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The Dictionary Of The Left

Tuesday, November 15, 2016 17:44
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by Rev. Joda Collins.

When speaking with any person or group it is important to define words.  For example, if you are talking to an airplane pilot about his touchdown and a football player about his touchdown, only one earned six points and only one experienced a touchdown while seated.  When speaking to a democrat it is important to know how they use words.

“(One of the tools of) a Tyrant…(is) to pervert the plain meaning of words!” 

― Samuel Adams (Parenthesis mine, Joda Collins.)

“Peace” to a Muslim means world wide Islamic rule.  ”Peace” to a normal person means the absence of conflict.  If you agree with a Muslim that you want peace, you are subscribing to different conclusions. Words, left undefined, are tools of disruption and deception. 

The Dictionary of the Political and Social Left as of November 2016
Abortion:  The proclaimed right for a pregnant woman to take the life of a baby.  When the kill occurs in the womb that is called pre-birth abortion. When the kill occurs at the point of delivery that is called partial-birth abortion. When the kill occurs after delivery that is called post-birth abortion.  

American Citizen; de facto:  Any individual standing on US soil.  Also, American Citizen is synonymous with World Citizen. 

Bigot:  A person with opinions and or convictions contrary to the opinions held by those on the political/social left. 

Capitalism:  A criminal financial system that favors the wealthy at the expense of everyone else.

Constitution; The:   A document that should be ignored and thrown away. 

Discrimination; an act of:  When someone on the left does not get what they want for whatever reason. 

Family:  Two or more people living under the same roof who share many common things and goals.

Founding Fathers; of America:  Misguided white slave-owners who have passed on their bad ideas about government, society and law to gullible generations, excluding those currently on the political/social left (who are not gullible and, therefore, reject their words and ways).  

Free Speech:  The right of those on the left to say anything they want anywhere they want without negative reaction or repercussion from others.

Free Speech Zone: A physical area designated by those on the left for those who voice ideas contrary to those on the left where said individuals are free from being attacked by those on the left.

Gender-bias:  Any belief that is opposed to the current definition of transgender(ism) and anything that matches their current definition of the word misogynistic (see below).  

Hate Speech:  Saying anything against the policies, actions or persons on the left.

Homophobic:  Being opposed to homosexuality on the basis that it is morally wrong and/or a crime against, harmful to or against the norm of society.

Illegal Immigrant:  An archaic statement that has no meaning today. 

Intolerant:  The rejection of anyone, anything or any position held by the left.

Islamophobia:  Having a fear of Muslims on the basis that Islam (their faith based on the Koran) demands that Muslims do all they can by any means they can (legal, illegal, peaceful or via bloodshed) to damage, destroy and/or murder non-Muslims.

Karl Marx:  A god or near-god; a person of history to be respected, emulated and/or worshiped.  

Misogynistic:  A recognition that there are differences between male and female.

Open borders:  A synonym for globalism (a one-world government); a repudiation of nationalism (the right to exist as a sovereign entity/country).

Prejudice:  The expression of a negative attitude or statement towards the leftist agenda of beliefs. 
Racist:  A title given to or a charge levied against any white (Caucasian) person, persons, group or groups that deny what another person persons, group or groups wants when the other person, persons, groups or group is of a different skin color, but most often black. 

Racist, black person:  An oxymoron.  A black person cannot be racist. 

Riot, causing a:  Taking any kind of position that the left will react to with violence or with the threat of violence.

Rights:  Freedoms of expression that are afforded those on the political and social left.  The political left’s general sense of entitlement to the possessions of those on the political right.

Supreme Court; duty of:  Enforce via legislation the goals of liberalism.  Actively overturn (destroy) the US Constitution, the Amendments to the Constitution and the US Bill of Rights.   

Socialism:  The preferred economic system (wherein those that have money and possessions contribute generously, by freewill and if not that then by legal mandate, to those that do not have until all are equal except for the ruling class (politicians) who maintain the right for excess). 

Tolerance:  Liberals (leftist) demand that their opinions be accepted without complaint. 

Transgenderism:  The belief that a person is whatever gender that person believes or declares itself to be at any given time.   

White Supremacist A white (Caucasian) individual who makes any negative comment about any black person’s opinion or behavior. 

Whitelash:  A conclusion, enforceable or not, of any group of any size made up of white people that denies a black person or a group of any number of black people what the black person or black group of people want.

Xenophobic:  The belief that a person of another race or background (group or individual A) that has less than group or individual A is NOT entitled, upon demand, to the earned and/or legal rights, benefits and, sometimes, possessions (money, property, freedoms, and/or sexual access) of others (group or individual A) only on the basis of being a different race or background and having less.  This is an extension to all of society of the long-standing thug-mentality that if you have something and are not strong enough to keep it, that you deserve to have it taken from you by force or law; a form of the evolution (the survival of the fittest).  It is also the ramifications of Socialism, laziness and greed. 

I could go on and on with words such as bestiality, consent; age of sexual, Israelis (Israelites), Palestinians and pedophilia, but you get the idea.  Liberals have twisted minds.  When speaking to liberals it is important to know they do not use words in the same way normal people use words.   Their lives are twisted and they have evolved twisted meanings to words to fit their lives.  

Democrat Juan Williams called Hillary getting the debate questions for the Presidential debates in advance, “preparation” rather than “cheating.”

For Democrats, what is bad is good, what is good is bad, what is right is wrong and what is wrong is right.   

Professing themselves to be wise, they became fools….”   The Apostle Paul.  Romans 1:22, KJV.

I have come to the conclusion that it is pointless and even dangerous to talk with them. 

“…don’t bother correcting mockers; they will only hate you.…”   King Solomon.  Proverbs 9:8, NLT.  

“Don’t waste what is holy on people who are unholy. Don’t throw your pearls to pigs! They will trample the pearls, then turn and attack you.”  The Lord Jesus Christ.   Matthew 7:6, NLT.

Not all lost people (non-Christians) are fools, mockers, hateful, unholy, pig-like and in attack mode towards those who are in their right mind.  However, there are, among us, fools, mockers, the hateful, the unholy pig-like people who are prone to violence against people in their right mind.  Watch the televised local news on any given day and you will see many of them.  Their minds are depraved. Their actions are perverted.  Their vocabulary is twisted.   

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Rev. Joda Collins
I make no claim that anyone else agrees with me.


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