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It’s Happening!

Saturday, January 7, 2017 20:32
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Soon enough there will be no more hiding. The unkown is soon to be revealed to the world. 

This was recorded today January – 7 – 2017

White sand beach – Italy


Santa Cesarea Terme – Italy

January – 5 – 2017

Santa Cesarea Terme – Italy

January – 3 – 2017

Santa cesarea Terme – Italy

January – 4 – 2017

The world need to see.

Thank you for watching =)

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  • Mean Old SOB

    What? No aliens? No excavated 50 foot giant tombs?

    • JuViolet

      this isn’t sci-fi…

      • AmbrociousXP

        OK so….what is it??????????

        • JuViolet

          The skies above

  • Me

    What kind of camera was used? The second video looks like some lens flares. The other videos that change to cyan looks a lot like a white balance issue. I would think if you turned off the auto white balance settings, and set it manually, you wouldn’t see that happen anymore.

    The only thing that appears to be “HAPPENING” in your videos, is that your camera is working to do what it’s supposed to do, but unfortunately, it’s not what you want it to do.

    • JuViolet

      The cameras can be purchased on skyline webcams and it cost about 3 thousand dollars.
      I have been recording the same cameras for 6 months now and I hate to tell you than when those burts happen the Sun is usually gone by then. Also I have recorded this burst and the sky changing from bright yellow to bright blue at various locations from different angles.
      But that’s ok, some things are not for everyone to understand.
      Thank you for watching and taking the time to reply. =)

    • Pink Slime

      LOL! BUSTED!!! :lol:

  • Donnybrook

    Oh good grief… I wish I could unclick this. When are these ridiculous posts going to stop??? Typical sunsets, sun highlighting the high tops of clouds, Street lights and lens flares???… Look guys, if there were an object in the sky, it would be visible in an entire region, nation, if not the whole planet, not just in one location. It would be visible in clear skies and many times of day and there would be lots of photographs and proof. I’ve been watching these kinds of posts for YEARS. There’s nothing there people. Just click bait.

    • JuViolet

      If thats all you see I am so glad to not be you =)
      Thank you for watching =p

      • Mrs Clippit

        It doesn’t matter whether we see ‘it’ or not!!! We are all on the same planet so we will all be affected! So why say “I am so glad not to be you”

      • Mrs Clippit

        It doesn’t matter whether we see ‘it’ or not!!! We are all on the same planet so we will all be affected! So why say “I am so glad not to be you”
        And who cares to be prepared? If you have,the have-nots will take.. If you know,you are just as affected as the ones who don’t know. So either way,it’s the same.. People will perish with Nibiru/Planet X whether they are prepared or not. Just having preps doesn’t make you any better off/

        • JuViolet

          Ok. Thanks for watching =D

      • Mrs Clippit

        The first video — what you are seeing are called “Moisture Orbs” look it up. There are also “Dust Orbs”.. But these are definitely Moisture Orbs,nothing more

        • JuViolet

          These “orbs” are different than any other “orbs” I’ve ever seen.
          They don’t behave like any other “orbs” I’ve ever seen either.
          I also recorded those “orbs” at many other ocasions at night time and its pretty bizarre.
          Thank you for your input =)

  • Anonymous

    maybe David Wilcock and countless other researchers and scientists and scriptures from every ancient culture and the bible are right? the sun is flashing different colors. because of the position of the solar system connecting with particles emitting from the galactic center in waves?

    can it be true?

    impossible maybe?

    go figure

    • JuViolet

      most people won’t even know what is about to hit them… well. I did what I can. I tried to show them.. not up to me anymore.

  • petebin

    I am assuming there is going to be some sort of enlightenment or big reveal by who or what … according to this article.

    But why now? Prophesies? Trump? What? But what if nothing happens? I hope you are prepared.

    • JuViolet

      NO I never said I was going to reveal anything but if you can’t see that the sky is not the same as it used to be then.. I’m sorry for you.
      I’m ready for what is coming ahead. Are you?

