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Obama Press Meeting Just Held, White House to Pardon Hillary so America Can “heal”

Friday, November 11, 2016 18:34
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Can They Do This?

Can they do this?

Donald Trump has won the election and liberal crybabies everywhere are losing their mind. They are now starting to realize that this country has taken a stand and has chosen to drain our government of the corruption that has been sitting there for years.

At this moment, here is a list of the crimes Hillary Clinton and her team could be charged with right now:

  • Money laundering
  • Child exploitation
  • Sex crimes with minors (children)
  • Perjury
  • Pay to play through Clinton Foundation
  • Obstruction of justice
  • Other felony crimes

There’s absolutely no reason for Hillary Clinton to not be charged. The American people didn’t just fight for her to lose the election, we also fought for her to be held accountable. Obama obviously knows that President Trump will work to indict Hillary and her team of cronies because the White House has made a major announcement concerning the issue.

Fox News is reporting that White House press secretary Josh Earnest did not rule out the possibility of President Obama pardoning Hillary Clinton before he leaves office in January.

“Donald Trump during the campaign pledged to jail Hillary Clinton if he was elected over the federal investigations that are underway. Some legal experts have said President Obama could close off that opportunity if he pardons Hillary Clinton. Is that something that the president is considering doing,” a reporter asked Earnest at the daily White House press briefing.
Josh Earnst responded by indicating that:

“As you know, the president has offered clemency to a substantial amount of Americans who were previously serving time in federal prisons and we didn’t talk in advance about the president’s plans to offer clemency to any of these individuals,” Earnest replied. He added, “That’s because we don’t talk about the president’s thinking, particularly with respect to any specific cases that may apply to pardons or commutations.”

So, his refusal to answer tells you that Obama completely plans to pardon Hillary Clinton.

Why would Obama pardon her?
Obama would pardon Hillary because he is also implicated in the email scandal. Obama claimed in an interview last year that he had no knowledge about Hillary using a private email server, yet his email address came up several times.
In fact, WikiLeaks released an email showing that the Clinton camp emailed about holding off all communication to POTUS so he does not get involved in the mess.

If Obama pardons her, can President Trump do anything about it?
Yes. The legality of the situation is very tricky. Legal precedent would allow Obama to pardon Hillary prior to her being charged with a crime. Ironically, the precedent Obama could use would come from Bill Clinton. Bill granted clemency to CIA director John Deutch, who was accused of mishandling classified information, prior to any charges being filed.

While it would be difficult for Donald Trump to undo a presidential pardon of Hillary Clinton, it is possible with congressional support as well as the Supreme Court.

Republicans control all three branches of government and will be adding Conservative Justices to the Supreme Court. The only thing that will stop Hillary Clinton from being charged is Donald Trump.

If President Trump directs the FBI and DOJ to take action, she can be charged and picked up the same day he approves it.

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  • F16Hoser

    Hang the bitch from a tall oak tree with a short rope. Simple really.

    • Global Grist

      Time out here! Why does she need a pardon? According to the loony liberal left she isn’t a criminal and did nothing wrong. What are they going to pardon her from when they don’t believe in guilt?

      • DennisB

        Obama can’t pardon her unless she is charged with a crime.

        • BEEF SUPREME

          See Ford re Nixon.

          Not even close, Obi Wan.

          • BEEF SUPREME

            To expound…

            Nixon was never charged with anything.

          • BEEF SUPREME

            (Disclosure: BEEF has recently made the very same mistake Obi Wan just made, in believing that a person must first be charged, indicted, or convicted of a crime prior to being pardoned for that transgression. But BEEF studied up and learned that he was very much mistaken on the point.)

  • Jack

    She must be held accountable for her crimes against the people of Haiti.

  • tw

    cannot pardon her for something she has not been commited of (yet) the smart people will hang off now until the change of president then go for the jugular…she must not be allowed to get away with her crimes

  • desertspeaks

    how precisely does the president pardon someone that the president told us didn’t commit any crimes???? how do you pardon someone for something you claim they didn’t do UNLESS YOU KNOW THAT THEY DID, WHAT YOU CLAIM THEY DIDN’T DO, WHICH MAKES YOU A CO-CONSPIRATOR IN THE CRIME YOU KNEW HAPPENED.. BEFORE, DURING AND AFTER THE FACT COMPLICIT IN THE CRIME!

