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To America and to Russia – From Russia with love!!

Tuesday, November 8, 2016 10:36
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From Russia with love!!

NOTE:  Following is a post sent to us from a Russian reader to remind us of our ties with each other from the past. We are brothers and sisters, all created in the image of our Lord God. Let us not allow the enemy within and without both nations to cause us to fight each other!!!  Let us choose to NOT fight the enemies wars for them while they sit back in the lap of luxury and laugh at what they manipulated us to do. Let us not be forced into killing our brothers and sisters while we are killed. Let us choose to NOT MAKE MONEY for the enemy.  While we choose to feed a starving dog or child on a street, can we not also choose to love and to get along with our brethren worldwide?  Just because WW3 is in the Bible doesn’t mean we must choose to fight that war.  We have our own will – let us use it and just say “NO!”  That goes for our own nation as well, a nation divided BY THE ENEMY WITHIN.  Let us NOT be manipulated by the enemy. Just say “NO!”

To My Friends– 

the Civilian Authorities of We THE People
of great SOVEREIGN NATION – The United States of America Republic!
Dear Friends!  Americans!
This is a second part of my letter to you.  I translated it to the best of my ability and sent this letter to many of you in 2015.
Remember that now….
Two Private Rothschild’s Corporations:
The Rothschilds Private Corporation United States of America, Inc., which was registered at 10687 Gasking Way STE 101, Manassas, VA, 20109 
The Rothschilds Private Corporation–The Russian Federation, which was registered at the City of London in 1991 with a registration number D-U-N-S © Number 531 298 725
Try to force two Great Brother Nations — the Russians and the Americans — to fight with each other.
The main message is that We Are Two Great Brother Nations.  

You should know that……..
Russian Czar Alexander 2nd and President Abraham Lincoln in the 19th century wanted to create the Russian American Money Trust in order to defeat the financial terrorists–the Rothschild’s, after which President Lincoln and Russian Czar Alexander 2nd were assassinated.
Americans!  Brothers and Sisters!

You should know that Hillary Clinton CANNOT BE US President because according to the Government of re-established in 2010 Soviet Union, she is a citizen of the United Kingdom!
Hillary Clinton is a Citizen of the United Kingdom!

Important Information 

Russian Czar Alexander 2nd and President Lincoln wanted to create the Russian American Money Trust in order to defeat  Financial Terrorists–the Rothschilds

88.8% of Federal Reserve money belongs to Russian Czar Nicholas 2’s Family and Russia

Dear Friends,

I am re-sending to you a Russian article below, written by my friend and published in a famous Russian newspaper  ”Аргументы Недели”, 1 000 000 of which was sold in 24 hours.  My friend is a very powerful and knowledgeable man who has access to some of the secret important documents.  The article has his pen name.  I have briefly translated major parts of his article for you.  Also, you can find some information in English below his article…  His article has opened my eyes on very important historical events that I was not able to explain before, and I believe that this information is very important for Americans to know, as well. 

I saw before many pictures when President Lincoln and Russian Czar Alexander 2nd were shown together, and I did not know why Russian Patriotic press shows these pictures, and how President Lincoln and Russian Czar Alexander 2nd are related.

Many people think that this is only because Russian Czar Alexander 2nd, after receiving the information that England and France were preparing for war with America (the Union), had sent a Russian military ship and warned England and France that Russia would consider as a declaration of war against Russia if they attack the Union.  This is a little part, and below is additional important information, please, read: 

Russian Czar Alexander 2nd sent not only a military ship to America but Russian Navy squadrons–war vessels: the Atlantic Russian Navy Squadron guided by Admiral Stephan Lesovskiy and the Pacific Russian Navy Squadron guided by Admiral Andrey Popov. 

The Admirals had an order written in Czar Alexander’s own hand, directing his Admirals to report to President Lincoln for orders in case England or France sided with the Confederates.  Immediately after the Russian Navy squadrons came to America, Czar Alexander 2nd  sent a personal letter to England and France, stating if England or France would provide to the Confederates military or any other help, Russia would consider this as a declaration of war against Russia. 