      • Hayduke

        I have been stocking weed and tequila for a while now. :eek:

        • JuViolet

          LoL That’s smart. =)

  • mfritz0

    This is nothing.

    • JuViolet

      Ok… Thanks for watching =)

  • Canderson

    I guess he or she or them, used a video filter, that is not the point, the point is perhaps light and more light as in the blue-lodge?

    If presuming good intent: (And the World has seen (the physics of it anyway), French revolution, Communist revolution, ww1, ww2)

    We start two Empires (1) non competing, but no rules (2), then we develop the best way, then we merge them together = a working, utopia, hurray! No you did

    not count for the corruption, the degradation of the system, the oxidation, the rust.
    ( 1.) cause the west funding it. 2.) Competition in Soccer, everyone running after the same ball, obey the same rules, the same approach)

    I once read this it was in the foreword section of a book, I don’t remember the author, but the meaning of it was something like this: In the Eye of Judgment through

    the ages, the one thing distinguishing a great leader, a good person from a common thug is the intent of their acts, actions. Meaning we are bogged down in

    deep shit already, total corruption of everything. I say back to basic good values and drain the swamp.

    Jordan Maxwell Matrix of Power

    In the eye of the beholder, breaking as in sharing or as in destroying? Today it all is corrupted, you can even smell it.
    Because bread is knowledge in the Bible.

    And what, Socrates, is the food of the soul? Surely, I said, knowledge is the food of the soul. Plato

    Matrix of Power: How the World Has Been Controlled by Powerful People Without Your Knowledge
    by Jordan Maxwell

    Jordan Maxwell – Matrix of Power

    • JuViolet

      I did not use any filter at all whatsoever. I recorded the live cam then I record my recording as I move the mouse back and forth. No filters were used or anything at all other than what Skyline webcam shows on their live cams.
      Things have changed and most still asleep.
      Not my problem.

      • AmbrociousXP

        What do you suspect will happen? You say you are ready, if true, you MUST know what is coming and what is happening. I have noticed weird things going on in the sky too buy no clue what is happening.

        Can you grant us a paragraph or two of what you think is happening?

        • JuViolet

          fallen angels and the return of the Nephilim comes to mind… lol
          I am ready for the chaos to be unleashed upon this Earth as it have been written by multiple ancient civilizations.
          I’m ready to be ridiculed for the things I say. I am also ready to fight the good fight. I am also ready for the guillotines if that comes to be. I will not deny the name of Jesus Christ as my God.
          But of course this is just what I think. I would like the world to take a minute to take a good look around. Sea animals are dieing at an alarming rate all over the world and the media is silent.
          Wars breaking out on a daily basis and folks worried about what the Kardashians ate today…
          Something is wrong. Something is here. Something is coming. Whatever that might be. Just be prepared for something the world has never seen before since the beginning of mankind.

          • AmbrociousXP

            Thanks for the explanation. The Nephilim may very well be returning, after all the Bible did say,

            “As it was in the days of Noah, so too shall it be in the end.” There were giants in the days of Noah, Nephilim. Yes…lots of insanity happening.

  • Central Scrutinizer

    DRAT !!??!!??

    Did “IT” happen and I just missed it? Cause nothing out-of-the-ordinary “HAPPENED” here. Yesterday, or the day before, or the day before, or the day before……………………

    But you keep mindlessly staring into your interweb-cams. There is an old saying, that “if you watch the same piece of ocean for long enough, something exciting will happen”. :mrgreen:

    • JuViolet

      Thanks for watching =)

      • Central Scrutinizer

        “I didn’t watch”…….. Maroon….. :mrgreen:

        • JuViolet

          then your opinion is invalid ;)

          • Bobwire

            Central Scrotumizer cant watch . He has his head to far up Mitch 5.1 ass

          • Central Scrutinizer

            But it’s still just an opinion, therefore it can’t be “invalid”.

            Right BUTT HURT BOB? Even Butt Hurt, who relentlessly follows me around like a a sad, lost little puppy dog, is allowed an opinion.


          • JuViolet

            Central Scrutinizer… you are so clueless it hurts my eyes to read your comments.