    • LifeIs

      The power of the President to pardon is not limited. People can and do get pardoned when they are not convicted. And when they have never been charged.

      The public should consider her guilty of criminal conduct, if she needs to be pardoned to prevent prosecution.

      • THOTH

        “The power of the President to pardon is not limited”

        Kind of like how Obama released Israeli spy, Jonathan Pollard, who deserved to hang for treason. What Pollard did clarified him as an enemy of America and Obama aided this traitor by setting him free. So, Obama provided aid to the enemy and therefore, committed treason himself. Kick the chair. Kick the chair. Kick the chair.

        • THOTH

          Correction: “What pollard did ‘classified’ him as an enemy of America…”


        LifeIs wrote:

        “The public should consider her guilty of criminal conduct, if she needs to be pardoned to prevent prosecution.”

        A pardon should ALWAYS be considered as an admission of guilt. Because that’s just what it is.

        But — the question is and shall remain… how divided is the country, REALLY.

        Because by all accounts, if the race was as close as it’s being reported…

        …Hillary would have DEMANDED a recount.

        Which then would have called all of the voter fraud into question under an even BIGGER microscope.


        …we’re all being played like fools.

        Bets, anyone?

        (Five months, 23 days, Ralph.)

        • THOTH

          “Because by all accounts, if the race was as close as it’s being reported…

          …Hillary would have DEMANDED a recount.”

          Absolutely… Is it possible that Hillary conceded the the election to Trump in exchange for not him not locking her arse up, like he promised her and everyone else he would?

    • Nancy Owens, The Obama Forger

      BINGO. Just thank the good Lord that we didn’t get these sick, serial rapists back into the White House. Not that they’re going to stop anytime real soon. That’s why I love watching all of these idiots crying thinking that they’ve lost something golden.

  • Air Quotes Shill Air Quotes

    LOL! Shes global elite.

    They’re global elite.

    They aren’t going to expose one of their own, keep dreaming. Hillary is at the pedophile parties with everyone else in government and big business.

  • Detergent

    Obama may well pardon the Clintons along with many of their accomplices. However, that does not preclude the FBI, NYPD, and others with significant evidence from continuing investigations to the point that the evidence is trial-worthy and compelling, and then presenting that evidence to the public. There will be no place on earth for the Clintons and their accomplices to hide.

  • holly1224

    Don’t hold your breath on Trump undoing a pardon. It’s been said that is how he (Trump) got Hillary to concede. I agree she needs to be in jail. But Trump isn’t going to do anything about it.:( Now if she sells after she is pardon more of our secrets form info she already knows he can go after her.


    Misleading article title. This did not happen, at least not yet. Stop trying to piss people off with misleading and outright fictitious headlines. You’re as bad as the mainstream media. :razz:

  • nobodyimportant

    Here’s a solution – possibly… Trump signs an extradition treaty with Russia/Syria/Libya and agrees to not prosecute any russian extraordinary Renditions…
    Hillary and Obama stand trial in Russia before a Syrian jury – with the death sentence being available…

  • Room With a View

    Heal from what exactly…8 years of his presidency of 30 years of her corruption. It doesn’t matter any more. She will choke on her green phlegm balls when she has a coughing attack in the middle of the night. No one will know that she has collapsed while sitting on the toilet seat with her big baggy underpants down around her ankles. Yeah Obama, you are in God’s hands now. Look out, He is just about to wipe that arrogant smug smile off your face.

  • FixItNow

    Unless I am wrong the NY State police should charge her. That way the President can’t pardon her because it wasn’t a Federal Crime!

  • blondemoment

    How ’bout you tell us when it occurs instead. You keep crying wolf with your untrue headlines and then back down in your article. Now when I see them I don’t read the article, I look for the lie. How many of your sensational headlines actually have come to pass?