The information that was unknown for the public is the fact that Russian Czar Alexander 2nd and President Lincoln decided to defeat the Rothschilds by establishing the special Russian-American money trust.  Czar Alexander 2nd gave 50 tons (TONS!) of gold and with a special military escort sent it to Crimea and after to the special repository in the Mountains of Spain.  General Platon Kuskov, special agent of a Russian Czar, guided all steps of this operation with gold.

However, the Russian-American money trust was not established because the Rothschilds have initiated assassinations of President Lincoln and later Russian Czar Alexander 2nd.  The Russian article provides names of people involved, time of each of the events and descriptions of documents, including an agreement between Alexander 2nd and President Lincoln.   Now, I understand why in the former Soviet Union the Jews-Bolsheviks wrote in study books and everywhere that   Russian Czar Alexander 2nd was the most “dangerous” person and was “against democracy”. 

Russian Czar Nicholas 2nd has announced in 1897 that the world needed an organization that would solve problems between counties peacefully and would help the countries with urgent needs…  In 1904, leaders of 48 counties had gathered in Paris and had created an organization that looked like G-48.  

They decided to create some kind of the International Money Foundation–International gold pool. 

The conference accepted advice of Czar Nicolas 2nd to establish a League of Nations and the Hague Court of Arbitration.  Czar Nicolas 2nd contributed 48.6 tons of gold for a creation of this International Money Foundation–International gold pool.  The gold was given from a Russian a special repository in the Mountains of Spain that originally Russian Czar Alexander 2nd and President Lincoln wanted to use in order to create the Russian-American trust and to defeat financial terrorists–the Rothschilds.

Half of the Russian gold was brought to Fort Noks– Форт Нокс in the USA, and the second part is still in Iceland of Majorca of the Balearic Islands. According to the signed agreement all of the Russian gold was supposed to be kept in New York.  

However, as usually, the Rothschilds—world known financial terrorists, have committed fraud. 

The Rothschilds had financed an election of President Wilson Woodrow, and by committing fraud with his help, they created the Federal Reverse in December 2013, two days before Christmas when the US Congress even did not have a necessary voting quorum.  They almost forced to put  money of the International Gold Pool to the Federal Reserve.

So, from 1904 to 1912 Russia had contributed to the International Gold Pool 52 billion dollars in gold, which means that Russia owns 88,8% of the Federal Reserve money.  Six documented agreements were issued: three of them were kept in the USA, and three of them were given to the Russian Czar’s family.   Also, the 12 gold certificates were issued and given to Russian Czar’s family.

This is why the world known financial terrorists of the Federal Reserve guided by the Rothschilds had organized and financed Russian Revolution of 1917 and had ordered to murder Russian Czar Nicholas 2nd with his family in order to steal Russian gold that in 100 years was supposed to be returned to Russia, and in order not to pay 4% each year for using this gold.  This is how the Rothschilds— Khazarian financial parasites are acting.

According to the other documents 11, 2% of the Federal Reserve money belongs to the Chinese beneficiaries under the curators of a last grandson of last Chinese Emperor a Dynasty Цин Ли Джон. 

In 2006, the Global Resistance has provided to Russian President and to Russian officials documents, which show  that an amount of money of $50 with unbelievable number of zeros  (the present mathematics does not even have these numbers) were stolen world economics …  Also, other documents that supporting the information above were given to Russian officials.

The Khazarian financial terrorists—the Rothschilds and their Federal Reserve gang have figured out that Russians have gold certificates and other documents that support a fact that Russia has owned 88.8%  of the Federal Reserve money.  What did the Rothschilds– these Khazarian financial terrorists– decide to do?

They found so-called successors of Czar Nicholas 2’s family, a granddaughter of a brother of Czar Nicholas 2—Maria Romanova and her son George.  The Rothschild’s lobby and the Sayanim in Russia— 5th column in Russia — have introduced to Russian people new so-called successors of the Russian Czar Family.  