          • Central Scrutinizer

            So glad I could be of service.
            Because your complete and utter lack of understanding of optics and photography makes everyone who reads your crappy missives feels dumber for it. At least it’s not an eye issue. Go see an Ophthalmologist for that! :mrgreen:

  • bigscifilover

    I am not a camera expert, but I think you’re experiencing a transition from normal mode to low light mode. Some cameras have a low light capability that tries to maintain the picture while sacrificing some quality. When the light gets dim enough, I believe your camera is switching to the low light mode automatically. You may be able to disable that feature in the settings.

    • JuViolet

      This is from a live webcam website. Not my camera. =)
      I observed this happening from many locations on different angles under different circumstances.

      • bigscifilover

        It’s “ok” if its not your camera, the same principles apply. I think on webcams they call it night mode. Its happening when the sun is going down and the amount of light is diminishing to the point where the camera cannot compensate unless it switches to a low light feature.

  • batman

    i would beg you to get mental health help, but obviously you are not mad, you are just trying to prey on the brainless for clicks and adsense lucre.

    also these aren’t even your videos, you swiped them.

    also next time you try some bullshit scam, at least put in the work to create a false mythology behind it, amateur.

    • JuViolet

      excuse me??
      I recorded every single one of my videos. Thank you very much.
      There is a website called Skyline webcams where I record the live camera from.
      How can you say they aren’t my videos??

      Its ok if you are scared but don’t say these aren’t my videos because they are.

  • rocorollo

    I think I can identify. It’s a piece of heaven. Beautiful work. Thankyou!

    • JuViolet

      Thank you =)

  • sitrep

    Folks Beware this is a good example of how they use graphics/Videos to deliver mind infecting computer Virus that infects the minds of humans.

    Many governments have worked on Infecting,brainwashing humans, even prior to WWII, using many different ways, Now they have perfected computer codes that infect the minds of humans, and placing major “Elitis-Dominicus” code embedded into social media sites, Infecting Minds like rotting flesh that will not heal.

    • JuViolet

      Sir… these videos are from a website with live cams around the world. I did nothing to the recording.
      I recorded the live cam on full screen.

      Now please go talk shit else where.

  • Andy

    you actually believe man-made fairy-tales and the characters therein are real, so i’m not at all surprised your ignorance concerning the characteristics of digital videography, neither am i surprised that you fill your ignorance with your particular “god of the gaps”

    lemme guess, Nibiru (wormwood) is causing this right?

    • JuViolet

      by your choice of words I can see how well educated you are ;)
      But let me tell ya… Do you know the name of my channel? IdentifyThis.
      Did you Identify This? Thank you.
      I don’t know what is causing these things. But I know for a fact that the sky have changed.
      Call it what you will. I’m going to keep not naming anything because I am no expert. I’m just pointing out what to me is not normal.

      Now if you wanna come here judging and calling names I’m gonna ask you to not waste my time.
      Thank you

        • JuViolet

          aww THANK YOU!!! =D
          Purple is my favorite color. =D

          • ROSEBUD

            appropriate, I know. ’til next time,


      • Andy

        yes, i identified what was presented – illusions created by the limitations and characteristics of digital videography combined with limitations of human vision plus the ignorance of the observer (you)

        you know for a fact the sky has changed? because you’ve seen some VIDEOS? i watch the sky much of the day from pre-dawn to night and have seen absolutely nothing unusual

        judging? do you NOT believe the man-made fairy-tale known as the bible is real?
        where did i use name calling?

        • JuViolet

          Why am I ignorant? I’m surprised you can write because it seems like you can’t read.
          The name of the channel is IdentifyThis… if you identified it, good. Move on now.
          Thanks for watching.

          • Andy

            you’re ignorant because you are unaware that what you are observing is a phenomenon of the camera and your eyes, it is not a phenomenon of the sky

          • JuViolet

            Andy… I feel sorry for you.

  • Debra

    What am I looking at?????

    • JuViolet

      The sky =)

  • RAIN

    “..Shine, the weather’s fine..”

    • The Clucker


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