  • TruthandFreedom

    In order to pardon her he would have to give a pardon to the entire senate and house of representatives!!! The PEOPLE won’t stand for that….. Likewise a pardon for hillary will not heal this nation but ensure a civil war!!!!


    There will be no one to pardon you Obama!

  • MediaMike

    Can’t pardon for the crimes she hasn’t been charged with yet!

  • Anonymous

    The headline is a lie, typical of so many Nesara posts. A spokeman asnswering a question is one thing but Obozo never held a press conference to announce a pardon. I am hoping that Trump does something about these habitual liars that have caused as much strife as the crooked politicians.

  • Arte Vespule

    There is quite a laundry list of crimes. Wouldn’t Obama have to pardon her about a dozen times? I don’t see how you can be pardoned before you are convicted. But I do see how being pardoned” before being tried for a crime is pretty much an admission of guilt. In any event Obama can’t stop the NYPD and they have already said they will move forward with indictments if the FBI and DOJ do not. This not just about emails anymore. This is about sex crimes with children. If Obama want’s to “pardon” a pedophile he will regret it eventually….
    All the filth will come out anyway. And not only will Trump have to address the problem. But we the people will need to speak up and hold some feet to the fire….

  • Anna Lyse

    The fact by itself stinks like hell and indicates that Obama and Biden themselves are quilty as hell !
    Please bear in mind that both act for the criminals behind the screens !

    One of the problems is that evil people do things in an evil way, which is quick and dirty.
    Good people do things in a humane and honest way. That normally takes hundreds if not thousand times as long and then the execution takes an other hundred years. If execution is carried out at all.
    Most of the criminals die in their beds …
    With a world so rotten to the core we can not afford to wait that long.
    I think that at this point good people can and must learn from evil people !

  • raburgeson

    I think this has more to do with Clinton saying we all will end up in nooses.

  • Thom V

    The ‘healing’ process will begin when she is wearing an ORANGE pantsuit !!! for the rest of her life. Bill should be in the next cell to keep her company. I know, too good to be true. Hanoi Jane got away with treason and I’m hoping one day she pays for her sins.

  • Lastugro

    Arrest Soros.

  • Decleated

    Another misleading BS story.

  • Ideas Time

    Here is another option.

    If Obam can be proven to be a fraud and to have usurped the WH, then everything he has ever done was based on fraud and there for Null and Void.

    This guy can not prove he was born with America using fake everything to make his case. He too is a not yet charged felon and this could be easily proved.

    That is yet another can of worms for Obam if he stands in the way of justice.

    I think he goes down no matter what he does and both he and HC have a place to go to and have money to live well off of.

  • stevekando

    Can he really give her a blanket pardon that would protect her from prosecution, even for offences yet to be brought to light?

  • propel7

    America will begin to heal when Barach is EXECUTED for subversion, robbery and murder of the American People, and 1 million Christians in Syria and Iraq. SNAP the bastard’s neck. Treason and murder have a due at the end of a rope. God no longer bleeds.

  • Deputy Dawg

    No fear folks the law does not allow the sitting POTUS to legally pardon a co-conspirator to crimes he himself can be directly implicated in. The Wikileaks emails ties Obama not only to using Hillary’s illegal server secretly under an assumed name but other crimes as well. The few remaining good guys in the FBI and the Department of Justice know the law and will give the President all the room in the world to speak his fantasy openly for now, but when all is said and done his wings have been clipped in regard to legal withstanding pardons.

    Even the election tampering and sedition that the Obama administration both promoted and allowed has legal consequences. Not that he’s the sharpest knife in the drawer but Obama needs to stop digging the hole he’s in any deeper. It would be best for him to cease and desist further abstract maneuvers. If he continues to stick his finger in the eyes of those envisioning justice for the ruling elite they will not rest until his criminal conviction is a sealed fate. One warning: Noting that we are living in Satan’s world, a place where deceit flourishes like flowers in springtime, it is entirely possible that Donald Trump could be the good cop in a good cop/bad cop scenario, or dupe job. Buyers beware!

    A Student of the Word

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