Prime Minister of Russia, Traitor  Dmitry Medvedev, has provided co-called Romanov’s successors with his personal government flight to travel around Russia and to introduce them.

According to the Rothschilds’ plan, in 2013 in Malta, the Rothschilds were supposed to return to so-called Russian Czar’s successors: Maria Romanov and her son George Romanov, a right to Russian Czar’s financial assets of the Federal Reserve by given Maria Romanov three documents of an original contract-agreement that was kept in the USA. 

Three other signed contracts –agreements were given to Czar Nicholas 2 in 1904. During almost 100 years, the Rothschilds tried to find and destroy these extremely important documents after Czar Nicholas 2nd with his family were murdered based on  the Rothschild’ requirement given Jews –Bolsheviks

According to the Rothschilds’ plan, Maria Romanov and her son George Romanov, after receiving a right to the Federal Reserve’s financial assets that belong to Russian Czar, were supposed to return gratefully this right for ownership of the Federal Reserve’s money to their “welldoers”—the Rothschilds.

Now, I have asked your special attention!

In 2013, the leaders of all of the countries that have signed in the beginning of 20th century the original agreement of a reformation of the world financial system and an agreement of creation of the international foundation–gold pool have gathered in Malta in order to return a right to Federal Reserve money to so-called successors of the Russian Czar family: Maria Romanov and her son George Romanov and to witness how the “happy successors” thankfully would return this right to the Rothschilds. 

The leaders were happy to watch the show…   George Romanov and Maria Romanov came.  Maria Romanov was wearing her favorite broach, exactly like Madeleine Albright has always worn. 

When the time came to pass to Maria Romanov and her son a right for financial assets of the Federal Reserve that belong to Russian Czar’s family, something completely unexpected has happened.

Russian officials came and provided documents, which were denying  Maria Romanov and her son George with a right being successors of the Russian Czar’s family and which would not allow Maria Romanov and her son to receive a right for Federal Reserve money that belong to the Russian Czar’s family. 

ØThe Father of Maria Romanov, Vladimir Romanov, was a SS-Obergruppenführer, collaborated with Hitler and used his military battalion to fight against Russians during WWII.
ØThe grandfather of Maria Romanov, Kirill Romanov, a brother of Czar Nicholas 2nd, had betrayed the Czar family and his brother Nicholas, had worn a red bow and joined Bolsheviks on barricades,which would not allow him or his children to become successors of Russian Czar’s family/
ØThe third is most import!!! Attention!!!  

The leaders received truthful information that despite a strong Rothschild’s requirement to murder Russian Czar and his family, Czar Nicholas 2 and his family were not murdered (I knew this). 
Czar Nicholas was imprisoned in a special place near Moscow where Stalin had visited him many times and sometimes spent a few days with Czar Nicholas 2nd.  During the WWII, Czar Nicholas 2nd gave a big amount of money from his secret account in the Switzerland bank to buy weapons for Russian Army, which at this time called Red Army.

Czar’s daughters were realized in 1920s.  They moved to Europe, and one of them moved to the USA. They have their children and now grandchildren who are real successors of the Russian Czar’s family.  For example, Olga Romanov had resided in Italy, and she was buried in Italy when she died that I believe happened in 1980s.  The Rothschilds’ plan was fallen.
So, 88.8% of Federal Reserve money belongs to Russian Czar Family and Russia, and the financial terrorists Rothschilds and their gang of bankers of the Federal Reserve must return stolen money and gold to Russia. 
It would be wonderful if the plan of Russian Czar Alexander 2nd and President Lincoln would be implemented and the Russian American Money Trust can be created in order to defeat the Financial Terrorists Rothschilds with their Federal Reserve gang, which would never ever later allow the Khazarian criminals to high jack the world financial system and to murder Presidents and Czars. 
With my blessings,

                   Nina Sidorova,
                   President of the Northern California Tenant Association 

NESARA- Restore America – Galactic News


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