YaHWeH. The 1611 JHVH , became JeHoVaH. and why there is all this confusion over Yeshua , Yehoshua, Yoshuah., Yahuah, Yahveh, Yoveh, ++++++

        Its Phonecian! YHWH = Yi He Sh eH ….Yihesheh….Ihess’u…..GREEK> Ihesu+s

        In english , its Yiesha……or ASHER. ( and why Rabbis HIDE the name of god)

        Yes its Money & Oil & Military Industrial Complex control.(all Rothschild~Vatican owned anyway) But this has been a inter-generational agenda…..Crusaders capturing Jerusalem, destroying Islamic faith.
        Thts why the real WAR is …….Vatican State Vs Islamic State (of mind)
        Our way of life = a cover-all for “the Christian way of life”

        • Eggzactly

          Adblock plus prevents that, download it for free.

    • 2QIK4U

      Wet works in the pool. Maybe that’s how he really suffocated?

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